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It's like Jimin knows exactly what his hand on Kook's neck does to him, because Kookie just goes pliant. I'm still..? I don't even know, I'm speechless. This moment says so many things, oh God.

《● I am not saying this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment , but this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment (Before it was properly the one where Jungkook closed his eyes when he back hugged Jimin). Did you see how Jimin slowly rub his hand across his neck forward then back Jimin’s fingers applying pressure on Jungkook’s neck ?! It was near his vein I think. I lost it at that point ! And then he ajdbdhbfjg , I can’t get enough of Jikook!

● Im so.. the way jimin slides his hand slowly across jk’s neck and kinda digs his fingers in is just wow.. i can’t blame jk when he reacted instantly like that and closed his eyes… and it looked so natural for them and jin kinda freaked out omg.. makes me wonder what are the actual boundaries those two have crossed.. they always have some sort of vibe between them that makes me feel some type of way. there’s definitely something going on between them whether they told one another or not. Shit 》
Is his reaction due to the fact that it was Jimin touching him or is his neck one of his sensitive points or both.. the way Jimin lightly slided his hand and then the pressure he put, i guess he would know about it. Gonna stop talking about that hand on neck thing cause it was…yeah.
The whole thing seemed natural though and its not the first time jimin leans on him like that faces really close (he actually did it in the middle of a concert) so I guess it’s normal for them whatever it means (it’s probably how he greets him in the morning go figure). Jimin kinda wandered to the side a bit like “did i just do that in public” when the fans screamed but Jungkook definitely doesn’t have any boundaries when he is the one initiating skinship with Jimin.
Jungkook’s face though…. I could talk about it for hours. As soon as he felt jimin’s hand on his ear the boy was gone. Did he have to close his eyes and smile like that, that utter enjoyment on his face sends me.

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Totally agree with your movie vs. tv Magnus Bane post. I would also love to see what you have to say about the "preferring GG's Magnus with MD Alec's" thing cause I've also noticed it & it rubs me the wrong way. I just can't quite put my finger on the exact underlying reasons why people do it. First instinct is "It's cause GG "passes" & HSJr does not", but I don't think that's the case here. My other guess is "Magnus is better as a pretty prop, don't want to face that asians are ppl" ...

Hi! Thanks! You saw my tags :) Yeah, truth be told, my blood pressure rises, whenever I see an edit / a fic or a shipping suggestion with Godfrey’s Magnus and MD’s Alec. Personally, I see it as nothing more than racism and fetishization with a weird mix of colorism.

I wouldn’t say that Godfrey’s “passing” but, for whatever unfathomable reason, some people do:

Sometimes I read that I’m not 100 per cent Chinese, because I don’t look all that Chinese

I really have no idea why. Maybe because he’s tall or something… I’ve seen a lot of people thinking similarly in regards of Gemma Chan, and saying that she is biracial (which she isn’t). And that’s another thing I’ll never understand. Racism has a lot to do with this, for sure.  

I’ve actually seen one fic writer saying that they imagine only Godfrey’s Magnus with MD’s Alec when writing “because Godfrey is hot”. Basically, the implication here is that:

  • They don’t find Harry attractive enough [you-know-why.gif]
  • Their whitefave “deserves” only the “hot” Asian.

It’s fetishization and racism all in one ugly package. Neither Harry nor Godfrey deserve this kind of crap.

Godfrey doesn’t deserve it because this kind of thing:

Isn’t a “compliment”. It’s ugly racism. 

Husband Jackson Would Be Like

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  • Would be really proud to be your husband
  • When talking to other people always refers to you as his wife or Mrs. Wang
  • Always showing you off
  • Would want a house full of bedrooms 
  • So you could “test” all the rooms and fill them up with children in a few years
  • Would be a very caring husband
  • Always checking on you to see how you are doing
  • Helps you decorate your home the way you want it
  • Takes you to the his reality shows whenever it’s allowed
  • Which is almost always
  • Because you’re his wife after all
  • Which he makes sure to remember everyone
  • Because he gets jealous
  • And doesn’t mind showing it
  • Like, if you’re talking to some guy who’s trying to flirt with you
  • He’d be watching
  • And yell from the other side of the room
  • “Hey you, I see you there talking to MY WIFE!”
  • So then you show that guy rock you’re wearing on your finger
  • Perfect team work
  • Making you laugh without trying
  • Looking at you like you’re his whole world
  • Because honeslty you are
  • Surprising him with lingerie
  • His squeaky laugh because he was really surprised
  • Then changing to daddy mode real quick
  • Body worship
  • Thigh riding
  • Really passionate 
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear while you ride his thigh
  • Always saying how beautiful you look
  • And how he thinks you are perfect
  • Would want you to have a healthy lifestyle
  • “Jagi, have you tried this? It’s organic!”
  • Would often want to take you to Hong Kong so you could bond with his family
  • Would want to go to wherever you parents live so he could do the same thing
  • Holds your hands whenever you go out
  • Kisses the palm of your hand whenever you’re distracted so he can get your attention
  • Always carry your purse for you
  • Into public teasing  
  • Sassy comments whenever he doesn’t agree with you
  • Which can lead to laughing until your stomach hurts
  • Or petty fights
  • Because you can be just as petty and sassy as him
  • But he would be the first to try to make things better
  • He’s the kind to try to cuddle you and tickle you until you forgive him
  • He would also use those puppy eyes
  • Aaaand make up sex
  • Whispering that he loves you 
  • Entwining your fingers
  • Likes to lay on top of you while you play with his hair
  • That’s when he gets to really feel how much he loves you

