my file names are so original

He thrust a hand out, palm open to Ritsu. “My name is Teruki Hanazawa. I’m the esper who’s better than you.”


I had the urge to mix my PS and MS Paint works into one image. And this scene from ABoT didn’t want to leave my thoughts so here it is!

* Don’t use without my permission, and please do not re-upload/re-post this anywhere <3

since it has been requested a few times now. This will be available as print. I just don’t know how large the endresult will be since the original file is not that huge.

you could put it up this way, or upside down (thanks to iwa-chan’s first name Kanji :’D ). The Kanji are their names “Hajime” and “Tooru” but as bonus if you take them together like this it will also read “obstinate” or “stubborn” :’D. Because they are.

Emergency Writing Commissions

Hello everyone! My name is Ty and I am a mentally ill trans dude who is risking homelessness soon if I can’t get rent together for next month. Because of this, I am offering writing commissions!

  • Pricing is $1 per 100 words (so $10 for 1k)
  • If you want poetry, I can do that too for $5 per six lines
  • I can do fanfic or original fiction, or even nonfiction (blog articles, etc)
  • I know a lot of fandoms, will write NSFW, and have no limits on what type of content I’ll write
  • You can contact me at bronzemax here on Tumblr or ask for my email if you’d prefer that.

Any money made from these commissions go directly to helping keep a roof over my head and preventing me from having to go back again to my abusive parents’ home. I moved out of state to get away from them permanently, and can’t go crawling back now.

Thank you so much for considering me to write your piece. I look forward to hearing from you!

like,,, look, if you make stimboards, please credit the gifmakers.

“but i save the gifs so i cant find the source!!!”

i know it’s a lot of work and can be draining, but make a notepad file.

give the gif a unique name. then copy - paste the source in the notepad. type under, below, above, next to, somewhere the name that you gave the gif file when you saved it.

people who make these gifs take time out of their day to make them–they should at least get credit for the gif theyve made.

and please oh my god, please, if you use fanart in your stimboard, credit the original artist. credit the artist. credit the artist.


aka: sena is super original with names

basically, i’m going to start tagging things involving this group plot as turnabout matchup– a sort of group plot where i’m sort of gm-ing various cases for defense attorney muses and prosecutor muses and detective muses to interact together in all-new cases set up in a similar format to the actual games!

here’s what’s gonna go down:

  • i write up a case file and post it
    • everyone gets the same information
      • autopsy, witness names/statements, suspect info, scene/weapon info, etc.
    • i might write a case with a specific matchup in mind, or i might post a case and let people reply if they’re interested in taking it
  • the judge will always start the thread just to lay groundwork, and then prosecutor (for opening statement), and then defense
    • from there, responses can come in any order
      • to make things easy to track whose turn it is to reply, @ whoever should reply next
        • example: if you think the opposing side would be best suited to reply next, @ them, or if you think the witness/suspect/detective should reply next, @ myself (npcs) or @ the detective
  • you’re always welcome to ask questions about your case, and i’ll answer them publicly to keep everyone on the same page (unless it’s something only your character should know)
    • i will not answer questions that i feel might spoil the truth behind the case
    • the only thing you will not know is if the defendant is truly innocent or if they are guilty– their fate is in your hands!

I have been getting nothing done over the past week or so art-wise and otherwise, because Starbound. Basically I finally got to the point where I figured out how to play and progress in the game, and goddamn I can’t stop. 

So of course what did I do? Translate Larimar into a Hylotl for one of my files. my other two consisting of a Glitch based on my lampsona and a Novakid Grillby I took some liberties with the actual sprite-to-drawing process, of course. Like leaving off the Euphotic chest piece, since the only reason it’s on the sprite, is because it was the closest to her base color scheme and there’s no way to just have an item be invisible when worn.

As a Hylotl her name is Cove (real original, just taking the name I gave her when I turned her into a robot master), and she doesn’t wear a shirt so that her gills along her ribs aren’t restricted. She also doesn’t have boobs because only mammals have mammary glands and Hylotl are not mammalian I don’t care what the sprite looks like I will fight anyone about this

Do not use, copy, edit, or repost this art without my express permission. Not for use in ANY roleplays.

