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Reader x Cole Sprouse, Reader x Daddy!Jared

Warnings: None (i think)

Notes: Hey guys, another cast crossover for you! I recently watched Riverdale and my crush on Cole came back in full force, yeah, he was my first crush ever when i was only 8 years old. So i decided to write this, i hope you like it!

Summary: The reader is feeling a bit sad from having her boyfriend and her dad away.

‘Hey bae, I won’t be able to go to your house this weekend. It’s Camila’s birthday….’

You read your boyfriend’s message with a sigh. You wouldn’t be able to see each other. Again. You were so tired of all of this, you missed him, you missed your dad, you missed your friends and you had to be alone just because of their stupid career. Okay, maybe you were overreacting, but you were angry! It Was hard to live surrounded by actors and famous people, when you just wanted to be a photographer with a normal life. 

 "(Y/N)! The pizza is here!“ You heard your mom screaming from the kitchen in the first floor of the house and you rolled your eyes. 

 "Coming!” You shouted back, leaving your phone behind, you really weren’t in the mood to talk to Cole right now. You got out of the stairs seeing your little brothers running around with dinosaurs toys in their hands. 

 "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Come play with us!“ Tom, the middle child, cried stopping in front of you and you bend down to be on his level. 

 "Maybe later okay? I will help mommy with the table.” You said and he slowly nodded. “Now give me a kiss.” You demanded and he denied making you push him and place a wet kiss on his cheek. 

 "Eww, gross.“ Tom said running the back of his hand over the place you’d kissed before running back to Shep to continue the game. Kids. 

 "Hey darling, when is Cole arriving?” Your mom, who was worth mentioning was Genevieve Padalecki, said when you entered the kitchen, stopping doing what she was doing to listen to your answer. 

 "He is not coming mom.“ You said twisting your lip, putting two colorful plates to your brothers in front of the places they usually sat. 

 "What! Why?” She asked surprised and you just shrugged. This situation was starting to get usual, unfortunately. “Oh (Y/N)… God knows how much I know what you’re going through.” Your mom said and you knew exactly what she was talking about. 

 Genevieve Padalecki was married to your father, Jared Padalecki, the great Sam Winchester from Supernatural. They had you accidentally in the beginning of their relationship and when you were 14, Tom was born and a year after this, they had Shep. When it was just you, both of them could work out having a child and continuing their career as actors, but after your brothers, things started to get harder; so hard that your mother had to stop working in order to take care of you. Supernatural was shot in Vancouver so your father had to travel a lot, and for you, it seemed like he was never home. Jared stood his family up numerous times because of a convention, last minute interviews or something unexpected in the set. You understood and you knew it wasn’t his fault but…. It didn’t make it less painful. 

 You started to date Cole Sprouse, the famous twin from Suit Life of Zack and Cody, a relatively old Disney series. You two met when you went to New York to do a photograph course. You recognized him from the television and he recognized your last name, but this never interfered in your relationship or in the way you saw each other. And although your relationship with him was everything you ever dreamed of, he was an actor too and at this moment he was working on a new series, Riverdale. Surprisingly, Cole’s series were filmed in Vancouver too, the same place Supernatural was. He and you father  could see each other more often than you could see them both. Wonderful. It fucking hurt. You were tired of the people you loved living away, you were tired of the people you loved standing you up, so fucking tired. 

 "I… I don’t really want to talk about it now.“ You said softly to your mom and she gave you a sympathetic look, kissing your temple. 

 "Whenever you’re ready honey… do you want to eat in your room?” Genevieve asked and you nodded. She put a slice of pizza in a plate and gave it to you, who quietly took it with a 'thank you’. She really was the best mom in the world.  

Entering your room you saw your phone lighting up in your bed with messages of Cole. 

 'I would ask you to come, but you said you were so busy with your college things.' 

 The first message after you ignored his text about not being able to see you this weekend. Yes, he may be 24 years old, but you were only 19 and still in photography college. 

 'Hey don’t be mad at me.’

 'Please bae??’

 'Answer meeeeeee' 

 ’(Y/N), talk to me, please, I’m starting to get worried. I thought you would understand, she is one of my best friends.' 

 You and Camila, the one who played Veronica in Riverdale, actually were really good friends, but she was a really good friend of Cole too, and she was a sweetheart but… 

 You were interrupted by your thoughts when your phone rang in your hands, scaring you a little. The name Cole was shinning in the screen. 

 "Hey" You answered with a sigh, you were still mad, but he didn’t deserve to be ignored. 