  1. Husband Jinyoung
  2. Dating Jaebum

Sorry this was kinda short but I’ve been a little busy lately and haven’t really got7 the time to post that much :(

19 min into fantastic beasts and it’s okay, but why doesn’t it feel like harry potter (even when you try to sneak the hedwig theme in there way too early, okay, mr person in charge of soundtrack, my fingers to my eyes to your eyes) 

Good Girl Ch 32: Wrapped Around My Finger

“They are going to have a field day with this,” Jiyong sighs to himself before leaning towards me and whispering, “I’m going to need to put my arm around you.”

I stop in the building entry way to glare up at him, “What?”

He huffs, “I’m not hitting on you for once, it just that there are going to be a lot of people staring at us and I want to make it clear you are taken, even though it’s not by me.”


He is surprisingly hesitant to actually do it though, so I pity the suddenly cute man and take his arm and put around my shoulders. Ten feet behind us a chorus of hoots and other cheer rings out, Jiyong just glares back at them. We walk out into the chilly weather on to a nice busy street. It’s only 7 but the sun is already going down. He holds me closer as we join the crowd, I don’t mind too much only because he’s really warm. We walk for a quiet ten minutes down the nice street, glancing at the cafes and shops, it isn’t until we turn a few times that I begin to understand the whole arm around my shoulders and safety thing.

We aren’t in the nice luxurious area anymore, and even though the street is filled with mom and pa shops there is a strange atmosphere about it. There are creepy looking men and women in not enough clothing for such temperatures. I actually find comfort with Jiyong’s arm around me and his friends tailing behind us. Even though I doubt any of these people would mess with us, most of them are either shaking in their boots or just straight up running away. It’s kind of amusing, I used to seeing people doing that to my daddies at school, but it’s different seeing grown men run away compared to high schoolers.

Glancing up I see that Jiyong has a major bitch face going on, and I can’t tell if it’s because of the guys following us or if it’s just for show but it kind of scares me. Behind us his friends, well most of them are footmen, are wearing a matching bitch face. I’m kind of freaked out by how they all actually look like thugs for a second. The four oldest are leading the pack with their hands in their pants pockets and their eyes set on us. Junhoe and his friends are scanning the area around us, making sure no one is planning on trying anything funny. Jiyong leads me into one of the little traditional style restaurants. A bald old man greets us right as we enter, he bows to Jiyong and looks at me with surprise in his thin eyes.

“Knock it off old man,” Jiyong snaps as he kicks off his shoes and nudges them to the side. He crouches down next me and helps me take off my shoes before setting them neatly next to his own. I say nothing as he takes my hand and leads me into the empty restaurant. We sit down at the center table on the floor, my legs are crossed neatly while his stretch out under the small table and rest with one on each side of me. “My usual and than whatever those idiots want,” He tells the still gawking old man. The others join us in the room, they push two tables together and sit comfortably a few spots away. Of course the old man nods before scrambling away.

“I always forget you are a gangster.”

Jiyong blinks at me for a few seconds, “What do you mean?”

“You are always so sweet and gentle with me that I forget that you are the black dragon of Korea,” I stare down at the ring on my hand.

“Is that good or bad?”

I shrug, “It’s nothing really.”

“Do any of them set your alarms off?” Jiyong says without looking away from me.

“No, at least they didn’t make them scream.”

“What about Seunghyun hyung?”

I nod, “He still makes them go off.”

“What about Youngbae? You seemed a little unnerved when you met him.”

“I’m not sure,” I glance toward their table to find most of them watching us.

“What does that mean? You usually know right away.”

“He doesn’t set them off but he makes me nervous.”

He nods in understanding, “Who taught you about foot soldiers?”

