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I BURNED MY FINGER... from holding my phone and looking at all the HOT pictures of you, you handsome boy ;)

That was alarmingly smooth oh my XD

Sunday Mornings (Smut)


A/N: This is requested. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but here you go, then I might just delete it later. 

Word count: 2,536

“Are you watching me sleep again?” I asked, covering my face with my palms.

I still didn’t open my eyes, nor did I unravel myself from the comfy position under the warm blanket.

Sundays were for staying in bed. At least that was my opinion. Shawn on the other hand, had a hard time spending his time doing absolutely nothing. Usually, he would go to the gym early in the morning, before I’d even opened my eyes.

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colored this beautiful drawing by my super talented friend @sinfulpapillon because why the heck not! She is such a great and inspiring artist and all her art makes me go “!!!!”, and also guess what:

SHE’S TAKING COMMISSIONS!!! so drop by and check for yourself if you want her to draw anything for you, because let me tell you, she’s gonna nail it.

I made a homemade pizza, which is great

but I’ve also burned my finger while doing it

why do the things I love the most, hurt me the most

Imagine Isak’s having a bad night. He has to study for a test tomorrow and he doesn’t feel prepared. So he is beating himself up about that. And then he has a disagreement with his mum over text and he feels frustrated and hurt because she feel far away from him at the moment and he doesn’t know what to say. Even is trying to help but they’ve ended up having an argument over something stupid. Mainly because Isak is grumpy and let’s face it, he snaps so easily when he is on edge.

Even decides to cook Isak dinner so he has some nourishment and this gives them both some space for an hour or so. But when it’s nearly ready Isak slumps into the kitchen and starts looking absent-mindedly looking in the fridge. Even grins at him and gently says “hey you, I’m making chicken parmigiana. It will be ready soon”. Without looking at him Isak sighs heavily and replies, “Even I don’t need fancy food I just need to eat I’m starving”.

“You need to eat go- ah fuck!” Even yelps and jumps away from the cooker where he had open the door to check the food. Isak whirls around and sees him holding his hand with tears in his eyes. “Oh baby did you burn yourself? ” Isak is by his side quick as a flash and takes Even’s hand in his…..and it’s very red and already blistering.

“Fuck Even you need to run that under cold water” Isak is gasping and his eyebrows are knitted together. Even tries to smile back lightly but it falls short, it’s clear how much it hurts his hand is shaking against Isak’s. But he still says “Don’t worry baby I’m ok. I need to check the chicken now”.

Isak does not let go of his hand. “Fuck the chicken Even. It’s you being the best boyfriend ever that’s got you into this mess. Don’t worry. Your hand is going to blister really badly and that’s what matters to me. Doctors say you must hold skin under cold running water for at least ten minutes when you have a severe burn” Isak gently tugs Even over to the sink whilst he is talking, his voice is a little high and a little loud.

“Isak chill!” Even tries to joke but then he sees Isak’s face, eyes full of tears and cheeks flushed. So Even relaxes his hand and allows Isak to run the water over it even though it actually hurts a bit - but ok after a bit it actually feels better. Isak watches the clock earnestly in between peppering Even’s shoulder with kisses and whispering “It’s ok. It’s ok. We will bandage it later. Thank you for making me dinner. Sorry I was grumpy. I love you.”

When the ten minutes are up Isak takes Even’s hand and ever so tenderly he kisses his fingertips, his eyes fluttering closed as he does so as if he is concentrating on pouring all his love into those kisses. At last he let’s out a deep sigh and looks at Even who looks back eyes glowing. Even leans over and pecks Isak on the lips and then raises a playful eyebrow, “You said I was the best boyfriend ever”.

Isak flushes and rolls his eyes. “Shut up” it is said with the fondest tone. “It’s not like I’ve got anyone to compare you to!” Even shoves him gently in that mock offended way he does.

