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nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things
↳ Dr. Simon Tam

Looking at the blackness of space, Simon sees a contradiction: something to run from and something to run toward. The black represents all he fears; its vast and unknowable nothingness hides those who pursue River, invokes the powerlessness and uncertainty he fights daily, and reminds him of the isolation and loneliness that hang over him. The black represents all he hopes; among the stars is the light at the end of the tunnel, a home, the place where River can be truly safe and where he can feel he truly belongs.

This ambivalence recalls Simon as someone who is perpetually caught between two oppositions that he struggles to balance and reconcile, who is in transition from one state to another and belongs to neither, who is disillusioned with the institutions in his life but still holds their values and ideals, who runs from the Alliance but represents it at its best and how it is supposed to be, who flees the Core but does not abandon its values and who seeks shelter in the Rim but does not adopt its ideals, who seems trapped between points, as if he is trapped in the space between the worlds of the Verse.