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i usually hate these posts, because i get it, my birthday is special to literally no one on the internet but myself, so it's a dumb excuse to ask for shit, but, fuck it. it's my birthday and i'm depressed as fuck and college sucks so may i please ask you, my fandom dad, to just tell me about yuuri katsuki, anxious international student who is this close to deciding no, he can't actually do this college overseas thing, and victor nikiforov, who shows him how loved he didn't realize he is?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BEAN.  i hope that you feel better throughout the day and that college gets better!! college was totally a void for me; i spent one year getting devastatingly trashed, and another three years Not Sleeping and trying to kill myself with work.  the good times i had in college are definitely punctuated and defined by how hard so much of it was to endure.  i’m rooting for you xx

and as far as anxious internationa studentl yuuri katsuki goes, he lives off of black coffee and spaghetti and basement pizza.  anxious international student yuuri katsuki is not doing great in classes, and maybe he doesn’t belong here, and he’s not the best at making friends, even though his one good friend and roommate, beautiful sunflower international student phichit claims all of the anonymous HEY YOU! shoutouts in the school newspaper talking about Cute Boy Asleep Under Table In Student Union Building or the Hotchkin Hall Hotass are referring to him.  beautiful sunflower international student phichit tries to get him to loosen up and takes him out to a party and gives him two blue pills with little dolphins on them that yuuri chases with a plastic cup of shitty sweet american lager, except instead of getting yuuri to loosen up, he ends up having a panic attack and laying down on the wet, cold concrete of the sidewalk outside just to feel something cool, which is how beautiful TA victor nikiforov finds him.  

it’s really embarrassing to talk to someone like beautiful TA victor nikiforov for the first time while soaked to the bone and rolling your nuts off.  yuuri has one class three days a week where victor helps, and yuuri always sits in the very back behind someone he’s sure stands at a height that makes participation on the school basketball team mandatory.  yuuri katsuki does not dare fly too close to the sun.  (maybe someday, he thinks, when they’re older they’ll both be at a conference together, and victor will recognize him across a crowded hotel lobby.  “you wrote those papers,” victor will say, “years and years ago.  i always drew smiley faces on the top in red marker,” because he does, and yuuri likes to pretend that he doesn’t do that with anyone else’s papers.)

despite what being in close proximity to beautiful TA victor nikiforov does to his heart rate, beautiful TA victor nikiforov manages to talk to him in a calm, engaging and funny way, and lets yuuri word vomit in return, and beautiful TA victor nikiforov eventually escorts yuuri back to the international house off campus.  

it is the next morning that yuuri realizes, with great shame, he must either change his major or leave the school entirely, because he cannot spend any more time in the presence of beautiful TA victor nikiforov.  

he ends up dropping the class and losing the credit.  he just can’t– he can’t go back to that class.  if he stays at this school past the end of the year, he’ll make the credit up somehow.  but right now he just, he can’t.  

it’s two and a half months later when he’s still there for winter break, not wanting to waste money on a flight home.  he’s walking through the slush to get dinner on christmas eve alone.  this is when he runs into beautiful TA victor nikiforov again.

beautiful TA victor nikiforov is very sad that anxious international student yuuri katsuki dropped his class! after yuuri left there was nothing to look forward to between one and three on mondays, wednesdays and thursdays!  why would you abandon me, yuuri? beautiful TA victor nikiforov (call me victor!) says, practically running him over when he sees yuuri across the street.  anxious international student yuuri katsuki doesn’t know what to say, except, “i’m going to get dinner, would you–?”

which is how they end up at a KFC at nine at night on christmas eve.  

“in japan, christmas is a romantic holiday,” yuuri says, realizing out loud.  “a lot of couples come to places like KFC, it just felt–”

“oh, is this a date, yuuri?” victor asks.  his voice sounds teasing, but when yuuri tries to jump up from the table and hide in a trash can, victor grabs his hand and looks him in the eye and it feels very serious.  “it’s okay if it’s a date, yuuri.”

“o-oh?” yuuri says.  

(and then, idk???? idk where i’m going with this.  yuuri does body shots of KFC gravy off of victor in the mens room?  like, why not, right? anyway, i hope you feel better!!) 