They eat the chicken parmigiana for dinner and it isn’t half bad. Even feeds bits to Isak and Isak let’s him. When they are washing up, Isak presses his face against Evens shoulder and mutters “You are though. And I don’t need to compare you”. Even stays silent but Isak knows he is smiling, instead he turns to bury his nose into Isak’s hair and takes a deep breath.

We Have No Privacy

Bucky x Reader

Summary: you and Bucky have a secret relationship that you hide from the other Avengers. Or so you think ;)

Word Count: 1636

Warnings: cursing + fluff

A/N: I can do requests just fyi :) honestly I don’t have much to say other than the fact that I’m listening to my happy song right now: Without Question from The Road to El Dorado. I recommend 💛

“Which one of you punks finished the popcorn?” Bucky growls. I chuckle.

“I’ll go make more.” I offer, taking the empty bowl from his hands. “This movie is lame, anyway.” I get up from the couch, winking. Nat follows closely behind me, rolling her eyes.

“They have the weirdest taste in movies, I swear.” I nod in agreement, pitter-pattering on the wooden floor in my bare feet, hoodie, and gym shorts. I reach the large, marble kitchen and head to the corner cupboard. Nat hops onto the counter, her big red curls bouncing with her. She huffs sadly. I roll my eyes with a smile.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, rummaging through the shelves. She turns to me and purses her lips.

“What’s wrong is I need to get laid.” she scowls. I laugh, plucking out a bag of microwaveable popcorn kernels and closing the cupboard. I shuffle over to the microwave and press the ‘Popcorn’ button, placing it in and turning it on. I spin around and face Nat.

“Since when did the Black Widow need a man?” I say mockingly. She puffs out her cheeks.

“I don’t need a man.” she scoffs, lowering her voice to a mutter. “I need a dick.” I bring my hand up to my mouth to mask my laughter. “What?” she says incredulously. “Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same.” I shrug, a distracted smile plastering my face.

“I think I’m alright.” I say quietly. Nat raises her eyebrows.

“What does that mean?” she says, hopping off the counter. My cheeks tint pink. I open my mouth to respond, but the microwave dings behind me. I smile nervously.

“Popcorn’s ready.” I say, whipping around and opening the microwave. I pull out the bag, nearly burning my fingers. My hand reaches out for the bowl, dropping the bag into it. I speed-walk back to the screen room, trying to beat Nat back so she won’t ask questions. “Pop-corn!” I sing. I’m met with multiple shushes and complaints. I scowl. “You’re welcome.“I say, sitting in my spot on the couch next to Bucky, whose on my left, and Rhodey on my right. Bucky smiles down at the bowl.

“Thanks, doll.” he says quietly, not looking at me. I bite my bottom lip. Not in a seductive way, but more as a habit. Sam reaches over Bucky and takes the bowl.

“It’s still in the bag!” he says, annoyed. I stick my tongue out at him.

“Then be useful for once and take it out.” He rolls his eyes and rips the bag open. Steve reaches into the bowl, grabbing popcorn and dumping a few pieces on the floor. “Uh-uh, you’re cleanin’ that up.” Sam shakes his head.

Wanda enters the room from the bathroom, plopping in her seat.

“What’d I miss?” she asks. I look back up at the screen, and as I do, feel a warm hand touch my fingers, then intertwine with them and clasp tightly. I sigh quietly.

“I dunno,” I respond, taking a split second to look at the man on my left. “just got here.” There’s a ghost of a smile on his face. I clear my throat. “Hey, dodo bird, pass the popcorn.” I say.

We are picking next time.” Nat scoffs, tugging on her shirt. I nod vigorously.

“I don’t know what the hell goes on in your minds when you watch these things.” I chuckle. Tony stretches his arms in the air, making a loud, drawn out grunt.

“You just don’t understand action movies.” Sam says. I raise my eyebrows.

“You mean the countless sex scenes? Yes, I’m sure you understand those very well.” I shake my head and plunk the empty popcorn bowl into the sink. Everyone begins to bid others farewell, each heading down to their bedrooms. I call goodnight to everyone as I wash the bowl, putting it away. By the time I’m done, everyone is long gone. I turn off the lights behind me and tiptoe in the opposite direction of my room.

