my file names are so original

He thrust a hand out, palm open to Ritsu. “My name is Teruki Hanazawa. I’m the esper who’s better than you.”


I had the urge to mix my PS and MS Paint works into one image. And this scene from ABoT didn’t want to leave my thoughts so here it is!

* Don’t use without my permission, and please do not re-upload/re-post this anywhere <3

since it has been requested a few times now. This will be available as print. I just don’t know how large the endresult will be since the original file is not that huge.

you could put it up this way, or upside down (thanks to iwa-chan’s first name Kanji :’D ). The Kanji are their names “Hajime” and “Tooru” but as bonus if you take them together like this it will also read “obstinate” or “stubborn” :’D. Because they are.

red rescue team originalshipping au anyone???????? gijinkas?????? wha???

Just a heads up...

I’m going to be reblogging new versions of old cc I’ve done over the next couple of days, completely revamped and remade. (inspired by @nolan-sims!)

They’ll have proper thumbnails, and names. I’ll be providing the package names of the original files on the posts individually so you can manually delete em to make way for the new version(s). 

I’m also thinking of aggregating all my cc and merging it into one package since I’ve gotten many requests to do so. :)

insert noodle cat here because this post is boring and needs something funny

anonymous asked:

Can you do a futurefic where Jughead was forced to move to Toledo or somehow he and Betty got separated as teens and years later, when Betty is a doctor, she gets Jughead as a patient and they reconnect?? Thank you!!

I kind of did my own rendition! Give it a read maybe you’ll like it.

The air still smelt the same, the street signs hadn’t moved, and the familiar flickering red “Pops” sign still lit up the tiny town of Riverdale. no matter how many years had gone by since Jughead left Riverdale, it would always be his home, his safe place.

He was older now, 25 and successful, he was a New York Times Best Selling author and he was living in Chicago, it was everything he had talked about when he was sixteen years, his dreams had come true, he’d proved this town wrong just like she had said he would. She always knew what she was talking about and she never gave up on him. Thoughts of shiny green eyes, long honey blonde ponytails and soft pink sweaters raced through his mind as he stepped through the doors of Riverdale General Hospital.

Betty Cooper had been the great love of his life, she was was beautiful and kind and everything good about his world. He remembered the day he left vividly, the feel of her scarred palms still warm on his cheeks, tear drops dripping from her eyes, a shakey smile followed by the words that haunted him daily
“You’re gonna do great things Jughead Jones. Follow your heart.”

He should have stayed, should have held her in his arms and found a way to stay. He wanted too more than anything, but he couldn’t, this was his family, she understood. It had been 8 years since their last kiss at that airport terminal, 8 years since he boarded a plane to Toledo with his father and never looked back, started over. Left behind the love of his life.

Looking up at the door in front of him he brought his knuckles up and knocked, poking his head in when the distinctly feminine voice told him to come in.

“Is it safe?” He teased, eyeing his very pregnant sister, sitting up in her hospital bed

“No promises” Eric, her husband, said with a goofy smile, looking down adoringly at Jelly Bean.

Jughead stepped into the hospital room and moved to stand beside Jelly bean and grabbing her hand

“So today’s the day huh?” Jughead grinned, his hand coming over to gently pat her belly.

Jelly bean huffed
“It better be. You hear me little baby? Your uncle Jughead came all the way down from Chicago for this so you better get out of there as soon as possible.” She spoke towards her stomach.

Eric gave Jughead a firm handshake and smiled
“Thanks for coming brother, your Mom and dad are on their way, I’m not sure I can do this on my own.”

“Oh you can’t do this?! I’m sorry but..” jellybean began, her rant being cut off by a knock on the door.

“That must be my doctor, I haven’t met her yet. My original baby doctor came down with pneumonia so I have a new one delivering the baby. Come in!” The dark haired Jones girl yelled through the closed door.

What happened next was something from a movie.

Simple white sneakers came first, followed by scrubs covered in a long white coat, curly blonde hair spilling onto a clipboard as a woman doctor read through a file, a soft and gentle smile on her face, Jellybean gasped audibly as Jughead stared at the name tag resting on her coat, a sticker of a teddy bear holding a red balloon placed beside it, the name tag read

“Dr. Elizabeth Cooper”

“Jessica Capra , due date: today!, how exciting, and just on time!” Betty was still reading through the clipboard, eventually she looked up and stopped in place, her sneakers squeaked and her eyes went wide.

