my finnick


Atlantis: The Lost Empire, this movie is such a classic. My favorite Character is Vinny who is a perfect cast choice for Finnick (Vinnick as I like to call him in this AU) Enjoy this quickly done comic I did plus a cover Idea of Judy as Kida, and may I say that water is super hard to do

The death of Finnick was, devastating…Him screaming in pain and then his last scream were he yells “Katniss” was the end of me.

“Furry Tail” This was a request for a birthday gift. A good friend of mine is turning seventeen this saturday and wanted a crossover with Fairy Tail. So here is his gift. This was kinda a quick doodle which I just quickly finished, but still, I hope you enjoy it


I’ve been meaning to post these trans Nick Wilde sketches, they’re so old! Like I drew them almost immediately after I watched Zootopia the first time. >:O

He’s got a full torso binder cause y’know. Foxes have like six boobies. He’s gotta feel COMFY and the only person that currently knows about it is Finnick.

Eventually (ofc) Judy finds out and, similar to the movie, is stating facts like “We need to tell everyone on the force, it’s really important for other people to know because of your health, and I’m sure they’ll be happy for you like I am! We can even raise money to help with medicine or surgery or…” while Nick’s like “MMMMM It’s not that simple, Judy and you’re kind of assuming the best in everyone aga-are you even listening to me? You’re talking over me, I know you’re trying to do a good but you are doing a bad. Judy I’m kind of panicking right now.”

*Grabs chest* I just have a lot of feelings for trans Nick. He’s very important to me.