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Tips on CC for ME:A

So we all know the facial animations in me:a can be a little…weird. BUT I’ve noticed there are some things you can mess with in the CC that seem to help make it look a little better! Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Don’t choose the default for you or your twin: They just have really bad facial animations. Idk why.
  • Give your Ryder dark eyes: The way the eye shading works in ME:A makes your character’s eye’s look really wide all the time. Giving your character a darker eye color for some reason seems to help this. It also helps to choose a preset where the upper eyelids fall lower on the eye.
  • If you’re making a femryder, make the character’s mouth less wide: Someone else noted that it looks like the face scans for femryder’s presets weren’t taken in a neutral pose. This caused a lot of them to have stretched out mouths that looks pretty uncanny in cutscenes. I made my Ryder’s mouth a little less wide than I usually like to, and that seemed to help get rid of those freaky smile scenes.

  • Mess with the depthness of the mouth: Making Ryder’s lips stick out from their face less seems to help with the weird flappy lip syndrome I’ve seen some people have. Default m!ryder has this issue especially bad.

  • Remember to compare the jawline to your character’s neck: You can’t adjust Ryder’s neck thickness like you can with Shepard’s, so if your character has a wide face or a big jaw, it can make their head look too big for their body at times.

  • The funky hair colors are always that bright: Ok this is less about animation and more about aesthetic, but I had to remake my Ryder because her blue hair looked too bright compared to everything else. In my opinion, the dyed hair looks less pastel looking and more neon in-game. There are a couple hairstyles it looks ok on (the curly bob and the braids for f!ryder both look pretty nice with the dyed colors) but most were brighter than I expected.
  • The CC angles the face down and is not in a neutral position: Don’t worry about this one too much, just keep it in mind while you’re messing with the height of Ryder’s facial features bc it does mess with the perspective a bit. I moved my character’s mouth up to what looked like an ok position in the CC, but in most cutscenes her mouth looks waaay to high.
These are the things I noticed gave the animations trouble, and they’re largely femryder centric. If anyone else had a different experience/wants to share more feel free to reblog!
  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

 We were investigating a unknown and powerful source of wild magic in a Library, that was causing all other kinds of magic to run amok. This was unfortunate, as I play a Wizard named Theia

Theia: I cast Grease

DM: Okay. Everyone else make perception checks

*they all fail, apart from the Ranger*

DM: Theia is suddenly gone. Jaik (Ranger), you can see a vague outline where she once stood

Jaik: I reach out at feel the air

DM: You feel the fabric of her robe

Jaik, Chaotic Neutral and a huge flirt: I give a cheeky grope

Theia, a Colossal Lesbian who is on a quest to find her GF: Can I use my bonus action to slap him?

(she missed)

some thoughts on jyn erso

i’m sorry to do this because i know we’re all probably exhausted to death of jyn erso discourse, but i was finally able to collect my thoughts on some aspects of her character into coherent ideas that i want to post

this isn’t a jyn erso hate post, and i’m not an “anti jyn” or someone who completely despises her character. there are some things about her that i like! she’s just not my favorite, and i’ve been curious as to why that is. it’s not typical of me to feel so neutral of what is objectively a strong female lead, especially when it’s something like star wars where those are often lacking. 

here’s what i think it boils down to: i don’t really like her that much, because of the filmmakers’ attempts to make her likable

if you’re trying to portray a character who is rough around the edges, jaded with the universe, and doing whatever it takes to survive, why not go all out? i would have loved to see jyn be more angry, meaner, scrappier, and belligerent. give me a jyn who when she is captured by the rebellion, acts like a caged animal. give me a jyn who will scratch and claw in order to survive. give me a jyn who is expressive of her anger and fear and desperation. give me a jyn who yells and screams and and doesn’t know how to control her rage and frustration at her situation. 

i think my main problem with jyn is that, to me, she comes across as bored more than jaded. rather than someone who has been fighting her way along her whole life and been hardened, she seems like a woman who is just uninterested in her surroundings. when she says the line that’s like (paraphrasing here) “it can’t bother you if you don’t look up” in the movie it feels so dismissive to me and doesn’t pack a punch. i would have rather had that line be biting, full of bitterness and disillusionment that shows the reaction of someone who has been so hurt before by all sides that she has lost hope in any goodness in the world. 

unfortunately, what i think a lot of this comes down to, and why this isn’t the jyn we see in the movie, is the cultural requirement that we need to make women palatable in order to be likable. there’s the idea that if a woman is too emotional, or angry, or yells a lot, people are going to hate her and thinks she’s a total bitch. well i would actually love a bitchier, meaner, more raw jyn erso. but we didn’t get that side of her because, let’s face it, women can’t act like that in movies, whereas men can. because a woman who spits rage and scratches and claws would be seem as threatening and unrelatable to a male audience. so what we get instead is the watered-down, sugar-coated version of what should be a gritty, harsh character. we get boredom instead of rage, because that’s what’s easier to swallow. and i feel cheated about the jyn erso that could have been, but that we didn’t get to see. 

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Not so much an ask, but I wanted to share how important pet bugs can be. My girlfriend is TERRIFIED of most bugs, but since I got my Ivory Millipedes she's been watching them a lot. I came home from work to find that she put some fresh cucumber in the tank with them, and now she's interested in holding one while she wears gloves. Before she wouldn't even look at pictures of them but now she wants to hold one. I feel very proud of her for this. Hopefully we can work on spiders next!

Yeah studies have shown that neutral to positive exposure has an almost 100% success rate of reducing or eliminating animal phobias of just about every sort.

Depending on the severity, some people just have to start with like, cartoons and storybooks about that animal and work their way up through video footage, realistic models and toys, visiting them in a zoo or pet store, and getting closer and closer to them in captivity until they can keep one in a tank at home for a while

REQUEST 124 ~ seduction (smut)

Warnings: Smut, swearing

A/n: Do you want me to make any changes to the way i write? Do you want me to write more gender neutral? Let me know ^.^ Also i feel like i drifted away from the request. 

Dan’s P.o.v:

Warm bodies moving together in sync. Heavy breaths filling the air. Her voice crying out in ecstasy. The feeling of her soft skin under my finger tips helps ignite my senses. That amazing peak building, and building and…

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SaviorMysticMeme’s Masterlist

I finally made a Masterlist! Woooo~~

I try to keep MCs pronouns neutral throughout most of my fics, but I’m pretty sure I slip in a few spots and the way I write MC tends to be pretty feminine/neutral. So sorry to anyone who prefers masculine MC or doesn’t go with she/her pronouns for the times I slip (⩾.⩽) HOWEVER feel free to specify for a Male/NonB/Whatever MC in your request and then I will switch from my Fem/Neautral MC standard and focus on matching pronouns to your request.

Hope the babbling made sense



Ehhhh Debatable (Not really NSFW but suggestive or contains mild NSFW pieces)



 A/N: alrighty here we go. This is the first fic where I feel like the warnings were rally nescessary. I didn’t really proof read this so I hope its alright.It really sucks because I broke my flashdrive again (becuase I have the worst luck). Please send in some asks, suggestions, messages and comments.

Title: Helpless

Rating: Mature (because I am not sure)

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x reader, reader x abusive!boyfriend

Warnings: violence, abuse, abusive relationship, sad topics, a bit depressing, cheating (if you like squint)

Wordcount: 1935


*Jefferson’s POV*

How often do you feel absolutely helpless? I don’t mean like ‘Oh I don’t know what to do?’, I mean like completely trembling and all your emotions and mixing together so much so that you have no idea how to react, feel, or think.

