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      Heyy could you do a hc for zoro, law and smoker where their s/o really loves everything about stars and planets and whose dream is to make a map of the stars sorta thing (ya know same dream as nami but with the stars on the night sky)? Tysm ^-^ ~ Fluffy Law Anon        

A/N: I hope you like this, thank you for requesting my dear!!

S/O loves the stars + their reaction


  • Zoro might not understand how this could be your dream at first, he just thinks; The stars are always in the sky, so why bother drawing a map? Just look up??
  • But after you both spend more and more time together and after you share some nights with each other, only you both and the sky, he understands your fascination better
  • After that, he will make sure to support your dream as much as he possibly can
  • Will beat up everyone, I mean seriously, everyone that dares to make fun of your dream
  • He will never admit it, but he loves laying with his head on your lap while you draw the stars, especially when you go through his hair from time to time
  • Try to tell him that while he’s awake, he will FIGHT YOU
  • On some days, he asks you to tell him about all of the things you know about the stars while he’s training
  • He might not care all too much about the stars himself, but he cares about you and you just glimmer with happiness whenever you talk about the stars and planets so he will listen to you talk for hours
  • Thinks your smile is more beautiful than all of the stars combined but will never ever ever EVER tell anyone that
  • He is cute I hate this dude


  • Is your #1 supporter from the moment you tell him about your dream, even tho he never actually shows it openly
  • Before he met you, he never really cared about the stars and stuff, but after he gets to know you… Suddenly, the galaxy interests him as well
  • Will gift you some notebooks whenever he can, so you always have enough room for your thoughts and new discoveries
  • Likes to sit in silence with you, while you scribble some things into your book and he just reads some books about the human body or something
  • Stops from time to time to admire your figure sitting in between his legs just being so pure and innocent
  • Whenever he sees the reflection of the night sky in your eyes he just… woah
  • Like his heart can’t handle those emotions so he just covers his eyes with his hat and takes a deep breath
  • If you both happen to be apart for whatever reason, he likes to stare at the stars for hours bc he feels like that’s the closest you both can get without touching directly
  • Is sure you stare at them too so he might smile a tiny bit
  • Wow Law is actually pretty decent who would have thought that….??


  • Ok I feel like smoker is lowkey pretty romantic so he will probably say some cheesy stuff like,
  • “The stars are already hidden in your eyes, my love.”
  • Like the others, he will support your dream as much as he can
  • Promises you to bring you the stars omg my heart…
  • The thing with smoker is, everything that glimmers or shines will remind him of you now
  • Even if there’s a little firefly.. he will catch it and bring it to you bc it’s the closest to the stars you might get and he loves the smile you give him
  • Secretly stares at you from afar whenever you sit looking at the night sky with a little lamp bc you just look like a painting to him
  • Later then, when you both idk lay down to sleep, he will stroke your hair softly and ask you about the things you found out or what you’re currently thinking about
  • He is just very supportive of you and your dream and shows that
  • Yeah man, smoker is actually pretty cute I hella like him
you can’t take the sky from me - ch one: follow the plan

a/n: *shows up forty minutes late with starbucks & a ridiculous rare-pair au that literally no one asked for*
anyways, hi hello I am sorry I have been terribly absent and mostly just a nothing person?? ANYWAYS. I had this idea for a smut scene - a short drabble, you know - and couldn’t figure out a good background setting for it. and then I had this idea to do a space pirates au, which seemed fun and silly and like, idk, 3k tops??
i am so terribly sorry to inform you all that I am currently flying past 13k with absolutely no plans of slowing down or stopping. the outline is nearly 2k and divided into four??? sections and growing. @nymphadoraholtzmann​ drew me the schematics for a warp drive that we designed. everything has gotten very very out of hand and i’m still not entirely? sure how or why???
BUT the tldr here is that I kind of want to make sure this isn’t absolutely nuts and that SOMEONE is going to read it, so I figured I’d post the first chapter and see what the reception is. I probably won’t post the next chapter until I’m closer to being done the fic, unless you’re all super super into this and then hey, maybe I will - but expect another month or so wait, I think, before the fic starts posting in earnest. (I’m also tagging @olivieblake​, @provocative-envy​, @flintwoodandco​, @newt-scxmander​, @kyonomiko​, @ff-sunset-oasis​ - if anyone else wants to be tagged for updates, let me know!!)

what’s inside: space pirates, firefly (etc) ripoffs, probably-bad science, a not-insignificant amount of smut, lots of tropes, a fuckton of swearing, a huge assortment of rare pairs, a small bit of kidnapping, and probably at least one sappy talk about feelings.
pairing(s): pansy parkinson/percy weasley (+ marcus flint/oliver wood, ginny weasley/luna lovegood, draco malfoy/theo nott/hermione granger, & more)

“Motherfucker,” she hissed, as the engine in front of her came to a screeching, stuttering halt. “That is abso-fucking-lutely not a good sign.”

It wasn’t. Pansy might not have a fancy school coding, or - really - even an instructional manual for the hunk of almost literal trash she called a ship, but she knew that under no circumstances was her engine ever, ever supposed to stop.

Huffing slightly and not taking her eyes off the unusually-still contraption in front of her, she reached out in the direction of her mod-com and punched at the buttons until a familiar tone buzzed to life.

“Cap?” she called out, pausing and waiting for the long-suffering sigh and the expected retort of, ‘how many gorram times have I told you not to call me Cap?’ and when it didn’t come after ten, then twenty seconds, Pansy started to panic.

“Draco?” she pressed, reaching out to hit a few buttons on her console in vain hopes that her ship would whirr to life again. “Theo?” Still silence.

Not good. Not good at all.

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[for @udobureweek 9/14 prompt “night”]

You Can’t Take the Sky From Me - Ch 10: Ranks

a/n: my whole life feels like i’m just apologizing for falling apart basically all the time so the tldr today is, once again: sorry i keep disappearing and also sorry this took so long??? much love to @nymphadoraholtzmann my beta/cheerleader/plot fixer!!
pairing: pansy / percy
word count(s): ~3360//~25340
this week: hangovers, a ball, the oldest trope in the book, and probably some real balls too
tagging: @flintwoodandco @provocative-envy @olivieblake @blood-and-death-will-fall @acciovodka @newt-scxmander @ff-sunset-oasis @scremereel (please let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!!!)

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Pansy awoke the next morning and let out a comfortably sated sigh. And then, she remembered exactly why she was so comfortably sated, and had to bite back a scream of frustration.  

So much for ‘one time thing’, you idiot, she thought to herself, as she let out a huff and dragged herself out of bed. The only small problem, of course, was that Pansy was now well aware of the redheads actual skills - it wasn’t a one time fluke, and he was still excellent despite both of their intoxication. Despite her rather pounding headache, Pansy still didn’t actually regret the actions of the night before.

Except, she reminded herself, what if he wants more now?  

But it seemed like Percy had been just as on board with the sex-only thing as she was, and that - at least - was a positive sign.

By the time she made it to breakfast, she had resolved with herself that it was certainly not going to happen again. At least. She wasn’t going to seek it out again. Besides - her primary focus was still, as always, getting her crew back. That had to happen sooner rather than later, and Pansy was hoping to be off this ridiculous research ship. So, really, it wasn’t like it was going to be a… ongoing problem or anything.


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