my feelings for this song~~


Reading the Uncle Scrooge issues now, I am so happy that Donald made friends with a parrot it’s so good I love it

The translators are having a lot of fun too considering the floating hand story is basically one elongated reference to the monkey island games it’s so ridiculous, dropping the titles of various games, the island being named Chimpy Island and the other Triplefine Island, captain lechunk……….

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believer by imagine dragons reminds me of keith bc he's too extra just like this song omg

TELL ME ABOUT IT!! i’ve officially determined that all imagine dragons songs are keith songs bc they’re so…. intense…
like if keith were a song, he’d have a bunch of quiet steady moments and then suddenly drop into a super loud chaotic chorus… aka an imagine dragons song

the lyrics to “believer” also fit s2 keith so well, like “i’m the master of my sea”?? keith ghostwrote that.

i feel like i’ve recommended this song for keith before but “who are you really?” by mikky ekko has the same sort of vibe as imagine dragons and definitely fits keith’s character arc in season 2!

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Have you ever heard the song "After the Storm" by Mumford & Sons? It's giving me all the "queen of everything" feels today, especially Kara.

You have unlocked a hidden truth! My iPhone has only one album downloaded to my internal storage form my iTunes, and every single time my mobile links up to my car’s Bluetooth when i go somewhere, it starts playing After the Storm and I won’t lie, it has been one of my faithful QoE songs.

For anyone wanting some QoE feels, “After the Storm”, by Mumford & Sons

  • what she says: I love Meant to be Yours.
  • What she means: I love the rhythm and the pacing of Meant to be Yours. The lyrics have the same sardonically charming wit of the rest of the show, but are in absolutely no way romantic. The song is fantastic in portraying the stagnation of JD's morality as well as how he has ultimately latched onto Veronica as an object of worship (something he had previously done with the 7/11 chain). It is not a portrayal of love nor a healthy relationship, and it isn't intended to be. Nothing about JD's fixation or obsessive loyalty is romantic or meant to be idealized as such. The number triumphs in its depiction of a ruined and ruinous relationship, not a thriving one.