That’s how I felt when I looked at Y/N and noticed she had a black eye and split lip. She looked like she had been crying when she walked into the coffee shop. When she sat down she gave me a slight smile and began rambling about how clumsy she was. I knew it was a lie. I didn’t care about her fake story. I immediately cut her off by standing up.

“Stop Y/N, just stop. Please, sweet heart,” I told her as I grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the street to hail a cab. I looked at her and noticed the tears springing to her eyes again and I sighed. I yanked her hand and pulled her into my arms. She tensed and gripped my magenta jacket before openly sobbing into my arms. I felt my own tears spring into my eyes but held back remembering that this wasn’t about how I felt. The cab pulled up to the side of the street and I gently guided her into the back seat. I followed in immediately before wrapping my arms around her again as I told the guy my address.

*Y/N’s POV*

It was really warm in the cab and safe in Thomas’s arms as I felt us begin to move. I knew he was upset by the way his arms with taught around me in a secure embrace. Ryan had yelled at me again last night and I tried to avoid the confrontation as much as possible. But when Ryan wanted to fight there was no way to could get out of it. The tears finally stop streaming down my face and let my grip on Thomas’s jacket loosen. I turned my head to the side and rested gently on his chest as I focused on taking deep breathes. I looked out the front window and smiled as I watched the tall buildings blur past. I loved New York City, it was really busy and frantic just like myself. I frowned as I couldn’t help but notice the cloudy and windy weather matched my mood.

“I hope it rains,” I heard Thomas say next to me.

“Why? Isn’t it a bit depressing when the weather is like this?,” I question my face twisting into a scowl as I gripped his jacket again and wiggle into his side pushing my face back into his chest. I felt his hand gently move and rest on the small of my back while the other arm stayed up around my shoulders.

“Water is life. Therefore, rain kind of symbolizes new birth doesn’t it? Not to mention I love thunder. I know a lot of people hate it or are scared of it but the sound is so ethereal.” He said and I glanced up to notice his eyes staring out the window. The cloudy weather didn’t allow a lot of light through but the soft almost gray light seemed to outline his profile and make his look a lot older. He turned and looked down at me. He gently took his hand from the small of my back and brought it to my cheek. I felt his thumb gently stroke where the bruise rested right under my eye. “You put ice on it last night right darling?” he asked with concern shining in his eyes and his southern drawl coming out in full force. I gently nodded and looked down with shame etched on my features. I hated worrying him.

“We’re here.” The guy said from the front. Thomas temporarily unwrapped his arms and leaned forward, pulling out his wallet before handing over the fare. He opened the door and stepped out, making sure to grab my hand and pull with slightly more force than necessary. He was always demanding. I shook as the forceful wind made me stumble slightly and shiver. Thomas look back and frowned before stepping forward and wrapping his arms around me, blocking the wind and ushering me into the apartment complex. He got to his door and still refused to let me go and opened the door one handed. Once in the apartment he ordered me to the coach and began walking to the different rooms and collecting items with purpose.

I took the time to look around the apartment. I had been here multiple times, almost as much as my own house actually. I recalled walking in here the first time and being amazed at how warm and comfy it was. I had met him at his job where he worked as a consultant for a major political firm in the city. I had been asked to make a flower delivery for my part time job. I had strolled in with the cart of flowers and began setting them out as instructed when a man, namely Thomas, had asked if you needed any help considering his next conference didn’t start for another hour. I smiled and agreed. He began talking as her worked having no problem starting and maintaining a conversation with me. Anyone else in that position might have found him pushy but I just found him funny and confident. We had agreed to meet each other for coffee after that. I had developed a great friendship with him when he started inviting me over to hang out. I had developed a high opinion of him. I expected flat sofas and modern décor with monochrome for his apartment style but I was dead wrong.

I looked around the room as I threaded my hand into the red fur pillows that were on the plush black leather coach and looked to my feet and the plush purple carpet beneath them. Almost the entire apartment was paneled in a wood and Thomas has made sure that the mantel on which the TV sat was a cobble stone. It was extremely warm and homely with pictures of Thomas’s family and friends in Virginia hanging in the wall. I had asked him about his styling choices and he had responded with the fact that he wanted it to feel like home. I leaned back into the coach letting out a little huff as my back hit the coach. I looked over the lamp on the table and smiled. I had knocked over the previous lamp one time while dancing with Thomas and he had replaced it with a loud orange skinny lamp and purple lamp shade. It was so ugly but Thomas had fawned over the lamp and told me very sternly that if I broke it he would never allow me back in his apartment.

“Go change in the bathroom. I want you to be comfortable darling.” I heard Thomas say sternly. I was snapped out of my revere and there was Thomas standing in front of me and holding out a pair of his boxers and a sweat shirt. He shook the clothes in front of me when I didn’t move. I finally grabbed them and walked into the bathroom to change. I wasn’t sure about taking off my turtle neck. I shook as I pulled it over my head and looked into the mirror only to gasp when I noticed the ring of bruises from Ryan’s hands around my neck had darkened in color. I had been so panicked at the time it didn’t even hurt. I trailed my hands down my sides and let out a sigh. Thomas would see them and get upset. I felt better here though. I felt safer. Last night after Ryan screamed and hit in his drunken state he had locked the bedroom door and I just continued to cower in the corner and eventually got up to get ice and nurse my wounds. I hadn’t even changed my clothes this morning because Ryan was still locked in the bedroom. Tears sprung to my eye but I quickly got control of them and finished changing before summoning the courage to walk out into the family room again.

“MY GOD.” Thomas shouted and I looked up from my feet and flinched at his shocked expression.

*Thomas’s POV*

“MY GOD.” I shouted in shocked at the sight before me. Y/N had changed from her turtle neck and dark bruises surrounded her throat. I notice her flinch and immediately tried to restrain the anger that was surfacing. I would fucking kill her boyfriend. When I found out she had a boyfriend before I met her I had stopped making advances despite my feelings. I remember thinking that he must have been one hell of a man because he had the best girl in New York City. Now I knew that she deserved so much better. She deserved not to be hurt like this. I motioned for her to sit down next to me. She quietly walked over and sat up straight. It broke my heart to see her this tense around me.

“Your staying here.” I said with a neutral voice trying not to get emotional and show that I was serious. Her head snapped up and her eyes met mine.

“What?” she questioned slightly shaking.

“I am not letting you go back and be hurt by him. You’re moving in to the guest room and you’re going to be happy because so help me god if I ever have to see you like this again I might commit murder.” I said my voice straining towards the end. Her eyes widened but soon they watered and her lip quivered as she shook her head in acceptance. I immediately turned to jelly from the immense relief overcoming me and grabbed her arm to pull her to me. I laid back and she came with me having her head rest on my chest.

“Only because I love you.” She whispered as I reached for the remote. I tensed for a split second before looking over at her with wide eyes. She seemed nervous but too exhausted to care as she gave me a sheepish smile and looked at me with her eyes lazily half lidded. I immediately acted on instinct and grabbed her arm hoisting her up slightly higher and firmly pressed my lips against hers. She responded and threaded her hands into my hair. We pulled back with a huff and stared at each other minute before I push her head into the juncture between my neck and shoulder. I cradled her with a arm around her waist and the other hand stroking her hair. I took a deep breath.

“Rest darling. I love you too but you are exhausted and you are going to have a hard day tomorrow too with getting your stuff and telling him.” I felt her shake and immediately gripped her tighter. “But I will be there with you baby I promise nothing will hurt you alright?” She relaxed back into my arm and gave a tiny nod into my neck.