 "Hey babe.“ Cole started. "Is everything okay? You ignored my texts.” He stated in a worried voice.

 "Hm… Yeah.“ You lied.  "I was having dinner, sorry." 


 ”(Y/N) I know when you’re lying to me.“ He said firmly. Cole, just like his twin brother, Dylan, was a clown 24 hours a day, he was the most funny guy in the world and there were only two things that got him in a serious mode. Photography and you. 

 "I’m…” You said trying to keep up with your lie that everything was okay but you knew that he wouldn’t believe you. “I’m not okay." 

 "You want to tell me why?” He said sounding calm, but the truth was he was preoccupied with you. 

 "I miss you, I miss dad….“ You admitted falling on your back in you bed. "It has been a while since we saw each other and now you’re not coming anymore." 

 "I miss you too princess.” Cole said. “But… We will be together soon. I promise." 

 "Hmm…” You said not really buying it, always the same empty promises, you were used to it. “I have to go, still got some pictures to print for my essay.”

 "Dark times.“ He said referring to when he was still in college making you laugh a little. "Good luck. I love you”

 "Thanks.“ You said with a tired sigh. "I love you too.” And with that, you hung off the phone and started to eat and do your job.

 At the end of the night, you were so tired that you didn’t even had time to think about how much you missed the men in your life before you fell asleep.

 Lucky you. 


 What the fuck. 

 This was your first thought when you woke up with a big heavy something jumping on top of you. 

 "Dad!“ You cried when you realized who it was messing with you, he started to tickle you. "Dad stop!” You cried again laughing and trying to push him. You started a little war when he finally stopped because you both were laughing so much. You may be 19 years old, but you sure acted like a child sometimes.

 "Okay, okay, I give up!“ Jared said laughing, laying down again in your bed when sat and looked at him.

 "Why didn’t you tell me you were going to come?” You said with a smile and he smiled too, pulling you to his chest. 

 "It was a surprise!“ He said caressing your back with his hand. "I was actually going to arrive later but a little bird told me that… You’re a little sad.” He carefully said, afraid that you would immediately shut him down, but you sighed. “You want to tell me what’s bothering you?" 

 "It’s just the distance… You and Cole filming away, I don’t know what happened but it got me a bit down these days.” You admitted to your dad, you always had a really open relationship with your parents. 

 "I’m sorry sweetheart.“ Jared said feeling guilt wash all over his body. 

 "It isn’t your fault dad” You said with a sad smile looking up at him but before you could say anything else, your bedroom door opened and Tom and Shep entered running and jumped in your bed. 

 "Heey buddies.“ Jared said laughing trying to hold them so they wouldn’t fall. 

"Tom!” You said laughing too when he stepped on your belo. 

 "Mommy said lunch was ready!“ Shep said after you all calmed down a little. 

"Wait, lunch?” You asked confused. 

 "What time do you think it is, young lady?“ Your father said getting up from your bed with Shep on his shoulders, making the little one laugh. 

"It’s almost one in the afternoon, c'mon.” You got up with Tom on your back because he insisted to, otherwise you wouldn’t have carried him, he was starting to get too big, grabbed your phone and followed your dad. 

 "Hey you all, morning sleeping beauty.“ Genevieve said kissing you cheek, when you all got to the table in the yard that you usually had lunch. She gave Jared a chaste kiss and like it was tradition, you and your brothers made sick noises, making your parents roll their eyes.

 "Something wrong in there?” Gen asked when she saw you looking with a strange face to your phone, there were a few missed calls from Cole. 

 "Uhm, it’s Cole, excuse me.“ You said getting out of the table going inside of the house to call him. It ringed a few times before he answered. 

 ”(Y/N), finally!“ He said like he was relieved.

 "Hey, I just woke up.” You explained. “My dad got here this morning! I wasn’t expecting him at all and….” Suddenly something clicked in your head making you frown. 

“Wait… Did you know?”

 "Yep.“ Cole answered laughing, of course he knew. "Feeling better now?” He asked referring to the way you were yesterday and you rolled your eyes trying to hide a little smile. 

 "Yeah I’m feeling better.“ You said. "Still missing you though.” You said hearing the doorbell of your house. 

 "It must be uncle Jensen (Y/N)! Can you open it?“ Jared shouted from the yard and you nodded. 

 "Me too, the people around here miss you, you know?” Cole said and you smiled thinking about their co-workers, they were a family even with just one season in their backs, it was beautiful. 

