my finger burns

“You need a teacher.”

I feel like I need to calm down I pump out too much Reylo fanart in short periods of time


write your wishes on bay leaves and burn the living shit out of them (I put out the cinders by crushing them with my smudge stick).

I did this neat little trick the other day for luck&prosperity and today I was able to negotiate a HUGE pay deduction for my brand new car’s down and monthly payments. Me, a first time lease holder with no credit. Me, a single, baby faced fake-adult lady.

i’m so happy i could cry ty whoever came up with this wonderful magick my bank account and soul thanks you

My lunar new year (2/6)

This is the favorite part in Lunar new year for many children, that is a lucky money pocket.

Its a tradition that older people give lucky money to younger ones, normally you will receive it since you was born until you are 20. Northern Vietnamese tend to give lucky money with greater amount than Southern counterpart, I think because the South really considers its as an tradition act and the number doesnt matter, but its different in the North. I used to received a lot when I was a child, but now I suffer because its my turn to give away my money to younger ones lololol

I heard somewhere that this tradition means for wishing the child a great year with full of luck and no harm. See the red pocket? We put money inside and give it to youngster, since we believe red brings luck and also it can fight away the demon.

Despite of the fact that I sucked at frying spring roll and burning my finger, my mom still gave me this, does she mean to tell me to stay away from sinning? Too late mom….

forgive me, father
for I have sinned.

forgive me, father
for I will sin again.

forgive me, father
for these eyes that love the shadows more than the sun
for these eyes that long to see a star or two or million crumble from the sky
in the hopes that maybe in the void they leave behind
I will find a home again

forgive me, father
for these hands that do not know how to hold something precious
     without shattering it to dust in my wrought iron fingers
     without burning it to ashes in my hellfire veins
     without shredding it to bleed out on my serrated-edge nails
     without strangling the life out of its trembling core
in the hopes that maybe in the pieces of the aftermath
I will find myself again

forgive me, father
for this heart that only knows how to beat on stolen blood
for these lips that have forgotten how to smile
for these bones that should be under a fading headstone 

forgive me, father
forgive me, father
forgive me
     forgive me
          forgive me
(so that maybe I can learn to forgive myself)

—  father? are you still listening? ( j.p. )

i pull another star, this white thing, from the darkness above. Beallara Tahoma Glacier petals and Rhaphidophoridae fill the space where this one hung.

i roll the star around in my fingers. it is cold, burning. it throws little sparks. i crush the star and it is like paste. a sticky dough in my hand.

i lick my fingers, i put what was once the star in my mouth. i roll it around with my tongue. it is sweet, burning.

my wings twitch. someone’s coming, and my mouth is bleeding again.

i hide behind flowers & insects.

Another Woodburning Pic

Suggestions for improvement After, i think… about 6 hours(!) i am done with it!!! And I love it! It’s the first time I tried to shade with the woodburning tools, and I am absolutely suprised that it looks like that!
… Okay, i burned my finger a bit (about 900°C… that’s not funny and hurts as f**k) and my back and hand hurt too…. but yeah, I do everything for my sweet Jeje~ and it was fun ^^ … just look at this Abel! Isn’t she cute, when she is smiling? ^^

Ah, here right ^^ Here is the picture:

Btw? What do you thing about that?? Any suggestions for improvement?


Haikyuu - First Date [Azumane Asahi]

Do not repost my scanlation anywhere and if you want to re-translate it into other languages, please send me a message! Thank you!

I literally burned my fingers (my friend bought me an aromatherapy from Bali and yeah- shit happened) and I can’t practice piano right now. Class is on Tuesday, RIP me. 

You need a candle?
Oh never mind just use my fingers instead.

I got my Mass Effect January Jubilation gift today, and @w0rdinista​ THANK YOU SO MUCH - I love it <3

She gave me the most perfect nerdy tea care package! 

I know technically I’m using the cozy upsidedown, but I actually like it this way. Keeps my fingers from getting burned :)

Promptly after taking this photo Miles decided the (thankfully still wrapped) tea strainer was clearly a cat toy. It has been retrieved from his fluffy paws and I adore the beads - the N7 is a perfect touch.

And the tea! It smells heavenly! Afterlife, Ice Brandy, and Strawberry Lemonsweet. I’m super excited to try them :D


IT’S REVERSIBLE. And space! And sparkly. Best. Tea cozy. Ever.

Thank you so much <333333


Valentines Meme of my kintypes. Bonus since they wouldnt fit: