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I think the unusual thing about the diner scene in episode five (”I don’t have time for, or interest in, talking about your stupid picture of a cowboy”) is that the rest of the show goes to great lengths to show that Dirk Gently isn’t actually psychic in the traditional sense of the word.

We would’ve gotten more explanation-slash-context if we’d gotten the flashback scene they’d fimed, but still. The only conclusion I’m drawing here is that the universe had a very good reason for telling Dirk that Todd had drawn a cowboy, and the reason was that Todd needed a push towards actually believing that Dirk really is what he says he is.

To Be Afraid

|To Fall|

Member: Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff 

Word Count: 5086

Summary: Love. It’s a strange thing. It can either make you the happiest person in the world or the most miserable. You don’t know when it comes or when it goes. Sometimes it’s not returned and sometimes it is. We don’t know how to deal with it, but we still yearn for it.

A/N: so 5000+ words happened. I started writing it and it seemed alright, but then I feel like it just go dragged on. I don’t know… Lately I feel like I’ve been lacking a lot in my writing so please let me know what you think about this. 

(also sorry for not being so active with updates. school is starting to get hectic again TT) 

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They say that three time’s a charm, but is it really?

The first was in high school.

You were a part of a tightly knit group. The four of you spent all of your time together; going out on weekends, working together in group projects, hell, you even grew up together. Like all cliche movies, the group consisted of two boys and two girls. Almost naturally the four of your grew attractions for each other. This group of best friends soon became a living, breathing, double date. Of the two couples, you and Jimin were the first to get together. He was your everything. He was your first. Nothing could ever replace the emotions that that relationship brought to you.

“Jimin? Are you home?”  You ring the doorbell, but no one answers. You wait a few more minutes, but there’s still no answer.

He wasn’t at school today so you assumed that he was sick. You even skipped half a day to go home and make him some soup so he wouldn’t feel completely miserable. The last time that Jimin got sick, he couldn’t speak a single word. He’s not one to get sick, but when he does, it’s hell.

“Ji-“ You turn the doorknob and realize that it’s open.

Ah Jimin, that pabo

You don’t know why he would leave the door unlocked, especially if he’s sick.

“Jimin? Are you home?” You look around the house, but you see no trace of him. This leads you to believe that he’s in his room; on his deathbed.

“Jimin?” You knock softly on his door.

You hear the rustle of bed sheets and a few moans.

Aigoo. He must be extremely sick.

You open the door, but then you hear another moan. However, this moan did not sound like one that would come from a sick person. It didn’t even sound like it came from Jimin.

It can’t — No.

Your heart beats violently against your chest. Your hands are sweaty and shaking as they grip the doorknob tightly.

The longer you stand behind the door, the more you hear. Moans. Jimin and a girl. Saying each other’s names. You don’t know who the girl is nor do you care. Tears overflow your eyes. This cannot be happening to you. It can’t be true. This isn’t who Jimin is. You know that he would never do this. Not to you. Never.

One hand still on the doorknob and the other gripping the bag with the soup that you made for him. From what you can hear, they’re not planning to stop anytime soon. A small part of you is still holding onto the hope that it’s not actually Jimin. That your ears are playing a cruel joke on you. But you know. You know because that’s exactly how he sounded when he’s with you.

Mustering up what’s left of your courage and sanity, you push open the door forcefully.

“Jimin—” You were about to blow up in his face, but once you see him on top of another girl, both naked, you lose it.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jimin stares at you wide-eyed, but unmoving.

“You didn’t come to school today so I thought you were sick! W-what are you d-doing?” You realize that it’s a stupid question because you can clearly see what’s happening, but you can’t think of anything else to say.

“I—It’s not — I’m sorry.” Jimin gets off the girl, but before he gets off, she gives him one last kiss. You can’t believe it. First, the nerve of that girl, and second, the fact that Jimin also kissed back.

“How long?”

There’s a painful silence.

“6 months.”

You guys have been dating for a year.

He’s been cheating on you. For half a year and you didn’t even realize anything.

“Fucking hell Jimin! Half a year? God! Why am I so stupid?” You run your hands through your hair as you try to compose yourself, but tears you didn’t know you still had rush down your face. Jimin stands in his spot, not knowing what to do.

“I’m sorry Y/N.”

“No you’re not.”

No answer from Jimin. This confirms everything.

“We’re done Jimin, but I guess you didn’t need me to say…”

You stomp out of his room throwing the bag with the thermos onto the ground.

You’re at the door and only now are you noticing the second pair of shoes that belong to the girl.

Jimin was your everything, but to him, you were only a pass time.

That was your first. Your second ended on a slightly better note.

Your heart hurt for a few months, but then you realized that Jimin is not worth the time nor the hurt that you’re feeling. The relationship wasn’t real. There was never a relationship. You were so blinded by the young first love that you didn’t even realize the truth that was in front of you the whole entire time.

Years after, you spent time rebuilding yourself. You moved, you studied in university and worked some part time jobs. Somewhere along the way, somewhere along the late night lectures, you came across an interesting figure. Namjoon. When you first met him, it was hard to talk to him because it always seemed like he was analyzing every aspect of the world, but you came to admire that side of him. Both you and Namjoon would always arrive at the lecture hall early and after the two of you started to realize that, you started talking to each other. When you finally decided to pay attention to what he was saying and really thought of it, you realized that Namjoon isn’t just all talk. He makes some extremely good points and you marvel at how those words are really coming from a 22 year old.

Namjoon changed you. He changed the way you looked at the world and dealt with situations. He also changed the way you felt.

“Y/N. Can we talk?” Namjoon calls you in the middle of the night. You were about to go to bed after studying for reckless hours.


“Yes. I’m afraid that I can’t wait until the morning.” The tone of Namjoon’s voice makes you worry.


“I’m coming over right now.” Namjoon hangs up and you wait for him.

A few minutes later, you hear a three soft knocks at your door.

“Hey.” You open the door and you see Namjoon, except he looks extremely anxious. You let him walk into your apartment and he takes a seat on the couch.

“Y/N. I have something to tell you.”

The two of you have been dating for 9 months. It has been brief, but compared to the first relationship, you feel a lot better. Nothing seems forced and the two of you are very open with each other.

“What is it?” You look at him with a lot of concern and sit next to him.

“I think..we should take a break.” You hear him say the words clearly, yet you don’t feel as broken as the first time.

“Is something wrong?” You keep your composure and look at him. He meets your eyes.

“I hate to say it this way, but it’s me. You’re amazing Y/N. Don’t get me wrong. I know you’ve been through a lot in the past and just to see you grow as a person was amazing, but I’m starting to realize that I can’t give you what you deserve. You deserve a lot more than me Y/N. I don’t want you to be tied down to me when there’s still the whole world that you haven’t seen yet. Please understand this Y/N.” Namjoon takes your hands in his. Your’s are ice cold and his engulf yours with the warmth which perfectly represents your relationship. Namjoon has been nothing but the support that you needed.

“Namjoon, I understand what you’re trying to say, but I also can’t see myself with anyone else. You’ve supported me through so much even though we’ve only been together for a months. You’re everything I need.” You try to turn the situation, but you can tell that Namjoon has already made his decision.

“No, Y/N. I think this break will be good of the both of us. Especially since we’re both coming out of a relationship. I want to make sure that we really feel what we do truthfully and not by a means of rebound. Please?” Namjoon pleads and you can’t do anything, but agree.

Although you’ve been out of your first relationship for years now, you still catch yourself faltering back to thoughts of you and Jimin. Once again, Namjoon speaks the utter truth.

“Okay. Let’s do that.” You say, barely in a whisper.

“Thank you. No matter what, I still love you Y/N. Together as a couple or not. Love is still love.” Namjoon gives you a hug and gives you one last kiss on the forehead.

There was no resentment, no regret. You felt nothing but gratefulness for meeting Namjoon. The relationship wasn’t long, but it made a lasting impact. You learned not to linger onto the past, to not be afraid to speak your mind and have differences. You learned that not everything will go you way and nothing is that picture perfect relationship. There will be ups and downs and maybe more downhill than up. But that’s okay! It’s all part of living and you’ve learned to embrace that.

It’s a year after you and Namjoon decided to maintain the friend status. It was a mutual decision. After a lot of thought, you both realized that you’re not actually ready for a relationship and that the two of you are more fit as friends than lovers. There were no hard feelings and no signs of hatred. Namjoon and you still keep in touch. In fact the two of you are practically best friends. This is completely different from your first.

As a single candidate, completely free in the market, you’re loving the single life. You’re not in a rush to find someone nor are you trying to find someone. Instead of forcing something that’s not meant to be, you’re taking your time to learn who you really are.

In the past year, you’ve gotten into art. Dance, music, visual, everything. Namjoon was actually the first person to expose you to the world of art, but it’s only now that you’re really finding that interest. Of all the museums with paintings decorating the wall, you’ve come to really enjoy the art you find on the streets. Street performers to be exact. They can sing, dance, or do sidewalk art, but you will still experience that same kind of amazement.

Recently you’ve discovered this one street performer that does two of the three, sing and dance. He seems fairly young, perhaps around your age, but he is extremely talented. The first time you saw him was when you were walking home to your apartment. There was a huge crowd right in the middle of the sidewalk so you decided to join in. You didn’t know what to expect, but it’s safe to say when you first saw the performer, you were pleasantly surprised. He was dancing to an upbeat song and his body never missed a beat. It was amazing.

After that time, you would make it an effort to never miss any of his performances. You could say that it was something like love at first sight, but more alongs of in love with the performance at first sight. For the next couple of performances, he also danced. There were a variety of them ranging from slow contemporary to fast, more hip hop style dances. It didn’t matter what style it was, all the performances were good.

However, it was today’s performance that really caught you. There were a few occasions where this performer would sing, but today’s song was slow and you really felt the emotion of the song coming to life. Embarrassing enough, after he was finished singing, you had a few tears in your eyes.

You waited for the crowd to disperse a bit and then it was just you, the performer and a few other people that have decided to stay. He must have noticed you standing in your spot because he walked over to you.

“Hey. I don’t mean to sound creepy, but I’ve noticed that you’re always at my performances. Do you live near here?”

“Hi! Yes, in fact I do. I live a couple of blocks down from here. Your performance today was extremely nice. Thank you.”

“No, thank you for always coming to watch. It’s always nice to see some familiar faces in the crowd.” You take a look at him and you already knew this from the beginning, but he’s not hard on the eyes. Not even the slightest. Out of the whim, you come up with a crazy idea.

“Would you like to go get a drink? I know this really good place a few minutes away from here?” Okay, so it’s not like skydiving crazy, but you’re inviting a complete stranger to have a drink with you! In your books, that’s enough adventure to last you a whole two weeks.

Though two cups of hot coffee, you learn that his name is Jungkook and he’s being doing to the street performance business for years now. This whole thing is just his hobby, but somehow people have come to love what he does for fun. He’s also an extremely outgoing guy, but also very sensible. Hours after talking, reluctantly, you had to leave because it is a weeknight.

“Can I have your number? So we can keep in touch?” Jungkook asks and you nod your head while you punch in your number into his phone. “Thanks. I guess I’ll see you soon?”

“Yup, it was nice meeting you Jungkook.”

“You too Y/N. I’ll text you later! You know where to find me!” He gives you a cute wave and you head back to your apartment.

A few months pass and you get to know Jungkook fairly well. You can sense that there’s something more to your relationship with Jungkook, but you can’t put your finger on it. You’re able to joke around with him like you did with Jimin, but you’re also able to have really deep late night talks with him like you did with Namjoon. However, unlike the other two, Jungkook has a way of making you smile for no reason. It’s actually quite hard to compare Jungkook to Namjoon and Jimin because all three of them are so different, but they each made you feel something.

You decide to give Jungkook an early visit before his show at night. You spend the entire mid-afternoon preparing some food for him as well so he doesn’t get hungry midway through. He has told you that sometimes he forgets to eat when he does his shows and you know how bad that is for your health, especially if you’re constantly engaging in physical activity.

Once you’re finished with the food, you pack it into small boxes and place it in one of those reusable grocery bags.You get dressed and grab everything you need.

The weather outside is a lot nicer than you expected. The sun is hanging low in the sky, filling it with a nice tinge of orange and the markets are busy as usual. Luckily you’re not too early and you see the Jungkook’s back as he’s setting up his speakers and everything.

“Jungkook!” You shout and quicken your pace to reach him. He turns around swiftly and scans the area until he sees you. Then he gives you a bright smile and waves.

“Y/N! What are you doing here so early? I don’t start until a few hours later.”

“I know, but I wanted to surprise you.” You smile.

“Ah, what’s that?” He points to the bag that you’re holding.

“Oh, I — uh, I made you some things to eat. I know how you said that you usually forget to eat because you’re so caught up with performing.”

Jungkook doesn’t speak for a few seconds which makes you extremely nervous. You can feel your face heating up and you guess that it is now as red as the sweater that Jungkook is wearing.

“Unless you already ate. I could just take it back—”

“No! No. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Thank you Y/N! Here, we can eat over there.” Jungkook takes the bag and points to the fountain at the middle of the market.

The two of you walk over to it and take a seat on the edge. You take out the multiple lunch boxes, only realizing now how much food you actually made.

“Oh my. I didn’t realize how much I actually made.” You laugh nervously as you bury your face in your hands.

Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to take a bite of the kimbap that you made. At that very moment, you swear you saw his eyes light up like the lights at the market during the night.

“You seriously made this?” Jungkook takes another bite.

“Yeah. Is it any good?” You take a bite for yourself, but you’re not too sure how it fits with Jungkook’s taste.

“Is it any good? Y/N! This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten aside from my mother’s. Oh my god! I’m coming over to your place for all my meals now.” Jungkook exclaims as he moves onto the lunchbox with the noodles. He lets out a sigh of satisfaction.

A blush creeps back onto your face as you watch Jungkook enjoy the food that you made.

“I don’t know about all meals, but I can definitely make you some food when I come to watch you.”

“Thank you Y/N! This is seriously so good! Oh my god, I could kiss you!” You freeze.

You know that Jungkook is kidding as he’s so captivated by the food, but for some reason, his words are making your heart beat ten times faster. You haven’t known him for that long so why are you feeling like this? There is something familiar about what you’re feeling, but it’s not something that you will ever get used to.

Is it even okay to feel this way?

Is it too soon?

You haven’t known him for that long.

Maybe his words just caught you off guard. Yeah. That has to be it.

Tonight you decide not to go to Jungkook’s performances. There has been a lot on your mind lately and you can’t seem to sort out everything. It’s like someone just dumped all your emotions on you all at once without any prior notice.

You’ve been a lot more emotional lately. Scared. Kept away. Quiet.

Your texts with Jungkook have become shorter and shorter and calls are almost non-existent now. Anyone would think that you’re being a bitch for suddenly changing attitudes like this, but for some reason, you didn’t care.

Maybe you’re afraid of letting your feelings free and maybe you’re afraid of what might happen if you let the world know, but you don’t want to be hurt another time. You’ve already been in two relationships, the first one which ended very badly, the second was out of mutual feelings. You don’t know what else can happen. The only thing that you’re sure of is that your feelings are growing stronger and stronger, but you’re also becoming stronger and stronger at suppressing them, pushing your feelings to the back of your mind.

The night haunts you with flashbacks to your first relationship. You’re 110% over those feelings, but just the idea of another relationship ending badly is enough to knock you off of your game. You can’t get rid of that feeling when you discovered that Jimin was cheating on you for half of your relationship. You can’t stand the feeling of knowing that everything was one sided and a lie.

It’s not fair.

You don’t deserve this.

Jungkook doesn’t deserve to be treated this way.

Suddenly, your phone lights up from the dark living room.

Hey Y/N. Are you okay? You didn’t come tonight…

A frown appears on your face.

Yeah..sorry. I’m not feeling to well this week.

There’s a small pinch in your chest for lying to Jungkook, but it’s not a complete lie; you really aren’t feeling well.

Okay. Get some rest then! I hope you get better soon

You read his last text and sink back into the couch.

How long is this going to go on for?

Weeks later, you’ve still managed to stay on the low. Nothing really got better. Your thoughts, raiding the quiet of a peaceful mind and you’re scared to even face Jungkook now.

Just then, your phone starts to ring, causing you to jump from your spot.

“Hello?” You pick it up without looking at the caller ID.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice rushes through your ear.


“Hey, how are you? You haven’t been answering your calls lately and you stopped coming to my shows at night.”

“Sorry..I’m just not feeling that well.”

“Oh…Are you feeling better now?”

“A little…” To distract yourself, you pick at the sleeves of your sweater.

“Okay…Um…I got these tickets to go to a concert and I was supposed to go with one of my hyungs, but he bailed on me so I was wondering if you would like to go with me? You don’t have to if you’re not feeling well and we haven’t really talked in a while so—”

“I’ll go.”

“Wait, what? Really? I don’t want to make it seem like I’m forcing you.”

“It’s fine Jungkook. I think it will be nice.” You don’t know what you just got yourself into, but you can’t go back now.

Jungkook managed to get some extremely nice tickets, especially considering that it’s a BigBang concert. Your seats were somewhere near the front middle of the venue and everything was in the perfect view.

“I’m so glad that you agreed to come with me Y/N! This is so exciting!”

You knew that Jungkook is a huge BigBang fan because he would never stop talking about them. You also knew how much this concert would mean for him so you didn’t want to ruin it by sulking in your emotions so you tried to let yourself go.

Without a doubt, the moment the concert started, it was amazing. The atmosphere was unbelievable and it didn’t feel like you were in a stadium. You don’t know what it felt like, but it felt good. You could finally enjoy yourself and all your thoughts were pushed away by the music.

