my finest achievement

I’d Like To Hang Out With You For My Whole Life

Summary: In which Phil’s advent calendar is a daily treasure hunt, and Dan has planned everything to perfection.

Genre: (Christmas) fluff

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 9.3k (wow)

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A/N: This fic is inspired by the advent calendar that Zoe made for Alfie (as seen in their December vlogs) and the concept was far too adorable not to write a fic on so yeah, this is a thing.

Also a big thankyou to @galaxyhowlter and @bloominglester for helping me come up with some of the present ideas!

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In history class we had to reenact the constitutional convention and I was George Washington so I was leading the thing as this one girl wouldn’t shut up so I leaned in and yelled “I’m George Washindone with your attitude” and I am so proud of this I think it was my finest achievement

I interrupt my SnK blog for a post about parenting

Those of you who’ve payed close attention to my posts know that I have kids. One is in elementary school, the other is in college. I also have an adult step daughter.

I’ve received a surprising number of messages from people saying they admire me or that they think I’m a cool mom. Those messages make my heart soar!

Truth is, I’m not a great parent. I make plenty of mistakes. But there’s one thing I know I’ve done right. It’s the one thing I would urge every other parent to do.

Find out what your kids enjoy and give it a chance.

I was at an anime con over the summer talking with a large group of volunteers and staff members. We’d finished our shift and were exhausted. We got on the subject of Doctor Who. I mentioned how much the show meant to me because it was something we enjoyed as a family.

There was a young man sitting next to me. When I looked over at him, he was crying. His parent’s had always made fun of him for his interest in the show.

When I hear parents dismiss what their kids are interested in, it makes my blood boil. I heard my own mother tell my youngest sister that her interest in anime and learning Japanese is stupid and a waste of time. I’m usually pretty passive, but I was in her face with that one.

Never tell your kids the things they enjoy are stupid.

It may seem silly and insignificant, but count these among my finest achievements as a parent:

  • I read EVERY SINGLE ANIMORPHS book so I could have something to talk about with my step-daughter who lived across the country. FYI - Tobias was my favorite character.
  • I learned the identity of each Hamtaro character so I could ask questions when my then 9 year old talked about why she shipped Boss and Bijou.
  • I’m currently trying to learn the names of my youngest daughter’s Tomadachi Life residents.

I’m not perfect. I’m sure one day my kids will have plenty to tell their future therapist. But being made to feel stupid for who they are or what they enjoy will not be one of them.


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