my feels for this drama cd ;w;

Namidame 1 Summary

wowowow ok man Namidame….. at some points I kinda diverted from the nicer language I used in NKB because the H stuff in this is just so urgent and rough and needy that like … you can’t translate it in a nice way…. 
! please note that I’m not fluent in Japanese so there may be some mistakes !
> after reading this I hope you understand the brutality that is Namidame o x o

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Dies Irae - master post

All of my summary posts are pretttttty scattered now and I know I’ve been getting followers who are all “what the hell is this Dies Irae thing that she keeps liveblogging,” so this might help if you’re interested. Under the cut so I can keep adding the links as I go, haha.

(But yeah, this is an epic and amazing visual novel that I only wish everyone could play, because it will probably never, ever be translated due to the difficulty. So I will be uploading lots of material, hopefully videos, and some scene translations. Probably. Don’t hold me to anything.)

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Jsuki; DENGEKI GIRL’S STYLE February 2016 Issue

Jam-packed with amazing content this month as always! I’ve ordered so many games these few months that these otoge magazines just become all the more relevant to me.

Big excitement mostly for UtaPri’s MUSIC3, and of course, my usual favourites, DIABOLIK LOVERS and Nil Admirari! For Nil Admirari, they even revealed one of Hayato’s scenes (after a patroling session with the heroine, he walks her back to her place and then, unable to hold himself back anymore, kisses her. Aaah, my heart.) Bonus, this issue also comes with a giant Nil Admirari poster!:D And for DL, the usual promotions of the latest stuff + a sneak peak into one of Reiji’s LP scene. DL has so much stuff, every month there’s basically like 6 pages just full of promos under DL…

I’ve recently also gotten some extra interest for Norn9’s games??? Could it be because of the Anime?? In the past, I’d bought and read the manga but it didn’t particularly interest me and the games also seemed meh so I ignored it, but lately the series has become a bit more interesting for me… OK, I have to stop, I have no money for more really.

To just put it out there, here are all the otome games I’ve ordered so far this year (not inclusive of Pokemon which I’m also planning to buy for my 3DS, ha!)

  • Uta no Prince-sama: MUSIC3 (Limited Edition, with Neowing bonus)

  • Moshi Kono Sekai ni Kamisama ga iru to Surunaraba. (Regular Edition) (I really, really contemplated getting the LE, BUT the only difference is of a drama CD. I decided to put that money on my other games.)

  • DIABOLIK LOVERS: LUNATIC PARADE (Limited Edition, w/ Amiami bonus)

I haven’t ordered these but soon! I’m just…waiting to feel better about my wallet first:

  • Nil Admirari (Limited Edition, with Amiami bonus) (This is already sitting in my cart. I’ll probably order it sometime this week.)

  • Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby (Limited Edition) (I’m still deciding which store to get this one from TT)

Of course, this has not come but it will automatically sit itself at the top of my priority list the moment we get a confirmed release date:

  • DIABOLIK LOVERS: LOST EDEN (Definitely going to be limited edition too, as usual.)

It’s really tough, the life of a fangirl….

iamkatsudone  asked:

I am still flailing over that official art of Yuuri and Victor having a date in Moscow where they each have a matryoshka doll mug. I already ordered the magazine because I have a mighty fucking need to have that as a poster in my room. I wish that we could see the date in an episode or in some other sort of official capacity. like in a light novel or something.

OMG I wish we could see a date episode too but im not sure they’ll animate it the chance are so small ;;w;; but short story or drama cd would also help my needs, i hope they’ll release sequel/extra story in the future..