“My daddies, Tao and Lay, were talking about their foot solider days and Kai yelled at yours.”

“Wow, Lay told you about his foot solider days?” He looks so surprised.

“Not really, hazy details.”

“Smile, you seem so down. Are you not happy to be here?” There is no angry or jealousy in his eyes, just guilt.

I shake my head, “It’s just weird seeing you looking so cold.”

“I look cold?”

“God this is sounds rude.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell me if I’m being weird, I can forget to turn it off every once awhile. Plus I’m a bit on edge having so many people seeing us together.”

“Lets forget about them,” I smile at him. “You have all of my attention for the whole weekend, you better make the most of it.” The weird atmosphere is shaken off as we smile at each other. Our conversation gets back it’s usual playfulness, we laugh and joke, earning weird looks from the only other table in the restaurant. The old man brings our food out, a large bowl of noodles is set in front of me and a pot of tea is in the middle. Time flies like normal but a nosy young blond man interrupts it.

“So Jooyoung-ssi,” Seungri says as he sits down next to me. Daesung is on my other side staring at me with so much interest.

“Yes?” I look from each man with a confused look.

“Why aren’t you afraid of us?” Seungri wonders out loud. They all watch me with such focus I begin to sweat.

I look to Jiyong for help but he only gives me a look that tells me to give them the answer he’s expecting, “You don’t set off my alarms.”

“Your alarms?” It’s Youngbae who questions me this time, why does he have to come over. He sits down on the other side of the table with Jiyong.

I sigh, “I’m very good at sensing people’s character, or at least I’m good at figuring out if that person is a threat.”

Seunghyun scoffs as he joins us as well, “It must be broken. You seem to surround yourself with very threatening people.”

“They aren’t a threat to me.”

“What makes you so sure?” Seunghyun cocks his head at me.

“I’m still here aren’t I? Look, I know it’s weird but the way my head works is very selfishly. I could see a person do terrible things but as long as I know they won’t harm me, my alarms stay quiet. Which is how all of this stuff started in the first place.”

“We never heard about how that happened,” Daesung leans closer.

“I was at a club, there was a shoot out, I climbed out the back window with my friend, I saw Xiumin kill some innocent guy, they debated on whether they should keep me or not, I said I wanted to go along with them, and after that it turned into rainbows and sunshine.”

“Rainbows and sunshine?” Seungri scoffs.

“I’m surrounded by attractive men all day who spoil me with attention and gifts. My world is nothing but sunshine and rainbows. I would be ungrateful to say otherwise.” They all hum in understanding, Jiyong gives me a small smile. The atmosphere is only slightly hostel because of Seunghyun’s presence, but other than that the others are actually really warm towards me. After awhile Seungri and Daesung tell me to call them oppa too since we will apparently be seeing more of each other. They continue asking their questions and in turn they let me ask a few of my own, and it surprised me how they answered without hesitation. Jiyong stops them a couple of times if they give me too much detail about something he thinks is too gory for me.

Our fun is ruined by someone busting into the restaurant, the familiar man walks in like he owns the place, but I’m 90% Jiyong does. The men around me glare at the new comer, Junhoe and his friends get up from their seats and stand in between the police and where we sit. I turn around to full face him, Daesung and Seungri follow suit.

“No need to look so hostel boys,” Detective Lee says casually, a few beat cops are behind him.

“This is a private party,” The leader of Junhoe’s friends says coming forward, standing toe to toe with the detective.

“Hanbin,” Lee pats the younger on the head as if they are close but I see the younger flinch. “It’s been awhile. It’s good to see that you surrounded yourself with good people.” I don’t know why I feel so annoyed by his actions, I know Hanbin can take care of himself but I for some reason feel the need to step in.

“What are you doing here?” Hanbin continues to glare at the man.

“I heard that Mr. Jiyong was walking around with a friend,” Lee looks past the group of boys to stare at me. “Nice to see you again Miss. Jooyoung. You always seem to have a group of men around you, how do you do it?” He raises a brow at me and I don’t know whether I should be insulted or disgusted.

“Watch your mouth detective,” Jiyong warns with a terrifying growl.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult her. Poor thing is probably sensitive,” I get irritated by his fake sympathy. He pushes past the group of boys who watch Jiyong for orders.

“That’s close enough don’t you think detective?” Youngbae snaps.

“I just want to get a better look at the little thing that was able to wrap the 13 most powerful men in Asia wrapped around her little fingers. That’s impressive, can you tell me something?” He crouches down a few feet away from me with a disgusting smirk on his face. “Do they all fuck you at the same time or is it more groups of three or four?” I’m on my feet in seconds ready to kick they guy in the face but Seungri kicks him on his back before me, a very pissed off look on his face.