“I won’t need to be scared if you’re there.” I heard her whisper, almost to herself. I felt a small amount of pride fill me at her words.

“I am going to put on a movie and cook some food later alright?”

“Sounds perfect.”

“It doesn’t just sound perfect. I intend to make sure it is perfect darling.”

She glanced at me with a smile on her face and I no longer felt helpless.

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Maggie Sawyer

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life l I would lay down my life for smol officer sawyer
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: being the most supportive girlfriend out there
worst quality: Pushing down her feelings :(
ship them with: Alex badass Danvers
brotp them with: James Olsen
needs to stay away from: Nobody really. Maybe the DEO’s high tech weapons lmao
misc. thoughts: Honestly Maggie Sawyer has me living

Whisper It {a shallura fic}

Rating: E

Summary: The first week of a new relationship is always a wild ride, especially if you’re trying to hide it from four nosy teenagers and your sort-of dad. Or: they’re both complete dorks but their minds are still linked together so they’re *telepathic* dorks and that makes everything more fun.

Notes: I wrote this for my 1k followers celebration, so it’s fitting that it ended up being 10k words long. That’s ten words for every follower. Thanks for sticking around in my trash pile and thanks for indulging me in my Shallura feels. Hope you like the fic!

{read it on AO3}

“You’re looking very cheerful today, Princess,” Coran remarks. “I think sleeping in did you some good!”

Allura’s eyes go wide. She doesn’t trust herself to look in Coran’s direction. Instead she stares at her console and forces her face into a neutral expression.

“Yes, it was very refreshing,” she manages.

“Maybe you should sleep in more often!” Coran goes on. “You could do with the rest.”

“You’re right, Coran. I should try to rest more.” Her voice comes out somewhat strangled, but thankfully Coran doesn’t notice.

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Being Viktors younger sister and dating Yurio?

This was so fun to write !!!! Bringing out Viktor’s protective side is really fun to do. I tried my best to make this a gender-neutral reader, but it just didn’t flow very well. I stuck to the request and used female pronouns, but feel free to change the pronouns in your head. Thank you for the request, hun :3

Viktor wipes the contents of his beverage off of his chin, ignoring the feeling of it starting to soak into his shirt. “You want to what my sister?” Viktor asks a bit harshly. He doesn’t actually need clarification; he had heard Yurio perfectly, but wished he didn’t.

“Date her, Viktor. I want to date your sister,” the blond repeats, biting his lip nervously. Normally he wouldn’t let his cool and edgy stature falter, but there’s too much at stake to not be nervous; he can’t seem to stop fidgeting with his hair and biting his lip and crossing and uncrossing his legs. He can’t stop himself from glancing around at the other skaters at the banquet around them, hoping they don’t see the vulnerability he’s displaying.

You’ve been going on dates here and there with Yurio, and you both genuinely like each other. He’s never enjoyed anyone’s company like yours before, and it didn’t take long for him to start falling for you. He hates sneaking around behind Viktor’s back, but he knows how protective he is over you. And Yuri figured that after Viktor had a few glasses of champagne, he’d be loosened up enough and wouldn’t be able to say no to the request. So, he asked. Viktor’s response wasn’t awful, but he did spit his drink out all over himself and the floor.

“Yurio, I think—“

“Vitya!” you voice interrupts Viktor before he can continue. You come up behind Viktor and give him a hug around the waist, and Viktor smiles at how adorable you are. Viktor spins you around so you’re next to him and puts a protective arm around you. “Come dance with me!” you plead excitedly. Viktor feels his heart flutter at the sight of you; his baby sister has grown so much so fast. He wants to protect you so badly.

“In a moment, krasavitsa. Yuri and I are talking,” he responds coolly, making sure you don’t catch on to the situation.

You move from Viktor’s side and wrap your arms around Yuri’s neck, giving him a quick peck to the cheek. A blush dusts Yuri’s cheeks while you stay glued to his side. You can’t seem to stop smiling while at the blond’s side, and your dearest brother doesn’t miss any of it.

“You really like him, don’t you?” Viktor chuckles, earning your attention. He wears a soft smile; it almost looks sad. You nod with an even bigger smile, and Viktor sighs, the smile disappearing. “Come here then, my (Y/N).” Viktor opens his arms, and you gratefully move into his arms for a warm hug.

Yuri clears his throat, earning Viktor’s attention with a glance over your shoulder. Viktor knows it’s time to make a decision.

“I guess it can’t be helped, then,” Viktor sighs, releasing you from the hug. He holds your shoulders and takes in your face. The baby sister he practically raised himself has grown up, but it’s time to let another important man into her life. He gives a tender kiss to your forehead and ushers you to Yuri’s side, a confused look on your face the whole time.

“What’s going on?” you ask, looking between both of the boys.

“Yuri, you have my permission. I trust you’ll take good care of my zvyozdochka,” Viktor says, smiling but looking sad. He can’t stand the thought of you being hurt, but he knows it’s not right to deny you happiness; it’s obvious that Yurio makes you very happy. He begins walking away to join Yuuri from Japan, but he stops at Yuri’s side and leads down to whisper in his ear, “and if you hurt her, there will be consequences!” Viktor stands back up straight with a chipper smile and bids you and Yuri goodbye before leaving.

You giggle at the blush that cover’s your boyfriend’s entire face and wrap your arms around him once again. Yuri puts his arm around you and breathes a sigh of relief. Finally, he’s got the girl of his dreams, and he can call her his own.

so about jasper and pearl

one thing i’ve realized is, i have kind of a weakness for “neutral” relationships? by which i mean interactions that aren’t really all that positive or negative, they’re just. kinda there. neutral. sometimes awkward. one example being peridot and steven in “keeping it together” and the first half of “catch & release” (meaning before steven went all “aww cute!”), and recently, i think that’s part of why i’m now fascinated by jasper and pearl.

i realize they might seem closer to negative - they’re on opposing sides and jasper did insult pearl once, but… that was so little and non-consequential. she just brushed pearl off as unimportant, as she did with the others. their relationship isn’t directly “damaged” or uncomfortable the way jasper might be with, say, garnet and amethyst for a while. 

that’s not to say they won’t ever butt heads, but it does remind me of early steven and peridot, in terms of just being so neutral - a couple positive interactions, a couple negative ones, but overall, they don’t seem to have a strong opinion of each other. they’re just kinda experiencing the same things, from opposite sides.

their first encounter? jasper fights garnet, doesn’t really engage amethyst or pearl. pearl’s words to jasper are also less harsh than garnet or amethysts, they’re all “you need to leave! back off!” while pearl just goes “this is not a gem-controlled planet”. 

their second encounter? while one shouldn’t judge alexandrite as just the sum of her parts, she does catch and hold jasper, without hesitation. a part of her did not want to fight, or at least hoped they could solve this diplomatically. then pearl sits by jasper, not really bothered by her presence, and straight up tries to save her - not to the point of sacrificing herself, but still genuinely trying

third encounter? just kinda. staring at each other. pearl was ready to fight, but not engaging, and then jasper walks off. this was important in the early interactions between peridot and steven - neither fought the other on sight, that was the hallmark of their neutrality. 

pearl was worried about steven and connie, sure, and she definitely views jasper as a threat in that regard, but peridot and steven were also at odds. steven was trying to fight + catch peridot, and peridot did try to kill them. they still got to have neutral interactions, and steven was by far the crystal gem peridot felt most comfortable around at first. their friendship, eventually, became a close bond, and steven was naturally important in peridot’s reform arc. 