So right no I am working three part times (it’s not too bad cause it still gives me a day off each week) but my boss at my fri/sat waitressing job has recently asked if I will come to work full time and I really think I’ll do it. I’m just conflicted because I’ve had my daycare job for almost three and a half years and I adore my boss over there sooo much but the waitressing is offering the same wage, more hours and tips which should increase my pay about $3-400 a paycheck. Think I’m gonna do it but I’m so nervous about telling my daycare boss. Idk it feels like the right move but I’d love some words of advice about it . Luckily she pays 11.00 an hour not that shitty 1 or 2 most waitressing jobs do so it’s tempting.

hey all! my name is liz and i am stuck at work because somehow i have made retail my life. if u wanna know a little bit abt me….i’m 21 and from the est time zone. i’m a licensed cosmetologist and makeup artist bc i’m so basic it hurts & i work full-time doing brows and selling shit to people to make them pretty!!! i love it but also adulting is rly hard??? who knew. anYWAY this is my tiny lil babe jaxon ur friendly neighborhood drug dealer & )also lost puppy. i hope u love him like i do, and feel free to come @ me with plots - or just like this and i’ll slide into those dms ;)

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listen. i love newsies. it was the first musical i ever saw live and it will always be one of my favourites but. the sante fe prologue. feels SO LONG. THE SONG IS AMAZING BUT IT FEELS LIKE IT GOES ON FOR HOURS. FUCK

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Toni and Lucas :D

and for @asensihoe, who used their proper ship name, VAZKROOS!

  • when I started shipping it if I did:
  • well, as you all know, i was reluctant to let one specific spud into my heart because i don’t believe in the germans (’cept for the three men & a baby squad), b u t i loved lucas and HIS PERFECTLY PROPORTIONAL HEAD (u monsters), and apparently lucas was a fan? lucas thought he was nice? lucas thought he was fun? lucas was gonna do the impossible by making him feel things? thus began Operation Teach a Potato Love.
  • my thoughts:
  • like, lucas really did that?! toni has jumped on him! in front of humans! toni kroos willingly touched another human being,
  • and lucas catch! obviously antonio cruz is the reluctant one in this dynamic and lucas is just. the bubbliest, the softest, the silliest lil bright-eyed nugget! he’s his mama’s favorite son and there’s love spilling out of his eyeballs! their constant bickering/bantering in training, the way toni swats at lucas ALL! THE! TIME! because he’s a nerd who doesn’t know how to express his emotions properly, the really unexpectedly sweet moments when toni will just kinda…appear by his side. IDK WHAT THE FUCK, THEY COMPLETE EACH OTHER?
  • What makes me happy about them:
  • lucas. bruh, if lucas decided tomorrow he liked casemiro, suddenly i would be the world’s biggest lucamiro fan, SUDDENLY I TOO LOVE THE TALE OF BIG TENDERHEARTED GIRL-DAD MURDERER CASE AND GANGLY LIL GENTLE DOE LUCAS. 
  • his lil face and reluctant swaying away? MAKE ME SHIP ANYTHING!
  • no but also, i like that lucas makes fun of toni but is also upsettingly gentle with him. LIKE THE TIME HE CALLED HIM ANTONIO AND TOLD HIM HE COULD DO BETTER! AND HE KNEW IT! don’t talk to me, why did they do that, it was soft.
  • What makes me sad about them:
  • nothing, really. they’re happy. i like them happy.
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:
  • that there isn’t more? they would be one of the few pairings that lends itself to au, because i like their general dynamic and not specific history. so like, gimme road trip au! gimme lucas the footballer and toni who works in his agent’s office au. gimme fun. #letthembeboys!
  • things I look for in fanfic:
  • does the writer love lucas more than toni. no, but i’m annoying, borderline insufferable, about dynamics, so i haven’t read a lot of vazkroos fic out there.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
  • lucas and macarena are adorable, they’re gonna be the best parents one day so like, DO THAT!
  • My happily ever after for them:
  • lucas loves toni and is loved in return.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:
  • i think i said this in another askbox thing but, it’s gotta be lucas as big spoon because otherwise toni’s gonna slide out like two minutes in because he doesn’t understand how to give affection without purpose.
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:
  • making fun of each other. watching/playing basketball. taking leon and lucas’ dog to the park together. hassling isco.
talesfromcallcenters: Do you like your job?

So figure I should start posting some stuff. Recently landed a call center job at a major credit bureau. Found out not as shady as people think they are, at least not my side of it (memberships). This call came in on a slow day so I was feeling good.