You and Jungkook started to sing along with the songs. Luckily you guys weren’t the only ones or else you would have looked like maniacs.  The lights are flashing around everywhere and it’s honestly the best feeling. At one point during the concert, you look over to Jungkook and notice how focused he is on the stage. His eyes are practically lighting up and his mouth is opened just to the slightest.

This is another quality that you admire about him. His passion.

You to turn your attention back to the idols up on the stage and you enjoy the rest of the concert.

During the slower songs, the fans start to sing along and it sounds amazing. You also join in with the singing and you admire the sea of the light sticks.

Then you feel something warm touch your hand.

You look down and notice that Jungkook is holding your hand tightly. You look up at him in shock, but he just smiles and stays focused on the screens. The thoughts come rushing back into your mind and you thank the gods for the loud music or else everyone would have heard you heart pounding.

What does this mean?

The concert ends, but Jungkook is still holding onto your hand. People start to exit the venue and the two of you follow them.

“Jungkook we should go before there’s a lot of people at the sub—” You train of thought leaves you once you feel Jungkook soft lips on your cheek.

“W-what is that for?” Jungkook shrugs.

“I just wanted to do that. Come on! Let’s go!” Jungkook takes the lead and guides the two of your towards the subway.

The ride back to your apartment was quiet. It didn’t help that there were a lot of people and you and Jungkook were squished into one corner of the train. The whole entire time you couldn’t look up at him. Everything that happened tonight replays in your head. This whole time you were trying to control your feelings and maybe forget about them, but then Jungkook goes ahead and does what he did.

“Hey Y/N. This is our stop.” Jungkook tugs at your arm lightly and you nod.

The walk back to your apartment is also quiet.

“Y/N, are you okay? You’re not saying anything.”

“What? Oh…yeah I’m fine. Just…tired.”

“Oh…” Jungkook slows his pace, but you continue to walk, falling out of Jungkook’s hold. The moment his hand is no longer holding yours, you feel this emptiness. You feel exposed. You don’t like it, but what can you do? This is what you wanted. To let go.

“Wait!” You turn around and Jungkook runs to catch up to you. You don’t get a chance to say anything as Jungkook cups your face in his hands and kisses you, right there in the middle of the sidewalk. Your eyes widen. His lips are soft and warm, but yours are cold and hard. Your lack of movement causes Jungkook to stop and he pulls away.

“Sorry…I just…I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”


“Just here me out Y/N. We’ve known each other for what? Half a year give or take? When I first saw you in the crowd, you took my breath away. You’re absolutely beautiful, but when we started to talk, I knew that I didn’t want to stop. I hate how cheesy this sounds, but it was like something just clicked in my mind. Everything felt so right. Over these past few days where we stopped talking for a little bit, I missed you so much. I couldn’t stand it so I asked my hyung to hang out another time just so I could to this concert with you. Now, I know that you probably don’t feel the same way, but if I didn’t tell you today, I don’t think I ever would have. It was killing me, not being able to see or talk to you and it was killing me even more knowing that my feelings are only getting stronger and stronger. Y/N you’re extremely special to me and I just wanted you to know that whatever you do, wherever you are, I want to be with you as well.”

If you weren’t frozen before, you definitely are now. Jungkook is holding both of your hands while he looks at you with glimmering eyes. However, you frown and slowly take your hands back.

“Jungkook…I’m sorry.” You see the frown form on Jungkook’s face, but you turn and walk away. The moment your back is facing Jungkook, tears fall ruthlessly down your face.

I’m sorry Jungkook. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. You make me feel like the luckiest person in the world, but I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve you.

A month passed and you’re a mess. Namjoon tried to give you advice about this and he tried to get you to tell the truth to Jungkook, but you refused. You didn’t have the strength to do so. Jungkook called and texted you everyday, trying to ask what happened, but you never replied. During the day you were fine, having the distraction of work, but night was the worst. You didn’t know what to do with yourself.

You’re about to settle into bed, bracing for another sleepless night, but then there’s a loud banging at your door.

“Y/N! Open up please! I know you’re in there! Namjoon told me everything! Please Y/N! Just come out!”

Namjoon told him? How?

Hesitantly, you open up the door and there he is. Jungkook standing in front of your door looking better than ever, while you’re here in your pyjamas, looking like a mess.

“Y/N…” He says in a whisper.

“What do you mean Namjoon told you? How do you know him?”

“He was the first to contact me. I guess he found my contact information through social media or something. He told me what you’ve been through. All of it.”

“Oh.” You look down at your feet in embarrassment, but then you feeling Jungkook engulf you in a hug.

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N? I would have understood. Do you know how much it hurt me to see you walk away that night? I thought I did something wrong!” You feel your tears soak through his shirt, but he only holds onto you tighter.

“I didn’t know what to say…I don’t know how to say it.” You wrap your arms around his waist and pull him in close as well.

“You should have told me a little bit though. I would never hurt you Y/N, you know that.” You nod and Jungkook wipes away all your tears.

“It’s just…You came into my life out of nowhere and these feelings came back. I didn’t know what to do because I’m always so happy when I spend time with you. I love you…” You whisper the last three words, a realization you had on that very night.

Jungkook pulls your chin up so that your eyes meet with his. He smiles softly and gives you a peck on the lips.

“I love you as well Y/N. More than you would know it. Hell, I spent a whole entire month texting you every day even though you never replied!” This makes you laugh a little. “Let’s take this one step at a time okay?” He holds you by your waist and you nod.

“Okay.” You whisper and lean into his chest.

“You don’t have to be afraid Y/N.”

Maybe three times will be a charm.

Stop Freaking Out And Put Some Pants On

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,141

Description: Kai’s thoughts get the best of him and he ends up believing that you will reject his proposal. For advice, he goes to his three closest friends he could think of, in hopes of gaining ideas of ways to sweep you off your feet.

Warnings: None my dude, this is a happy kinda thing.

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I can request for a Kai imagine. Kai asking Damon, Stefan and Alaric to help him out on ways he can propose to you and you end up saying yes. :) I love your blog btw. 💕 - @floxeuu

A/N: Kai Parker imagines always make me feel so smiley, I love his and I’m not sorry about it. But this title makes me feel like I just wrote a Fall Out Boy song if you catch my drift, anyway I hope you enjoy 

Requests are open, check bio for details :)

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Through out the Salvatore mansion the sound of pacing could be heard. The crackling fire, the movement of Damon in the kitchen, Stefan’s  soft music playing in his room, and Alaric’s car pulling into the driveway, couldn’t compare to Kai Parker’s nervous pacing.

The worst part about it was that it didn’t stop. From the moment Kai had arrived at Damon and Stefan’s residence he was pacing. That was almost two hours ago.

At first the two brothers found it funny, a man so nervous to ask a girl a simple question, that he was left silently pacing in the living room until someone would physically stop him.

But then ten minutes past by and Kai was still in the living room, moving back and forth over and over again, with what seemed to be no end.

When Stefan had asked Kai what was wrong, all he had done was placed a small black velvet box on the couch next to him and then proceeded to pace.

Stefan almost chocked at the inference, and almost died again when he saw the ring. Damon had a similar reaction.

They had called Alaric over for some advice, not knowing what to do in a situation like this.

Now, the three men all surrounded Kai and his pacing, waiting for him to sit down.

“Kai, why don’t you just take a seat before your legs fall off. Let’s talk about this.”

Alaric said, understanding pre-proposal jitters, however not to this extent.

When Kai didn’t stop moving, Damon had sighed and looked over to Stefan and Alaric with raised eyebrows. Then he brought his hand up and slapped him across the cheek.



“Someone had to get him to stop.”

Now Kai sat on one couch while the other three sat on the one across from him, almost in an interrogation style.

“Kai just talk to us, tell us what you’re so worried about.”

Stefan said calmingly, in an effort to keep Kai from pacing again.

“What if she says no? Why would (Y/N) want to marry me anyway? I’m a terrible person whose done terrible things, I don’t even know why she’s with me. Maybe for sex, do you think she would-”

“No, shut up.”

Damon stated cutting him off, not wanting to hear about his friends sex life.

“Listen, granted you’ve messed up quite a lot but clearly that had no impact on (Y/N). She loves you and you know that, theres no reason to be nervous. Now, since that’s cleared from the air, how do you plan on asking her?”

Alaric shifted the conversation and Kai just shrugged with a nervous expression on his face.

“Wait so you bought a ring, without a plan?”

Stefan questioned, curious as to how he would have hidden the ring from your curious mind.

“I clearly don’t think much okay? I just want to ask her, thats all. Nothing huge and sappy like you see in the movies, I think I would throw up. Also, so many things could go wrong, like if we put up lights they could blow out of flowers could make her allergies worse and what if-”

“Maybe you should stop talking.”

Damon’s snarky comment cut him off, then he looked to Alaric and Stefan with pleading eyes.

“Please help me, I’m hopeless.”

Alaric sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You said you just wanted to ask her right?”