i guess what i’m saying is, i have no doubts they’ll butt heads, but their relationship also feels carefully neutral right now. pearl has been absent when jasper has been at her most stressed or aggressive. jasper has done nothing to really hurt her, despite having several opportunities to, and pearl hasn’t expressed any strong anger or dislike towards her. 

this isn’t an attempt to give jasper Good Gem Points so much as something that makes me plain curious. it feels deliberately done - jasper being at her least aggressive / most occupied with other thoughts when pearl is there. pearl, too, has shown off her capacity as a fighter only in settings where jasper isn’t there. the question of who would even win in a fight hangs over us the way it doesn’t with garnet or amethyst (coincidentally, they both lose to garnet and beat amethyst, implying they might be rather evenly matched…). 

if i’m right in my raid theory, it could also be that garnet and bismuth were the gems who forced jasper to fight “from the second” she was born, if that’s literal. in other words, another reason jasper would have the least bad blood with her than with, well, anyone. peridot and lapis included (lapis for obvious reasons, and with peridot there might be some lingering “et tu, brute?” after the literal stabbing, and the metaphorical one with joining the crystal gems).

basically pearl is the closest jasper has to a blank slate. someone she can interact with with some ease, eventually, if circumstances allow. someone she has not hurt, and who hasn’t hurt her. their histories are intertwined, they were the young knights of the war (“completely dedicated to a person and a cause”), they struggle to let go of the past and live, still holding on to their old feelings and causes. of course, pearl chose to fight in a way jasper didn’t, but differences do not negate parallels. this is something pearl is just now moving past, and it’s something jasper needs.

tl;dr: they’ve never fought or hurt each other. they haven’t exactly been nice to each other either, jasper had her rude moment and pearl expressed some worry over her just wandering around like that, but she still tried to save her… so they remain, overall, neutral. it’s hard to know whether they’re building up for them to finally fight sometime, or if they’ll bond with less hurt standing in their way, with all their parallels, similar mindsets and struggles, or a mix of both… but i feel like that neutrality has been carefully preserved enough that it’s gotta mean something.

This is all really interesting input via @faelapis and tossing in my two cents, I do think it’s interesting that official Crewniverse art tends to pair Jasper with Pearl, Peridot with Amethyst, and Lapis with Garnet on the rare cases where the whole ‘crew’ is together.

And I think I have other reasons for being interested in Jasper and Pearl, beyond this- they’re both people who initially come across as haughty and caviling of others, and this is a defense mechanism for an abysmal lack of self worth. The figure of Pink Diamond is also very interesting because it suggests Jasper much like Pearl has a problem where she is not only grieving a loss, but heavily bound, almost defined in some regards- by who they are to that person who isn’t in their life any more. Both of them are even trying to chase closure, though in Jasper’s case, her closure is doomed from the start- she’s trying to pursue Rose, who is already gone.

What intrigues me about Jasper and Pearl is how similar they are. They’re also the only two Gems we’ve seen that are proficient in a weapon besides their summoned one (I don’t count Steven as “proficient” with Rose’s sword because iirc, outside of Bismuth, the only time he’s fought with it at all has been with Connie) but Jasper is able to use the destabilizer, and she uses it like a sword, while Peridot swings it clumsily and tries to use it like a club. This would actually suggest that Jasper might well have a background in swordsmanship.

There’s also the fact that despite being such a powerhouse herself, Jasper’s fighting style exploits a surprising amount of finesse and footwork- watch her fight against Garnet in Jailbreak, especially early on with the destabilizer. I’m not the only one intrigued by the idea of a potential duel between Jasper and Pearl, but, I think it might be interesting to consider a situation where Jasper might actually, specifically, try to compete with Pearl in a field where her strength and size are largely negated.

A couple of people have rolled their eyes at the idea of retreading Back To The Barn but I doubt that’s just what that would be about. Because I really don’t think Jasper would respond and relate to Pearl in the same way Peridot did at all- they’re too alike.

We also have a very interesting thing up in the air that hasn’t been addressed yet: Pearl during the war had a reputation. She was Rose’s right hand- the “terrifying renegade”. She was the one who swept her way through six Gems, including the personal bodyguards of a Diamond, in The Answer alone. At this point, we don’t know if Jasper has heard about that history, or if she’s cottoned that this is that Pearl. 

At this point, I suspect Pearl is going to have a fairly major role in Jasper’s arc- much the way Amethyst did in Peridot’s. This means a mix of good and bad- some butting heads, certainly- but I’m with you, Felix, I think they have a lot of potential.

anonymous asked:

hey mama, I just wanted to ask you if I'm "allowed" to use the label nonbinary. I'm afab and feminine presenting, I'm even okay with she/her pronouns.(everyone uses them for me) But I don't like being called a girl. I don't really feel like a girl, but I rarely have dysphoria or something like that. That's really confusing, because I feel like I'm taking away spaces that others need more than me. Greetings, a confused child. 🌸

My dear nonbinary child, 

Of course you are allowed to identify as nonbinary! 

There are many nonbinary people who prefer to use she/her or he/him pronouns and it doesn’t make them any less nonbinary than people who use they/them or any other gender neutral pronouns. 

Nonbinary people can present themselves any way they feel comfortable with, feminine presenting nonbinary people certainly exist and are 100% valid!

Dysphoria is not required to identify as nonbinary or trans. It’s simply something some people experience and some people don’t, it doesn’t make anyone more or less valid. 

Darling, you don’t take away anything from anyone by using a label you feel comfortable with. If you don’t feel like a girl, you don’t need to identify as one. You’re allowed to use any label you feel comfortable with. It’s as simple as that. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom (who uses she/her pronouns and the term “mom” - and is on the nonbinary spectrum, too!) 

Nothing To Fix (Alec x Neutral!Reader)

Warning: I know Alec is a gay character. But he is just that, a character. Keep that in mind. Please, also note that english is not my first language. I am sorry if there are any mistakes, please feel free to point them out to me I won’t be offended. All credit goes to the creators.

“Y/N, Pandemonium tonight, you coming?” Jace asks, leaning against the wall. “No” I answer, stepping away from him. “Isabelle is sick, Alec and Jace need backup for tonight’s mission. You’re on it” Maryse orders as I pass by her. “No” I answer, going on my way.

“I wasn’t asking!” she shouts, causing people to turn around.

“And I am not going” I shout back.

“If you are not working then you’re worthless in here, you might as well leave.”

“I was on my way to say goodby to Isabelle, now if you don’t mind my plane leaves in two hours and the traffic is quite terrible in New York.”

I can feel his eyes on me as I go up the stairs, and I wish he comes after me, grabs my arm and tells me to stay. But he doesn’t. “Come in” Isabelle says. “Oh, Y/N! I’m so sick, I don’t know what that warlock did to me but I’m pretty sure I already lost weight in just a few hours” she complains. I smile, taking her in. “I came to say goodbye, I’m leaving” I speak. Isabelle looks at me, furrows her perfect brows, tilts her head to the side “what do you mean, leaving?” she asks. “London. Preston called the other day, Jessica is leaving for Los Angeles so there’s a vacant spot on his team.” The brunette gets up from her bed and starts pacing the room, gathering her thoughts. “I have to go, Izzy, I just wanted to say thank you for sticking by my side through everything. You never gave up on me, and it means the world to me. I know I will never have another friend like you, it breaks my heart to leave you behind but I have to go” I say, grabbing her arm. She doesn’t say a word. She stares at me, tears in her eyes. She hugs me tight, so tight that I can almost feel my ribs breaking.

“Don’t do this” Jace’s voices. “He’ll come around, give him some time.”