“Jughead?” She whispered.

Jughead couldn’t speak, he opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was in shock. She was standing in front of him, the one person that he thought about every single day, the one thought that helped him through his toughest times, and damn did she look good.

Something inside Betty snapped back to reality and she drew her attention to the very pregnant woman who was now her patient.

“Little JellyBean Jones, I didn’t know! Especially with the name change. I’m so happy for you! And I can promise you, you and this little baby are in good hands, your delivery is gonna be smooth as butter.” She grinned at the married pair in front of her, examining Jellybean with the stethoscope.

Jellybean began rambling again
“Oh Betty! I am so glad it’s you! I was a wreck when they told me Dr.Daniels wouldn’t be able to be here, but now you’re here and I love you! And you’re gonna deliver my baby… and … and..” suddenly she was sobbing and Eric moved quickly to stand beside her rubbing her shoulders and shoving Betty back slightly and into Jugheads arms who caught her before she fell.

The two stood together in shock, the dark haired boys arms wrapped around the blondes waist as they stared deep into each other’s eyes, 8 years of Questions, of wanting, of love mirrored in the others eyes.

“I’m so sorry, it’s the hormones. I swear” jelly bean sniffled from the bed, tearing Betty away from Jughead

“Of course, now you’ve still got a bit to go with the dilation, so I’m gonna leave you for a bit, I’ll be back soon to check your cervix. It’s baby day my friends” Dr.Cooper grinned excitedly causing the entire room to laugh.

“Thank god” Eric breathed as Jellybean clutched his hand tearfully.

Betty exited the room, nodding with her head towards the door, indicating Jughead follow, he did of course, he always would.

Once they were in the hallway Betty was in his arms, her body molding perfectly into his as he buried his face into her neck, inhaling her distinctly Betty scent, strawberries and peaches, his hands wandered over her back and sides, there were new delicious curves all over body, his fingers eventually found themselves laced in her hair as her own hands cupped his neck her cheek pressing against his.

“Jughead Jones I missed you.” The beautiful blonde whispered in his ear.

He squeezed her tightly

“You have no idea Betty Cooper”

When they pulled away a few seconds later, Jughead eyed her up and down

“A doctor huh?” He raised a brow, a playful smirk on his face.

“It was a long road but I made it. I’m a baby doctor.” She laughed, he had always known she would do great things, and she always loved children “anyway who am I to talk, look at you you’re an accomplished author, not that I had any doubts.” She beamed as they made their way to the cafeteria.

They ate lunch together, reminiscing about everything and filling each other in, all too soon Betty’s pager beeped and she had to go.

“I’ll see you in Jelly beans room?” She smiled questioningly.

“You bet.. bets” he grinned.

She fluttered her eyelashes dramatically and winked before racing off to a patient.

Jesus Christ he was in some kind of trouble for sure.

The New Life

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Reader is Banner’s assistant that usually works in the lab with him. Steve visits the compound one day and meets the reader.

Word Count: 1868

Y/N L/N was the woman Dr. Banner couldn’t be happier to have. She deals with not just him but also the Hulk. In the past, there have been times where the Hulk came out and Y/N would handle it with ease. Over the years the Hulk had became attached and protective of her and so had Bruce. He believes without her, he would fall apart especially with the fact that he has to deal with Stark’s shenanigans every day. However, that all changed after Ultron.

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Fierce Fictional Ladies We Love

Why make a list of Fierce Fictional Ladies We Love? Because we’re celebrating Women’s History Month, Buffy’s 20th anniversary (Slayer = Queen 4eva), and, well, honestly, who runs the world? Girls. So really we don’t need a reason for this post.

