my feelings for these three are just

i hope all of you have a wonderful day and get to listen to the three songs off of reputation on loop. i hope you all feel wisps of happiness and pure joy whilst doing a ton of things that wholly warm your soul. i hope all of you remember that taylor swift thinks you’re so gorgeous. she truly loves and appreciates all of us. keep shining.

(I edited my simself a little. I’m face blind and literally can’t remember even my own face, so this time I hope it’s a bit more realistic.)

I was planning to hold a some kind of give away but I found out the Tumblr policy doesn’t allow minors or people from different countries to enter them so I can’t do that. I don’t wanna risk my account breaking the rules, I’m sorry.

So here’s my way to thank you. I’ll put it under the cut because it’s going to be a long post. And I warn you, this might be overly emotional.

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Do u like aizawa more than levi


You have to keep in mind here that Levi is such an important character for me, that literally no other character in existence will ever be able to top him in my book. Ever. I’m not over-exaggerating here when I say the existence of Levi as a character and this blog that I run centered around him has legitimately saved my life. That is impossible to top tbh. 

Aizawa will never top my love for Levi. However, he is an extremely close second. I’d even go so far as to say that I adore Aizawa just as much as I adore Levi! But, my adoration for both characters exists for completely different reasons. 

Levi is a character I have loved and thoroughly studied for almost three years. I feel like I know every inch of his character like the back of my hand at this point. That doesn’t mean I’m bored with him by any means. There is still a fuckton about Levi i’d love to learn and have confirmed but, at this point I feel like I know him very well. 

Aizawa is new territory for me. I’m still learning about this guy. I’m still figuring him out, and it’s exciting to explore a new, interesting character in the same way I explore Levi’s character. The info we have on him in canon is scarce af too so it’s nice to experience the New Factor again. 

And even though I see a lot of people slap the Levi persona on Aizawa and state how similar they are; truly, they are vastly different characters. Especially when it comes to their personalities. I really want to write a meta about this because I see it occur so often lmao. They are both my faves, and they both have the status of Fave for their own reasons. 

Now if you were to ask me which character I’d be more realistically attracted to; Aizawa, hands down. He’s way more my type and far less complicated than Levi when it comes to mental and emotional health. And if you were to ask me which series as a whole was my all time fave, SnK would take the cake without any hesitation. 

Basically, it comes down to this, anon:

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Just Drarry

Draco: I hate him! If I got three wishes they would all be to never see his obnoxious face ever again!

The entire Slytherin house: Why are you so scared to ask Potter out

Draco: I’M NOT SCARED! I just don’t feel like it. *grumpy mumbling*

(meanwhile across the castle)

Harry: You’ll never guess what painfully stupid thing Malfoy said today, I literally hate him, he’s the bane of my existence.

The entire Gryffindor house: *collective groaning* Ask him out already omfg

Harry: I do what I what. *Grumpy mumbling*

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Some poly tree Bros x reader smut?

Poly Tree Bros smut??? My three favorite things??? Y es

-Connor is typically the dom while you and Evan are subs
-Con lovesss when you beg
-you’ll be on the brink of orgasming and he’ll move on to Evan
-it drives you insane
-if you’ve been naughty Connor will tie you down and start making out with Evan until you’re crying for him
-and if Connor’s feeling lazy he’ll make you and Evan get each other off while he just watches from afar
-one time Evan asked if he could dom and you Connor were down
-it was an amazing night
-I’m sorry if these are kinda shitty I’m planning on writing an entire Poly!tree bros x reader fic so

Okay but people… the Rowdy Three feed on neurological energy. Okay.

But only that? I mean, if they tried to eat human food, what would happen? Would they just digest it without any benefit, would they be able to taste it? Or would it feel like something disgusting?

Because y’know, when Amanda joins them - she eats proper normal human food - they have to get her food to keep her healthy. Or just to keep her going. Would they know that? Or just after eating her psychic energy would one of them go “OH MY GOD WE HAVEN’T FED HER!”

And she’s like, nah, I got this, I brought sandwiches. Do they all watch her chewing her sandwich? Would she ask if they want a bite? Would she make them discover French fries?


No one would ever ask for this but this is what boredom does…(ignore me, having a crisis) I’ll probably delete this later or something anyway out of fear.

Okay, most recent is top left, from like three days ago, and the oldest is the bottom right.

I just want to have colorful hair :( 

(also seems to repel pretty boys too…)

Well I guess i’m not a stranger anymore…hello!

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Oh my god I fucking love your three parts of a whole story❤❤❤❤❤. I am poly and have two girlfriends and I feel you did it justice. I mean when most people hear I have two girlfriends they just don't get it. It really is simply being equally in love with two people and the feeling that you couldn't live without either of them. Thank you for your masterpiece of a story and all the ones you write. -Eliza

Aw you’re very welcome Eliza :-). I was actually a bit nervous when I received your message a few days back, before posting the story, of you telling me that you were in a polyamory relationship cause like…what if I screwed it up ? ^^’ Because I don’t know what it is to be in a polyamory relationship, and just kinda…gathered from what some of my friends told me, from what I read and stuffs so…yeah, just thank you very much for letting me know you liked it :-).