“I gave him a year, Jace. And you and I both know that I would have given up sooner if it was someone else. He had a year, 365 days. And he did nothing. It hurts me more than it hurts him. I’m a mess and he’s happy. I don’t deserve this.”

“No, you don’t. But you don’t deserve to leave your home because of him. I’m here! Izzy is here! You don’t need him!”

“That’s what you don’t get Jace! I do! I need him! He is my whole life. Was. He was my bestfriend. I already lost a little bit of him when the two of you became parabatai, and know I just-” I stop for a minute, wiping my tears away. “It would be much easier if he was dead. That way I’d know that I can’t have him by my side because he is not here. But he is. I run into him every day. I hear his voice, I hear him laugh, I see him smile and I know that the reason why he is not by my side is because he doesn’t want to be. Do you have any idea how much it hurts when the person you care about the most shuts you out for someone else. He just erased me from his life. I would have been alright with just a little spot in his heart. With just a smile, a text or a hello from time to time. But he decided that I was not good enough for him anymore. And it hurts so much because I tried so hard to fight for what we had, but I was the only one fighting for it. It’s just no fair for me to force him into something he doesn’t want. I’m leaving, but you’re welcome to visit!” I try to smile through my tears.

“He doesn’t deserve you. And I know he knows that.”

“You better be dying, Lightwood. I just fell asleep for the first time in three days” I grumble as I answer Isabelle’s call.

“Y/N-” her voice is shaky.

“Izzy what is it, is Jace alright?” I panic. Is Alec alright? I think but can’t get myself to say it out loud.

“Yes, no. I don’t know. Y/N, Alec is dying. Everyone says he is dying but he can’t die. You need to come, I know you can wake him up. You two have a special bound, you always had. Please, Y/N!” she cries over the phone, talking so fast that I can barely keep up.

“Jace and him have a special bound, you and him have a special bound. Alec and I have nothing, I can’t help you Isabelle, I’m sorry.”

“So you are just going to let him die?” she yells. “You already broke his heart when you left, now you’re gonna take his life?”

“I broke his heart?” I yell, taken aback. “Watch your mouth Isabelle, karma is a bitch and it was time for it to bit him in the ass.”

“When did you turn into a cold hearted bitch?”

“When your brother ripped my heart out of my chest and stepped on it more than once” I answer, hanging up.

I throw my phone on the bed and start pacing the apartment. He deserves a little suffering. I stop dead in my tracks at that thought. When did hurt turn into hate? I take a deep breath, put some clothes on and head for the door. I am not Alexander Lightwood, I don’t give up on people.

“Where is he?” I asks, entering the New York Institute. “Maryse, where is Alexander?”

“In his bedroom. I didn’t know you were coming back” she says, clearly surprised.

“I am not, Isabelle called” and with that I turn on my heels, heading to Alec’s bedroom.

I push the door open. Jace is sleeping on a armchair that looks really uncomfortable, Isabelle is caressing her brother’s hair. I approach her slowly, “Izzy” I whisper. She turns around, a look of disbelief on her face. “You came!” she whispers, louder. “Y/N I’m so scared.” I hug her tightly before turning my attention to Alexander. He looks terrible but yet so angelic. I take a step forward and stop. I don’t know what to do next. Am I allowed to touch him considering the way we parted a few years ago? He’d look so peaceful if it wasn’t for the sweat on his face and his whole body shivering.

“Where is she?” I enquire.

“Idris. She said she had important things to attend to.”

“What could possibly more important than her dying husband?” I roll my eyes.

“He never loved her. He married her name, her status. That’s why she hates you. You’re his world.”

“Stop fooling yourself, Isabelle. If he loves me half as much as everyone pretends he does, he would have fought for us” I bark. “I told him he’d be miserable if he married her, he knew what he was getting himself into. He deserves to be unhappy within this marriage.”

“I get it, it’s a mechanism of self-defense” Isabelle states. “We both know you wan’t nothing but rainbows and sparkles for him. But if hating him makes it easier for you, alright. I’ll play along.”

“What are you expecting from me, Izzy? I don’t have super powers, the best I can do is shake him hard enough for him to vomit and wakeup while chocking on it” I shrug, taking a sit on the bed.

“I was thinking more… Less brutal. Maybe you could talk to him? He loves you Y/N, he just never had the guts to tell you. Or you could kiss him Disney Princess style?” she suggests.

“I am not putting my lips on his. Nope. Not happening.”

As I lay eyes on him I can’t help but feel pain. Memories of all we lost coming back. From the corner of my eyes I see Isabelle wake Jace up and the both of them quietly leaving the room. “Alright, it’s just you and I, I guess” I start. “I don’t know what to say, Alexander. I’m just-” I search my words. “Angry. I’m just angry at you, at the world. I don’t understand how we ended up like this, how you ended up throwing me away. You pushed me out of your life, and I just can’t figure out why. I mean, I suppose she didn’t want me around but I thought our friendship was way stronger than an arranged wedding.” Tears starts streaming down my cheeks. “I don’t understand how you could choose her over us. How you could choose politics over us. I know you are devoted to your family, but still. It’s unfair for your parents to expect you to repair the damage they’ve caused, you have your own life to live, your own mistakes to make” I pause, getting out of the point. “Just wakeup, alright? I’ll be gone before you regain full consciousness, I promise. I don’t wanna cause you any trouble, I don’t even wanna be here but I can’t let you die on me. I’m not like that, Alexander. So, please, open you damn eyes and stop sweating like that it’s disgusting. And why are you even shivering, it’s summer in New York, what happened to those tight black shirt of yours?” I sigh, getting up.

I pace the room, thinking of a way to wake him up without him chocking on his own vomit. Or having a concussion. Or broken bones. Or stabbing him. He’d heal though. I notice that the pictures are still the same as before. He still has pictures of me in his bedroom. There’s a box with my name on it. As I open it I find all the stuff that I threw away. Pictures, teddy bears, his clothes, gifts he gave me over the years, and the necklace. That fucking necklace he saved money for for weeks when he was seven, he wanted to give me a forever gift. I wore it for years, no matter what. This necklace was my direct link to him. I would grab the little heart shaped diamond whenever I wanted to feel connected to him. And God, I almost had a heart attack that one time I didn’t feel it around my neck, only to find out that Alexander had held on to it for me while I was in surgery. Once again, he’d been the one to put it around my neck. When I took it out, a few years ago, it broke my heart. It meant game over, no turning back. The necklace was all I had left of him, taking it off was ripping Alexander from me once and for all. Like a bandaid. I reached for it countless of times over the past few years, only to be reminded that there was no Alec in my life anymore.

I yawn, the time difference hitting me hard. I lay down next to Alexander, one hand over his chest to make sure he’s still breathing.

“Y/N, you’re crashing me, roll over” I hear a muffled voice. I groan, rolling on my side. I feel myself falling off the bed before strong arms catch me. “Oh my God, are you drunk?” the voice laughs. “I’m sleepy, leave me alone!” I grumble. I drift of to sleep.

“Looks like the two of you finally made up” Isabelle cheers. I open my eyes, only to see that Alec’s arm is thrown over my body, his legs tangled with mine. “Great, you’re alive. I need a shower” I say, pushing his body away from mine. I see hurt go through his eyes but decide to not pay attention to it. He deserves pain. I think. Yet, you crossed an ocean to save him a little voice in y head adds. I splatter water in my face, attempting to make my head clear.

“Y/N, Preston is calling!” Isabelle calls out.

“Preston? Preston the jerk?” Jace asks, surprised.

“Hello? No, I’m heading back today. Book me a flight as soon as possible, I can be at the airport in thirty” I speak into the phone.

