my feelings my feelings this show is trying to kill people

I feel like Green would constantly show off his wedding ring. He would try to do it lowkey at first : like placing his left hand in his face or tapping his ring on whatever he has in his hand.
Then he would just be super obvious: Like “Oh no god I almost lost my WEDDING RING! Red would have killed me!” And he would just shove it into peoples faces.

I also feel like he would also make it clear that he’s married to red. Like when Red just shows up he’s like “Oh hey there Red, my sexy HUSBAND.”

Red thinks if this marriage is really worth it

Effectale Stronger than you

EffectTale Stronger than you
It’s the worst day outside, People and Monsters are dying, echo flowers are whispering and On days like this Kids like you should already be BURNING IN HELL…

Turn around kid it’s already a crime cause you choose genocide over being pacifist , and cause you killed all the my friends and the people I cared about…SO LET’S GO FRIENDS KILLER

Come try to hit since your able but when you think about all the sins that you created I will show you no mercy and how a EFFECT you will have when I finish giving you my judgement

You should just reset or just disappear because what you about to feel is pain, just like how I had to watch how you killed all my friends with the determination you had

I know you made of LOVE LOVE LOVE …. LOVE LOVE LOVE

This is where it STOPS this is where it ENDS, you keep on trying to forget what you did. But no matter how you try you just feel all the sins crawling on your back

Come try to hit since your able but when you think about all the sins that you created I will show you no MERCY, I will get my REVENGE, they will get their HAPPY ENDING

I know your made of LOVE but I have a EFFECT ON YOU

to all my non-binary peeps

You rock. I am glad for every single one of you in my life. I am so unspeakably proud of you for everything you’ve done to discover your most authentic self. Your gender identity and gender expression are totally valid whether the people around you understand or not. The pronouns that feel right to you are the only ones that matter. The name you choose for yourself is the only one anybody should care about. You don’t have to fit into anyone’s boxes and you shouldn’t try. You deserve all the love and respect in the world just the way you are. 

Whether you get to present the way you want to or not, whether you feel comfortable coming out or not, your identity is real. Whatever look you’re going for today, I bet you’re killing it. To me you’re always at your most beautiful when you’re feeling like yourself – your happiness shines through and makes you radiant. Strut your stuff and show off your style! Your presence makes the world that much brighter.

Please keep listening to yourself, learning about yourself, and most of all loving yourself as much as you can. I LOVE YOU ALL and I will always respect and acknowledge your identity however you choose to express it.

Any other chronic illness/ disabled ppl feel bad/upset when they hear like “motivational speeches” with shit like “if there’s a will there’s a way” and “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and like that kind of bullshit? It just depresses me and I know that it’s not intentionally trying to make sick/handicapped/disabled people feel bad but ugh…

Like jesus, do you know what I’d give to be able to put all my energy into something I want?! :(

Guys! I just decided to dm Freeform on Instagram! I really hope they read this and help us out with stitchers! If you have Instagram, it would be incredible if you guys could dm this message to them as well. Maybe we can really change the fate of stitchers and a season 3! If you would like to, I’ll copy and paste my message below so you can message them the same thing:

Hello Freeform! You will probably never read this, but on behalf of the stitchers fandom I would like to speak out. Stitchers is my all time favorite show and I would be, as well as many other people, devastated if it got canceled. I feel like while the fans are trying extremely hard to spread the word, it’s difficult for stitchers to get higher ratings. I feel that a 10 pm time slot is killing it, because many people struggle with tuning in that late, and I think it needs to be promoted more

The Beauty Of Concentration

One of my stronger and at the same time weaker characteristics is how big my heart truly is. It holds so many people and still has so much room for many others. I only wanted to work for the FBI to help people and once I got here, they placed me in the BAU because they thought I was a good judge of character. I have been here for over three years now and I have helped so many people and that fills my heart with the greatest joy imaginable. Yet when we loose someone or can’t help anymore than we already have, I feel like all I have done has been for nothing. A few cases into my job, we lost a victim and he was shot and killed right in front of me, no one really understood what I was feeling. No one other than Spencer. He would have coffee with me on the plane, sit next to me in a comfortable and comforting silence and just try to show that he really did understand because he had a heart just as big as mine, maybe ever bigger. Ever since that case, I have been head first into my job, it has been work and nothing else, I didn’t have time for feelings or boyfriend, sure I wanted one but I didn’t have time for one and I would rather be alone than neglect someone. I sighed as I sat down in my chair at my desk with a few files in hand. JJ was on leave so Hotch wanted me to pick the cases rather than finding someone else to take the job so now it’s all on me to find the case that needs us the most. I took a deep breath and took all of my long and curled hair and put it in a high pony tail, took my sweater off so I was just in a white v-neck T-shirt and my black pants and brown heeled boots. I took the first file from the top and began reading, now that I had my coffee and gotten comfortable enough to sit through file after file. The first few files I would pick one that was the worst and put them in a separate pile and when I got down to the final three files I felt a wad of paper hit my forehead.
“What the hell?!” I shouted and looked up to see Penelope and Derek both chuckling and pointing to the paper that had just hit me. They never can leave me alone can they? I rubbed my forehead and sighed as I uncrinkled the paper only to see Penelope’s hand writing in bright red pen ink and Derek’s handwriting in dark blue pen ink.
“Spencer is staring at you as if you are the most beautiful woman in the world.” Penelope’s writing said as I read it to myself and I chuckled slightly, and continued on to read Derek’s.
“Pretty boy over there thinks that you could be his pretty girl.” Derek’s read and I laughed while grabbing a pen to write them back.
“Both of you be quite. I am working and you should be too.” I wrote and balled it back up and threw towards Derek who caught it in his hands and made sure Hotch or Rossi, the dads of the team, didn’t see it before opening it. Once they opened it they both groaned as I sent them a small smile. Penelope pointed in Spencer’s direction and mouthed the words “look at him” before walking away and Derek just chuckled and shook his head before sitting down in his seat. I thought it over for a second before looking to the right of me to in fact see Spencer gazing at me but once we locked eyes, he looked away, blushing. I smiled widely and took a blank piece of paper from my desk and began to write Spencer a little note.
“Pen and Derek told me you were staring at me, its flattering really. Don’t be embarrassed Spence :)” I wrote and now threw the piece of paper towards him like Penelope and Derek had done to me a few moments before. It landed perfectly on his desk and as he opened it and read it he looked over at me, shot me a charming smile and looked back at the note. I went back to doing my work, thinking that he would read it and just drop the whole thing but a few moments later the piece of paper that I threw at Spencer, landed on my desk. I grabbed the piece of paper and unfolded it, Spencer would be the one to fold it perfectly rather than crumpling it like the rest of us.
“I’m sorry, you were just so concentrated and you looked beautiful with your hair up. I’m out of coffee, would you like to take a break from you hard work and go to the break room with me?” This wrote read and I threw the piece of paper out in the bin next to me and grabbed my coffee mug and smiled at Spencer. Maybe I didn’t have to give up having a relationship, maybe I could have one while having crazy work hours, if anyone understands that it’s Spencer.