Me- Some poor soul giving advice AD- Angry dude who wanted no help.

Me-Hello thank you for calling _____, my name is Echosniper, how can I help you today?

AD- Yes I use your service, and I’m a victim of fraud, I just applied for a Macy’s card, and when I looked at my alert, there’s a notice for three inquires, when I should just have one.

Pretty simple fix, the three bureaus each give an alert if the customer has three bureau monitoring.

Me- Alright sir I can take a look for you, may I get your social security number or membership id so I may pull up your account?

AD- SSN is 111-11-1111

Look into his account, he has 3B monitoring and the alerts show it comes from all three bureaus, all for one Macy’s card.

Me- Alright sir, so looking into this matter it seems like because you have three bureau monitoring, or gave you an alert for each different bureau, and not just one. That’s why there’s three alerts for one card.

AD- No no no no you’re not listening to me, can you fucking listen?

Whoa what?

Me- I’m sorry sir?

AD- You’re rattling off some basic bullshit they tell you too, this is fraudulent and I want those other two removed from my report!

Ok what the fuck? I give you the answer and you deny the answer, and think you know better? Why call customer care in the first place then?

Me- Sir I understand this can seem stressful, but if you go into your account and check the alerts it’ll sa-

AD- Do you like your job?

Me- Pardon sir?

AD- Do. You. Like. Your. Job?

Me- Uh, yes I do. Why do you ask sir?

AD- Because if you don’t fix this problem, I’m going to make sure you don’t have that job anymore. I’m recording this call, I’ll send an email to your boss, I’ll include this conversation, and it’ll show how rude and stupid you are being.

This went on for another couple of minutes. Ranging from him insulting me, to me explaining why some things cost money, (We don’t get the other two credit reports for free, if we need to buy them, so do you!)

AD- Listen I don’t want to fucking talk with a low level dumbass right now, I want to speak with someone who knows what they are doing, click

No supervisor, no escalation, didn’t even deactivate his account. Well alright then. Considering this is like my 2nd month in to call center jobs ever, think I’m going to enjoy it here.

By: Echosniper

Three Minutes

Rules are: write a title, set a timer for three minutes, and write like mad! Post whatever you come up with, whether it’s turned into a story or not. Feel free to join! (And to tweak a few sentences once the timer runs out. No judgement! It’s just for fun.)

Hospital Beds

I wait until they’re gone to get up. They take the lights with them. The lights, the food, the water jug, the poker for the fire. The extra firewood. Anything I could hurt myself with. Anything I could hurt the others with.
The door clicks shut, and I slid out of bed and pad over to the windows. They’re latched, latched and locked, but I learned long ago how to jiggle them open. It doesn’t matter, anyway. It’s too far down to jump, unless I’m in a hurry to die. I’m not, not tonight, and I open the windows only so the wind can get in. The wind. The light of the stars. The night. Everything the nurses don’t let me have, everything they think is dangerous for me.
The other girls hear me get up, and they wriggle out of their beds and come over. Their braids are tousled, their bangs too long and in their eyes. Some of them have been asleep, but they all wake up when the nurses leave. It’s our only chance to breathe. Our only chance to live.

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It's been three years and his name still tastes bitter on my tongue. I just can't get over him.

Oh boy, I totally get it. I feel like a lot of us have that one person that is finds their way back into our mind and we’re never fully over them. 

Like I say all the time, best thing you can do is surround yourself with positivity. Find things you love, hang out with good people and just do what makes you happy. x

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I messaged you like,, three months ago about my family pressuring me to go to college (i graduated a year ago) and how i wasnt ready. (I actually screenshotted your answer and still have it) i read tasty tryst yesterday and what you had tae say about not going to college and beinf happy with what hes doing made me feel oddly better? Like i know its fiction and different circumstances but it just made me feel a lot better about my choice??

Like ive told my family i dont wanna go to college just bc my mental is horrible and also i dont wanna spend the rest of my life swimming in debt? Just reading that in the story about how he’s happy even tho he doesnt have a degree made me feel so much better. So thanks for sort of helping me feel better about my choice of not going to college, iris ♡♡

Thanks for coming back and sharing this with me. No one should feel guilty about not going to college (especially if they don’t want to go in the first place) but I see it a LOT on here and it’s really sad to me. It’s a big reason why I made the series, as a gentle reminder that 1) not everyone goes to college, 2) there are good men who would make good matches who didn’t go to college, and 3) there is such thing as a good fanfic where the guy isn’t crazy rich. 