“No she can’t. You are not leaving, the two of you need to sort things out! This has been going on for three years, enough now!” Isabelle states. “You are not leaving this place before you had the talk.”

“Preston, book a flight. I’ll call you back” I say before hanging up. “Isabelle, I’m only going to say this once so pay close attention, alright? I don’t want to have the talk. I don’t even want to be here. The only reason I came is because you called me and made me realize that hurt has turn into hate. I don’t hate people, that’s just no who I am. So I came, he is alive, now I’m leaving. And next time he is dying, don’t call me. Do everything you can to save him, but don’t call me. He’s already dead to me. End of discussion.”

“I’m right here, you can talk to my face. Thank you for being better than me, by the way” Alec voices. “I never meant to hurt you, I just- lost control. I took things too far and I didn’t know how to make up for my mistakes so I kind of let it be.”

“You kind of let it be? You fucking broke my heart you fucking bastard!” I yell, tears streaming down my face. “You fucking ripped it out of my fucking chest and fucking stepped on it again and again. I stuck around for a whole years. A whole fucking year. You ran into me every fucking day, you never paid attention to me. You never did anything to make things better between us. I hate you Alexander. And I hate that I hate you because you used to be my whole world, I would have done anything for you! But know I feel nothing but hate towards you! And I’m trying so hard to fight it, but I can’t. You can’t fix what you broke. You broke me and you can’t fix me. You destroyed me. I don’t trust anyone because of you. I can’t because-” I take a breath. “I can’t trust anyone because I trusted you with my life and you betrayed me. How am I supposed to give my heart to any other man when the one I loved for years turned his back to me. There is no making things better. You can’t.”

“Y/N, baby please listen to me” Alexander pleads, facing me.

“Don’t you dare calling me that. Go to hell Alec!” I shout to his face.

“Y/N, please! Don’t do that! I’m sorry! Please! I need you!” he says, grabbing my arm as I pass by him.

“Let go of me, Alexander. I swear to God I’ll chop your arm off” I warn, serious. “I needed you, you weren’t here. You should get a divorce, by the way. Your wife is cheating on you with Preston. I’ve known for years but decided that you didn’t deserve to know. Everyone in Idris knows. Everyone everywhere, actually. So much for a good reputation, cuckold” I spat, storming out of the room.

The Institute fades out behind me. I feel lighter. In a good way, because I finally expressed my feelings. I a bad way, because I feel like I just left my soul and already broken heart behind. I feel empty. I don’t have tears to cry anymore. I feel nothing and it scares me. Love, hurt, hate. What comes next? What do you feel when you have nothing to feel with anymore?

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Why would you think than Jasper and Pearl will be a cute couple?, Pearl already found a girl for her type

i don’t think they will be… like, i’m fully aware my ship is super reachy. it took me a while to come to terms with shipping it at all - i used to joke about jaspearl being kind of a random ship. let’s be honest, we don’t even know when jasper’s coming back… i just think they could be an interesting dynamic. 

since you wanna know why, i’ll do My Jaspearl Thoughs under the cut ~

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A character: Nesta

*cracks fingers* 

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them!!! | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: Her will. 10/10 can conquer entire continents with a glower level will. It’s inspiring. Also how much she cares? Just because she can’t quite put that into words doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel it. (And her sisters are both 100% aware of it. Even Feyre ‘I can be a bit of a dense potato when it comes to people’ Archeron gets it: ‘“But know that deep down, she is grateful, and perhaps does not possess the ability to say so. Yet the feeling—the heart—is there.”’ *cries into handkerchief for six years* 

worst quality: U can be a smidge too pragmatic at times child, makes people think you’re like…the opposite of who you are. 

ship them with: Cassian. Because like. Obvious reasons. My two strong, stubborn fierce hearts. I love you both. (And I feel like they’d….bring out the best in each other too. And they’re like 99% confirmed mates which is fun) 

Mor. Mesta is life people, I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. 
brotp them with: Elain!!!!! Obvious reasons. 

FEYRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feyre and Nesta’s dynamic is fuck off fascinating (and is something I am passionate about…as you will know if you have followed me for more than two minutes) 

Rhys, actually. People keep assuming these two are automatically going to clash in ACOWAR but I’m not as certain. (I’m not saying that it’s not possible/even probable) but…the “That was why you painted the night sky” scene exists and I actually think…these two are more similar than people might realise. 

Lucien: give me snarky bickering and continual ‘everyone thinks we’re literally on the verge of murdering each other but we’re just fucking with them and it’s hilarious’ 
needs to stay away from: Tomas fucking Mandray -_- the negativity of small minded people

misc. thoughts: It’s time to voice some Unpopular Opinions. This is not what I think is going to happen in ACOWAR (we don’t do that over here, we suck at it) this is just….what I would prefer to happen even if it’s deeply unlikely. *clears throat. stages tiny drumroll for my underwhelming ‘going against fandom gradient’ thoughts* I don’t want Nesta to be trained as a badass warrior queen.

 That’s not who she is. That is never who she’s been. And I don’t want her story to just be a rehash of Feyre’s ACOMAF storyline but with different characters (Cass instead of Rhys for instance) I know, I know there are arguments for it, that she never helped before because she didn’t have Feyre’s physical skills and practical knowledge and in taking that from the Cauldron we can have some interestingness and growth and change and rebirth and blah blah blah. That’s fine. That’s probably what we’re going to get but….. 

I don’t know. I don’t like the idea for a start that a female character has to be able to physically fight someone/wield some kind of violent power for them to be ‘badass.’ And it just…I enjoy the dynamic between Feyre and Nesta, I enjoy the similarities but I also enjoy the differences and Nesta has always had other strengths. And I think it’s high time she’s allowed to actually put them to use and let them flourish. 

Feyre has used what she was given as a human to survive/grow since ACOTAR. It’s always been her practical abilities, her pragmatism, her logic, her determination, stubbornness and strength of will. She’s a survivor; she’s a fighter and she always has been. That’s Nesta’s stumbling block, it’s the biggest cause of friction between the two sisters: Feyre could do what Nesta couldn’t- in keeping them alive by hunting, she was demonstrating skills that Nesta didn’t and couldn’t attain for herself (and they both knew it) 

 The interesting thing about these two is that they really are two sides of the same coin. Nesta has Feyre’s same pragmatism, logic, determination, stubbornness and strength of will what she doesn’t have is her physical abilities. Nesta isn’t a fighter; Nesta is a tactician. Nesta uses her intelligence and her calculating mind to get ahead in the same way that Feyre uses her practical skills. (There are so many examples of this my favourite is still the one where she argues with the queens, and uses good solid logical and numbers to make her case for them helping) 

 (Consider for example: Nesta UtM; she would have struggled with the Middengard Wyrm task but on the other hand she’d probably never have had to face it since she’d have likely been able to answer Amarantha’s riddle in the way that Feyre just couldn’t) They’re so similar but so different at the same time (and since they patch each other’s weaknesses so well they’d be a fucking powerhouse if they decided to work together) 

I’d like this to come to the fore in ACOWAR. Because they’re at war. And more than warriors win wars - they need people like Nesta and I want her to be able to finally use that mind of hers, to find the value in the things that she has, the things she can do; not simply be jealous and bitter about the things that she can’t. 

