my first and favourite doctor


So, I love Doctor Who. I have for a realllly long time. My first Doctor was Tom Baker. I had/have my favourites like anybody. My absolute favourite - as if you can’t tell - is Peter Capaldi’s Twelve.

I love all of the companions that I have seen. Even those in the comics! Of the New Who, it has always been the same, loved Rose, her exit was sad but Martha’s entrance was a fun episode. Judoon on the Moon! How can you not love that and Martha’s bewildered yet tough doctor self?

I have my complaints for the Davies era, as I have for the Moffat era as I do for everything else in Who-dom.

Here’s the thing; I see so much over-heated commentary & hyperbole over Moffat vs Davies; the current doctor sucks he needs to be young, wah! (Bullshit) The hoodie hate, the sunglasses hate. For fucks sake people. I may not like the sixth Doctor’s costume very much but I do want to reacquaint myself with the older series. The series where no one was a model perfect beauty. Except for some of the companions.

I think maybe I just want to enjoy my show without the fandom drama. River is awesome and so is Clara and hell, for that matter Amy, Rory, Martha, Donna and Rose are as well.

I am not aiming this at anybody. This is my declaration of how much I have loved this show.

I always wonder if the next Doctor will bore me or just irritate me. It hasn’t happened…yet. But I try to give them a chance. There are first times for everything. I promise not to spit in anybody’s happy parade if that happens.

P.. S. The sunglasses are wonderful. What they do on the smallest level is give anybody, any kid, a chance to be the Doctor without an expensive toy to buy.

The guitar, the hoodies, the casual wear = happiness for me. I am tired of people of a certain age being forced to conform to stereotypes that are so out of date and out of touch with reality that I want to write a story with no young people - or better yet, only physical descriptions but no ages given. Just get to know the characters as they are.

I know quite a few people in their 50s who had been punks in their teens and twenties. No one dresses like a grandpa or grandma stereotype. Not a single one.

Plus, have they got stories.

“I mustn’t pre-judge!” Twelve on confusing Vastra with Jenny.


Just right now I saw someone’s shitty post about how Doctor Strange is a racist movie and it’s pissing me off. First off, Doctor Strange is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE SUPERHERO OKAY!!! Second, all of you whiny little bitch babies saying shit like “don’t pay money for this crap” are fucking Marvel over in the long run. You’re gonna shit on them for “whitewashing” a movie but once they stop making movies bc of all this crap where you gonna be? Exactly, you’re gonna be there fucking crying and complaining that there’s no good movies anymore. LASTLY, this has nothing to do with racism but why didn’t any of you fucksticks complain that the Ancient One was going to be a girl, huh? I mean it’s clearly a guy in the comics so what’s up where were you when this news was out? Oops, I forgot that you “feminist” pieces of shit don’t give a shit if a guy is robbed of anything huh lol. YOU ARE ALL HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLES AND I’M SO FUCKING ANGRY ANYONE THAT IS HATING ON DOCTOR STEPHEN STRANGE CAN UNFOLLOW RIGHT FUCKING NOW UGH