Our Pathfinder campaign got terminated by the GM and me and my gang have been talking about finding a new group to play with so GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS

 i drew this weeks ago, forgot, and found it again trying to give another file the same name whoops 

There’s something else unusual about this image. You see, normally to get my screen caps, I just use the Print Screen button and then crop down to what i want to focus on. The one exception to this is when I want to share a gif because a still image of it just won’t do. In that case, I’ll copy/paste the gif to tumblr, and save a copy on my computer as a backup. This is the only time I’ll save the image rather than make my own with the Print Screen.


For this picture I wanted to make sure I didn’t cut off the date at the top, and so I saved the image to my computer, and I noticed the file name:

First of all, it’s a gif image, instead of a jpeg or a PNG. I’ve been staring at it for the past few minutes hoping to see where the motion is, but so far I haven’t spotted it. Secondly there is the use of the word “retcon.” You see, I’ve noticed that someplace before, but since it was “Out of Universe” I didn’t comment on it. 

Every time that mysterious arm shows up, the image has been retconned.

Here it is in the Midnight Crew’s base along with the file name. retcon

And here’s the first time I spotted it outside of Rose’s apartment. Again, it’s been retconned.

So what to make of this? The simplest answer is probably the correct one: These files are labeled as retcons because well… they’ve been retconned. At some point after this page came out, something in the plot caused Hussie to go back and alter the image to preserve continuity. In the case of the arm sightings, perhaps in the future a character will stick their arm through a hole in time and space, and Hussie went back and added it to some previous moments in the series. 

I’m not sure what might have changed in the news clippings though. Perhaps the date? The year is obscured, but what is visible indicates that this happened in the 1990s. Maybe Hussie had a different year picked out before circumstances forced him to pick a new one. Anyway, I’m not about to look up a time capsule of the original image, so that mystery will just have to sit for now.

New Town

I’ve been hacking a new town and really liking the process so far. I watched @mischacrossing ‘s youtube channel - basically all the hacking videos - and then managed to successfully hack the town. I played around with moving the river, but then there was all sorts of dirt everywhere afterwards - the outline of the river - and I didn’t like that and read that the grass can be revived, but only for a day so I just put back my original file and re-hacked again while leaving the river alone.  

I’ve changed my characters and town name a couple times until I figured out what I really wanted to do with it. It’s frustrating that I’ll have an idea in my head and then try to execute it and it just turns into a weird mess and not at all what I thought. So I end up re-doing things a lot to get it just right. 

I like experimenting with the save editor and noting where I need to work on things. Like putting trees on the edge lines in the map usually mean that they end up looking weird in the game. Like right now I tried to put a tree in an alcove area on the beach but it ended up putting the tree half way down the cliff  - just sorta floating there. I also have half bushes in the cliff side or in the river. Also, and here’s a general tip for new hackers like me, don’t fill your town with flowers until AFTER you get the Beautiful Town ordinance! I went click-happy with Jacob’s Ladders and then 90% of them died. *face*palm*

I’ve also realized I can handle not having anything in my house until I get it the size I want. I just use one dresser to put some stuff in. But damn, get me out of those original clothes! I immediately gave my characters cute outfits to wear so I could tolerate playing them while I get the town sorted through game play as long as they look good. 



Hi everyone! My name is Rob and I’m an aspiring art/animation student. I have alot of things coming up and money’s a little tight, so I’ve decided to open up commissions again!

The prices displayed are non-negotiable, and are as follows:

  • Fullbody: 30$
  • Wasit-up: 25$
  • Bust: 20$
  • Chibi: 15$
  • Additional Characters: +50% of the original price (for example, a commission of 2 fullbody characters would be 45$.)

All commissions files are 300dpi, and come with a transparent .png file as well as a .png file with a flat colored background.

In addition,

  • I will periodically contact the client over the course of my commission with things like rough sketches and lineart files to ensure that the commissioned piece is going in the proper artistic direction!
  • If you have a particular style of mine that you want your commission to look like, let me know.
  • Commissions come on a first come first serve basis, and I will try to get them finished as quickly and efficiently as possible!
  • I draw people, animals, furries, aliens, monsters, gore, and everything else pretty much (except NSFW sexual content!)
  • If you have anything else in mind, don’t be afraid to ask!