Just like…please for the love of god give me strategist Nesta, okay. This was the girl who, in her early teenage years, had already devised a plan to see if she could force her father into action (maybe not…the best idea in the world since it sort of involved STARVING but she gets points for determination, ruthlessess and outside the box thinking) Nesta is good at this, Nesta is highly intelligent, she has a mind for figures, numbers and has already been shown to be able to consider large numbers of people in terms of logistics. “I have calculated the numbers.” JUST GIVE ME NESTA DOING WHAT NESTA ALREADY DOES OKAY. LET HER FIND VALUE IN WHAT SHE CAN DO. LET HER REALISE THAT SHE IS NOT A BURDEN, THAT SHE IS A GODDAMN ASSET THAT THEY NEED BECAUSE OF THAT BRAIN OF HERS LIKE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. 

And the nessian potential for this is literally off the charts okay? Like…Nesta studying Cassian’s maps, his troop movements, his battle plans…brow creasing she steps forwards and shifts a few things around then steps back and he just….stares at her like she’s the Mother herself come to ground because she’s just halved their march time and supply lines. Like…Battle!couple nessian is fun but scheming, tactical, battle planning nessian is even better tbh. And Cassian would listen to her okay and value her advice and her opinions in a way I’m pretty sure no other man ever has because nice little ladies don’t think about this stuff. EXCEPT NESTA DOES OKAY JUST GIVE IT TO ME. 

As a part shot, pls consider: “ I think I’d like to see what else is out there, what a woman might do with a fortune and a good name.”
No limits, I thought. There were no limits to what Nesta might do, what she might make of herself once she found a place to call her own. I prayed I would be lucky enough to someday see it.” 

Nesta is made to build, Nesta is made to rule, Nesta is made to plan and dream and rise. She can be so much more than another powerful fighter/warrio.. And I want it. I want it all. 

Right. Rant concluded. I talked too much. It happens. I’m not sorry. 

Early Mornings (Isaac Lahey)

I just wanted to thank you guys so much for all the love you gave me on Anchor!! I’m glad you liked it. This is kinda short, but I wanted to get something out to you guys cause it’s been a little while.  Enjoy xx

warnings: none ;)

(btw this is Isaac’s point of view)

Tap.  Tap.  Tap.

I shift a little and sigh, opening my eyes and frowning at the wood pecker that has landed on the windowsill and woken me up.  I look past him and see the first strands of light stretching across the sky, creating a soft pink.  Becoming more aware of my surroundings as I further come out of my sleepy daze, I feel a strip of warmth across my chest and something tickling my shoulder.

There she is.

Lips full and slightly parted and hair spread across the pillow, she looks so beautiful.  And she is all mine.  As this idea dawns on me, my heart swells and I decide to bask in her presence.  I feel like the only time I see her anymore, we are back-to-back, weapons in hand, trying to keep someone or something from killing us.  But here, in the quiet early morning hours, there is nothing to do but watch the slow rise and fall of her chest.  I turn so my body is completely facing her.  Her eyebrows scrunch together and I think she is going to open her wide eyes, but her face returns to a neutral expression and I am free to see every detail as she sleeps.  With just one glance, she wouldn’t be someone you notice right away.  She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or clothes that cling to her body.  She knows who she is and what she is capable of and doesn’t feel the need to show off.

When I first met her, I had to work hard for even a small conversation. Of course, we had classes together and we talked about the weather, but it took time for her to open up and reveal the things she doesn’t tell many people.  That’s why this morning is even more special.  We are together, in my bed, in the most innocent way possible, and I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

As I’m watching her eyes shift under their lids, I see how her dark eyelashes brush against her cheekbones.  Her face is splattered with freckles and she has a scar under her nose from when she fell as a child.  I lift my hand from her hip and lightly stroke up the curve of her brows and down the side of her face to her chin.  I brush away the few hairs that seem to always make their way to her forehead like they can’t stay away.  I let the pads of my fingers go across her eyelids, down the tip of her nose, finally landing on her lips.  I always come back to these lips.  The lips I first kissed under the Christmas lights in Lydia’s backyard.  The lips she licks when she’s nervous.  The lips she chews on when she is listening intently or thinking too hard.  The lips that distract me from doing homework or paying attention in class.  The lips that opened and allowed me to hear her say she loves me.

I close my eyes and kiss her awake, knowing it’s time to get up for school.  As much as I would love to lay here forever, duty calls.

She stretches out with a squeak and folds herself into my chest, nuzzling her nose in the crook of my neck.  She knows this is my weakness, the one thing I can’t resist.

“Come on, babe, it’s time to get up.”

She yawns and plants little kisses all over my collarbones, trying desperately to keep me in bed with her, where nothing can hurt us.

“Please, don’t make me get up, Isaac.  Just a few more minutes,” and with this plea, she rolls over, immediately stripping me of any warmth our bodies had created together.  “I just need a little longer.”

“Alright, but don’t blame me if we’re late.”  I know I’ll never be able to get this stubborn girl to get up before she is good and ready, so I don’t even waste my energy.  Instead, I weave my arms between hers and pull her closer, my chest against her back.  I watch to see her reaction and she smiles, letting out a relaxed breath.  “I love you so much,” I whisper to her, thankful for early mornings like these.

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I know you're already writing The Librarian, but I'm greedy. If you're still doing Flash fics - Bruce and Selina? Or Selina interacting with one of the bat kids? Thanks :)

Rating: T? Maybe G? Idk it’s pretty darn mild.

French Fries

“Just a coffee?” he repeated, to make sure. Catwoman studied her nails with a slight frown and nodded at him, a little distracted.

“That’s all,” she said. “Black.”

He didn’t sigh or shrug or give any indication that he felt any particular way about this aside from a pause that stretched out a bit long even for him.

“A coffee,” she repeated. “Un café.”

“You’re not going to steal my fries,” Batman said sternly, more a declaration than a warning or a question.

“Me?” she asked, lifting her goggles to blink at him. “Steal?”

“Hnn,” was all he said. His cowl hid any expression around his eyes and underneath the cowl, his discipline smoothed out any expression that might have dared show itself anyway, but one corner of his mouth quirked up just slightly.

Catwoman slid her goggles back down and moved closer to him. How the hell he managed cursive with a pencil while wearing the gauntleted gloves was beyond her, but his script neatly filled part of the white notepaper all the same. She tried blowing on the lower part of his cheek to see if he’d react. He didn’t.

She traced his jawline with a fingernail and he did not flinch or jerk away, but the pencil stopped moving and he exhaled long and slow and soft. It would have been sweet if it wasn’t clearly a noise of irritation. Catwoman glanced down at the paper, where the pencil mark made a long, marring gash through the words above his present line. She grinned and sat back.

Batman did not bother to erase the line, but finished the short list and then stood and stepped off the edge of the roof. Catwoman yawned and sat back, propping her weight on her outstretched arms, and a second later there was a snick as the grappling hook caught the concrete.

Down the building face, he tucked the folded paper into a windowsill while hanging from one arm, then pressed the recoil button and soared vertically with his cape fluttering around him. At the top, he swung up over onto the roof again.

Catwoman was examining a batarang and he glanced down at the compartment on his utility belt and bit off his own compulsion to sigh. He held a hand out for it and she laughed and shook her head.

“Finders keepers,” she said, spinning the flat edge around on a finger.

“That hardly applies to pickpocketing,” he retorted.

“I thought your belt was ‘impossible,’” she smirked.

“That wasn’t a challenge,” he said, turning to gaze across the city instead of look at her. If he did, she’d know how close she was to eliciting a laugh and it wasn’t exactly the sort of behavior he wanted to encourage.

“Just like ‘take off your pants and get in the van’ wasn’t a challenge?” she asked, snatching his cape and pulling hard. He actually staggered a step back before whirling to scowl at her.

“That was an emergency,” he said, irritated. “And you were wearing that ridiculous disguise. You can’t possibly think that was intended to be flirtatious.”