I wish you the best of luck, anon.

Handwriting Tag

Thank you to @acourtofstarsanddreams @midnight-wonder and @throne-of-omg-the-feels for tagging me! yes I was tagged by three people in the time it took me to do this

bask in the glory of my crappy handwriting that seems to change with what I use to write with

I tag  @a-darker-shade-of-magic @magnusglows @redbookpanda @everythingsatomboything and anyone else that wants to do this!

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Can I ask for your advice? My two sisters recently came out as gay and I can't help but feel that I missed the "gay train" 😅 (I have a "dont ask dont tell policy"). My parents were very understanding and all but they were like "at least we still have one straight kid left"... (surprise surprise im lesbian) Now it just feels awkward to tell them the truth 😒 Gay epidemic 🌈🌈

Is this for real? What have they been feeding the three of you? 😂

I guess it’s actually better to tell them now rather than later. I mean, it’s gonna be more difficult for everyone if they realized too late that you’re not the only remaining straight daughter they have. Imagine all the pressure you’ll get later in life… there’ll be expectations and I’m pretty sure getting a hetero wedding will be one of them. But plan it well and I hope you can also ask help from your sisters. Good luck! 😊

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Which pride flag do you like best? From a purely aesthetical standpoint.

Mod Bayley- Pansexual flag (my flag) but I love all three colors separately and I think they look great together! 

Mod Alys- Either the demiboy flag or the bisexual flag. I just love the colors of both and the way that they are arranged on the flags and it just makes me feel happy inside.

Tony gets a scooter

@reioka ​ because I couldn’t let go of the scooter idea.

Tony riding the scooter how I used to ride the scooter. And also that vague squiggle is Iron Man. Tony has an Iron Man scooter. 

Tony goes to his best friend. 

Steve says “Tony, no.” Well nobody asked you, Steve.

Rhodes says “Tony, Yes.”

Kool Kids Ride Skooters. (The proportions are fucked up but I literally don’t give a shit right now)



They got caught by Pepper. Steve you snitch Totally by accident. 

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I never came to the beach or stood by the ocean
I never sat by the shore under the sun with my feet in the sand
But you brought me here and I’m happy that you did
‘Cause now I’m as free as birds catching the wind

I always thought I would sink, so I never swam
I never went boatin’, don’t get how they are floatin’
And sometimes I get so scared
Of what I can’t understand

But here I am
Next to you
The sky’s more blue
In Malibu
Next to you
In Malibu
Next to you, baby

We watched the sun go down as we were walking
I’d spend the rest of my life just standing here talking
You would explain the current as I just smile
Hoping that you’ll stay the same and nothing will change
And it’ll be us just for a while
Do they even exist?
That’s when I make the wish
To swim away with the fish

Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long?
I never would’ve believed you
If three years ago you told me
I’d be here writing this song

But here I am
Next to you
The sky’s so blue
In Malibu
Next to you
In Malibu
Next to you, baby

Next to you
The sky’s so blue
In Malibu, baby
Next to you

We are just like the waves that flow back and forth
Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning and you’re there to save me
And I wanna thank you with all of my heart

It’s a brand new start
A dream come true
In Malibu

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

Now, remember, one of the plots in the earlier films was the telepathic communication between my sister and me,” Hamill said. “So I thought, Carrie will sense that Han is in danger and try to contact me. And she won’t succeed, and, in frustration, she’ll go herself. Then we’re in the situation where all three of us are together, which is one of my favorite things in the original film, when we were on the Death Star. It’s just got a fun dynamic to it. So I thought it would have been more effective, and I still feel this way, though it’s just my opinion, that Leia would make it as far as she can, and, right when she is apprehended, maybe even facing death—Ba-boom! I come in and blow the guy away and the two of us go to where Han is facing off with his son, but we’re too late. The reason that’s important is that we witness his death, which carries enormous personal resonance into the next picture. As it is, Chewie’s there, and how much can you get out of [passable Chewbacca wail] ‘Nyaaarghhh!’ and two people who have known Han for, what, 20 minutes?
—  Mark Hamill Speaking The Actual Truth jfc in Vanity Fair