My hand wraps around the doorknob, slowly and silently twisting it and pushing the door open. I close it behind me as I walk in, clicking the the lock in place. My bare feet cross the room and crawl into the bed. His arms are wide open, urging me in. The smells of mint leaves and popcorn fill my nostrils. I enter the duvet and lay down facing him, his arms snaking around my waist and pulling me closer. I breathe onto his Adam’s apple, my hands on his bare chest.

“Hey, doll-face.” he says quietly, resting his chin on my hair. I smile at his soft voice.

“Hi.” I whisper.

“Dammit, Barnes, wake up!” a voice speaks distinctly. My eyes open groggily, looking for the source of the noise. I shoot up, realizing someone is at the door. “Barnes!” There’s a loud bang from the other side of the door, Nat slamming her fist down on it over and over again. I shake his chest, earning a groan from the sleeping body beside me.

“Bucky.” I whisper. “Bucky.” He inhales and opens his eyes slowly, responding identically to me at the pounding of the door.

“Shit.” he mutters. He gets out of the bed and moves to the door. I bolt up and tiptoe into the closet as he unlocks the door and opens it.

“Finally.” Nat mutters. “There’s a mission debriefing in an hour.” she says.

“Ok.” Bucky says drowsily, pretending he’s still in a half-asleep state.

“Also, Stark wants you to come into the lab to do some science-y shit with your arm.” I can picture Bucky rolling his eyes without having to witness it.

“Alright.” he says. “I’ll talk to him about it.” The door closes after a moment, and I let out the breath I didn’t even realize I was holding. I step out of the closet and look at him. There’s an amused smile on his face, and I roll my eyes.

“Ugh” I groan. “I feel like I’m committing a crime just being around you.” He walks to me and places his hands on my hips, the metal making me shiver even through my hoodie.

“Do you wanna tell them?” he asks. I furrow my brows.

“Not yet. I want it to be just the two of us. For at least a bit longer.” He nods in understanding and leans his head down to touch his lips to mine softly. My fingertips go to his jawline, feeling his scruff. I pull away for a moment. "The debriefing.” I remind him.

“It’s in an hour.” he mumbles, sliding his hands down to the back of my thighs and lifting me up. The familiar, cool feeling of metal on my skin makes goosebumps rise on my legs. I instinctively wrap my limbs around him.

“Yeah, but if I’m not back in my room soon…” I say quietly next to his ear. He grumbles into my chest. I smile as he puts me down and stares at my eyes. The corners of his mouth turn up as he focuses in on me, only me. It’s the most liberating feeling in the world.

“Ok.” he says softly. He leans down and kisses my cheek before leading me to the door, a hand on the small of my back. I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes and hugging him tightly. His arms find my waist and fasten me to him. I sigh and let go, turning back to the door and opening it slightly. Looking through each side of the hallway to make sure the coast is clear, I step out of the room and begin walking down the hall. Once I’ve entered the lounge, I see Nat and Steve sitting on the couch, their chests pressed up against the back, looking in my direction. Nat throws her arms in the air.

“I KNEW IT!” she bellows. Steve itches the back of his neck, throwing a twenty dollar bill at Nat. She cackles and falls on her back, throwing her shins around. My eyes widen and I look back down the hall I just emerged from. Bucky’s door is already closed. It takes seconds for me to go beet red. I’m frozen in place. Nat regains herself, both she and Steve looking at me expectantly with smirks of amusement.

“What?” I croak. Nat smiles and gets up, tucking the bill into her pocket. Tony emerges from a hallway, shaking his hair with a towel.

“What is happening?” he says. “Who is yelling?” I begin to sidestep toward my room when a door opens down the hall. Bucky comes out of his room with a shirt and joggers on. He begins to walk towards me, realizing I haven’t moved since I left his room.

“What’s going on?” he says, entering the room. Steve shakes his head at him, smirking.

