my feels have no bounds

I am done!

With my personal and huge Oikawa project. Yes you heard me. I have done one picture for each song in my playlist for him, and here’s the plan:

I’ll post one song/image per day, 20 days=20 songs (with just link to somewhere you can hear the song) (so probably youtube) and in the end I’ll try to make it an 8tracks playlist to share!

For an oikawa-enthusiast, there aren’t many surprises song wise, but on the drawing hand I’ve tried to keep style and angle varied! This exact moment is a little late for me to post anything, but I’ll do it later today in the morning!

also did anyone else love that it was ELSA who put the ship in a bottle?  Cuz I loved that. I just have the feeling that she was going to return it to him at some point (lbr, as a wedding gift), and I loved that.