 "Give me a minute.“ You said to Cole in the phone and went to the door, opened it expecting to see Jensen, Danneel, JJ and the twins, their children, but instead it was… 

 "Cole!” You cried when you finally realized who was in front of you. You jumped in his arms still not really believing it, and he dropped his bag on the floor, wrapping his arms strongly around you and letting a relieved sigh escape from his lips. 

“I missed you. So fucking much.” He said in your ear still hugging you.

 "Oh my god… You’re really here.“ You said smiling touching his face and he laughed nodding. 

 "I am full of surprises.” He said with a smart smile making fun pushing your neck with his hand to kiss you, but you were interrupted when someone cleared it throat behind you.

 "Hey there love birds.“ Jared said with a small smile leaning in the door looking at you two. 

 "Hey Jared.” Cole said with a smile and you took one second to realize. Your dad wasn’t surprised to see Cole in his door when it was supposed to be Jensen, his best friend, that only could mean that…. 

 "You two planned this!“ You said surprised and they looked at each other and laughed like they were saying 'mission accomplished’. 

 "It took you long enough, (Y/N)” Jared said opening space for you and Cole to enter the house. 

 "Shut up dad.“ You said rolling your eyes feeling Cole’s arm in your shoulder. 

"We will go upstairs to put Cole’s luggage in my room." 

 "In the guest room.” Your dad corrected. 

 "Yeah sure.“ You answered ironically, your father wasn’t exactly the jealous type or the overprotective type. Sometimes he tried to be, but he would give up minutes after. Because you always had an open relationship with him and Gen, they trusted you 100% and they understood what it was like to be your age. Your uncle Jensen was more overprotective with you than your own father. 

 You closed your bedroom door behind you and smiled at your boyfriend who dropped his bag beside your bed.

 "I still can’t believe you’re here.” You said and Cole smiled pressing your body against the wall with his own, he put his hands in both sides of your face, caressing your cheek with his thumb. 

 "I love you.“ He said giving you a chaste kiss. "So…” He continued starting to kiss your jaw making you shiver. “Fucking.” Another kiss. “Much.” He finished sucking at your pulse and you let a soft moan escape from your mouth. 

 "Wait.“ You said and he stopped kissing your neck to look into your eyes, you took advantage of the moment to put your hand on his brunette hair. "What about Cam’s birthday? You…" 

 "It just next week, I needed a excuse to let you think that I wasn’t coming.” He explained with a smart smile and you rolled your eyes not being able to hide the small smile on your lips. 

 "I hate you, you know that?“ You said messing with him because he left you suffering thinking you wouldn’t see him for another couple of weeks. 

 "Hm, no, you don’t.” He said finally kissing you in the lips, deepening the kiss and firmly evolving your waist with his arms.

 "(Y/N)! Cole! Lunch!“ You heard your father yelling from the yard making you and Cole laugh at interruption. 

 "We’ll continue this later, bae.” He said giving you one last chaste kiss and holding your hand, you got down the stairs. 

 "Hey Gen.“ Cole said hugging your mom, all of your family loved Cole, he was just as funny as Jared and a gentleman with everyone. Even with some wrong habits of him, like smoking, they were all supportive of your relationship.

 "Cole!” Tom and Shep screamed when they saw the brunette, running and jumping in his lap. 

 "Hey buddies, I missed you guys.“ Cole said and he started talking and messing with them. 

 "Liked the surprise?” Your father asked putting his hands on your shoulders and you put yours in his. “It was my idea”

 "I loved it.“ You said honestly looking at the scene. "I… Was needing this.”

 "I know.“ Jared simply said, one day he was talking to his wife and Gen mentioned that you were stressed with college, and she noticed that you were feeling a little bit sad. Jared immediately knew what to do. After all, you were a daddy’s girl. Even though he was in the middle of filming of the next season of Supernatural, family was his priority. Always. He was afraid that some of his kids would develop depression, it was a hereditary disease and he would never forgive himself it that happened, he didn’t want any of the three to feel what he felt one day, so he would do anything in his power to avoid this. 

 "Okay, let’s eat.” Your mother said. You were telling the truth when you said you were needing that, your family reunited and Cole by your side. You were together for six months now but it felt like it was a lot more, in the second you saw him in that class of photography in New York, you knew he was the one, as cliche as it seemed. Your whole life was a little bit cliche, after all. 

 The lunch took all the afternoon, with lots of jokes, stories, laughs and teases, apparently your parents thought it was funny to make sick noises when you and Cole kissed, because you and your brothers did it all the time with them.