Kai nodded with his head placed in his hands. 

“Why don’t you just walk with her, talk to her about everything and anything and just propose?”

Stefan suggested from his spot on the couch. 

“Or you can buy a bottle of bourbon and knock it down to loosen your nerves.”

Damon added, while both Alaric and Stefan smacked him over the head.

“I’m kidding, just put your man pants on and propose! She loves you for some reason!”

“The walk sounds nice, its casual and romantic, if you wanna add a little pizzazz you can.”

Kai nodded and left the house.

“The ring!”

Alaric yelled, bringing Kai’s attention back to the boys and ran over to the couch and took the ring, then left the house.

* * *

Kai stood in front of your shared apartment door and took out the key, unlocking it and entering to see you sitting on the couch eat a bowl of ice cream.

“Hey babe what’s up?”

You asked turning down the TV’s volume. 

“We’re gonna go on a walk so take your pjs off and lets roll.”

Kai cringed and shut his eyes and sighed.

“Sorry, just put on whatever you like and let me take you to the park, it won’t be as weird as I made it I promise.”

You laughed and stood up from the couch. You walked over to Kai and put your hand on his forehead.

“You feeling ok? You seem a little off.”

You moved your hand from his forehead to his cheek and he relaxed at your kind touch.

“I’m ok, yeah, just go get changed and we’ll walk and talk you know?”

Nodding, you left the room and smiled, laughing at his odd behavior.

After changing, you came out of your room and saw Kai, still standing near the door. He took you hand and led you out of the apartment and into his car.

“We’re not walking?”

“Yeah, just not around the block.”

Through the drive, you looked out the car window wondering about the final destination and why Kai is not as confident as he normally is. A short drive later, Kai stopped the car and you two got out. Kai led you to a empty walkway and placed his hand on yours.

“Now, (Y/N) I know that I don’t deserve an award for the greatest person of the year and I sure as hell don’t understand how you even put up with me so I kinda just wanted you to know that you mean a lot to me.” 

You gasped when you saw the rose petals that led to a cut down tree stump which held a small opened ring box.


Tears started to brim your eyes as Kai led you through the rose petals to the tree stump.


He took the ring of the tree and got down on one knee.

“There is no world I could travel to where I could be happier than I am right now. You are the love of my life and the only person that sees me for me, so will you do me the honor and become my wife?”

Tears were now falling down your face and you could only muster a small whisper.


Kai’s eyes filled with joy and quickly flooded with tears. All his nerves from before vanished once he put the beautiful engagement ring on your finger.

Cold Hearted (BTS AU) | Chapter 11

Genre: Post zombie apocalypse

Pairing: Jimin X Reader 

Will contain:  Violence, Mentions of blood and death and the gross stuff, Fluff, Angst, smut (Wiggles eyebrows.) and major character death.  

Synopsis: The world was once booming with sound, streets full of people, there was always just, something. Lights, the lights that made people feel safe in the dark. But that world soon got took over with silence and darkness. Leaving people alone with creatures they did not know would even exist.

A/N: This is so much fluff, I don’t even know why. Just don’t hate me at the end, I hope it’s not too rushed. I also want to thank @mochiminyoongi for giving me a few ideas to help me out, thank you my lovely. 

Word count: 5.5K

Originally posted by okayoongz


It’s been three days since Hoseok was bit. Those three days have been nothing but torture for not only him, but everyone who had to watch it happen. Yoongi has cried at least once ever since that day. More now as Hoseok only got worse.

You have had to keep him tied up. Hoseok is getting into the anger stage of turning. He didn’t want to be kept in the weapons hut, so you’ve kept him in a more secluded room you never used upstairs. It was your turn to go check on him.

You can already hear him groaning in pain as you reach the door. You just take a deep breath as you enter. Looking at him only hurt so you tried not to look too much. You hold the small pot of blueberries in your trembling hands. He needed to keep strong even under the circumstances, when he had a moment he eats them, but that was rare.

“Get out!” He screams at you. You only stay. You glance up and drop the berries.

“Guys!” You scream.

Namjoon rushes to the room, along with a panicked Yoongi, Jimin and Jungkook. You all stare in shock. Slowly everyone else joins. You flinch as Hoseok screams out and thrashes around. The veins that were once on his arms now stick out from his neck, slowly creeping to his face. His eyes are completely bloodshot, his hair is a mess and he keeps drooling as he thrashes.

“Tell me this will be over soon please!” Yoongi begs Hoseok who doesn’t respond. He only screams more, you see his skin being cut into by the ropes that keep him back from hurting any of you. The sight makes you feel not only scared, but it breaks your heart seeing him go through this. You glance to the one person you know had to witness this before.

Jimin looks scared. The more Hoseok thrashes and screams the more Jimin starts to panic. The next moment only made your body go numb. Everyone was in shock.

“Please!” Jimin begs, stepping forward. “Please! It’s going to be ok Taemin, Its ok!” He notices his slip up. Looking round at your sad faces he rushes from the room. You didn’t want to see Hoseok hurt any longer so you follow him.

Hoseok gets quieter as you follow Jimin down the hall. He turns into your shared room and slams the door shut. You hover outside until you hear it. The moment he broke.

You listen to his sobs, he doesn’t stay quiet. It’s now or never you think to yourself so you push open the door. He doesn’t pay you any attention. He sits on his bed with his head in his hands as his body shakes.

You make your way over to him. Sitting with him, you hesitate, but finally gather the courage. You place your hand on his back as you rub small circles. He shakes his head, his next moves shocking you.

He moves fast to wrap his arms around your body, knocking you so your back falls to the bed. He sobs into your chest at the memories of his friend. Seeing it again has brought back too much for him. You only lay there. Not because you finally have him in your arms, but you need to be there for him right now.

“Please don’t go…” He mumbles.

“I promise.” You whisper, running your fingers through his hair, letting him let it all out.

You don’t know when, but the next thing you know, you fell asleep.


You wake with the feeling of warmth. Light shines on your eyes causing you to open them slowly. The first thing you notice is the house is silent. Is it over?

You feel a weight on your body. Looking down you see a sleeping Jimin, he clutches to your sweater while he frowns in his sleep. This moment would be great if you didn’t need to pee.

He stirs in his sleep. You can’t help but smile. You feel a wash of worry when he opens his eyes, lifting his head he looks at you, his eyes scanning your face.

“Hey…” He whispers, his voice groggy. He’s not mad?

“Hi…” You manage out.

He moves his body so he overs over you. “This is a dream, right?” You wish it was.

“No.” Then his expression drops.

“Oh.” With that he moves from you, looking around the room before not even saying goodbye. Just like that he runs away again.

You sigh and make your way out of bed. The house is so quiet. Wait… Hoseok isn’t screaming. You feel a sense of panic and find yourself rushing to the room he was kept in.

He’s there. He looks normal again, but he looks so weak. He has a layer of sweat covering his face as he sleeps. It’s over.

You smile, making your way over to him you lift his face in your hands. He opens his eyes slowly and smiles at you.

“It’s over…” he whispers. You nod.

“I won’t ever let that happen to you again.” You whisper back.

“I’m sorry you had to see that. I’m sorry Jimin had to see that.” Of course Hoseok would think more of other people.

“Why is this happening?” You question, he knows you mean with everything.

“I don’t know. But I hope I get a break.” You chuckle at his words. You untie his ropes and wince at the sight. “It’s okay.” He tries.

“No it’s not you’re cut up!”

“you had too…” Footsteps behind you make you turn.

“Oh thank god!” Yoongi runs over and hugs Hoseok, making them both laugh lightly. He helps Hoseok up who wobbles on his feet.

“Steady.” Yoongi mumbles.

“Holy shit is it over!?” Jin bursts in the room. Hoseok laughs.


“That was awful…” Jin says with a sad tone.

“I know I’m sorry…”

“Don’t apologise you fucking idiot you had to go through it!” Jins’ outburst makes you all laugh.

Namjoon walks into the room with a curious Jackson.

“Hoseok…You’re ok.” He breathes out.

“For the hundredth time, yes.” He laughs.

“No training for you okay.” Hoseok perks up at Namjoon’s words. He deserves a long break. But that doesn’t mean you all won’t be worked extra hard in his place.

You notice Hoseok is happy with the company he has so you walk out unnoticed, you gasp and cover your mouth.

“Sorry…” Jimin mumbles.

“Why are you sneaking?”

“He’s ok…Yeah?” You relax and nod.

“He’s ok.” Jimin seems to relax, he doesn’t look as stiff. The air is awkward so you find yourself trying to walk away.

“Thank you for, you know.” He mumbles out but you catch it.

“It’s okay.” You wished he stayed.

“Will, it ever be ok?” He questions you and you become confused. Then you realise what he means.

“In time. If you allow it.” You answer hesitantly. His face turns into one of thought.

“You hurt me so much.” You sigh. Biting your lip.

“I know. I wish I could take it back.”