Human Series Master Post

I recently completed the final story in my Metroid fan fiction series, the “Human Series,” and promised I would type up a big master post on it with descriptions of each of the stories and their order. I feel like I should give a bit of information about the series first.

 The Human Series is something I started writing at the end of 2015, and I honestly never thought I would end up with a whole quadrilogy, let alone finish the first story. It just started out as feelings I wanted to write down, particularly after Other M. I had really liked the idea of Samus and Adam having a platonic relationship and Samus suffering from PTSD, but I had a lot of issues with the way the game presented these themes. So I decided to take a shot at it myself.

 I wrote the first three chapters of “Human” over the winter holidays when I was in New York visiting my parents. Then I set it on the shelf for a month or so, figuring I probably wouldn’t get back to it. I’m not sure exactly why I went back and wrote the rest, but I did, and I’m happy with that decision.

 All of the games in the series are canon in this AU except for Other M and Federation Force. Each of the four stories in the series has its own plot, but they all take place in the same AU on the same timeline. The first three happen one right after the other and there is a five-year gap before the fourth one begins.


Book 1

Link to story on

Link to story on Archive of Our Own

 This story begins six months after the events of Super Metroid. The Space Pirate War is over. The galaxy is more or less at peace. While this is what Samus has dedicated her life to fighting for, things aren’t going so well for her. Thirty years since the raid on K-2L, Samus finds herself without a purpose now that the Metroids and Space Pirates are gone.

 She ends up traveling to Earth to take an odd mission from a mysterious widow. Sensing that both Samus and her employer might have ulterior motives, Adam Malkovich accompanies her, but even he could not have predicted where this would lead them.

 “Human” is primarily a drama story about Samus rediscovering her place in the galaxy now that she has fulfilled her purpose in life. There is a subplot involving mystery, action, and of course, shooting things with missiles. “Human” sets the stage, introduces the characters, and builds the AU in which the rest of the series takes place.


Book 2

Link to story on fan

Link to Story on Archive of Our Own

 “Spawn” is the story immediately following “Human,” and it begins during the scene where “Human” left off. I can’t really say too much about the plot of this story without giving away spoilers. If “Human” was about Samus trying to come to terms with the galaxy after the war, “Spawn” is about Samus trying to move on and begin living her own life outside of being a bounty hunter.

 It’s the shortest story in the series, but it’s pretty special to me. It’s got drama, humor, and a budding romance.

 But there’s also another element to the story. While Samus is making a life for herself, a new evil is out in the galaxy, and at the end of the story, Samus will be faced with an impossible choice.


Book 3

Link to Story on

Link to Story on AO3

 This story is a full-out Metroid/Aliens cross over fic. Although it would be really great to have seen the first two Alien movies before reading this, I made sure prior familiarity with that series was not required.

 This story is a straight up action/sci-fi/horror story, and yes, lots of things blow up.

 Ellen Ripley and an a fleet of Colonial Marines are stranded in the destroyed Earth Colony on LV-426. Disaster strikes when a Federation Army team led by General Adam Malkovich sent to rescue them, but explodes before reaching the surface. Adam survives, only to awaken within the wreckage with one other survivor. The two of them will have to team up with Ripley’s group if they wish to survive nightfall, when the monstrous “Xenomorphs” are their most active.

 Samus is contracted to hunt the Xenomorphs and rescue survivors, but something more sinister lurks below the surface. And it will force her to confront her own alien origins.

“Zero Host”

Book 4

Link to Story on

Link to Story on AO3

 This is the only story in the series that takes place after Metroid Fusion. It is set five years after the end of “Xenophobia” and brings the conclusion to Samus’s story.

 Tensions have been growing between factions of the Galactic Federation for years. The election of a new Chairman and the repeal of the Bioweapons Ban has thrown the system into chaos and paved the way for experiments as dangerous and unethical as any completed by the Space Pirates years before.

 When Samus sets out to accompany a group scientists to SR-388, Samus Aran never imagines the mission would end in her going rogue and blowing up the planet and BSL station. Now a wanted fugitive, Samus must fight new enemies within the Federation itself. She’ll discover the insidious depths of their bioweapon projects, including the mysterious “Zero Host” weapon experiment.

Additional Information:

The four stories listed above make up the main bodies of work in the Human Series, but they are not all of it. Over time, I will release other stories within the same AU. Strangely enough, I already have a holiday special up from 2016 called “For the Rest of Us.” Humorous writing though it is, I actually consider it canon to the series. 