1. Dana Scully from The X-Files Origins by Jonathan Maberry: The very definition of fierce, both on screen & on page.
2. Celestine from Flawed by Cecelia Ahern: Perfectly flawed and on a mission to prove the government wrong.
3. Cath from Heartless by Marissa Meyer: Four words: “Off with their heads!”
4. Inej & Nina from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: Never has there been a fiercer pair of BFFs (seriously, don’t get on their bad sides).
5. Reagan from You Don’t Know My Name by Kristen Orlando: A teen spy hiding in plain sight? Tough af.
6. Skylar from I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios: Always willing to fight, even when the odds are stacked against her.
7. Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller: Never have we met a fiercer pirate anywhere, in any book.
8. Iko from Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer: The fiercest android in YA (we’re also pretty big fans of Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, & Winter!).
9. Kestrel from The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski: Proving clever is just as important as strong at every turn.
10. Lia from The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson: Taking her fate into her own hands like a boss.
11. Laurel from Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira: A quieter kind of fierce, but just as strong and important.
12. Sara (AKA Freya) from Freya by Matthew Laurence: A Norse Goddess is not someone you want to mess with.
13. Alina from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: Literally the only person who can save the world — AND SHE DOES IT.

So now you have a list of books starring tough leading ladies who slay (sometimes literally) — ENJOY.

like,,, look, if you make stimboards, please credit the gifmakers.

“but i save the gifs so i cant find the source!!!”

i know it’s a lot of work and can be draining, but make a notepad file.

give the gif a unique name. then copy - paste the source in the notepad. type under, below, above, next to, somewhere the name that you gave the gif file when you saved it.

people who make these gifs take time out of their day to make them–they should at least get credit for the gif theyve made.

and please oh my god, please, if you use fanart in your stimboard, credit the original artist. credit the artist. credit the artist.

Where is my Face?

[ReaderxJerome Valeska - Gotham - Just after Jerome has resurrected and woken up - S3E13 - Some smut - based on original material but changed - main character death ]

Your feet were aching, you’d been walking constantly today and were just dying to have a rest. You just had to get the medical files for Jerome Valeska for Dr Tompkins and then you could sit down, hopefully for at least ten minutes. The intern in the office handed you the file, you didn’t know her name, not yet. You had met so many new people, the detectives the CSIs all of the interns and your mentor, Lee Tompkins. She was kind enough, but having Jim Gordon as an ex kind of put a downer on your views of her. You see, Detective Gordon hated the people you considered friends, especially those such as your very much dead friend on the table in the morgue. You slid out his photo from the file and smiled. He was so handsome, his beautiful smile, shining eyes and bright hair. You hated how he’d died, you had sobbed for weeks, but then you’d found your escape, your emergency exit if you will. It was easy to get away with murder if you examined the bodies, and your interest in medicine landed you an internship with the Gotham Police Department’s ME. It was a golden opportunity to keep your dirty little secret. So many of your bodies had passed over the slab you now worked at, yet the one currently there… that body started them all. Sucking in a breath you tucked the photo away, burying your emotions before heading to the morgue.

Eyes fixed on the file, you pushed the door open and walked in. “Here’s the file you asked for” you said. Finally looking up you met eyes with a very frightened Dr Tompkins and then you saw a familiar smile shrouded by bandages galore. “Well, well,” you cooed, attempting to keep your cool, “this is unexpected.”
The barrel of the gun in Jerome’s hand moved, it was pointing at you now. Your eyes locked and he licked his lips, or what he had left of them. “Are you going to continue to tease me or hurry up and kill the spare?” you asked, impatient to rid the room of the witness.
“Have it out for the Doc, do you Kitten?” he purred.
You could feel the sides of your mouth pulling up as he called you his little pet name, you’d missed that. “No… just wanna talk without an… audience,” you replied, finishing with a wink.
“I get you babe,” the clown told you. Without hesitation, or even taking his eyes from you, he shot the Doctor in the head, her body slumping to the ground. The gun lazily found its way back to you. “It looks to me you’ve changed sides Doll” he spat at you.