“I wish…” He starts and you make eye contact with him. “I wish it was never him.” With those words, he rushes past you. When will things become better?


Day 16

You all lie quite literally on the floor. Hoseok laughing at you.

“Oi dickhead! Stop fucking laughing you weak piece of shit!” Jackson complains, he’s joking around so you all burst out with laughter. You trained at your hardest today and you feel so proud of what you’ve done. But now there are a few more bruises to add to your body. With Hoseok weak, you’re now the one training the others to fight, along with Jihoon.

“You’re really good you know.” Minghao catches your attention, he’s breathless as he wipes the sweat from his forehead.

“Thanks.” You smile at him.

“I think. Maybe we deserve a break.” Namjoon speaks up, he’s breathless himself as he stands in the centre of you all.

“A break?” Wonho perks up.

“Yeah, have some fun.”

“Um Namjoon not to be a dick but how can we have fun in this world?” Soonyoung asks.

“There’s a lake?” He answers.

“Pool party!” Hyungwon shouts.

“It’s a lake.” I.M bursts his bubble.

“Okay ouch let me live my dreams.” You all laugh. The idea of a mini trip sounds amazing.

“Can we go now? We all stink anyway.” Jin asks.

“I’ll have you know I smell like fresh roses.” Jungkook argues.

“That fucking died.” Yugyeom mumbles but you all hear. Jungkook fakes being hurt as you all struggle to hold in your laughter.

“Go to grab any clothes you’ve found in the past. Let’s go now.” Namjoon says. You grow excited and jump to your feet, running inside like a child you rush up the stairs and go to the storage room. There’s a small pile of clothes.

You pick up the first black sweater you see and you notice it smells of Minhyuk. That will do. You run back outside with excitement. You’re the first one ready to go and Hoseok only laughs at you.

One by one the others gather.

“I’m wearing this sweater now then burning it after.” Tae’s words make you laugh as he slides the deep blue sweater over his body.

“Whose is that?” Jihoon asks.

“Kihyuns.” Wonho speaks. A small look of disgust on his face.

“Okay ready?” Namjoon arrives  with both Yoongi and Jackson at his side.

“Hell yeah!” You watch Soonyoung then make his way to Hoseok, helping him to his feet and letting him use him for support.

The lake wasn’t far and you knew it. You all walk with excitement and some even more excited as they bounce in their steps to the lake.

Jungkook walks at your side with that cute bunny smile you’ve always loved.

“I’m throwing myself in that lake.” You laugh at his words.

The weather was warmer now, and as long as you don’t bump into any unwanted visitors, this will feel like a normal day of summer.

“Ah I see it!” Jin bounced excitedly, your heart races as Jimin laughs at him.

“Race you!” The boy who stole your heart shouts, he races forward with Jin in toe, slowly everyone begins to run, including you.

As soon as you arrive I.M is freeing himself from his jeans and sweater and dives in the lake. You all freeze.

“Oh my god it’s fucking cold!” He screams out, everyone points and bursts into laughter.

“Man up!” Wonho shouts. He removes his sweater and you glance to see Tae staring at his body.

You sit on the ground. You don’t feel comfortable taking any clothing off when you’re the only girl.

Someone sits next to you, his shirt off.

“Hey!” He smiles at you.

“Uh hey Yugyeom.” He leans into you.

“Jungkook wants me to help make Jimin jealous.” Of course he did.

“How?” He smirks.

“I’m cold!” He wines, he leans into your body and you wrap your arms around his bare upper body. He was warm as hell. He nuzzles his head into your neck.

“Hey uh…let’s all run in together!” Jin suggests. You look up and Jimin stares at the two of you. Yugyeom pulls away and helps you stand up. You smile at him.

“Watch out!” Jungkook laughs as he comes running to Yugyeom, pushing him hard enough so he falls into the lake, you can’t hold back your laughter as Yugyeom storms out of the water, picking Jungkook up and throwing him in the lake.

Everyone starts pushing each other into the cold water, but no one cares, this is something you’ve never done and you feel complete happiness.

“Surprise!” You don’t process what’s happening. The next thing you know you’ve been thrown over someone’s shoulder, you hit their bare back.

You’re thrown into the cold water fully clothed. When you resurface, you come face to face with a laughing Jimin. Yugyeom’s plan worked. You take your chance.

“Oh you’re on Park Jimin.” He goes to run but you pull him back. He falls into the water. When he comes back up you jump on his back. Instantly his hands hold you up by your thighs as you laugh with him.

Everyone splashes one another. The sounds of everyone’s laughter making you feel like the world wasn’t horrid.

You get off his back and spin him around.

“Let’s forget things for a moment.” He whispers. You smile and accept his words. He giggles before he splashes you.

You show him a shocked expression. Splashing him back you start your mini war.

“Bully!” You shout.

“You love it!” You laugh at his words.

“bombs away!” You see a way to excited Wonho running towards you both. He jumps and lands right near you. Water splashing over your face.

“Wow thanks.” You glare at him. He sticks his tongue out at you, Tae jumps on his back and you smile at the two. When will they admit it.

You all sit in drenched clothes, apart from those who stripped to their boxers. Still creating laughter and conversation as you sit in a circle. You look around at the group that developed. You couldn’t be happier.

Yoongi sits beside you and nudges you.

“We’re ok…” he says to you. You smile at him with a smile brighter than usual.

“Thank you…” Jimin watches you both, he frowns and you look away from him.

“It’s getting dark.” Namjoon states. You all stand up and get ready to go back to your home.

“Stay here a second.” Jimin pulls on your wrist. You look at Jungkook who smirks.

“Sure.” Everyone starts walking away when you feel confident enough to remove your wet top. You picked up Minhyuks sweater until Jimin takes it away from you, handing you another. You look at him.

“Wear mine.” He sounds shy and you can’t help but blush. Taking his sweater, you slide it over your head as he wears Minhyuks. He smiles at the sight of you. “That’s better.”

“Jimin…What’s going on? You hated me a few days ago.” He shakes his head.

“I never hated you. I was angry…I was so angry.” You look to the floor. “Don’t do that.” He lifts your chin. “Slow.” He says.

“What?” You question.

“If, you promise to not hurt me again, really stay by my side. Then I will take things slow…” you try to hide your smile but fail miserably.

“Jimin are you serious.” You bounce a little on the spot and he laughs.

“I know it might seem soon, which is why I say slow, but I’ve wanted nothing but to call you mine since the moment we started this mess.” He laughs lightly to himself. “Seeing Yoongi close with you again made me realise maybe I should, take the chance.” You shock him by pulling him in for a hug. His arms pull you closer.

“I’m so happy.” You mumble into his chest.

“I want to kiss you but I’m scared.” You pull away.

“It’s okay, how about this…” you place both your thumbs to his lips, kissing them softly. It wasn’t the same, but it would do.

You feel him move your hands so your lips brush briefly. It’s over too soon.

He takes your hand in his, they swing together as you walk back to the house. Not once did your smile leave your face.


Back in the house you giggle with Jimin as you go to your room, opening the door you drop his hand at the sight in front of you.

Jungkook sits with Yoongi on your bed, his hand rubbing his back as Yoongi’s head rests in his hands. Is he crying?

You look at Jungkook who shakes his head. Looking at Jimin who only looks on in shock.

“I love her so much…” Yoongi manages out, not aware of your presence.

You step back and speed back down the stairs. Jimin follows in a rush behind you, stopping you before you leave the house.

“I understand it hurts seeing that, I know it does, but please don’t do this, I’m prepared for you to not be one hundred percent about us just yet, so please stay.” You only look at him, slowly nodding your head as he leads you to the other side of the house, why have you never been here?

“Jin and I found this room. He made it for me when I needed to be alone.” You become curious the closer you come to the door.

Jimin presses the handle down, you watch in awe as the door slides open.  It’s a small room with a small bed, but big enough for two. Pillows covered the bed. It’s was like a keep safe room.

“We stole like all the pillows we could find.” He laughs.

“It’s so cute.” You say, stepping into the room.

“It could be ours? No more sharing.” Is he serious?

“Really?” You ask.

“If this is going to work, we need to spend more time alone together.” You nod in agreement.

“Are we like…Together?” When he shakes his head, you feel sadness wash over you.

“Time…Let it develop. Not just sex this time.” He explains.

“You know it wasn’t just sex for me right?” He smiles. His next movements make your heart skip a beat.

He taps his heart. Moving his hand to tap your own. “I know…” he whispers.

“Okay everyone! Dinner!” Dinner? Namjoons words confuse you. You don’t eat dinner.

You and Jimin make your way to the living room.

“Food?” You question.

“I wanted to surprise you all, Hyungwon and I found some canned food on our journey. Enough to last a while. So yeah” he hands you both a bowl. Looking at you both he smiles. “Finally.” He mutters.

You all sit together, some on the sofa and some on the floor, you sit on the floor between Jungkook and Jimin. You notice Yoongi sitting next to Jungkook and they laugh with each other. Something tells you they have bonded over something odd. You think you know what that thing might be.