 Last summer, @plintoon also did some amazing art of scenes from the series, and I wanted to share that in this post as well. Here are the links:

 So this is it. This is the Human Series I’ve dedicated the past two years to writing. I hope you enjoy it. I always appreciate reviews and comments. If you have any questions, feel free to message or inbox me on here. I’m always happy to answer.

Enjoy! And see you next mission!


I lost the election for 1L rep on the Law Students Society. By.. a lot. I’m feeling pretty shitty about it.

1L rep is mostly a popularity contest. There’s no campaigning. The speeches are minimal and like, 10 people heard them. And this all makes it worse?

Like. These people didn’t reject my policies. They rejected me.

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alyssa's back, back aGaiN alyssa's back tell a frIeNd OMG HEYY ive been reading all your previous works and got so inspired that i began to write my own!! IM FREAKIN OUT because i got so much love?? is this how you feel?? because im stUNNED

salkjdsaklj yes I’m back teehee;;;IVE INFIRED YOU ASKDHSAD OMG WOW NEVER THOUGHT ID BE ONE TO INSFIRE. AND YES RECEIVING LOVE FEELS WEIRD AT FIRSt RIGHt? But don’t worry! The more love you receive, the more love to give back🙈 The first time I got an ask from an anon (three months ago?) I was so freaked out bc ‘whattt people like my stuffff?’ and gah the more I spoke to y’all, the more i loved and appreciated you! IDK IF YOU ALL UNDERSTAND JUST HOW MUCH YOU’VE AFFECTED MY HAPPINESS BC I FEEL SO LOVED BY YOU SKHDKSJL I’M still stunned to this day!!!!

Does anyone ever think about the fact that after everything with Kate, maybe Derek goes to New York with the decision to never to be hurt that way by anyone again. Not the losing his family part, because how could he ever lose so much again, right? (Right? I’m not crying at all!) So he gets a part-time job as a grocery bagger or something, because he is young and most places won’t hire him halfway through the year. And he works after school to bring in a few bucks so that Laura’s eyes won’t be quite so pinched now that she has gotten her GED and began working to make ends meet for them in a very expensive city. After work, she then spends sometimes hours on the phone and emailing lawyers who are still trying to get all of the paperwork straight. So yeah, Derek  works to help Laura.

But then some lady at the store gives him that look. Like Kate. Her eyes are interested, and her grin is predatory, and he just knows she wants him. So he thinks to himself if he initiates it, maybe it won’t leave him feeling so wrong. So he does. And it becomes a thing. He flirts with anyone who shows him interest as he bags their groceries and “helps them to their car” even though they never need help.

From there maybe it just becomes a way of survival. As he gets older, it seems like more women want to sleep with him. He’s filling out, thanks to all of the runs he’s going on after work and thanks to the workouts he’s pushing his body through every morning. Because he has to be strong enough. He has to be bigger. He doesn’t want anyone to think they can hold him down or force him.

He learns how to play the game. One day he mentions something about that to a coworker (now working at a bar mixing drinks because someone had once told him he would make great money in tips) but his coworker didn’t think of sex as a game. Derek knew better. Maybe it wasn’t for some people, but he would never be able to trust someone in that way again, so he had to strike first before an opponent could.

One day a man at the bar looks at him just right, and Derek just thinks Oh. He’s never focused on men before, but he’s noticed them in passing. So he goes to the guy’s apartment after his shift and they sleep together. Derek pretends he’s done this before, even though he’s mostly relying on his sense of smell and hearing to tell if the guy is into different things he tries. And after that, Derek flirts with anyone he feels he has to.

So fast forward to Stiles. Stiles who is home from college after his second year has finished to make room for summer break. Stiles who means so much and is so good even when he’s an asshole. Stiles who leans in one day after a pack dinner, when he and Derek have finished cleaning up after everyone else has gone home. Stiles kisses him gently, at first, almost hesitantly. But when Derek doesn’t push him away, he presses in more firmly and suddenly Derek realizes where this is going to go. And it kind of makes him sad.

He lets Stiles slip his shirt off and push him back onto his bed. Stiles crawls on top of him and Derek begins pulling their hips together in a slow and sinuous way. But Stiles doesn’t react like any man Derek’s been with before–which really shouldn’t be as much of a surprise as it is. Yes, Stiles lets out a little moan, but it doesn’t break Stiles away from Derek’s mouth, where his tongue is doing things to Derek that he can’t explain. And his hands after trapping Derek’s face, but not like he’s trying to contain Derek, more like he’s holding something precious. His thumbs keep swiping across Derek’s eyebrows, like he’s memorizing their shape.

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Annabeth looking at her boyfriend vs Annabeth looking at everyone else

The whole “Lucius was abusive with Draco” thing has always been so funny to me. Really, I don’t get how people are able to believe something so silly. 

Seriously, guys, wake the fuck up, if Lucius had been abusive with his son, he wouldn’t have been a part of the series. You know why? Because Narcissa “If you attack my son again I shall ensure that is the last thing you ever do” Malfoy would have killed him ten times in a row.