You half contained a short laugh, “Look again Sugar.” A smug smirk plastered on your face.
“So what’s my little girl doing in the GCPD working for the good ol’ dead doc over here, huh?” he rested his chin on his fist, listening intently as you told him of the tales of the last year he’d missed.
“Wow” he used his gun to mimic an applause, “well that is quite a story. You know, I know I’ve been dead but doesn’t that seem kinda crazy to you?”
You chuckled, sliding onto the cold metal table behind you. “Hey maybe you’re crazy, try shooting yourself” you threw at him with a grin. He took his gun and held it to his bandaged head, pondered for a moment and laughed.
“So, tell me more about this cult. They think I’m pretty great, huh?” His voice was liked candy for your ears, it had been so long since you had heard it, teased it, played with it.
“A bunch of raving lunatics and idiots” you leant back on your palms, letting you hair hang loose behind you. You could sense his grin as he stepped up from his perch.
“Ooh lunatics and idiots?” He stepped toward you, reaching out a hand. His grip angled your face to his and he looked right into your eyes. “Our kind of people.” You laughed, he laughed, both of you enthralled in your madness.

Cough. Splutter. “Sorry” he croaked although the following giggle was reassuring enough. “Head’s still a little fuzzy, you know I was just reborn. The last year was nothing but darkness,” he leant into your face, his breathe warm against you, “as far as the eye can see.” He jumped on the spot and swivelled, the gun twirling until it pointed right at the limp corpse on the floor. “I know her, right?”
“Yes” you purred, not revealing anything.
“Did she and I ever… you know?”
“Gods no,” you flung at him.
“Ginger not her type?” he joked.
“I don’t share.” you said cooly, sinking back into your relaxed stance.
“Ohh, I remember you my little minx” he purred, tracing the skin on your thigh with his finger tips. Again, like a switch he snapped back to the doc. “Oh! She’s Jim Gordon’s… twinky”
“Well, she was” another cruel laugh from your lips.
“Oh… no? That’s a shame, I liked them guys. What happened?” his curiosity seemingly piqued, you filled him in on what you’d learned from Dr Tompkins about her… hilarious wedding! “Heh heh hah ha ha ha” his soft laughter filled the room again, once more Jerome’s joy sparked your fire. He spun in circles as you watched, simply enthralled by his liveliness after being stone cold less than an hour ago. “Wow… you miss a lot being dead…. including you my little carnival kitten.” A shimmer in his eyes shone as he took the two steps necessary to close the space between you.

You’d missed this. His touch, his everything. It felt so right to kiss him again. The table was cool against your now much more exposed skin, his too. He’d locked the door and climbed onto the examination table with you. Exploring your body with his tongue he found each new scar you had and licked it with individual care and precision. As he found his way between your thighs he moaned against the soft flesh of your thighs. The vibrations sent a new wave of heat through your core. He chuckled. Torture had always been his forte so with expert pace he crept up between your legs parting them for his head to sink in between. So slowly, he used his reborn tongue in ways you’d never felt before, toying with your clit until you shuddered under his touch. It wasn’t until your moans turned to pleads for release that he teased your entrance with his hardened cock. Beneath him you squirmed, attempting to thrust your hips into his, yet his firm grip kept you in place. “Did you miss me?” he leant down to your ear, gently biting the lobe of it.
A muffled “yes” was heard from within your moans, resulting in laughter and ecstasy as he plunged into you without restraint. Together you were harmony. He thrust deep into you and your combined cries were a lost symphony. It was a wonder that you remained in interrupted for the length of time the pair of you were together.

Panting you lay together on the now slightly less cold metal, sweaty and slightly craving a cigarette. You hear him sigh after a while has passed.
“You know, there’s about a hundred cops on the other side of that door ready to kill you all over again” you mentioned as though it were a casual remark. He scoffed, “I see your point…” he pondered for a moment. “To business, when I was last.. uh you know, alive. I was about to kill Bruce Wayne and I suppose I didn’t manage to…” you shook your head, “no. Right.” He got up from the table, irritated suddenly. “Theo Galavan killed me,” he seethed, “that jug eared judas. Well I suppose I should start by killing him” he added on the end nonchalantly.
“As much as I love your thinking” you soothe, “Theo Galavan is dead.”
Like a child who ran out of candy he groaned. “Aww, who beat me to it?”
Suppressing your own amusement you replied, “which time?” This did not impress Jerome, with a venomous tone and a thrilling calmness the asked you, “Theo Galavan came back to life too?”
“Mm hmm” you smiled sweetly. He echoed you then barked a rough kind of laugh.
“That Son of a Bitch is always upstaging me, well…” he smiled at you again, his anger vanished. “Yes I’m just missing one thing then…” he crept right back to in front of your face, his bandages brushing against your nose. He cracked a beautiful grin and laughed, “Where is my face?”