“I would prefer it if you didn’t say such dirty things to my little friend,” Seungri cracks his knuckles as he continues to glare.

“Don’t tell me the little slut got you too?” Lee chuckles as he props up on his elbows.

Daesung is standing over him, the sweet man doesn’t look so sweet anymore with his foot on Lee’s neck and a killer look in his eye. “Jiyong hyung said to watch your fucking mouth. Who our friend is and is not fucking, is none of your fucking business. Understand?”

Lee nods, he taps on Daesung’s foot in a panic for air. I don’t feel bad as he gasps for air, or when he looks like he’s about to cry. Jiyong standing up, takes my hand and leads me to the exit. He slips on his shoes before sweetly putting mine on for me.

“I’m sorry about that,” Jiyong wraps his arm around me like before as we walk outside, the others aren’t far behind.

“Thank you,” I say to him and look back at Seungri and Daesung, who are a few steps behind us with their gangster faces on, “Thank you guys too for standing up for me.”

Daesung’s face falters at my words, “He’s an ass.”

“To make up for having such a great time ruined I have a surprise for you,” Jiyong beams at me. But you need to close your eyes.” Jiyong smiles at me.

“I feel like she’s the type to peek,” Seungri teases.

“Hanbin, can you hand me your beanie?” Daesung holds his hand out expectantly to the younger man. I feel bad when the younger hands it over without question. Jiyong takes off my snap back and replaces it with the already warm beanie. I snatch my hat back from him and leave his warmth to place my hat on Hanbin’s head. He is surprised by my actions but I just smile.

“To make sure you get your hat back I’ll leave you mine for now.” I turn on my heel without another word and take my place at Jiyong’s side again. He pulls the beanie down over my eyes so I can’t peek before wrapping his arm securely around my waist for safety reasons.

“You are so trusting,” Seunghyun clicks his tongue at me.

“I’ve been alone with Jiyong many times, if he wanted to do something bad I’m pretty sure he would have done it by now,” I snap back.

He scoffs, “Maybe he was just waiting for the right time?” Jiyong’s grip on me tightens, but I feel nothing but comfort from him.

“Even if he wants to kill me, there isn’t much I can do about it now, is there?” I look in the eldest’s direction.

“She has a point there Hyung, we got her,” Daesung’s voice comes from my other side, a lot closer than before.

“Will you guys stop saying stuff like that? I’ve told you about this many times.” Jiyong growls at them.

“About what?” I wonder.

“He is horrified of you being afraid of him. Nothing like this has ever happened to him before,” Dae tells me.

“Shut your mouth,” My oppa snarls between grit teeth.

“Don’t worry Oppa, you don’t scare me.”

They continue to tease my poor oppa about his weakness for me, I can’t help but blush at their silly words. We walk for awhile, I can hear other people talking and walking by; cars zoom down the street. A door opens and I’m brought inside a quiet building. Behind me the boys are laughing and whispering, I’m excited and nervous about where I could be.

Jiyong flips the hat up revealing a dark room. All I can see is his handsome smile and his shining eyes that make me smile so big my face hurts. Then the lights flip on and machines start going and suddenly I’m staring in aw at the empty amusement park in front of me.

“You didn’t rent out an amusement park for me,” I say gawking dumbstruck.

“I didn’t rent it out, I know the owner,” He quick tries to calm my worries.

“What kind of person do you have connections with that would own an amusement park?”

“That would be me,” Daesung says in a singsong way.

“Never mind I’m not that surprised.” I wave the kind man away, something he finds cute and laughs. “Oppa lets go on that one!” I point to a tall roller coaster that forms one pig loop.

“Lets go!”


Kara is not sure if Lena is into girls. Maggie offers help.


In which Maggie says way too many lesbian references and Lena answers with just as much.

Also on AO3:

“Spit it out, Little Danvers. What has got you all worked up?”

“Why do I need a reason to spend time with my sister’s girlfriend?” It’s somehow slurred and it makes Maggie wonder how much she already had drank before Maggie even got there.

Maggie stares at Kara, eyes narrowing while the young girl blushes and ducks her head down, fingers rapidly coming to push her glasses back, and she knows there’s something Kara wants.

She takes a look down; at the three empty glasses of a drink she’s sure Kara shouldn’t be drinking on her own, especially on a Wednesday night. Then back at red cheeks and adverting gaze.

The crinkle appears in between her eyebrows when all Maggie does is tilt her head to the side, waiting for an answer. Not so long ago, Alex had told her, her sister has a weakness: not being able to endure the silence. So Maggie takes a long swing of her beer and waits, because she knows it won’t take long.