 "Finally alone.“ Cole said falling on your bed, putting his tongue out like he was tired and you smiled laying next to him. Your parents and your brothers went to Jensen’s to say hi and you and Cole decided to come back to your room.

 "So you planned all of this with my dad?” You asked staring at his freckles.

 "Yeah, he called me and asked if we could go out some day and I started to freak out because nothing good could come out of a serious talk with my girl’s dad.“ He explained making you laugh. "But I went and he said he wanted to do something special for you and here we are.”

 "Come on! My dad is a teddy bear, why would you ever be afraid of someone like him?“ You cried and Cole drew an ironic sigh.

 "Yeah, a teddy bear that is twice my size and kills people on TV.” Cole said. “And I’m tall!” He exclaimed and you laughed more. “Oh do you think that’s funny hun? I will show you what’s funny.” He said climbing on top of you starting to tickle you and breathe on your neck, he knew that your neck was your soft spot. 

 "Cole stop!“ You said almost without air from laughing. 

 "Say 'Cole is the best badass boyfriend in the whole world’ and I will stop”

 "Co-Cole is the best girly boyfriend in the world.“ You said messing with him and he tickled you harder.

 "You’re gonna pay for this, (Y/N) Padalecki.” He warned, after some seconds he finally stopped but didn’t change his position. “God I missed this.” He breathed out looking at you with heart eyes.

 "Just kiss me already.“ You said and he rolled his eyes. 

 "Miss 'I know how to break the vibe’” Cole said joking and you pulled him by the neck and pressed your lips to his. 

 "Yep, this is better.“ You said breaking the kiss and now it was his turn to be impatient. 

 "Shut up and let me kiss you, woman.” Cole said and you two continued the make out session. And let me just say, it went on for a few hours… 

 Not that you were complaining.

A Broken Heart’s Piano Riff

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Pureblood! Reader

Prompt: (Y/N) was promised to the Malfoy’s only son as soon as she was of age. He made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her and that only delved her further into self-pity. Will a few tears and an eye-opening music piece change the way they feel?

A/N: I couldn’t get this idea out of my brain for a month and a half now, and I’ve been requesting it anonymously a bunch but i’m not patient enough to wait for it lol so here it is

I shut down in a pool of my own melancholy thoughts at the end of the reign of summer. Sense my breath depart and my heart collapse on itself as its last shreds of innocence are ripped away from my embrace with such brutality that the arms which refused to let go are left slaughtered.

I shut down as anguish burns a hole in the pit of my stomach and claims the small space that’s left amongst a plaguing blackness, while tears have already carved canyons in my cheeks as proof.

I shut down, yet no one takes a second glance until the damage has been done.

My youth flies before my eyes as I watch with a clouded gaze– a distant look that’s filled with contradicting sourness over an underlying defeat and it hurts, burns, with every painfully slow second to test my nostolgia to the brink of an elders’ equivalent measure. Leaves marks on my crippled heart as time tries to wrap itself back around it in vain, only making it a more ardous task to let go.  

And I’m torn away to be reeled back into reality.

The reality with an obligation to do what I’m expected of and where everything is woven tightly into place– stitched together by people with likings that are beyond control.

It’s a degrading cycle, really. A corrupted maintanence where the future is not mine to indulge in and not mine to spend, with taunting freedom dangling just beyond the reach of desperate the fingertips of those who crave it.

I think of it as than a cruel testament to a life in shackles.

For the Malfoy’s youngest son reflects the exact torment with the toxic accents of unmasked disdain. Has his perfectly obediant demeanor stir a storm within, perforating through in small doses that the careful eye can trace. He barely meets my gaze, barely speaks two words in my direction, but it’s enough. Enough to make it hurt.  

There’s a reluctance as he bends down on one knee, tying down fate and letting the last wisps of ambivalence settle into silence. His hand is gentle, and for a moment there’s an illusion of being apologetic. But that could’ve been for either of us.

Draco’s fingers are shaky as he slips a silver coil around my finger. Lingers there for a moment as if it all only now begins to sink in and I am no longer my own person. We are unwillingly binded–

–but the emptiness in his eyes is something I cannot shake.

I deprive myself from upturned lips in a false reality where I’m promised to the boy I’ve always loved, when it’s all fake. Because he’s forced, demanded, obligated to do sobut yearns for something different.

I’m not enough, and I might never be.

