my feras text posts

There are 51 deaths so far. And sadly, this number is about to rise,

I feel terrible. I found out one of my relatives, who is a rescuer, a very brave person and a true hero, almost died there, and saw how his teammates were crushed under the falling roof.

I feel helpless. I should be there, offering hot tea and sandwiches to people who are still waiting and hoping. I should at least adopt those dead people’s pets. I should donate. But i can’t do any of it. And it makes me feel like a terrible useless person. 

if i was famous and wore band shirts (like dark side shirt) i’d tell my fans something like “you know, wearing a band shirt if you don’t listen to the band is not cool”. maybe there won’t be so much girls with dark side shirts who have no fucking idea what pink floyd is and they bought it just because “that guy from one direction wore it”.

went to swimming pool today. i thought i’ve lost all my skills, but no, i’m still pretty good at swimming. and all the time i was thinking about that one time when i saw a fat old guy with no hair there and thought “what if he’s david gilmour”.

and yea, my birthday

(overused jonesy joke again.look at all the fucks i give.)