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Bedtime || Dan Howell x Reader

A/N: Hello there! welcome to my blog, my name is Kailyn and I am here to share my writing with you! Not gonna lie, I wanted to have this up sooner than tonight but yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t get home until late last night, and then when I tried to write it my internet crashed, and it was a mess. But it is here now! I really hope you guys enjoy this, seeing as it is my first Dan x Reader ever done. So, please tell me what you think. Send me messages, like it, do whatever, but please do not just leave me hanging, okay?

Quietly, you opened the door to Dan and Phil’s flat, kicking off your shoes and setting your keys down gently. Dan had warned you beforehand that he was going to be filming when you got off of work, and you wanted to disturb him as little as possible. 

As you crept up the stairs, you could hear Dan talking to the camera. You paused for a moment, loving the sound of his laugh, knowing that his dimples would be poking out at the camera. You set your bag down by one of the chairs, quietly cursing as you remembered that you left your laptop on Dan’s bed this morning. Sighing, you drop down onto one of the sofas, unlocking your phone and starting to play on it.

A few minutes later, you feel something shaking you. Grumbling, you open your eyes to see Dan’s face in yours. “Hello there.” You say, smirking at him, your eyelids drooping.

“Come on, sleepy girl. Let’s go to bed.” He says, pulling on your arms. You shake your head, groaning. 

“Carry me.” You tilt your head upwards, your eyes still not open, a small pout on your lips.

“Come on, then, love.” Dan says, bending to scoop you up in his arms, bridal style. Your arms automatically wrap around his neck, your head falling onto his chest. Dan pushes the door to your shared bedroom open with his foot, gently setting you on the bed.

You sit up, your eyes opening to almost complete darkness. You stand up and move to get pajamas, sitting back down on the bed. You start to change, not even caring that Dan is in the room. At this moment, all you want is to get some sleep, and some cuddles from Dan. 

“Someone must be really tired.” Dan mumbles in your ear, as he crawls into the bed beside you, one arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you into his chest. You murmur happily, nodding. “Goodnight, Y/n.” 

“Goodnight, Dan.” You say, and moments later you have both drifted into a content sleep, not waking up until the sun bathes you in light the next morning.

Cake af

I was watching cake stuff on YouTube and like…I saw the behind the scenes of SLSP and when calum was messing with the camera and Luke came up behind him tell him the they were filming or there is no filming whatever the hell he said but I didn’t have my headphones in and I just thought like what if they were together (they are tho) and out, and Luke wanted to be annoying while calum was filming and came up to him and was like “babe, babe,babe, calum,calum. You can’t film without giving me a kiss” (that one part when Luke got ultra close to calum a face ashe turned around) and then calum said “i didn’t invite you to my barbecue so get out of my grill” and then looks at him for a moment and still peck him on the lips and push him away because he was being annoying and Luke just smile and walked away with a smug look on his face that basically says ‘yea that’s mine’, like ermergerd!!!!!! ~Venny “thought of this in the hospital” Hoodings


Y’ALL!!!!! I AM IN A STATE. And I’ve been going on and on about this for days now to anyone who would listen and I’ve been yelling about it all over twitter but I really wanted to document this here so I have one space where I can just type out everything that happened on this whack-ass two-day mini vacation. Um… this is really long so proceed w/ caution, etc.

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