my first and long standing otp


So, tell me. Think a girl would fall for that? 

Just as long as it’s the one standing in front of you. 

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Another attempt in my self-given goal of making a drabble of less that 500 words. I have failed once again. This is 729. I shall try again tomorrow :) 

This is inspired by this prompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP noticing for the first time that Person B has to stand on their tippy-toes to kiss them. A can’t stop laughing. B’s reaction is up to you. Either way, more kissing and cuddling ensues. from otpprompts (thank you so much! :) )

As well as this post from beforeifall21 ! :)

They’re only a couple of months into their relationship but Maya has long since accepted that she will literally never be able to have a serious makeout session with Lucas Friar for a boyfriend.

But she as much as Maya hates to admit it, she wouldn’t have it any other way.



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strongestshield  asked:

🍀🌸and🌾 perhaps?

Send me a symbol and I will tell you… || @strongestshield

🍀 = a ship I wish to write

Not going to lie Ardyn is a very difficult muse to pull ‘love’ or romanticism out of. He is more likely to have a one night stand than anything lasting. So aside from the OTP ( Ardynoct ) and the crackship ( Ardyn/Ignis ). I’m open to quite a bit so long as it’s discussed with me first. So aside from that last one open is the best answer I can supply. Though shipping is not my priority. I mean I have this pseudo-hateship going on with @coeles. Though I am not sure either muse knows how to define what they have.

🌸 = my roleplay petpeeve

Infomodding. This hasn’t happened in a while like months so good on that front. There are a few more, but I will behave and contain my salt for another meme. :)

🌾 = my opinion on OCs

This one is going to be a bit difficult for me to answer. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand we have great, well thought out OCs that fit well within the canon without major disruptions to a canon character’s story like @bxstiarius. On the other we have ones whose backstory relies heavily on one canon character, and those I have a hard time finding muse for since I have to disrupt and rearrange Ardyn’s backstory, present timeline, etc, etc. At that point I lose interest just because of how I am.

However, if you come to me and work out backstory with me then I am much, much more amenable. @rexcrystallis and I have a few OCs to help flesh out a verse we have, but they were worked on in tandem so we were both comfortable with it etc.

On child muses I just don’t RP with them anymore. It is nothing against those whom create them, but my muse dies quickly with them. 

The Gravity of Absence | one-shot |

Summary: In the deeper corners of her mind where she could never lie to herself, Tenten knows what’s really missing is her heart. 10 moments after Neji’s death.

Pairing: Tenten-centric, slight NejiTen

AN: It took a strangely long time for me to write such small fragments. I’m sorry, my original OTP, that this is the first thing I write about you after years of silence. An exercise in short writing and, apparently, masochism.  
(Also on


The first time Tenten visits, she can’t even get past the cemetery gate. She stands frozen, her hands gripping the wooden fence so hard her knuckles turn white and stares at his grave marker in the distance with a ferocity she usually saves for her enemies.

After an eternity, she abruptly whirls around and walks away, never once looking back.

Even now, she doesn’t want him to see the tears trailing down her cheeks.

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OTP Challenge | Day 2

The moment I started shipping them: Arrow 1x11 (21:52)

This is it. ONE LOOK, and I crossed the bridge into hardcore shipping from which there is no return: this gooey, goosebump-inducing gaze of a man uncontrollably falling for a woman who makes him happy, who makes him feel safe enough to be human again.

Prior to 1x11, I wasn’t opposed to the then far-fetched idea of Oliver and Felicity making a good couple. They seemed like just the right blend of odd and opposites that it could hypothetically work. Yet up to this point, Oliver hadn’t really offered much to make me think he was worthy of pursuing her in that way, and in the way she deserved to be pursued. (After all, he was supposed to be trying to rekindle things with Laurel.)

Then, as has become a weekly occurrence, Oliver pleasantly surprised me. When presented an opportunity, Oliver takes a brief moment to watch Felicity; and we get to experience his raw admiration and contentment as he studies this babbling ball of sunshine. (Anyone see Tangled? You know the moment on the lake when Eugene watches Rapunzel while she’s daydreaming, staring up at the sky? Someone asked, “Why don’t guys ever look at me like that?” And another tumblr user gave the perfect response: “Because, like Rapunzel, you’re never looking when they do.” THIS MOMENT was like that for me. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.)

I remember thinking, “Oh wow, he likes her.” Watching his eyes scan over her, I saw the flicker of pure happiness—and I could tell it was real, because unlike many of Oliver’s expressions, the spark originates in his eyes, not his lips. (Bravo, Amell; someone give this blessed man an Emmy already!) I honestly think I fell in love in this moment, with Oliver and with them as a couple.