You all end up eating in silence, it’s not awkward, it’s nice.

Finally thing see to be looking up. For now at least.


Day 29


You yawn as you make your way through the hall. It’s been the most awful last few days, nonstop training, nonstop arguments, it’s been the worst. Your body is covered in bruises, the only upside is Yoongi taught you to wield an axe like him, but you’re too scared to use it.  

You and Jimin ended up arguing about this, you are trying to move things along and work out, but you haven’t kissed since that day at the lake, and that wasn’t even a kiss. When you share a bed he doesn’t even hold you, you know he is scared, but you don’t know how to prove yourself.

You’re too deep in thought to notice someone running towards you, you collide and end up  on the ground.  

“I’m so sorry!” Minghao helps you up.

“What’s wrong?” You question.

“Two days remember.” You frown, only to feel a sudden wave of fear wash through you when he holds up a white cloth of some kind. Minhyuk said he would do this. “I found it just now…”

“We need to tell the others.” He nods and runs upstairs to wake everyone. You turn back to your shared room with Jimin. When the others heard about you sharing a room, most of them were happy Yoongi ignored you and Jungkook supported whatever made you happy. Yoongi now rooms with Jungkook.

“Jimin!” You don’t shout but you’re still loud. He stirs in bed but doesn’t wake up. Rolling your eyes, you become confident.

You straddle his sleeping body, shaking his shoulders until his eyes slowly open. It takes him a minute to process your position, you smirk as heat rises to his face.

“What’s wrong?” He surprises you by placing his hand on your thigh.

“Minhyuk’s given the two day warning.” With that Jimin sits right up, almost headbutting you.

“Ok, calm down.”

“Sorry…” He mumbles. You sit for a moment. Thoughts going through your head.

“I could be dead in two days…” Jimin only looks at you.

“Don’t fucking say that.” You shrug.

“It’s true.” You look down. Jimin makes you look up.

“I will protect you, you have no idea how much you mean to me.” Your heart picks up its pace.

“We barely touch each other.” You mumble.

“I’m sorry.” You can hear the guilt in his voice.

“Are you scared?” You ask.

“I’m scared I’ll get in too deep, and end up with my heartbroken.” You cup his cheek in your hand, happy when he leans into your touch.

“If I wanted Yoongi, I had my chance, Yoongi isn’t you. There is only one you. I want you and I’m trying hard to keep you.” He smiles at you.

“I’m all yours.” You lean forward, happy when he moves with you. Finally, you are about to get what you wanted, but of course it gets ruined.

“Namjoon wants…oh.”  You both look to see a stunned Hyungwon. “Sorry…”

“Its fine.” Jimin grumbles out. You move off him as he slides out of bed, Hyungwon leaves your room while Jimin slides on his sweater. Smiling at you he takes your hand in his as you make your way to the living room.

You’re greeted by Jungkook and Yoongi sitting together, they both smile at you and you feel relief. Happy you sit with Jimin, who slings his arm over your shoulder while everyone gathers. Once everyone is settled, Namjoon stands in front.

“So, Minhyuk kept his deal.” He holds onto the white cloth. “I know you’re all tired. And if I’m being honest. We could die soon, really soon. So, fuck these two days and live it like the last. You need to be strong.” You all stay silent. Is he serious?

“Really?” Tae is quiet to ask.

“Might as well enjoy it.” Namjoon shrugs. You all don’t really know what to do.

“Is that all?” Jungkook asks. Namjoon just nods.

“Fuck it lets go kill those Lurkers in the forest.” Yoongi looks at Jungkook who nods and follows him from the room.  

You have free time, just in case you die. How reassuring.

You look around the room, its suddenly become real and everyone is feeling it, no one speaks, they kind of stare off into nowhere.

“I think I’ll train.” Jackson stands up. You watch as a few others seem to want to do the same, even with a break. They all leave the room together.

You look to Jimin who seems deep in thought.

“What’s wrong?” You ask.

“do you want to go away with me?” He asks. You stare at him with a blank face.

“Away?” he nods.

“We would be back just before two days is up.” You think through his offer. You want to spend time with everyone, your best friend, Jimin, all of them.

“But what about everyone.” He bites his lip as he thinks.

“If we leave now, we will be back so you can spend time with Jungkook and Hoseok.” He knew who you wanted to be with, he knows Yoongi is also on your list but he avoids his name. You think for a second.

“Ok.” He smiles at you and straight away pulls you from the couch. You rush from the room and stop in your tracks.

“Um…” Jimin trails off at the sight in front of him.

Tae has Wonho against a wall, He hovers near Wonho’s face but pulls away fast when they notice you.

“Are you both?…” You question their shocked faces.

“No I was just…Um…” Tae fumbles over his words.

“It’s cute.” You say. They both seem to relax.

“Tae, in two days you might not have him. Take your chance.” Jimin’s words make him smile.

“Maybe I will. If he wants.” Tae look to Wonho who nods slightly. He’s gone shy and it’s the cutest thing. Tae laces his fingers with Wonho as they leave the room.

“I didn’t know Tae liked guys…” You look at Jimin.

“He doesn’t, it’s just Wonho.” He explains. The conversation soon died as you both walk out the house. Jimin starts walking a way you haven’t gone before.

“Wait!” You turn to see Jungkook running towards you. “You can’t leave.” He seems panicked.

“We will be back before it happens, I just need to spend time with her…Please.” Jimin seems to beg of your best friend, knowing he’s protective.

“Promise me you’ll come back. I need…To spend time with you.” He seems careful of his words but Jimin doesn’t mind.

“I promise. I’m all your when we come back.” You look at Jimin for approval, he nods and you’re happy.

“Thank you Jimin.” Jungkook pulls you into a hug, its tighter than any other. You hug him back until he pulls away, smiling at you as he runs off again.

“So! Where are we going?” You hold Jimin’s hand and you swing them between you. He laughs.

“I found a place with Jin some time ago. It still works.” You become curious.

“Will we be safe?” He looks at you, squeezing your hand with reassurance.

“Last I knew, it’s pretty safe.” You trust his words.


“Jimin where are we?” You speak from his back.  You’ve been walking half a day. You get tired easy and as much as you said no, Jimin still made you get on his back.

“You’ll love it.” You giggle.

“I trust you.” As you say the words a building comes into view. No way does this place work. “Jimin…”

He puts you down. “I know…Awesome right?”

He brought you to a theatre.

“Why is it in the middle of nowhere?”

“It’s not, there’s a town down the road from it. I don’t know where we ended up. But we are basically living in the middle of lots of towns.” You can’t help but watch his lips as he speaks.

“And it works?” He nods. “Well come on!” He laughs as you run off, trying to catch up with you.

You run inside and even though it looked creepy as hell, you didn’t care.

“Stay here princess.” You nod as he wonders off. Suddenly the power is on and Jimin is back at your side. He takes your hand in his and leads you into a screening room. “It’s a bit crowded but find us a seat.”

“That was awful. Jin has rubbed off on you.” But you still laugh at his joke. He disappears again while you look for a seat. You choose right in the centre. As Jimin takes longer you start to feel a sense of panic.

The screen suddenly lights up. Even if there is a tear in the screen, it still shows well.

Jimin joins you. Smiling softly at you.

“This is amazing.” Your heart picks up as he kisses your cheek.

“I hope you like Guardians of the galaxy.” You smile.

“Groot is life.” He laughs at you.

“Come here.” He lifts his arm up and you cuddle into him, he rests his arm over your shoulders, you feel happy as his fingers stroke along your sweater, wishing for skin contact.

You actually managed to go on a date.


“That was awesome!” You jump as you exit the screening room.

“I almost feel normal.” Jimin says.

“We are normal, just not in a normal world.” You stop walking.

“I just mean I felt like I actually took you on a date, like I’ve never gotten to do before.” His words warm you.

“You know what else happens on dates that went well?” You can’t wait any longer. Not with what’s going to happen.

“What.” He steps closer to you.

“This.” You bring him to your level as you place your lips on his.

Immediately his hands fly to your waist, pulling you close as your lips begin to move together.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” He whispers as he parts from you.

“Then don’t stop.” He smirks as he brings your lips together once more. He walks you back until you bump into a wall. His lips move to your neck. You suck in a breath as you feel him suck slightly, marking you as his.

His hands slip under your sweater, still holding your waist, just this is enough for you but you keep going, you give him a hint by tugging on his belt.

“Screening room. Now.” You’ve never wanted nothing more than this moment.


Your breaths are heavy as you straddle him. Your breaths mix as you come down from your highs.

You just had sex in a theatre. Not exactly romantic.

“I wanted to wait.” He breathes out. “But I missed you so much.”

“We could be dead in a day…Who cares.” He laughs, breath still heavy.

When you find the energy, you dress yourself again, laughing as Jimin struggles with his jean button. You want to tell him the three words out loud. But your nerves get the best of you.

