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One day, I hope I’ll be able to write exposition half as good as this…


Look at the sky. It’s not dark and black and without character. The black is, in fact, deep blue. And over there: lighter blue. And blowing through the blueness and the blackness and the winds, swirling through the air and then shining, burning, bursting through: the stars!


River Song Appreciation Week

Day 4 - Favourite Relationship: River & the Doctor

↳ sweet·ie: (noun) [Informal] Sweetheart : A person you love very much —used to address someone you love. An adoring pet name to call your lover.

The Doctor could have said anything definitive in order to clear up the confusion between them—but he didn’t. Instead, he watched in horror as she poured her heart out to a robot, and a criminal waiter, claiming that he never loved her. That’s when it came to him. The perfect words to say. Not just to convince her of who he was, but of who she was to him. It was a genuine epiphany. So the Doctor, in the TARDIS, the 2,000+ year-old runaway Timelord, clearly and unabashedly addresses her with the two words that have always been a testament of her love, and now, his.

zapiarty  asked:

7, 9a, 20, 21, 39, and because I really want to know 48 DS9

Who would make up your crew dream team?

Captain Picard. Sorry, Sisko, you are my very favourite person, but Picard never resorted to chemical weaponry. Yes, he didn’t have to, but still. First officer Kira Nerys because I LOVE HER. Kira Nerys is my very favourite of all the first officers in all of the things. Doctor Bashir as CMO because I love him too and not at all because I want to gawk at Alexander Siddig some more. Lieutenant Uhura because Uhura is the best and this crew needs someone level-headed who isn’t going to quote too much Shakespeare. Scotty as chief engineer (sorry, O’Brien and Geordi, but this is an issue of national pride). And Tuvok as security chief because he is about as good as Odo, but won’t break your heart by leaving for the Great Link at the end. Oh, and Science Officer Spock, since while I love Jadzia, Spock does more actual science.

Which episode plot do you prefer? Time-travelling to the past or dealing with time-travellers from the future?

…both. Both is good. But, if I had to choose, time-travelling to the past. Trekverse history is my kryptonite. Even if the events of the Trekverse 2020s may bear a disturbing resemblance to reality, with the way things are going.

Which piece of technology do you wish existed in reality?

Holosuites, end of discussion. I could go to Hogwarts in a holosuite.

What kind of stories do you hope the new show does?

Um…since we were told this is 10-20 years pre-Original Series, I kind of want to see the Tarsus disaster. Or, if it’s more than that, the romance of Sarek and Amanda Grayson.

You have to relocate to a planet other than Earth. Which do you choose?

Andor. It’s nice and cold there, and the Byronic sort of extreme emotionalism they favour sounds quite freeing.

Sort the crew of Deep Space Nine into Hogwarts houses.

…just the actual command crew? All right, then.

Commander Sisko - Ravenclaw. Hear me out. Sisko is highly adaptable, and clearly interested in learning more about the world and particularly, as the show goes on, about Bajor. He originally trained in engineering, and ended up in command because he wanted to learn more, and is shown to be very skilled in a wide variety of fields, many quite unrelated to his intended profession. Simply put, this is a man with a great deal of intelligence and a love for learning, and I am proud to think of him as a fellow Ravenclaw.

Major Kira Nerys - Gryffindor. This should surprise no-one. Kira is very fierce and very brave, but also someone not afraid to admit when she’s been wrong about something, in the end. She’s the upfront sort of Gryffindor, even if her cunning might have got her a nod from Slytherin. But, she’s brave, she has strong principles and though she’s loyal and intelligent and sneaky too, I honestly can’t imagine her anywhere else.

Doctor Julian Bashir - Gryffindor. Again, hear me out. Putting him in Ravenclaw was tempting, but at the end of the day also misleading and kind of cruel. Besides, there is a good reason to put him here. Julian, though it doesn’t often look that way, has got nerves of steel under there. This is someone who survived a Dominion prison camp, does not let a little thing like being held at gunpoint prevent him from doing his medical duty and ventured into Cardassian space to meet the most dangerous man in the quadrant purely out of care for a friend. Yes, all of that could be read as Hufflepuff, and Julian is loyal, but he’s far more notable for being intrepid, daring and honourable. All qualities for which Gryffindor is noted.

Jadzia Dax - Ravenclaw. Kind of a no-brainer choice for a science officer, but like Sisko Jadzia is notable for being open-minded, taking something from everywhere, and adapting quickly and seamlessly to new ideas and situations. This verve for new discoveries, new cultures, new ways of seeing the world is what makes her so fascinating and such a delight to watch. Curzon might well be a Gryffindor, but Jadzia’s boldness is as much intellectual as anything, and so I am going to lay claim to her being another Ravenclaw.