The Malfoy’s stay over that evening, taking the day’s events into their chambers with smiles of satisfaction. With disregard for the overriding emotion of their children. The emotion is suffocating, in need of release as my nimble fingers dart across keys of ebony and ivory that sit in one of the many parlors downstairs.

I play a tune of morose proportions, staccato’s laced with “what if’s” that swell into the room. Press on the tiles with passion and drift away as each note welds together in a harmony that mirrors my pleas. The song I know by heart, as it’s merely a transcript of my own. It drowns out my surroundings, and I don’t quite realize that I have an audience.

And it’s in that moment that Draco gets sucked in. Studies me and listens and really looks at what’s right in front of him.

It’s a scene with a screaming message that to this day I still don’t understand.

It takes a week of tickling the keys before even that runs out of meaning and he watches as I stop at the peak of the movement, colliding pitches bouncing off the walls like something out of chaos. I’ve stopped, pressing my elbows down on the dull-colored spectrum in somewhat of a betraying manner.

Draco is confused until he realizes I’m weeping and time slows down, ticks with every passing heartbeat. It turns into something tangible just to watch, trading glances like playing cards between a broken girl–

–and the boy that has just the right fitting pieces.

And he knows he wasn’t walking towards me with an obligation. Knows that he feels an ache in his chest because he wasn’t forced to. I’m pulled into an embrace that is no longer stiff with unwillingness and dare to look up, instantly rewarded with peppering kisses and comforting whispers and a pray for the tears to cease.

Where unsaid words are exchanged that consist of “I’m here,” and “I want to try,” on top of a piano bench that captures it all.

Maybe it is all just a cruel testament to a life in shackles… but with (Y/N) curled up in Draco’s arms and his heart swelling with startling fondness…

He thinks that maybe they are an exception.

One of my stepdad’s uncles just passed away. Uncle Joe. Always one of my favorites in that family.

I’m getting to a point where “if someone didn’t die today it was a good day” is a real truth.

He was a funny guy who never made me feel like an outsider when the extended family was all together. Always accepted my mom and me.

RIP Uncle Joe

All the more reason to go dance tonight.

I’m sorry but I really need to just talk about how I’m feeling right now. If I hold it in anymore I’m never going to stop crying.

Our darling Chester, the man that brought us happiness, that helped us through tough situations, who saved us from suicide, who gave us hope.

I went to see linkin park in Birmingham UK on the 6th of July 2017, exactly two weeks before he passed away. I never thought this would come, but god does it hurt. I’ve never felt a pain like this and if I’m honest I can’t bare it. My chest is so heavy, I can’t speak to anyone, I can’t eat.

The concert was the best day of my life, and the last concert Chester performed before he died. The fact that it was his last concert kills me even more, because as he thanked us for everything and sang songs like “leave out all the rest”, I think that was his final decision of what he was going to do.

To say I was part of that crowd, that showed him how much we appreciate and love him, it brings me some happiness in all this tragedy.

Chester was a true survivor. Of sexual abuse, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. He kept going for us, until he couldn’t take it anymore.
It’s crazy how one can save millions, but millions can’t save one.

I love Chester with all my heart, I always have and I always will, and I hope he’s found the light, that he is at peace and painless from his toxic mind.

“And the shadow of the day, will embrace the world in grey. And the sun, will set for you”

I love you Chester, thank you for saving me, for giving me so many lovely memories and songs that will continue to keep me going.

Rest easy my love ❤


Today has been our first day without Lois. We’ve…managed to get to the end of it somehow. Largely from all of your guys wonderful words and support :). Thanks to all of you we aren’t feeling as alone. I usually spend Saturday mornings volunteering at the animal shelter, but today I just didn’t feel like being around so many homeless animals. Motivating myself to feed all the betta bb’s was also a struggle. However going to work and having my sister visiting helped cheer my mood. My dad has made the executive decision to take me on a fishing trip starting tomorrow so I can get away and relax a little.

As for Clark, he’s…doing a bit better. Last night was spent coaxing him to eat with his favorite treats(oranges, roses, and strawberries). Today he is eating hay on his own again. However, he isn’t eating enthusiastically. If he isn’t eating in his cage then he’s curled up in the back corner of my closet. You can tell by his body language in the pictures that he’s very stressed. Lois was the dominate bun and without her he’s feeling very stressed and exposed. He misses having a bun to squish his worries away.

In other news, my sister and I found out that the local petstore an hour away(my fav petstore tbh) takes in rescue buns. We’re considering adopting a rescue bun in about a month so Clark won’t have to live the rest of his life alone :-(

I’m worried for when I move to the city in 3-4 years. My sister says most apartments allow small animals like rabbits. Does anyone agree/disagree with this?

