my fifth theme

Theme 005 - Blackbird
Live Preview, install link and code

Here is my fifth theme. Once again, this theme is a bit similar to theme three and four. If you need any help with the theme, ask me here.

There an option to customize the colours. Option to add a sidebar image with the width of 250px. You can add a background image. There’s an option to add 5 links. You can also choose to show the theme with a right or left sidebar.

Please don’t remove the credit link and please don’t redistribute this theme as your own theme. I spend hours coding and it’s not nice seeing your theme redistributed. Also, please don’t steal the live preview sidebar image. Enjoy the theme.

I think this album is the closest to what we ever wanted to make as a group. Especially the whole girl empowerment thing. It was so important to us because we felt like, we’re a girl group and we believe in feminism and all these values so much. I feel like it should come forth in our music and we feel it is important that this album did that.
—  Fifth Harmony, answering: “How does this album define your musical identity?”