Miles O'Brien - Hufflepuff. Miles is someone who tends to put personal loyalty over ideals and missions both, most notably and most disastrously when he and Julian are kidnapped by the Jem'Hadar in ‘Hippocratic Oath’. He’s a good friend, loyal to Keiko, loyal to the Federation to the point of being occasionally dogmatic, slow to change his opinions. In short, a true badger to the core.

Worf - Also a Hufflepuff. Worf has spent his whole life trying to live up to what he feels a Klingon should be, and to be loyal to the Klingon Empire as far as he can while being a Federation officer. He cares a great deal about honour and, while definitely brave, it’s this uncomfortable mixture of loyalties and duties which defines his character for me.


Rose Tyler Appreciation Week: Day Two

↳Favourite Episode (½): Rose

Gomez!Master - 'Dark Water' and Character Analysis

So. This will be under Read More and very detailed. I’d appreciate if you’d read my opinion on Missy, but I will probably steel a lot of your time, because I made an transcript of her entire speech in ‘Dark Water’. 

Now let’s get started

And for all those things following until stated otherwise. Please step back and take out the gender. Just do it. 

First thing I need to do is to look at the general behaviour and appearance of this character. 
Fun thing is that I wrote that already after Deep Breath had aired. HERE

Generally I see her as fitting. But also I see the people’s problems with Mof choosing someone very much fitting his views on dominating women. The closeness to Irene Adler portrayed by Lara Pulver is obvious. And there you have it. That’s the criticism of Moffat not the character itself. 
The clothes should be different though, because as we know the Master does have a clear preference for suits and would obviously choose one. Not a dress. This is a thing they could fix very easily, the question is if they will 

Her behaviour and Gomez’s acting are theatrical and melodramatic. (don’t tell me she’s a bad actress because she’s not. She does that on purpose)
She has strong expressive language with a lot of cooing and coldness in quick switches. She is polite and her death threads spoken casual because she really believes the human race are insects and the cause of her being left behind. Also if you go back now and look at her voice there is such an aggressive and mocking overtone to it as much as it is to her entire speech. (more to that later). 
Her entire behaviour is very superior to the Doctor’s. There is a certain sharpness to her moves and how she blantly moves into his personal space to make him uncomfortable. Yes even that kiss. 

That kiss is one of the things I do not like about this, but mainly because it is toying with the fans and because it was in no way something to make Doctor/Master canon. NO JUST NO. It was oppressing, without any response and consent, an complete expression of superiority and possesiveness. 

And there you have it. Gomez!Master is extremely pissed off and possessive over the Doctor. She is mocking him to no end. The way she talks to him is not romantic or loving. It borderlines on an abusive partner to be honest. 

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Rose Tyler: The Valiant Child, Defender of the Earth, by Silhouette

I’ve been meaning to get some shots of all my Rose outfits for a while now, and since I had the house to myself today, I did just that! Some pieces here are screen-accurate, some are colour alts that I dyed, and others are just alts that I liked. 

And I left my “End of Time” scarf at school. So it’s missing there. :P 


Just right now I saw someone’s shitty post about how Doctor Strange is a racist movie and it’s pissing me off. First off, Doctor Strange is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE SUPERHERO OKAY!!! Second, all of you whiny little bitch babies saying shit like “don’t pay money for this crap” are fucking Marvel over in the long run. You’re gonna shit on them for “whitewashing” a movie but once they stop making movies bc of all this crap where you gonna be? Exactly, you’re gonna be there fucking crying and complaining that there’s no good movies anymore. LASTLY, this has nothing to do with racism but why didn’t any of you fucksticks complain that the Ancient One was going to be a girl, huh? I mean it’s clearly a guy in the comics so what’s up where were you when this news was out? Oops, I forgot that you “feminist” pieces of shit don’t give a shit if a guy is robbed of anything huh lol. YOU ARE ALL HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLES AND I’M SO FUCKING ANGRY ANYONE THAT IS HATING ON DOCTOR STEPHEN STRANGE CAN UNFOLLOW RIGHT FUCKING NOW UGH

30 days of Doctor Who

Day one (21 June): Who was your first Doctor?

My first and probably forever favourite Doctor was the Tenth Doctor.
I watched ‘Rose’ years ago, but my foolish young self didn’t get caught by it for some reason. More than a year ago now I decided to try again and I saw New Earth…and ..WOW.. It was the philosophical thoughts behind it, connected with drama and science fiction that got me. And of course Mr. Tennant’s brilliant acting. I loved it so much that I jumped back and watched Ninth’s run completely, then Ten’s and then Eleven’s to that day. Within two weeks. Now I’m catching up with Classic Who and Big Finish. And now watching this show feels like coming home.

Thank you, Spaceman!