my finger slipped

Imagine James and Lily (and probably Sirius) going to Harry’s first ever quidditch game at Hogwarts and when Harry catches the snitch, James and Sirius leap out of their seats cheering and shouting and James starts yelling “that’s my boy!! That’s my son! That’s mY SON!!”

Listen, I’m just saying

Imagine Tyler being self conscious of his surgery scars
Imagine him hating it when his shirt rides up in videos and his scars are on display for everyone to see
Imagine when he has to take his shirt off for videos he just hides his insecurity and hopes they can get the filming done quickly
Imagine him confessing to you that he thinks they’re one of his most unattractive features
Imagine the look on his face when you tell him you think they’re beautiful
Imagine his cheeks reddening, the small smile forming on his lips
Imagine him asking you if you really mean it
Imagine your fingers tentatively gliding over the marks as Tyler holds his breath
Imagine kissing them
Imagine telling him you think they’re wonderful and show how strong he is