skype sentence starters part 2
  • “i don’t know her”
  • “all i wanted to do was watch star trek”
  • “i swear bob saget killed papouli”
  • “share full house conspiracies with me”
  • “___ is in hell.”
  • “i spent 24 hours awake and ended it with bee movie”
  • “i didn’t mean to do that but now that it’s happened i’m gonna play it off like i meant to the whole time.”
  • “word to the wise: don’t call amazon at 3:30 am”
  • “you added a voice actor on facebook so i don’t wanna hear it”
  • “don’t ever look up ‘christian sonic fanart’ because it’s real”
  • “oh no, anime.”
  • “that’s not a mom that’s a 12 year old”
  • ”is there anything sadder than watching the clone pikachu fight real pikachu?”
  • “do you think Namor gets the suds like spongebob?”
  • “Lifetime biopics vs the original is like when you actually get it in the mail vs when you order it online.”
  • “she says Gene Simmons is her favorite Naruto character.”
  • “come on, take one for the meme!”
  • “i hope you never say that again for the rest of your life.”
  • “the pizza guy dropped my pizza and I’m so fuckin distraught”
  • “you named this file gaymemes”
  • “this is the gay memes initiative”
  • “i love that satanic lesbian”
  • “i made a character based on you. his name is edgelord jones”
  • “this is a callout and i’m not standing for it”
  • “don’t ask about his pet eel”
  • “i’m throwing bread at everyone i see”
  • “there’s a bottle of febreze in my room and no one knows where it came from so how did it get here?”
  • “my febreze is haunted.”
  • “we have a microwave now and i’m genuinely so happy. i’ll heat up my wallet i don’t care. i’ll heat up everything.”
DAY 3232

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Feb 2/3,  2017                 Thu/Fri 2:04 am

Birthday - EF - Nandkeshor Dattatreya Paatil // Omnia Ef Egypt 

Fri, February 3 .. and we wish them all a very happy birthday .. with wishes that may last for eternity ..

Technology is a wondrous discovery pastime .. bring in one, play with it for hours, find hidden details, thrills in its ingenuity, its capacity to continuously making things easier for humanity, saving us time and effort, building bridges across the world with others, connecting us like never before, evolving, educating us in our own environs .. and its continuous process .. 


The next advanced and superior model arrives, demolishing all that you had so meticulously learnt on the previous one ..

Technology is sending important messages to us .. keeping our upper stories alive and active .. though restricting us to the couch as never before ..

But time heals .. and like never before .. a marriage brings together old friends and associates in the last few days ..

Romesh Sharma, ne Billu, a junior to Jaya in the Pune Film Institute and dear friend from donkey’s years ..who Produced and Directed me in films like HUM and the one he did for his son Karan .. 

Rakesh Kumar .. 1st assistant to Prakash Mehra in Zanjeer, assisted in Hera Pheri and directed me in Khoon Pasina, Do aur Do Panch, Mr Natwarlal, Yaarana .. his daughter marries Billu’s son .. and the celebrations have been occupying us ..

The ‘sarod’ maestro Amjad Ali Khan Saheb his two sons Amaan and Ayaan also sarod players and musicians in their own right .. Ayaan married to Billu’s daughter Nima, have twin sons aged 4 .. and who recognise me as the Swachch Bharat Uncle .. precocious and smart , tech savvy and without any inhibitions or child shy syndrome ..

And that most adorable little angel in green, with the dreamy eyes, daughter to Billu’s wife’s brother  .. 

IS what the evening is all about ..

Billu and Sujata his wife .. I had brought in his wedding Baraat in Delhi when they were getting married .. and today I bless their son getting married ..

Rakesh Kumar .. such enjoyable days spent with him in multiple films ..

the dreamy eyed sweet heart .. niece of Nima, Billu’s daughter, married to Ayaan, younger son of Amjad Ali Khan .. and who quietly and most graciously walked up to me and asked in the politest of a Mauritian-French-English accent - her parents heritage - if she could take a photo with me .. after which, she came came even closer to my ear and whispered : “ I adore you “ !!

