my fic status updates

hiatus ;_;

Hi, I just wanted to check in on my status with fics and everything. I haven’t updated my Yooseven fic in… a couple weeks now… and Star Prince has been completely neglected whoops. I hate to do it but I need to put all of my non-school priorities on hold for like at least two weeks.

April is the cruelest month and that’s especially true when you have a senior thesis due very very very soon whoops. Every time I sit down to write fics, I make it like… a few paragraphs before getting overwhelmed with fatigue…. Writers block isn’t usually a problem for me but I think I’ve just got too much going on to really be able to focus on what I’m writing.

Anyway I hope you guys can all be patient with me and I hope maybe you’ll still be here to read my shit once things get easier with my school obligations. ;__;

Thanks friends <3333

Clexa Fic Rec

I Keep seeing people asking for fics to read so I compiled a list of my favourite complete and some incomplete fics. There’s a mix of some pretty old fics and some newer fics. The list will be updated as I read and find fics I love and or remember fics I have previously read. 

Fics are put in three categories: Canon Based, Oneshots, and Alternate Universe.

Information about fics includes:

  • Title
  • author
  • link to fic
  • status of fic
  • word count
  • and my thoughts on it

Feel free to talk to me about any of the fics you read and suggest ones to add to the list. You can also check my clexa fanfic tag for some fics written on tumblr. Happy reading!

[Last Post Update: 24 Decemeber 2016]

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my fic status updates; aka september has been a month of catboys.

fic status updates, for my own reference.

(only numbers & figures and a woeful lack of capitalisation behind the cut)

a/n: wow, no wonder the writing muscles are tired. might take a bit of a break from writing. also i consider the september wordcount all the more a+ because of the epic rl vs fic-writing that went on in september. september had the worst, worst working hours all year so far.

possibly why there wasn’t a himyf update this month, rofl. terrible working hours are actually really good for ideas (that don’t relate to that subject matter of said working hours, hilariously), but terrible for execution of said ideas. that’s why there was a lot of short fic snippets this month. that doraemon prompt being the exception that proves the rule.

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[a fic status update for own reference]

1. dragon au:

(a) part 1 - posted [approx 1.6K]

(b) part 2 - written, sent to beta, beta comments received (thank you lovely beta, am still slowly working my way through them), pursuant to me & beta discussion, beta is re-looking (thank you again) [approx 3.5K]

© part 3 - written/complete in rough form on 22 April 2012, took self-enforced break for 1.5 weeks for necessary distance, slowly working on editing it again. [approx 2.5K]

(… I originally thought it would be 4K total. currently it’s 7.6K)

(all Loki POV stories written by me always inexplicably double my estimated wordcount. Thor stories generally do as I expect, Loki stories… do what they want…)

2. this fic and its notes: 5K

3. that other au thing: 7K