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Like autumn turns leaves
Winter will breathe cold on our necks
Snow in our paths
Wherever she goes
All that I know about us is that beautiful things never last
That’s why fireflies flash

                She slinked her way across the ship after the landing gear touched down on the soil of Persephone. The captain and his crew weren’t the ONLY ones with business beyond the walls of this dingy vessel to attend to. Hers was far more sensitive to constraints and with a limited window to work with. Elektra knew that all thanks to the contacts she had in high places. It certainly paid to have notable connections, or it would as soon as she could get on with it. The only thing missing was the valuable addition of a tag along, a partner in crime in the form of a pilot. She was sure he would be an easy sell, eager to profit from the heist. Now all she had to do was ask.

               Her timing was chosen precisely, following shared goodbyes between a wife and her husband, final orders issued forth, and the cargo door swinging closed. She climbed the metal stairway down into the massive cargo hold,  looking directly at him.  Wash, ❞   Elektra’s tone hinted promise, crimson corners of lips hitching in a smile.   I’m going out. Thought I’d pop by before I did. Extend an invitation. There’s big money and jewels in it for you. All you have to do is put your FANTASTIC piloting skills to the task.