And Kara honest to God starts squirming under her gaze. She groans, plays with the glass in her hand and finally drops her shoulders, loud sigh leaving her lips.

“How did you know?”


“That something is bothering me.”


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Hi Lori! Can you tell us about any new interesting/valuable way your zoo cares for animals? (e.g. any new ways of checking on the health of an animal, or transporting them, etc.?)

Sure, I can try!

The use of technology for veterinary care is making leaps and bounds, hand in hand with training and husbandry practices. Every animal at a zoo is trained, but it’s not to do tricks - it’s to voluntarily engage in behaviors to assist in their care and minimize the times they need to be sedated. Tigers are trained to present their hips for vaccine injections, for example, and giraffes are trained to stand still for X-rays and blood draws from their necks.

Some animals are trained for sonograms, or even for finger-cuffs to measure blood pressure. My zoo has been doing a lot of interesting stuff with blood analysis and nutritional analysis to help them more effectively feed the animals and mimic their native diet. They’re also studying the ways floor substrates can help the animals - they recently changed the floor in the indoor elephant “gang room” (the huge building where they hang out when they’re not outside) and they’re experimenting with different substrates in the giraffe building as well.

My zoo is actually in the middle of remodeling/expanding their animal health facility. They’ll be able to do a lot more on-site as opposed to transporting animals to the university for certain procedures.

The world continues to move on like I was nothing more than a one night stand.

As if the salty kisses from the sea that still ghost across my lips or the sweet echos of the forest breath against my skin meant nothing. As if the way the sandy finger tips that grazed down my sides, or the tender touches of the grass didn’t mean a thing.

The world continues to move on without me as if I was nothing more than a one night stand, yet I still crave her beauty and maybe that’s why they call it wanderlust.

—  Wanderlust (8:34pm)

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Have you seen the new jikook moment. I swear jimin tops, I believe this 10000% now. Like I'm shook

I woke up this morning and I checked my notifs, saw your ask and was like, “Okay what?” then, “What did Jikook do now?” So I went into the Jikook tag and my eyes popped out. The first thing I saw was Jimin’s hand on Jungkook’s neck and I was already shook but he just had to go ahead and lean in and asdfghjkl. Yeah I’m dead. The way Jimin’s fingers dig into his skin and presses right against the side of his neck. Jungkook tenses for half a second and then he just melts, closing his eyes and letting Jimin do whatever he wants. And this whole time I’m just O_O *internal screaming* 

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Double Yandere Diabla x IS

“I don’t like the way Ciel looks at you, you know.”

Diabla smiled, strangely confident for one pinned to the wall of an alley.  Her true form was only about a head taller than Elsword.

“Funny.  I don’t like the way Ain looks at you.  Don’t kill my Ciel, I won’t rip Ain’s guts out in front of you.”

Elsword smiled back.  “Fine. It’s a shame I can’t see Ciel’s black blood splattered all over the walls, but it can’t be helped.”

Diabla pushed against Elsword’s grip.  After a brief struggle, Elsword found himself the one slammed to the wall, and Diabla’s clawed fingers digging into his shoulders as her lips pressed to his.  Elsword struggled with teeth and tongue, electrifying adrenaline and pleasure racing from their connected lips to all his body.

“If he dies, I’ll blame you,” Diabla said quietly as she pulled away, and that smile of madness flashed across her face.  Elsword matched it with an equally insane one of his own.

“And if Ain dies, your head will be the first one I come after, my dear.”

And again, in the back alley of Lanox, they kissed.

Better Than a Buick (Jeno x Male!Reader)

Scenario: Fluff. You’ve been to Jeno’s house time after time but this time he says he has something to show you. Not only are you impressed but by the end of it all, you’re so happy! 

Word Count: 676

Read on AO3

Originally posted by nctmark

“And this is a Buick Roadmaster!” Jeno said, pointing out one of the many model cars on his bedroom shelf. He began listing off an abundance of facts he had memorised from years earlier. The way his eyes lit up when you asked questions and how his eyes formed those charming crescent moons always made your heart beat a little faster.

“Wow, Jeno, you know a lot about cars!” You stated, running a finger over the shiny, metal, model car.  “Hey, whatever happened to my favourite model? The blue one?”