“We should go…” Jimin seems nervous himself, and you wonder if he wanted to say the same thing, but maybe it’s too soon. “I’ll carry you.”

“Don’t be stupid.” He shakes his head.

“Hop on.” You sigh, allowing him to hold you up on his back. As you walk out and see the sun setting, you can’t help but smirk as you look at the hickey on his neck.

“Are you scared?” You ask. He knows what you speak of.

“I’m terrified.” You kiss his neck softly for reassurance.

“Promise me something.” He hums. “Don’t fight for me…Fight for you.” His walking slows down.

“I can’t lose you…”

“Don’t die for me.” He sighs. “Promise me.” You’re stern.

“I promise…” You know he hates it, but you got him to promise.

“Thank you for today.” You try changing the subject.

“It’s ok…I’ve always wanted to do something for you, but we were sneaking around.” You feel guilt.

“But not anymore.” You watch the smile creep onto his lips.

“Now you’re mine.” He seems to whisper this to himself.  

With his words said you find yourself falling asleep, you let it consume you.


“Wake up.” You open your eyes at the soft voice. You feel groggy. “We’re home.” You hit Jimin on the head. “Ok…Ouch!”

“You didn’t need to carry me all that way!”

“I wanted to…” You sigh as you get off his back.

“Thank you.” You spin him round and press a gentle kiss to his lips.

“Ok, funs over she’s mine now.” You laugh as Jungkook pulls you away from Jimin.

“Jungkook!” Jimin laughs.

“Mine!” He shouts, dragging you away.

“What are we doing?” You question the eager boy.

“What did we do when it was just us to pass the time?” You think for a second.

“Dance?” He nods.

“Hell yeah we did.” He’s so excited and it makes you happy. He takes you to where you all usually train. You notice Yugyeom, Jin, I.M and Hoseok sit there.

“Dance crew is here!” Hoseok shouts.

“Then why is Jin here.” Your words make everyone laugh.

“I can dance!” Jin defends.

“Yeah keep dreaming.” Jungkook throws back. You sit down with the boys. They all start arguing over what to dance and you grow irritated.

“Ok, Hard carry!” You choose the song and Yugyeom cheers.

“We don’t have music.” Jin states.

“Who cares, have fun.” Hoseok gets up and immediately starts dancing. His moves are still good, impressing you like it did before. You can’t help but laugh as Jin gets up. His dancing is sloppy, but it makes you happy. You’re laughing and having fun, and if you really did have to say goodbye to your life, maybe you were ok with it now. You had amazing friends, and once he asks you to be official, you’ll have an amazing boyfriend.

But nothing lasts.

Your heart stops at what happens next.

“I tried! I tried I’m so fucking sorry! He found out!” You all turn to the panicked voice.

Minhyuk comes running from the forest, he’s covered in blood and his face is beaten. He knows. He found about Minhyuk and your plans.

You say nothing. I.M calms him. “What’s going on?” I.M sounds panicked himself.

“I ran, I ran so fast. It’s happening now.” Your whole world stopped. You watch as Hoseok goes to speak., but he doesn’t get the chance to.

“This is cute.” No.

You look into Kihyun’s eyes as he walks out from the forest. He’s not alone. One by one more people join him at his side. You’re already outnumbered.

Jungkook pushes you behind him. You have no weapons. He’s early.

Minhyuk stands on your side, struggling to keep his body up.

“You better run. I’m not waiting.” Kihyun’s words send chills through you, why can’t you move?

He laughs at your scared faces. Raising his gun, he doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

Yugyeom falls to the floor.


A/N: As always I love to hear what you think, I would of wrote the smut but it wasn’t turning out right, I’m sorry. 

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evil author day: oh my god i'm just imaging three-year-old anakin and eighteen-year-old obi-wan meeting again for the first time and it being so terribly emotional and they don't let go of each other for HOURS. how would everyone react? i can see it being super public bc there is no way little ani would waste even a second after feeling his Very Important Person nearby

So, someone else asked a pretty similar question, so I’m gonna put part I here and part II on theirs. Here’s what happens when Anakin almost finds his Very Important Person in a Very Public Place.

Originally posted by hoppip

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So I'm really sorry, but this is a bit confusing. I'm a closeted bi (mostly gay) teenage boy. Only three people know at all, and none of them are my parents (one of them I hardly know because another of my friends told him looking for advice, but that's a different story). The thing is, I believe that you shouldn't act on homosexual feelings. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not judging or being condescending to anyone who does, those are just my beliefs. My problem is that I'm afraid that most (1/2)

(2/2) of my friends would leave me if they found out. I live in a place that’s predominantly Mormon (I’m Mormon too), and in a place like this, people tend to be very small-minded, unfortunately. The two friends that know are pretty cool about it (one I told I liked him and that was probably a mistake) but the others might leave. And most of them are girls, so they won’t freak too badly, but I’m still afraid. Also, my mother seems to think that the feelings themselves are bad. Do you have any advice?

Okay so firstly I feel obliged to tell you that this advice may be shit. I have pretty much zero experience with this so please anyone that’s been through/is going through anything similar chip in because there are people far more qualified to answer this question than myself

So I guess my advice depends on whether or not you plan to act on your feelings. It goes against your religious beliefs and I completely get that, and since you’re bisexual, if you’re more comfortable only dating women because that’s what makes you happy then tbh I probably would wait to tell people. I fully support the LGBT community and hope that one day you’re in an environment where you can express yourself, but currently you are dependent on your parents. You are obviously free to be your own person and express yourself but I would hate for you to come out in an unsafe environment, especially if you’re likely to only date girls anyway. I would look into expanding your friendship group, not getting rid of your old friends but finding more people you can confide in because this is going to be a lot easier if you can talk to people about it. Only come out when you feel safe and ready to do so. You’re not on a time limit and don’t ever let anyone pressure you into coming out before you’re ready

However if not acting on your feelings is making you unhappy, that’s a tougher call to make. Religion is obviously a very important part of your life and I’m not going to tell you what to do. You have to decide for yourself how to balance the two. Being LGBT is not bad or wrong. It’s perfectly normal and don’t force yourself to be unhappy by suppressing your feelings. You need to find the balance between the two that you feel comfortable with

If you decide you want to come out, I’d do it in stages. Open up to some more friends, maybe try coming out on tumblr, and work up to telling your parents. At the end of the day, they should still love you. It will probably take some getting used to and it will be rocky at first. I don’t know your parents so I can’t tell you how they’ll react but I would prepare yourself. Again, if you think it’s not safe then wait until you’ve left home to tell them. As much as I support you expressing your sexuality, I also support you having a roof over your head

Again, please if anybody has any experience then feel free to add it because I feel slightly out of my depth here and don’t want to give any bad advice

Practice isn’t going so well.  I missed three salchows and four loops.  I think Yakov wanted to bite my head off.  Cranky old man. 


It’s just…. I can’t stop thinking about the things that could go wrong, that are going wrong, things I’ve said, things I should be saying….

I’m so bad at this relationship thing.

I need to get my act together.

Beka, I love you.  I know I won’t say it out loud…. but I do.  I know I’m a pain, and I know you could find better than me… but please, Beka.  Please stay.

It’s 5:48 am and I can’t sleep. My head does feel heavy and my eyes are tired of the light that my laptop is giving me. I felt sad when I found out that I wasn’t the only one, all the sweet and raw talk we had meant nothing to you. But it meant to me. I thought your little texts were about me. But they weren’t. My head feels heavier now. I know you weren’t looking for anything serious but I think I’ve might fallen for you. I thought that maybe, just maybe, you were my special person! But you weren’t. It’s 6 am now and you messaged me three times a few days ago and suddenly you stopped. You asked if I was mad at you. I ignored you. I’m still ignoring you now. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. I don’t miss talking with you anymore. I’m not hurt anymore. You weren’t my special person. And that’s fine - it’s actually more than fine! It’s amazing! It means someone better will come for me. It means that I can better myself. I can love myself. I can enjoy myself. And once my person comes I can be better with him, I can love him more than I thought I could love anyone and I can enjoy my life with him. I’m waiting for you, love. Please hurry up. I want to love you.
It’s 6:58 now and I don’t even remember your name. I think you never existed… maybe in my mind. Yes, in my mind.
—  in my mind I saw you but it felt real. I’m waiting for my lover. I’m waiting.

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What is your favorite Edd line?

I don’t have ONE favorite, but I feel like Edd is definitely one of the most quotable characters, so here’s a bunch that I think about a lot!

“A stubborn lid, this” and “And I am a bit.. peckish…” are probably my favorite line reads in the Big Picture Show, they’re just so quiet and calm.