I wanted to take her home .. sooooooo cute ..!! hehahaha !!

Khan Saheb and his grandsons, twins, sons of his Son and daughter in law Nima , daughter of Billu ..

Amaan and Ayaan .. the older and the younger sons of Khan saheb .. childhood friends of Shweta and Abhishek .. Ayaan the younger married to Nima daughter of Billu, and their twin sons on our laps ..

marriage spotting .. hehaha  .. keenly hearing the pundit at the mandap giving ‘gyaan’ to the newly weds on how they should lead their married life .. the amused faces of the bride and groom, giving away their complete disinterest in his preachings .. hahahahahahaha !!

the blessings with rose petals .. 

Love forever and happiness always for all those that hold hands in matrimony and eternal bliss ..

Amitabh Bachchan

okaaay ..’ Houston .. errr back end Blog .. we have a problem !!’

Cannot open my signature file … !!!! 

the signature was stored on desktop from where I used to post above my name .. this morning the extensive exercise we went through to correct the DropBox issue has now not allowed me to post the signature .. the file is showing, but as an ‘alias’ ??!!!! and the window says it cannot be opened,because the original cannot be found .. ehh ..? but it was there till the morning .. and yaaa .. there is a green tick ok mark on the side of the signature file .. so what .. I don’t get to sign off or WHHHAAAATTTTTTTT !?

AND may I inform you that almost all the files are showing ‘alais’ and with that green tick mark .. !!!!  


( and no JIO your complimentary sim card is not going to solve this one ) !!

I bought Animal Crossing Wild World for the Wii U on a whim even though I have it on DS too?? :^)

Pecan said something along that line about working for Nook and that made me wonder about things like why is the town so empty until the human moves in?? Like is there a rumor that if a human moves in a town, that town will prosper and other animals will follow or what? 

So of course I have this “””””dark and gritty””””””” au of animal crossing now, original :^) My character is a detective/investigator and she’s assigned to find out what’s going on in the town. She’ll have to be sneaky about it with Nook and HRA keeping an eye on her

Maple moved in soon after me and I have her in so many other save files so sHE’S MY SECRET PARTNER!! 

Stole my iPod? Have a custom virus.

(warning: long story)

This all took place many years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I had bought an iPod nano (hot shit back then!) with money I had earned by helping my neighbor, and as I didn’t make much, I was pretty protective of it. My scumbag sister had also recognized that it was worth a few hundred. As I later found out, she had stolen it and given it to a friend (temporarily) until the heat was off.

I suspected this immediately when it wasn’t on my desk where I knew I left it. I asked my parents if I had done something that warranted a punishment, but neither had touched it. Clearly, I needed evidence to pin my sister.

As a freshman, I was pretty computer savvy. At the time, I was learning a few programming languages and had a good feel for novice hacking. Nothing serious, but enough to get in trouble at school kinda thing.

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This is Eastan Scott. He has that whole teen rebel without a cause look going on. He’ll be getting into trouble with his cousin Landon Bennett/Gray in a short side story I’ll be writing for this gen.

I’m sure that’s not his name but I can’t find it written anywhere and I lost his original file when I had my computer reset in May. So I had to remake him and now he has a new name.


My First Sims 4 Upload!

2124 Desolation Blvd.

Small, renovated, family Victorian with a spacious backyard and garden. This gorgeous home is perfect as a starter, or for a medium sized family. This house comes fully furnished with no CC.

It’s totally CC free and I’m SOOO proud of it. It’s gorgeous and I did it in one sitting in about 5 hours. I haven’t figured out how to copy my tray files to download it straight, so for now it’s only on my origin account.

OriginID: ThortisThunpuur 

Name:  2124 Desolation Blvd.

outlandish-owl  asked:

So I have a confession to make. When NL was making his original Rimworld, I loved the way he named his saves. Like he would call them RealSave 01 (Egg Boi Supreme) Or something like that. So ever since then, about a year ago. I have named every single file in my computer with a similar style.

im proud of you