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I think my heart would break of he's not the kinky shit you make him out to be. I'd probably (definitely) point an accusatory finger at him, betrayed about him being pure while he looks at me like I've lost my marbles. Good times.

ken u imagine vanilla and/or pure yuta?
liek if there was a scenario about the reader having a boring sex life with him or him blushing as the reader touches his hand [I can’t even imagine it tbh]

HE IS NOT PURE, that piece of fuck, [srry i’m always being mean to him and calling him names, but it’s only bc he hurts me in the best way possible that I loathe his fine ass for it :’)]
He literally made a dick ref about Johnny’s shoes size tho, if someone were to write about him being innocent that shit would have to be fckin AU

The Blindeye Murderer: Chapter Two

Hey! I managed to get the second chapter out! Read my fic at: 

Enjoy! @roboticspacecase @everyday-im-preaching @featheredkit @luminaxandra @fallen-pine @mortemmessor @minryll @dippycipher

When the lights in Dipper’s office flickered the first time, he ignored it, eyes fixed upon his laptop screen as he continued his research.

The second time the lights flickered, he glanced up at them, silently wondering if the light bulbs needed to be replaced. He stood up, making his way over to the intercom on the wall. He pressed the red button.

“This is Dipper Pines, room 618, floor 21. Can someone send the janitor, Soos, to come fix the lights in my office?” The detective spoke into it. When he released his finger from the button, all he heard was the crackling of static. In that moment, he knew something was completely wrong. He swore he could hear whispers of some kind in the static haze, though the words were jumbled and inaudible.

Before he had time to blink or move, the lights fully went out, leaving him in utter darkness. For a moment he stood there, motionless, ears on full alert. It was completely silent and still, but the sense that someone was standing in the far corner had Dipper sweating. He glanced in the corner that he felt the presence from, but nothing was there. As soon as his eyes left that spot, out of the side of his eye he saw a dark figure that simply stood there, watching.

He stumbled in the dark towards the coat hanger by the door, as he could feel eyes burning on his back. Someone had to be in the room with him. When Dipper’s eyes fully adjusted to the dark he grabbed his coat, putting it on. His gaze shifted to the mirror on the wall. That’s when he let out a terrified scream, his blood running cold. The detective didn’t have any eyes. They were gone, and in their place was two Xs just like the man that had been murdered earlier that day.

Dipper reached two shaking hands up to his face, feeling for his eyes, but he only felt the cold, smooth holes of eye sockets. He let out another horrified scream, stepping away from the mirror, freaking out. This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be real. He tripped over the rug and fell on the floor, staring up at the ceiling where writing started to appear in blood. It read: YOU WERE NEXT, DETECTIVE. A shadow of a man stood next to him, holding what looked like an eyeball in blood drenched hands.

Dipper woke up screaming, hands immediately flying up to feel if he still had eyes. Thankfully, he did and it was all just a nightmare. The lights were on and not flickering, and there was no creepy writing on the ceiling. 

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[maxwellsdoor] imagine Maxwell being really protective over Wendy. Like they go in to buy her a suit like Maxwell's and the store owner is just like "sir you do know this is a menswear store right" and Maxwell is like "sir you do know I can buy up your entire store and run you out of business with a snap of my fingers right"

(Oh my god that’s the sweetest thing. Wendy just lets her uncle cover the situation as she checks out some suits for kids and is like “I was not aware girls were forbidden from wearing suits. What will happen if I put my hands all over the clothes here? Will they explode from the sheer presence of me? That sounds like a fun way to spend this sunday, destroying your entire stock and custom orders with just a touch of my hands.”)

I want you to be infinite
and because of that
I’ll write down everything I know
about the way your fingers move
or how you bite your lip.
And just like the moon
who’s beauty can never be shown in a picture,
my writing will never be as complete as you are
and I could write novels about your eyes
without ever really
getting close
to the truth.
—  // loving somebody

A lot of these posts “””defending””” Molly Hooper after that last episode are really rubbing me up the wrong way, because I swear NONE of y’all have given a single shit about Molly until now. I’ve had to endure 3 years of people saying it’s “pathetic” that Molly slapped Sherlock because he “didn’t return her feelings” (WHICH IS NOT WHY SHE HIT HIM OH MY GOD), and I’ve had to listen to people say her silly crush on Sherlock is embarrassing or that she needs to grow up and move on. Even when she’s been praised, she hasn’t been praised as an engaging and interesting character, as the sweet, kind and intelligent young pathologist she is, she’s been praised because she allegedly serves as a prop to further a relationship between two gay men. Which - guess what guys, IS NOT PROGRESSIVE. 

But oh, now that her feelings have finally been vindicated, now suddenly it’s poor Molly and Molly deserves better. But listen. I’m the first person to say that Sherlock’s got major problems with writing women. Ask me about Mary’s fridging sometime. And yes, I wish to God Molly had more screentime, but this idea that her final scene is about glamorising abusive relationships or that Molly was nothing but a prop is killing me.

