I know Jesper reading to Wylan is precious and all but imagine:

-Jesper being too anxious too sleep/calm down, cause he can’t gamble and Kaz is still disappointed and Inej is still missing etc. so Wylan just sits down next to him and starts telling him a story

-Cause that’s what his mom used to do to make him feel better (Cause I refuse to believe that his mom sucked too, baby wylan deserves better)

-and she told him really complex stories and wylan is great at memorizing (cause that’s how he tried to trick his tutors and make his dad proud)

-and soon Jesper is really stil and intrigued by the story

-and at some point Nina comes in, sees what’s going on and reappears 5 minutes later with a cake, because there’s definitely too much suspence in that story for her to not eat cake with it.

-and Matthias follows soon after, cause he can’t leave Nina alone, and also there’s no way the story will end like that right?

-and Kaz probably ends up standing outside of the door, watching over them and wishing Inej would be there too

-in the end Jesper falls asleep to the sound of Wylan’s voice, cause he doesn’t look like Wylan atm but he stills sounds like him and all is well and so this turns into a ritual

-(and then one night when Wylan isn’t doing too well, Jesper shows up with his favorite book or something) 

Episodio 31

Que les puedo decir? Lyss es un buen amigo mio y de mi beibi Cassy y me partio el alma ver a Castiel de esa forma💔, me dolió el hecho de que Lysandro no me recordara y mis intentos por que recordará algo de mi 😭, que Nina se aprovechara de la situación engañando a Lyss 😠, que Lyss volviera a tener sentimientos así Rosa haciendo que algunas teorias se cumplieran 😢😱, y que no supiéramos mucho de lo que tiene él papi de Lyss 😥Sinceramente, un episodio con bastante feelings para las TeamLyss y para personitas como yo que tienen un corazón de pollo y amor para todos los chicos 😭😭😭

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I think I can definitely say that “Haikyu!!” is the best sports anime for me. Mainly because the story felt real. Not the techniques or the skill they used. It’s the characters. How each and one of them developed both as a sportsman and as a human. How each team had their own story even if they were merely a stepping stone for the main characters to advance. How each and one of them are special in their own way. This anime taught me the sweetness of victory and the bitterness of losing after fighting so hard and trying your best. It slaps you in the face with the fact that no matter how good you are, there will always be someone better.
P.S. I just finished the 2nd season and I needed to let this out while the feelings I felt from this anime is still raw and strong. It’s a must watch. This post is really long but whatever xD
P.S.S. Kagehina ftw xD

Let’s talk about for a minute how when Taylor was on tour, Calvin would fly to go see her multiple times. And how yesterday Taylor flew across the country right after being in Nashville helping Ryan at the Children’s hospital to go see Calvin in Vegas. Talk about GOALS