The reason I ship Olicity so adamantly is because Oliver convinced me these two belong together. His actions and reactions to her are such a contrast to his other personas: the way his entire countenance, posture, and facial expressions soften when he’s in her presence. He’s just so light around her in this early stage. Why does he keep coming back? He’s addicted to how she can draw decency out of him like no one else can. After five years in hell, having to shut down all that makes you human, who wouldn’t crave that?

“Is that your way of saying you miss me?” he asks her with a smile and a bounce in his step. Yes, Oliver, welcome back to the world of humanity.

I am fixated on every detail of their exchange. I remember his little head bob as he struts into her office, like he’s been interrupting her life for years now. I remember her eating Chinese and her adorable, flustering straightening of her workstation at his sudden appearance. (It’s like they’re already dating.) I love the way her head swirls when she says “No” and his honest chuckle in response. I’m obsessed with her entire look—from her gentle ponytail to her bright lipstick to her simple top. Nothing extraordinarily “sexy,” but very Felicity, sweet and sophisticated. Their banter here is almost flirtatious, and we get a glimpse of Felicity crushing on this man with her giddy smile as he walks away. We also learn that Felicity loves RED wine. (Holla to the color red!) 


alineblackthorne  asked:

OMG its so cool to find another Irish member of the shadowhunter-trash club! Also, could you do some Clary/Alec brotp headcanons, and maybe how Alec reacts to Clizzy?? thanks xx

omg you are the first irish fan i’ve met hiii I’m from mayo lmao

okay this is my brotp and otp  and i have so many like this gon be long so lets go instead of studying for my irish oral

  • SMOL AND TOL! Alec leaning his arm on clary’s head All. The. Time. Like In all their pictures together and whenever he stands beside her and it drives her nuts but she secretely loves it 
  • Whenever theyre in crowds, clary cant see whereas alec towers above everyone, so he gives her piggy backs
  • Alec constantly teases Clary about her height(and everything in general tbh) she often replies “fight me” to which alec replies “call me when you get a step ladder.”
  • Alec actually buying her a step ladder for christmas
  • Alec introducing Clary as his annoying knome friend/his 8 year old child
  • Clary introducing Alec as her sasquatch friend/Hagrid/mom
  • Alec holding clary’s things out of reach while she jumps up trying to grab them/ Alec hiding her things and putting them up on the highest shelves
  • Alec likes to go to clary’s room when he’s bored to keep her company, alec will talk to her if she’s drawing or else theyll both just chill and do their own thing 
  • However Clary loves to annoy Alec when she’s bored she’ll venture into his room and harass him and throw herself on his bed like “im boooooooooooored” and she’ll annoy him until he gets up and does something with her
  • Alec will often hear her coming though and hide behind the door to scare her, somehow she never expects it
  • They’re both so clumsy and everyone in the institute makes fun of them for it and say they cant ever be paired on missions because they need someone to look after them
  • Clary loves to bake and Alec refuses to do any work but keeps her company by getting in the way and annoying her and complaining about how long it takes and insulting clary as usual and they always end up fighting over who gets to lick the spoon but alec usually grabs it and holds it out of clarys reach 
  • Lazy Clalec days where they chill on clary’s bed in sweatpants watching netflix and napping and will often stay up to like 4 oclock in the morning watching shitty 90s movies and cry-laughing
  • Alec giving Clary Bear hugs and nearly smothering her
  • Clary jumping on Alec’s back attempting to tackle him but he literally doesnt move an inch
  • instead he grabs onto her and piggy backs her around the institute
  • When theyre not in gear all either of them wears is swetpants and old jumpers
  • When Clary and Izzy tell Alec theyre together, he’s happy but he just has to tease Clary so he’s like “really iz, the gremlin?” but then assures them he’s super happy for them and hugs them both
  • Bonus: Malec and Clizzy double dates like honestly that would be the hottest table in the whole place

masterlist of PTX otp/ship tags

Under the cut, you’ll find #174 possible tags for your ship. All of these are inspired/taken directly from Pentatonix original songs. Some sad, some happy, some weird. Fits for OTPs/BROTPs/NOTPs. Likes and reblogs are appreciated if you found this helpful! ♥

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Japonism Tokyo Dome 23.12.2015 (spoilers ahead~)

I’m just focusing on pairings’ interactions that I saw.  Just to state outright that my OTP is my OTP for a reason: their interactions… which basically equated to none (that I saw) today. Sigh.  (^_^;;;;;)  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the coming days.

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NaLu Kiss in FT Movie 2?

Okay, I’d like to begin by stating that this post is purely speculative in nature. Obviously, like everyone else, I have no idea as to what will actually happen. I simply want to share my thoughts with everyone, as I’ve been toying around with this idea since the second FT film was announced. 

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