Do you know what I saw when I watched that scene with Eurus and Molly?

I saw a character who had undergone tremendous growth over the past four seasons. Originally intended as a one-off, but so spellbindingly brought to life by Loo Brealey that she was made a non-canon recurring character, Molly has grown from timid, mousy and submissive to a woman more than willing to stand up for herself, whose kindness is her strength and whose love was the undoing of Moriarty. She’s smart - she’s the literal embodiment of medical and pathological knowledge in Sherlock’s mind palace. She proved you can be soft and strong, that vulnerability doesn’t have to mean weakness, and that you can stand up to someone and demand better treatment in a gentle voice. 

And, God forbid, she’s also in love with a man. But she’s never been given the opportunity to say so. Her feelings, which have been a strength and a weakness, are visible enough to us and everyone in the show, but she’s never said it out loud. 

Now, truth in fiction is a rare substance. It always takes a tremendous amount of pressure for two people to be completely honest with each other, especially if that truth concerns feelings of love. The question, “what will it take to make Molly tell Sherlock she loves him?” is answered in this scene. And the answer is: Sherlock needs to say I love you first. 

And do you know who was in control in that scene? Molly. Every single step of the way. At any moment she could have told Sherlock to stick it up his arse and hung up. There would have been no repercussions for her. Sherlock tries in myriad ways to get an I love you and she blocks him every time, says “leave me alone,” tells him she won’t let him make fun of her, tells him she’s not an experiment. She hasn’t been treated well by Sherlock and John this season, is still grieving over Mary, is probably suffering depression, and she’s sick of Sherlock’s nonsense. She’s willing to help if it’s urgent, but she’s done playing games. 

She tells him she can’t say it because it’s true. It’s always been true. She’s always loved him. Do you have any idea how long we’ve waited for her feelings to be validated? At last, no, it’s not a stupid girlish crush, it’s not infatuation, it’s a beautiful, selfless love that she cherishes for him. She loves this man. She saved his life. She stood up to him. She refused to tolerate shabby treatment from him. She was happy to be his friend. She moved on and found a new man, but when Sherlock came back, she had to be honest with herself, and she decided it would be better to be alone than marry a man she doesn’t really love. She is so brave, and so selfless, and she’s never once made her feelings his problem. That’s why she begs him - don’t make me say it because it’s true, it’s always been true.  

And then, still feeling like this must be a game somehow, she challenges him to say it first. Go on. If you want me to make a fool of myself, then you have to go first. I’m not jumping until you do. Molly can see through him; he can’t manipulate her like he did in S1. She’s not that person anymore. And he’s not that person anymore, either. Eurus didn’t rig Molly’s flat with explosives, and Sherlock didn’t win when he supposedly saved her life, because it wasn’t about that. It was about torturing Sherlock emotionally, and where once he manipulated her without a second thought, hurting Molly now is like vivisection to him. Eurus - Molly - both get him to admit “I love you” - twice. Once, because he was trying to save her life - the second time because he realised it was true. As a friend, or something more, who even cares, he loves her and he realises just how much. 

And still, Molly is in control. She can hang up, if she wants. She contemplates it. But then, almost kissing the phone, perhaps having recognised the note of sincerity in his voice, she whispers, I love you.

Too often an unrequited crush ends when a character suddenly finds a new man or woman, falls in love, and gets over their old feelings, and has a happily ever after with this random new person. But I’ve always found that maddeningly dissatisfying, and even though it comes from horrific circumstances, I’m so glad that Molly’s feelings were validated, not because Sherlock returned them, but simply because those feelings are hers, and they are real, they’ve always been real, and it hurts, god it hurts, but at least she was able to be honest. The cut has been made, the truth is revealed, and now she can begin to heal. She doesn’t have to keep those words festering inside her. Molly loves Sherlock, and it took him telling her he loved her to admit that. 

And Sherlock’s a wreck afterwards. He caresses those words “I love you” and thinks about how he always believed caring was not an advantage. He thinks about selfless, kind Molly Hooper, who had always loved him, and saved him, whose love was her strength, whose love was doomed, who would not suppress or deny her feelings, but merely kept them to herself to spare him discomfort and then - 

He thinks about Molly in that coffin. He thinks about losing her. He thinks about what he’s just said to her. He thinks of how he’s hurt her.


He loses control. Always, he’s pretended to be pure intellect, has always clung to rationality, but in this moment he is nothing but emotion. Rage, pain, fear, sadness, needing to destroy this coffin, smashing it to pieces, screaming in agony because of how much he feels for this woman. 

