my fiance btw

Concept: me trying to explain how my boyfriend proposed to a friend in a wave pool. Both of us keep nervously glancing at the other end of the pool.
Me: eliminates a few non-essential story beats and finishes just as the tidal wave is released
Her: “That’s great! I’m so–”
And then the wave slammed into us like an aquatic ton of bricks and the rest of that sentence is lost forever.

anonymous asked:

Ugh I knew those boots weren't gonna be anything. I got my hopes up and everything. Honestly no one cares about introducing a new group. We have a lot of groups to worry about right now I don't understand why we have to add another. Ugh I'm just disappointed I guess.

These were similar, so I’m answering them both in one ask.

Hey lovelies! Please do not be discouraged! There is such a good chance that WAS in fact Beth. The shoes were feminine, they even had what looked to be a sun or flowers drawing/design on them. They were small, and the legs were rather thin. As the person said in the above ask the fingers were very feminine looking and dainty. My fiance and someone else in the Facebook group i’m in believed they even saw a hint of a scar on the forehead. Btw, my fiance is so not looking for details and noticed this. 

Also, it was an after credit scene, and guess where we saw that? “Coda” Beth’s death episode and it showed Morgan. They showed him suspiciously the same way they showed this person tonight. In 5x01 they showed him with a mask on unveiling himself, then we saw him again in the after credits of “Coda”. This is not a coincidence.

I get how you feel about the new groups I hate it too, but it’s going to be necessary to defeat Negan because TF doesn’t have enough people. I think Beth could be a part of this community, or she could not, but I do think she possibly is the one we saw tonight. The only thing i’m a little suspicious of is the body shown walking away. It looked a little broad shouldered to be Beth, but still not really manly. I’ll have to comment on that when I get to see it better during a re-watch.

Please do not lose faith. I’m holding out until 7x16, I hope you will too! Though of course I understand if you need some time away from this all right now xo