“Don’t try to play dumb, Bucky. Why didn’t you tell us you two were together?” he asks. Bucky’s eyebrows raise. I look at him and groan. He chuckles sheepishly.

“You guys didn’t know?” Tony says, tossing his towel on the ground behind him.

“You did?” Steve asks. Tony folds his arms.

“You people forget, I built this tower from the ground up. I see everything that goes on. Except in your own bedrooms, which,” Tony raises an eyebrow at Bucky and me, “thank God.”

“We have no privacy in this place.” I mumble. Bucky smiles, clearly unbothered by the situation. I try to follow suit. These are my friends. I shouldn’t shy away from my feelings in front of my friends. I smile nervously, shaking my head and looking at my feet as Nat calls dibs on having our first child be named after her.

  • <p> <b>Jisung:</b> awe dangle it! I burned my finger!<p/><b>Taeyong:</b> Go to Taeil. He knows what to do.<p/><b>Taeil:</b> *grabs Jisung's finger*<p/><b>Taeil:</b> APADO GWAENCHANHA SARANGHAGI TAEMUNE IJEURYEO DORASEO BWADO GASEUMI NEOL CHAJAGAAAAA<p/><b>Jisung:</b> <p/><b>Taeyong:</b> <p/><b>Taeyong:</b> I meant to say Doyoung, actually.<p/></p>

I’m uploading my live shows to my side channel ‘LessAmazingPhil’ now so you can catch up whenever you like! Make sure you’re subscribed to see when they pop up. Here’s the first one where I unbox a gift from YouTube, tell the story of my burned finger and stab myself with a cactus. Enjoy!

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Being in a Relationship with Newt Scamander

Originally posted by hardyness

Character: Newt Scamander

Prompt: (Requested)

• Has absolutely no idea what the hell he is doing or getting himself into.

• He immediately knew that he was attracted to you and desired a more intimate relationship, but he had no idea how to go about it.

• His only other romantic encounter was with Leta Lestrange, and even then he didn’t act out on his emotions so he essentially doesn’t know how to deal with his newfound fondness for you.

• Ultimately just ends up following you around a lot, not in any weird way either, but whenever you were around he just automatically focuses on what you’re saying and doing.

• Values your opinion very highly and always asks you what you think about a certain situation and will take in your input.

• He’s awkward by nature but he also has a strong love for physical and overall affection. So he’ll shyly hold onto your hand or whenever he manages to work up the nerve to kiss your cheek or forehead his lips will often linger.

• In times of distress or danger, Newt will subconsciously reach out for you, weither it’s to grab onto your hand or arm to make sure you’re still there or to push you behind him for protection.

•Will forever be worried about your well being, asking you how you are or if you’re feeling well. If he ever finds the time he’ll often make you a cup of tea and leave it on your desk as his own small way of showing you he’s thinking of you.

• He loves taking you on his journeys to study magical creatures, but if for whatever reason you can’t go with him he always brings back a small heirlooms that make him think of you.

• Thus leading you to have a huge collection of various small statues or crystals, even a few books from foreign country.

• Whenever your apart from another for whatever reason it may be Newt will send you dozens upon dozens of letters and keeps every one you send back because he likes having physical mementos of your affection or something that makes him think of you.

• Depending on your personality and magical status, he’ll slowly introduce you to his creatures and showing you they won’t do you any harm if you treat them kindly.

• He’s more of the small gesture kind of gentlemen to show his love for you, like the cup of tea I mentioned earlier.

• Other things he does is take your hand and kiss the back of it whenever the two of you are alone or out in public, he’ll read aloud to you whenever your in the kitchen or working on something in the living room.

• Takes a profound interest in your hobbies and career, weither it’s magical or not. You like potions? He’ll watch you grind herbs and burn sage, he’ll even lend you his own ingredients or buy them for you. You like to play piano? He’ll sit and listen to you play for hours or listen to you gush about composers.

• Brings you home flowers once a week, although he isn’t particularly fond of roses so instead he’ll get you cornflowers or lilies, the occasional daisy and sunflower.