“That’s disturbing” is said with such a perfect dead pan, it would be a crime not to mention it. (Three Squares and an Ed)

“No one would ever suspect Mother Nature to harbor a spring-loaded circus cannon and blow innocent bystanders to Kingdom Come!”  (From Here to Ed)

“Acorn…becomes TREE!” (Dim Lit Ed)


“In the dark ages, I caused millions of deaths…” This one I just love because he lisps a little and says “deaths” like “desssss.” (Boo Haw Haw)

“My mind is RIDDLED with disturbing images!!!” (For Your Eds Only)

“An omen I’m sure….” Perfect response to anything. (’Cool Hand Ed’)

That’s literally just what came to mind, I might edit this if I think of more.

hello everyone i wanted to do a quick shoutout to my three fav mutuals for being so wonderful & it’s super nice to be able to obsess over the same shit. anyway

@noharmisdoneyet is my beautiful girlfriend with a very pretty blog & she’s ridiculously good to me & crazy for putting up with my shit you da real mvp babe
@kingandoris such an angel and is just as enthusiastic about my hobbies as i am if not more so 😂 thank u for screaming about my things it means more than i can say
and @bodhi-s is really fun to talk to about theories and riz’ stupid dumb face even tho tbh dude u kind of intimidate me but that’s part of why you’re so great go ahead with ya scary ass lmao
@rougedemigods is literally always blowing up my notifications even tho but we hardly talk but your spamming makes my day every day tysm

so yeah thanks n shit, you guys rule, te quiero mucho!!!! 💜 (ps go check out their blogs if you like the star war)

It’s My Birthday

And I don’t know how I feel about it.  I don’t like getting older.  I feel like more of a worthless layabout with every passing year.  The three day binge already started yesterday and I am disgusted with myself but I also don’t care?  I’m not expecting any amazing gifts but I’m glad to just be home alone and watching movies with no where to go.

It’s times like this when I feel really lonely, though.  I wish I had friends or a boyfriend or anyone who loved me and wasn’t a stupid relative who could bring over some weed and dance to Lana Del Rey with me.

I guess I shouldn’t care so much.  I’ll be dead in a cosmic blink anyway.


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[[Zen x V? :D]]

Dude there are so many songs I associate with them omg
I’ll do my top three! bc i can’t choose just one oops

Okay so 
Fallen Angel by Three Days Grace

Syndicate by The Fray

Let Me Be by Escape The Fate

Bonus: Here is one I feel is sort of like something Zen would feel about V, all things considered.

My friend, I could say so much about songs i feel fit them together and each one separately, but I’ll just end this here to avoid giving you a novel to read xD 


Dear Mama,

It’s been a while since our last letter. We’ve just been busy lately. What with the new house and all. Conner went out for those three months, looking for the right house and he found one. A young couple had wanted to sell their grandfather’s little farm nearby and Conner knew how much my farming means to me and bought the house for us. He surprised with it on my birthday. He was so sweet about it too!

It’s perfect! All I needed and wanted is built within this nice home and finally, I feel like I and Conner can have the life we always wanted.

The baby is doing fine. Finally, I’m gaining weight. At three months I should, right? Well anyways, our little bundle of joy is as happy as they could be. We decided to keep the gender a surprise, a little excitement in our lives ya know.

Gotta go mama, I’ve got a house to settle into and a bed to pass out in when I’m done. Love you bunches.


Your space doesn’t have to be super tidy all the time to work. I made myself a little memo with some wooden letters I bought from The Range this morning- Keep going. Sometimes I just need a reminder. In many ways, I feel confident in terms of A levels, gaining three As to be able to study at Oxford, the amount of work I’m doing etc. But most of the time I’m filled with dread and the numbing feeling that I can’t do it.

Today has been nice so far: slept in a teeny bit (turned my alarm off at 6 and slept until 8) and went shopping with my mum to buy some things to decorate the house. We painted the stairs, landing and living room which feels so so good.

Happy half term! ✨✨✨

Author's Note 20/02

((Hey everybody! And I mean everybody, we’re nearly at three hundred followers now!
Just wanted to update you guys on a few things, one of those being my newly much busier schedule; I’m going to be working most of this week, without a break in the middle like usual where I can put out an update.
That being said, I might still be able to update today even, depending on you guys! I prefer to add at least one illustration to each update, as it gives it more of a classic ask blog feel; but I’m not going to be able to do one with my computer program, and the quality goes way down on my tablet that much is very obvious if you look at the early posts. So would you guys rather wait for an illustration, or have an only text update, written in my fanfic style? (I could also try a traditional drawing I guess, but again quality would be down, so let me know what you prefer!
Otherwise, I have a lot of big plans for this story, including one event I’m particularly excited about. I can’t wait to show you guys! Y'know, after this whole fusion mess gets sorted out lol.
Thanks for reading and asking!

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Idk if you're still accepting some for the ask meme but if yes, then 2, 6, and 20 xD

Yiisss, just took me some time, but here it goes <’3

2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.

Since this was probably my very first OTP, I’d have to mention InuYasha x Kagome. Man, I loved them so so so damn much in my teenage years, like… I mean, they made me feel butterflies in my stomach I’mnotevenjoking. I would just lie in my bed and think “Omg why are they so perfect”. I used to draw them a lot too! <’3 My first doujin attempt ever was an Inuyasha one ww

Aaand since my very first homo OTP is important too… gotta mention Kakuzu x Hidan (Naruto). You know, I used to HATE yaoi… really like, just HATED IT. But then… I came across Rauhreif’s art and… at first I only liked the way she drew Hidan, and then his passive face expressions, and then Hidan on top of Kakuzu and then… I came across one of her doujins and while I was quite grossed out at first (it was a heavy one, tentacle rape and everything), months later I found myself searching for that one doujin again and the second time I read it I was like “Yup yup I like dis shit”. I think that changed my life forever ahah.

And of course, Lawless x Licht. Aside from the fact that I love their development as characters and as a pair, I’m really grateful of all the awesome people I’ve met because of this ship (starting WITH YOU THUNBER, I KNOW YOU’RE READING THIS). And because they’ve made keep drawing like crazy. The first time I made a proper doujinshi, it took me 3-4 months to finish 34 pages (a KiKuro one); Now, I made a 53 pages doujin in a month, all because I wanted to finish on time for Licht’s birthday :’) And while I may not be the best, I love that they inspire me not to stop and just keep drawing like nothing else mattered ♥ 

6. How do you feel about love triangles?

Not really my jam but I’m ok with it x) I’ve had a couple of OT3s before though~ But mostly because I like A x B & C x B. In those cases, I never like A x C.
I guess I have a hard time picturing how a threesomes actually works…

Wait, is “love triangle” and “threesome” the same thing? x’DD

20.Talk about a ship you feel alone in shipping.

There’s probably more than one, but only this one comes to mind:
Rei x Haruka, from Free! Ugh, too many people fighting over MakoHaru vs RinHaru, and a lot of people having Reigisa on a pedestal… I don’t think ReiHaru was never even a thing in that fandom.
I really really liked Rei at first, and I love how he admired Haruka so much that he got into swimming after watching him practice. They soothe me together :’)



From the top of the building I watched the distant mountain, watching alone just I, watching the burning sky….

It was the roof of my school after hours adventure, around midnight in the dry summer weather. Jumping over fence and climbing up poles, hurriedly, quietly, terribly excited, crouching down low and clinging to shadow, I stood at the top of the three story peak, surrounded by stars and rotating planets.

There ahead the mountains were on fire, alone just I, watching the burning sky, while the forest slowly died. There was the red that drifted into the black, and as far as I was I could smell the source of the smoke, lamenting and lumbering through the summer weather. Halted and stuck stood silently in awe, the season was ingrained and set into motion. A feeling of dread rested in my bone, silently watching the burning sky, something beautiful as it began to die.

//Burning Sky By: Alec Prado//

like as a gen 1 player, pokemon sun is hell.

i’m used to being slapped on the ass with my starter and birthed into the world bright eyed and bushy tailed off the leash in the first ten minutes of gameplay. by hour 6 i was past 3 gyms and picking my way around the gang base.

pokemon sun it’s like … my hand is being held and i’m being dragged firmly by 10 different parental figures to each quest marker, and i keep kicking my feet to try and go catch some pokemon but they keep wanting me to talk about clothes or get fake food. i’ve fought my rival three times and i feel like i haven’t even finished the first cutscene. in the other games by the time i beat my rival a third time i was like …. god.

it’s nice because it’s a little more kid-friendly but it’s just so agonizingly fucking slow. if i were a kid i wouldn’t have the attention span or patience to navigate the goddamn intro because it’s just button mashing A to skip the boring dialogue and then two minutes of pokemon battles and then back to slamming A trying to PLAY THE DAMN GAME ALREADY!!

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i've never fallen for a girl this hard before since i found out i was a lesbian, but i'm so scared that if i found out she's straight or anything like that i'll be completely heartbroken. i don't wanna be hurt like that but i also love fantasizing about dates w/ her and stuff bc it's so amazing and makes me feel happy but once i fall too deep it feels like i hit the ground too hard whenever something good happens and i'm scared

i relate to this a lot bc i experience feelings too much but don’t worry you never know if she likes girls unless you ask (either really straightforward or work ur way around it) and if she is straight, there will be more girls trust me. there will always be someone right for you.