Let Me Tell Y’all About My Nightmare I had

First off, I apologize for this northerner using y’all but, y’all can deal with it.

Second off, the actual juice. So I was there just sleeping away and I had a dream that it was county band auditions. There we were waiting and stuff with the rest of the section. Then I go in. All I remember is that it was not good. So we wait, and wait, and wait, and then come back the results. I got like 3rd. I was so disappointed. Then all of a sudden it hit me: Districts is a week. I have to practice extremely hard. It had me worried so much I woke up. It took me a minute to realize that it’s July… Auditions are in November.

anonymous asked:

I am jealous of girls who don't wear hijab and get to wear short dresses and revealing clothes and I have to cover. I know I do it for God and for my self but I feel ugly (I am not) cus I have to cover and act reserved where as all these girls even though they're Muslim get away with disobeying Allah, they get the attention of every type of guy most even go to the extent of calling them 'wifey', its all guys want these days, women like that? I feel so confused and left out 😞

Doing certain things gets more attention.. but it’s not the right type of attention. If you want to just be sexualised and treated like a bit of temporary meat.. go ahead. If that keeps you happy, cool. But from my experience.. a guy is only liking you for your flesh. I’m sure I heard an Islamic quote that said something like “if a man likes you for your beauty, he’ll get bored and find something better later on. If he likes you and falls for you because of your heart.. that love will only continue to grow”.

You want something meaningful and forever? Or care free and temporary…? You decide.

Forgive me for this response, I’m half asleep.

Living back with my parents can be weird sometimes, after living out of home for almost three years, half of that time in a city 5 hrs away.

Like I feel like a kid again sometimes?

Like I’m currently sick, and if I’m no better tomorrow I’m not gonna work, but I’ll probably still go to Hayley’s house to watch Game of Thrones with dinner, and so I started coming up with excuses for my parents.

Then I realised I’m a fucking independent adult. I don’t need to make excuses. I can do what I want.

I’m cleaning out my desk and I’m going to throw away so much old art. I took out over half the pictures in my 2005 folder. The art is original stuff, drawn in pencil on cheap printing paper. I’m not going to miss this art, but somehow it still feels weird throwing away so much of it.

I won’t throw away the SPN art of course, once I get to that drawer in my desk. I’ll sell it or give it away before anything lands in the recycling bin.

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my asks aren't whiny. does this ask sound whiny to you?

Yikes, anyway here’s some Pearl/Marina headcanons!

. They’re absolutely Inkopolis’ latest and greatest lesbian power couple, who are we kidding

. Pearl will scream about her love for her gf at the top of her tiny little lungs, she’s the physical embodiment of those wholesome “I love my gf” memes and has gotten into “My girlfriend is cuter than your girlfriend” arguments with several other people, including said gf

. They like to go on dates at tiny, obscure diners and cafes and stuff to get away from the paparazzi for a while (I hc Marina as having mild anxiety, and Pearl tries to find quiet places so Marina can calm down and be away from the public eye for a while)

. Marina likes to carry Pearl around on her shoulders. Pearl is so pumped to feel tall

. Marina is 100% a trans girl and she and Pearl would both fight a transphobe with their bare hands in the inkopolis equivalent of a 7/11

. They’re totally a matching outfit couple

. They make mixtapes and playlists for one another. They even have a joint playlist

. Their fans have given their relationship the nickname “hooked on you”, and they love it. The day they officially became a couple, Pearl posted a pic of them smooching captioned “#hookedonyou is real ;)” on SM and the tag blew up for a solid week

. Speaking of SM, Marina secretly runs “fanpages” for the “Hooked on you” ship. She gets very nervous when she gets “face reveal when???” comments because this is her little secret

. Marina has to physically pick Pearl up to give her kisses. Does Pearl mind??? Not at all

. They once got a long-winded message about how “inspired” a fan was by their “extremely close, almost sisterly friendship” and how brave they were for “boldly proving that two girls can be as close as [They] are without it having to be a homosexual relationship”. Their response? “We’re lesbians, Harold.”

. The media hilariously misinterpreted their relationship for about a month, leading to more “We’re lesbians, Harold” reactions

. “Wow, I can’t believe the Hooked on you kiss ended homophobia” was a meme for a while

. They love fanart. Love it. The walls of their dressing room are completely covered with fanart, to the point where they can’t remember what the wall’s actual color is


Justice League - Comic-Con Sneak Peek [HD]

OK. I’m just going to jump in with my initial thoughts on the Justice League sneak peek before the fanboy haters and their sycophants commandeer the discussion and try to tell everyone else what to think.