Molly loves Sherlock. We’ve known for a long time. And I truly feel that Molly being allowed to own those feelings, because they are hers, regardless of whether they are reciprocated or not, is far more powerful than sweeping them under the rug and pretending they never existed or that she got over them just fine. This is how she feels, and no she won’t tolerate poor treatment because of them, and no she won’t put up with him playing games, but yes - she will be there when he needs her, because that’s just who she is. 

and I know a boy so bright I think the sun has to be jealous of his smile. And I want to turn him into a metaphor but it wouldn’t do him justice. I want to fill up every available space with the way he makes me feel- like he’s the rain on my roof, like he brings peace and safety, like he’s warmth and I’ve been cold for so long, like the way we move together sounds like applause, like how when I feel our fingers intertwine our hands turn into forest and we’re growing fast, planting roots wherever we can.
—  laceerainspoetry, The first kiss was a love poem I didn’t know would become my favorite.
Shuffling Your Tarot Deck

It took me forever to learn to shuffle like this, but now that I have it’s my favorite way to bond with my deck before (and after!) a reading. It’s also easier on the cards than spreading them out on the table, or poker shuffling the smaller decks. All the videos I’ve found for this technique go way too fast, so I’ve gif’d it one bit at a time. 

Hold your deck in your non-dominant hand lengthwise, fingers on the bottom card’s face and thumb on the top card back. 

With your dominant hand, put your thumb and middle finger on the short edges on the deck, with the bottom card’s edge lining up approximately with your first knuckle. 

Grab that knuckle’s worth of cards and separate it from the rest of the deck (now called the main deck). 

Let the main deck lean against your fingers as you bring the other cards over to the thumb side. Let the top card in your dominant hand slide off to land in your nondominant hand, on top of the main deck. 

It’s okay if the cards come off in pairs and groups of five or ten instead of one at a time. Practice will help with that, but it also depends on how new your deck is and whether the cards are matte or glossy. 

Now let the main deck lean against your thumb, and bring the other cards over to the fingers side. Let top card(s) slide off to land on the bottom of the main deck. 

Bring the other cards to the thumb side of the main deck, and repeat. 

When you run out of the smaller stack, grab another bunch of cards like you did in the second gif and do it again!

It looks incredibly flashy and professional when you really get going. You will drop cards and that will lead to reversals, and maybe even some cards landing face up that you might want to keep out as significators in your reading. 

Now, the other side of shuffling is something I’ve seen people ask about pretty frequently: how long do I shuffle? Conventional advice is “until you feel like you’ve shuffled enough” or “when your deck says so,” but what if you don’t feel anything and you’ve been shuffling for ages? What if your deck doesn’t really communicate that way? Good news, friend…

You Can Ritualize That!

When one of my decks wasn’t telling me when to stop shuffling, I made shuffling a part of the spread. If I was doing a three card spread, I shuffled three times. For a Celtic cross spread, I’d shuffle ten times. And so on. I told myself that my deck would push its message to the top in that amount of time, and it did. Every time. It took a lot of the second guessing out of the process and allowed me to concentrate fully on the reading. 

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with my decks I’ve moved away from that somewhat, but I still go back to it if I’m not feeling a pull to stop shuffling in a particular reading. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or add commentary to this post! I hope it was helpful!

Auction AU Part 2

Here’s the first part  ! I recommend you read it before this part, or else it won’t make much sense.

Sorry this took like, ten million years. Thanks to everyone who messaged me and said they liked the first part, it always made my day <3 


    The relief only lasted so long once he realized that yes, no more old-leopard-print lady (thank god), but still there’s a date with someone. A stranger.

    Jack’s barely held decent conversations with his teammates, how would a date with a stranger work?

    It wouldn’t. No way.

   Feeling like he’d just survived a brutal game, Jack took a few seconds to gather himself. He wiped the condensation from his forehead (he really hoped no one had noticed), slowed his breathing, let his jaw unclench. Once his fingers became steady enough he fixed the cuffs of his uncomfortably hot suit.

   “Fuck it,” He shucked the jacket off entirely. It felt good until he lifted his arms- “Ugh.”

   Pit stains.

   For a moment he struggled with what to do: If I wear the jacket I’m uncomfortable and sweating more, but if I don’t people can see the sweat and thats embarrassing and-

   “Jack!” Someone from management tapped his shoulder, “This way, the kid is waiting on stage right.” She gave him a brief once-over, “Put on the jacket.”

    With a somewhat relieved nod, he slipped the jacket back on and wished for a calmer heart-beat.

     The wish didn’t come true, of course. It rarely did.

    They approached the stairs leading off the stage.

    This kid must like you. They bid on you. They spent money for a date-thing-whatever with you. Just smile. Act like a normal-



   “Uh, hi.”

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