• You used to always gush about his coat and how much you liked the dark blue color on him, so in response he tries to wear it as often as he can or will buy other articles of clothing in the same color because he knows how much you love it.

• Will absolutely melt if you play with his curls, weither it’s a short ruffle as you walk passed him while he’s sitting or whenever you’ll tangle your fingers in his hair whenever the two of you are sitting together, he absolutely lives for it.

• Often feels terribly insecure about his lack in knowledge/understanding of how to be in a functioning relationship with someone, this mixed in with his already low self confidence often makes him feel like you could do much better, and you’ll always have to assure him otherwise.

• In terms of jealousy it doesn’t happen all too often, but Newt feels things very strongly so whenever it does happen it’s a dousy.

• He has full trust in you, but his self confidence isn’t entirely there whenever it comes to your relationship, so he often sees it as a depreciating thing where he gets angry at himself and the person who has your attention and it’s this sort of inner war with himself.

• Is all about that domestic lifestyle and lives for waking up to you every morning or seeing you everyday and the small moments like whenever you fix his tie or kiss his cheek before you leave.

• Overall is entirely bewitched by you, he doesn’t really understand it all but he’s more than willing to let it happen and has a sort of adoration with you, as you do with him.

Early Morning Sun

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 900 
Warning: Slightly smutty 
Notes: I started writing this at 6am. Idk why, but here you go XD 

The morning sun filtered into the room, its warm rays hitting my face in a way that the bright light blinded me, even with my eyes tightly shut. Calling on every cell in my being, I manged to shift my heavy body, shielding my face against Shawn’s shoulder. He groaned sleepily, moving his arm to rest around my waist as I pressed a gentle kiss against his bare skin.

So very slowly, my body began waking up for the day. My eyes slipped open for a moment, I was met with the cheerfully lit room, making my eyes squeeze shut. I tried again, his time with more luck as I forced them to stay open, eventually adjusting to the light.

The room looked oddly beautiful for such an early time. I could see now that the sun was just beginning to rise, casting hues of pink and orange and yellow on the walls around us. Outside, birds began chirping as a few cars drove along the mostly vacant road below.

My focus turned back to the Shawn as he shuffled beside me. At first I thought he was going to wake up, his back slightly arching causing the white sheets to pool around his back, but he soon settled down again, a couple of light snores escaping his parted lips.

It was crazy how he still managed to look so good, even when he was asleep. Despite his long eight-hour flight a few days ago, his face still seemed bright, no dark circles or anything. He just looked so soft and innocent with his messy hair and almost rosy cheeks.

I trailed my fingers along his arm, ghosting over every curve and dip of his muscles until I reached his back, stopping to draw shapes along his sun kissed skin. Glancing up, his eyes were still shut, but there was a small grin playing on his lips, giving me a sigh as my fingers slipped over the more sensitive patches, dancing over the angry looking red marks. I smiled to myself, remembering what happened last night.

Shawn suddenly shifted again, this time moving onto his side to fully face me, only to be met with the same blinding sun light as his eyes fluttered open.

“Hi.” He greeted sleepily.  

“Hi.” I repeated as I combed my hand through his hair, brushing out some of the messier strands. His eyes fell shut again, his head leaning into my actions.

“That feels nice.” He purred, his voice muffled by the pillow making me giggle. Shawn’s eyes snapped open at the sound, his grin growing bigger, “I had a dream about you last night.”

“Was it good?” I jumped at the feeling of his hand on my thigh, fingers tickling my bare skin as they slid higher and higher under the hem of grey long-sleeved shirt I stole from his suitcase before falling asleep.

“Very.” I expected him to say more but he didn’t. Instead his head fell to my shoulder, his lips leaving hot little kisses along the exposed skin there. I tilted my head, giving him more room meanwhile his fingers finally found their place at the hem of my underwear.

“Seems like it.” I choked on my words when two of his long fingers dipped under the band. Well, someone was eager.