Here it goes…

  • The timeline of the trailer feels a little disjointed. Where are we picking up? How much time has passed? Will the Suicide Squad events be factored in? And if Diana is back in the game fighting small time criminals, it doesn’t seem to resonate with where we left her at the end of BvS. It’s an odd trajectory to walk away from the world in 1917, have someone tell you men are still good after witnessing the death of an adopted son who died for them in 2016, and then just jump back into taking down bank robbers in 2017. That arc just feels a little off to me. But hey, I don’t want them to show me everything in the trailer, so I’ll just stick a pin in this issue until November.
  • The focus on Wonder Woman at the beginning of the trailer feels a little too obvious in its attempt to cash in on the popularity of her solo film. I suspect this was the studio’s decision. I would’ve led more with Batman since he was more of the focus at the end of BvS, but m’eh. Give the people what they want I guess.
  • The effect of Arthur riding the parademon down through the brick building needs some more CGI work, but it still looked badass. So I’m happy. ;-)
  • Damn Darkseid got some big feet! … Just saying.
  • So happy to see that Cyborg isn’t being treated like an afterthought. Not that I believed he would be. But you know how much haters have it out for insisting he shouldn’t be a part of the 7. Thankfully, there are definitely parts of the trailer that serve as a giant middle finger to all of the naysayers. So I’m happy. ;-)
  • Love the effect of Barry sticking his finger through the shattered glass while it’s in motion. Nooiicccee!
  • Also, Barry revealing his own personal doubts about being a part of the team? Love it! Thank you DCEU for continuing to present our superheroes as human. As well as also representing the innocence of Barry as a man not really prone to violence. 
  • Cyborg looks great! Yeah, I said it. To hell with the haters. But he also looks emotionally very stolid. Like he’s not fully there (pun intended). He’s a young man who has to redefine himself if he wants to keep going in the wake of what he’s lost. I have a feeling that his inclusion with the 7 is going to play a huge part in that process. 
  • First big laugh in the trailer: 
    Cyborg: “Relax, Alfred. I’ll take it from here.”
    Alfred: “Uh, um, … do I know you?”
  • Oooh! The shot of Barry pushing Diana’s sword toward her as he rounds the walls in the speed force. Very nooiicccee!
  • Second big laugh in the trailer, even bigger than the first: LMAO! How y’all gone just leave Barry there to respond to Gordon like a fly stuck on tar?! And how did they all disappear and he not notice? WTF! That’s um-possible! But still funny.
  • That ending tho! Tho! … Of course, from the glimpse of the shoulder, it looks like Kal El approaching Alfred. And they clearly want us to think it’s him, but … who said he would come? Who is Alfred referring to? Bruce? And if so, why would Bruce think Kal El would come? What has he learned that would make him say that?

I’m not going to make it to November. 

But other than that, I’m happy-ish. As per usual, I now have more questions than I did before I watched the trailer, but that’s a good thing I guess. Keeps me invested.

I don’t have too many serious gripes. Did anyone else feel that for a 4-min promo, this was a little light on Bruce Wayne? I guess I can understand why since we don’t really know too much about Flash, Cyborg or Aquaman yet, but I would’ve liked more Batman. Just a skosh. 

Oh well.

I’ve gotten a couple messages mentioning/asking about the Pokemon Go Fest, so here’s my report:

While the lines at the beginning were HORRENDOUS and the server was definitely dicey at points, at the end of the day, I still had a lot of fun! I think Niantic made up for their poor planning with the refund and various giveaways, though I feel bad for those who bought tickets second-hand and/or came into Chicago from far away solely for the Fest.

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why does shikamaru need to stay away from sasuke?

I remember in the retrieve Sasuke arc in Naruto, Shika gave this speech about going to get Sasuke and he mentions he doesn’t particularly like him. And also since that mission failed I personally feel like that would affect Shika in some way. 

Plus they seem to have conflicting personalities and I feel like that may cause conflict. 

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Hope that answers your question!

Unwritten Love Letters

Prompt: Emil/Lalli - write me a love letter with your eyes

True lovers
Cannot always speak
In flowered words
Or gentle assurances
Or sentences meant to soothe.

You, my love,
Speak volumes
With your fingers
In my hair, smoothing it
On my skin, to decontaminate
Wrapped around my wrist
Begging me wait, or come.