I currently have 10 commission slots open. View them here!

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me at .All of my payments are done through paypal!

Even if you’re not interested, a signal boost or extra reblog would totally help me out. Thank you!!!!

Fig 1.0(above): Plant boy has a quiet moment with some tiny companionzzz. I think I’ll call him Augustus or Jules. Long story short, he’s on the run from a group of people who want to harvest the opium poppies growing on his body.

Fig 1.1(below): The corrupted image file when I saved it in paint tool sai version 1.1 lmao


Here’s another CC-free starter for anyone who wants it! The Teal Bungalow has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a narrow “attic”, and a spot where you can place basement stairs once you can afford them. I had the stairs and basement placed originally but it made the lot a bit too expensive to be a starter, so they had to go. In exchange, you  get a cute goldfish named Willoughby.

  • Lot size: 20x15
  • Cost: §17,515
  • Lot Location: “Comfy Cubby” in Newcrest
  • Required Packs: Get Together, Spa Day
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 7 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder.

DOWNLOAD ZIP file (SimFileShare)

**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse



I didn’t get around to making that Bakery yet but…I remembered this lot I made in 2011. Being that it’s so hot where I live right now I was thinking why not share it!

It’s a refurbished Pleasantview lot - Brandy Broke’s trailer at               (55 Woodland Dr). It’s now a community lot called - Ice Cream and Cake! There are no exterior structural changes from the Pleasantview original (except maybe the porch).

I used the lot as a workplace for one of my sims (she was a waitress). I downloaded some ice cream that can be served (see the text file named Ice Cream for links). It can also be a owned lot where customers can by baked goods!

Hope some of you can make use of this lot!


Please make sure you put the NEEDED FILES in your Downloads first…use Clean Installer to check for files you may already have!

For @talkshitgetkissed‘s enemies!au ;)

Fun fact: this was gonna look entirely different at first, but as I was drawing the rough draft for it, my power went out. And I didn’t save. I might still try and redo the original, but for now, take this! Another fun fact when I when I was naming the save file for this one I named it SAVE FUCKING SAVE.

She’s mocking him. It’s great. I can only imagine the banter they’d have.

I took screenshots for the background so credit to the show for that.

So I’ve been working for days on ripping Rune Factory Oceans to get the voice samples off. I’ve recently succeeded in doing so!!

These are all the packages containing the voice files of various characters, and as you can see, most of them are labeled by their Japanese/original names.

Now, there are quite a few names here that I don’t recognize, but I’m genuinely curious about this one????

because I don’t remember there being a satan in this game??? 

Managed to pull some strings and get some of my originally redacted files back from Yoglabs. Possibly not my brightest idea considering who I’m up against…

Some things to note:
Lalna and Lalnable are the same height (go by what line their names are written on), its just Lalna’s moving around too much chatting to Nano.
Xephos is shorter then Lalna/ble; his poofy fringe just makes him seem to be the same height.
I was thinking of doing an alternate outfit version of this image so everyone can get a better look at what everyone looks like without their cloak/coats.


If you plan on going to a fair this summer please DO NOT go to any Tiger or exotic animal Exhibits! They claim to travel and present their animals for conservation, and education, but all they want is your money. They tell lies about where their they come from. White tigers are often a big hit in these exhibits. Here’s a fun fact White tigers are only present because of inbreeding, they are not a naturally accruing  species and are mostly found in captivity because of forced breeding. The tiger cubs in this picture were most likely taken from their mother when they were first born so they can be paraded around the country and make nothing but money for this company. If you want to see a tiger, go to a non profit zoo. Please do not support these programs. Supporting them means supporting the exotic pet trade. Trust me, I’ve seen them, they are confined to tight cages, it is no way to treat an animal. The pictures shown are mine. These cubs were just trying to sleep when the handlers decided to wake them up, to entertain those who payed to see them. Tigers can not breathe being held in that position. Please spread the word. DON’T SUPPORT THE EXOTIC PET TRADE.

Full Stop Management

After months (literally) of looking and pulling threads trying to find Full Stop Management, I finally succeeded!

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