“You were doing some wonderful things with your mouth.” It sounded like he was trying to hold back his own groans, “I feel like I should pay you back.”

Cursing under my breath, I hooked my leg over his so his hand had more room. He quickly took this to his advantage, finding the sensitive spot that made me shiver.

I felt his smirk against my shoulder, “Is this okay?”

Breathless, I nodded. My hand found his hair, guiding him up our lips could meet in a gentle kiss. Shawn hummed contently, his fingers starting their leisurely work on me. We kissed for as long as we could, keeping the same painfully steady pace until the burning in our lugs became too much to handle.

Biting my lip, my breath hitched again as he fit a particularly great spot. Shawn watched my face with lazy eyes, figuring out what felt good for me so he could do it again and again. The grip on his hair tightened as the pressure deep in my stomach continued to build.

“Does this feel good, Baby?” His smirk was back, chuckling at the spew of curses I mumbled under my breath, the palm of his large hand rubbing against me every time his fingers ventured deeper. This happened a few more times before the pressure finally caved in, sending waves washing over my body. My hand caught his, stilling his actions, every little feeling severally heightened by pleasure.

I let out a tiny whimper when he pulled his fingers away, my legs clamping closed at the emptiness. A dirty thought popped into my mind as Shawn went to clean his hand like he normally did. I quickly grabbed his hand, slipping his two digits into my mouth. His mouth fell open, and while the taste wasn’t the best, I pushed past it, enjoying the look of pure shock on his face as I sucked off the wetness, my eyes not once dropping from his wide ones.

“Shit, Alex.” He let out his own curse, desire burning in his eyes as he pulled his fingers free. My face burned hotter than the sun, knowing that was probably the dirtiest thing I’ve done which is pretty lame. But Shawn didn’t seem to care. Grabbing my hips, he rolled onto his back, dragging me on top of him.

“Want to recreate some of my dream?” Shawn asked with a cheeky wink, his cockiness fading when I pushed back against his hardness making me laugh.


Sleep Bottle

I finally got around to making this. And it was…. Fun…? I mean there was fire involved and me almost burning my fingers but psh, details.

Anywho, here’s what ya need for this little bottle spell!


  • Small bottle
  • Candle
  • Bayleaf
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Salt (sea salt/Himalayan salt but we didn’t have either)
  • Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli chips
  • Paper
  • Purple, blue, and light blue string
  • Sigil for sleep/dreams (I used my own sigil for this {to always have insightful and pure dreams})

Not pictured:

  • Fireproof container (I just used a large drum ashtray)
  • Lighter
  • Sink - just in case


  1. Light the candle up and let it burn for a bit; at this time, take our your sleep/dream sigil and put it aside
  2. Fill in the bottle with the rosemary, bay leaf, lavender, and salt
  3. Next, braid the three strings together. Once done, put the braid aside
  4. Be careful with this next step, because I was mostly stupid and well… Yeah. Anyways, so this step requires you to burn your sigil. I ended up taking around 5+ minutes trying to burn the sigil because I kept throwing it back into my large ashtray container, picking the paper up again, and burning it. There were moments where I ALMOST burned my finger…
  5. After you’ve burnt your sigil (or as best as you could), put the ashes of the sigil into the bottle
  6. Now put in the amethyst and lapis lazuli chips. I got mine on sale from Michaels. So check your local crafts store if they have a sale on crystal chips or beaded chips
  7. Once that’s one, pop the cork back on, make sure it’s secured tightly. Take the braid and wrap it around the neck of the bottle how many times you want. Once you think it’s enough, make a little bow
  8. Blow out the candle and seal the bottle with the candle wax. Now, I also tried my best to make it look… Pretty… Or at least not scattered. I also dribbled the wax on the bow so it doesn’t like, untie itself.

And done! Sleep bottle is done! Just be careful of the wax!

You can put this next to your pillow/bed or near your pillow/bed for some happy dreams and good sleep!!

(i’m planning to give this to my gf as a present b/c I know she has trouble sleeping)