I feel your eyes on me
Drawn like lodestones
Compass needles pointing ever to my north.
Crinkled corners, sky-bright delight;
Your laugh pours out.
Shadows, too, weighing down
A cast of mist-grey morning
When I go away,
You worry.

Your mouth
So clumsy
When you open it with questions
Or babbled stories, too fast to understand.
But gentle
Pressed against my brow,
My lips,
My throat.
You drink me in, savor me,
spill me back out with a sigh,

So write me a love letter with your eyes,
Your hands,
Your kisses sweet as cookies.
We need no words;
We only need each other.

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Is it bad that Am 19 and I don't know what I want to do with my life yet?My family bugs me about it and I feel bad,I feel so much pressure it makes my anxiety go out control.There saying that am trying to throw away my life but am not.Am in college for my basic still trying figure what I want my career to be around.And am struggling to find a job.Its like am literally trying but no one sees it.

Moms needs to chill. You’re gonna eventually be in your 20’s like some of us and still not know wtf you’re doing and that is okay!!!! I graduated high school so damn carelessly without any layout plans. As long as you’re trying that’s all that matters. Apply for jobs. If you wanna go to college then do that. Join the service, create shit. Do whatever. You’re 19, time to start being somewhat independent. Great things take time.

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If you still accept confession time? I have been feeling kind of guilty because I am dissapointed in my bffs' refusals to go to a better uni just so they could stay with their boyfriends and they said I would I understand if I was in their places but like? I don't see myself throwing away a better career/life just to stay with someone I dated in high school? Like why am I feeling guilty bc I feel like choosing myself is a bad thing(not nec bc of them but bc of others in general?)

Ugh. Let me tell you. Many people who are in relationships are smug. They think they have it all figured out in comparison to single people (it’s why so many people are in shitty relationships, just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re in the right one). A lot of people in your life are going to try and treat you like your input is invalid because you’re not in relationship, it’s because they’re being smug and have major blinders on. You are not elevated mentally in a relationship, you are the exact same person, so you are just as reasonable as a single person. That’s a huge indicator of where their priorities are. If you can’t tell, I am very #TeamSingle. Never feel guilty for choosing yourself, you’re the only one you have to live with your whole life so you get priority. 

Adressing your guilt, Let’s put it this way, a child is going to be pissed at you if you smack candy out of their hand, and get angrier when you’re like “eat this fucking broccoli.” They’re going to make you feel like an asshole for not telling them what they want to hear. It’s about insta-gratification vs. long term gratification. You’re being a good friend by not enabling them; I am typically a bad friend by just letting people hear what they want and I sleep just as fine at night over it. It’s all about how in this fight you are. Seeing as you’re graduating soon, now’s the time to just let them eat the damn candy and let them live with the consequences. Letting other people make mistakes is hard, but some people just need to be allowed to screw up. That’s what mature adults have to do with children for their own good. What they’re going through, hell, even what you’re going through, is a part of growing up. 

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I think I saw you posted that Chester Bennington saved your life. I don't know the details, but please remember - YOU saved your life, YOU decided to keep on going, YOU found hope/solace somewhere. Please don't give away your strength and put it on someone else. YOU saved YOU. Even if CB was the source of your hope, YOU decided to look there for hope, which means YOU can find hope somewhere else too. I promise, you can.

thank you so so much for this. you’re absolutely right. his loss still hurts acutely, but i’m going to continue to live my life. it’s what he would want, i think.

to everyone else- you’re stronger than you think you are, even if some days it doesn’t feel like that. please reach out if you need help. please. you are important, you are loved.

sold my old car to a couple of good friends who were scammed out of their brand new car by a racist dealership (it was all so much bull tbh) and….. it makes my heart full to see them going places and enjoying the freedom of a car again :-) they were so sad when they thought they were going to have to spend months and months rebuilding their credit after having it unfairly destroyed but now they’re like.. going to the coast and coming into portland a lot more often and they’re going to b able to commute to a better job when they find one and i am just so happy for them i can’t even express

  • I got so many new followers while I was away that I'm finding it hard to go through them and follow people back.
  • I really want my tumblr to be 90% witchy (with a healthy side of trans and feminist empowering stuffs) so please don't be offended if I don't follow you back.
  • Really, I'm here to interact with people. So feel free to send me a message or an ask about pretty much anything witchy related and I'm happy to chat with you. It makes me day to connect with fellow witches, help guide newbie witches, or celebrate exciting things with people : )