“It’s hard to tell with you sometimes,” she said obstinately. She reached up to hand him the batarang, which he accepted gingerly with two fingers as if it might explode. She shivered when she realized it had been an actual possibility, considering him and his arsenal.

He actually clicked open the eye visors in the cowl to meet her gaze.

“You know what I do during daylight hours, my reputation,” he said, as if they hadn’t had this conversation half a dozen times already. “If I’m flirting with you, you’ll know. That was a matter of safety.”

“Damn, but you’re prickly tonight,” Catwoman complained. “Are you hangry?”

“I don’t know what that means,” he said stiffly, though she guessed he had to know somehow or other. She didn’t explain.

The roof access door opened just a crack and a paper sack and drink carrier were set on the roof, then the door clicked shut.

“Delivery, too,” she said, whistling. “You don’t even really need to go home if you don’t want to.”

He ignored this and strode over to pick up the food.

This time when he rejoined her, he sat down next to her and handed her the coffee. The other drink looked like it might be a milkshake.

“Are you eating with the gloves on,” she asked, when the burger was halfway to his mouth. He froze for a second and then took a bite as an answer. She rolled her eyes. “It’s a wonder you aren’t dead already.”

For a few minutes, they were quiet and the quiet shifted to companionable, like it usually did these days. He turned his head to scan the skyline, his eye visors still retracted, and Selina snuck a French fry.

She sipped her coffee immediately after, making it soggy, but he’d looked back and she didn’t want to risk her mouth being visibly occupied with food.

It happened again, and then again. He’d let his gaze drift over the city and her hand would creep into the thin cardboard package. Even as good as she was, he had to know she was doing it, so she figured he’d stop her if it really bothered him.

He wadded up the foil wrapped from the burger and tipped the fry container up. It was nearly empty.

“Selina,” he exclaimed, sounding a little shocked. It probably would have sounded flat to most people but she’d known him a long time.

“What?” she asked, a little surprised herself that he apparently hadn’t noticed and feeling a little triumphant that she hadn’t lost her game. She raised an eyebrow even though it was pointless with the mask and goggles and she slurped his milkshake.

His jaw tightened and he reached forward and took it from her hand.

“I could have gotten you anything,” he said.

“It’s more fun this way,” she answered.

But now that the glow of victory was fading a little, she realized that he seemed…distracted. He’d sought her out tonight so it probably wasn’t that she wasn’t interesting, otherwise, he wouldn’t have wasted his time.

He was sometimes infuriatingly unromantic and practical like that.

“You okay?” she asked, bumping his knee with hers. She sipped her own coffee this time and admitted to herself that it was actually really good coffee for a midnight diner.

“Hn,” he said without looking over. “I’m fine.”

“That’s great,” she said, taking the milkshake from him and sucking down a drink again. She put it back in his motionless hand, his fingers still in a C-shape she fit the cup into. “Now how about the truth? I don’t like playing therapist so I’m not asking again.”

Batman scoped out the rooftop and surrounding buildings before setting the milkshake down and pushing his cowl off his head. His hair was slightly damp with sweat and he still wore a domino mask, but it was much more like looking at Bruce than Batman.

Selina pulled her goggles down around her neck and tugged her own mask off. She wasn’t wearing a domino but she didn’t ever care as much as he did about the identity thing.

He finished the French fries while they sat and she’d nearly given up on him actually saying anything more when he spoke, facing the city instead of her.

Their shoulders were touching after she’d scooted closer but for a brief moment, it felt like there was an actual barrier between them as he looked straight ahead; it was like being dragged to confession as a child, but as the confessor for once.

“It doesn’t matter how much I do,” he said. “It’s not enough.”

Selina wanted to tease him about midlife crises, but she held her tongue.

“There was a drive-by tonight,” he said. “I didn’t get there in time. A pedestrian died on the scene.”

“If you think that was your fault, I’m going to scratch your face,” Selina said seriously.

He looked at her then, his slight frown belying the intensity in his eyes. She didn’t scratch his face.

“It all feels like my fault,” he said levelly. “Every time I’m not fast enough. It all matters or none of it does.”

“That sounds like a shitty way to live,” she observed, she hoped neutrally.

The city had his attention again.

“It is,” he said in agreement. “But I can’t settle for the alternative. Too many already do.”

Selina opened her mouth to point out how stupid this sounded, as if his sense of guilt negated the lack of care others might show, but she reconsidered and said simply, “I’m sorry.”

His posture dipped a little and then straightened again and he nodded.

Selina put an arm around his waist and leaned her head against his shoulder. She put her hand in his free hand, intertwining glove and gauntlet.

“For the record, the apology was not for the fries,” she said quietly.

He chuckled, a coarse and cut-off sound, and said, “Noted.”

They didn’t move from the spot for a long time and when the sun began to tinge the eastern horizon faint purple against the dark sky, he lifted her chin with two fingers and kissed her.

It wasn’t hard or passionate, like some kisses she’d had from him or other men. It was gentle, for all the confidence in his movement, and when she ducked her head after he pulled back, she frowned at her hands and then looked up at him again.

“What do you say we get out of here?” he asked. “I know a place.”

“If it has a bed and a nap, count me in,” Selina said, stretching.

“I think that can be arranged,” he answered. “As long as you promise to not steal the blankets.”

“I can’t promise something against my nature,” she retorted, standing and stretching again. “I’ll meet you there, Bat.”

“Selina,” he said, just as she was about to run and leap. She hesitated and looked back. “Thank you,” he said.

“You’re too hard on yourself,” she said in reply, and then she jumped.

He repositioned the cowl and made the journey alone back across the city and through the outskirts and into the Cave.

She wasn’t there.

Bruce climbed the stairs into the Manor thirty minutes later, after writing patrol reports and storing the suit and repairing a utility belt compartment. It was fully dawn outside but the house was still quiet.

He didn’t hear the shower running until he was in the hall leading to the master bedroom.

Tim was sitting on the floor, back propped against the bedroom door, looking groggy and half-asleep.

“Is this an authorized use of your space?” Tim asked, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

“Selina?” Bruce asked, holding out a hand to the teen.

Tim nodded and let Bruce pull him to his feet.

“Yeah,” Bruce said. “Thanks.”

“M’going to bed,” Tim mumbled in reply. “Don’t let her steal the silverware.”

“Has she ever stolen the silverware?” Bruce asked dryly, raising an eyebrow.

“No?” Tim said like it was a question. He disappeared around the corner.

Bruce went into the bedroom. The bathroom door was cracked open and the shower was still running and on his bed was a paper bag. Curious, he wondered over and tipped it to look inside.

It was full of French fries.

pokemaniacgemini  asked:

There's something I've been wondering about for a while. Did Asgore know where Toriel was all those years? When you fight him, he says that his wife left. Then when he asks you to kill him, he says "I just want to see my wife" which would suggest that he thinks she's dead. But when you choose not to kill him, he says "my wife and I" will take care of you, indicating he knows she's alive. And when Toriel shows up at the end of True Pacifist, he says "you came back" like he knew all along. So...?

(undertale spoilers)

When Asgore is defeated, he explains his motivation, decisions and the consequences he had to face, among them Toriel’s departure. He also makes it clear the two had not met ever since.

Soon, the people’s hopes returned.
My wife, however, became disgusted with my actions.
She left this place, never to be seen again.

As the plaques in Waterfall note, monsterkind initially ran deep into the mountain and named their settlement ‘Home’. Once they felt safe, monsters explored the rest of the Underground and settled down in various other regions.

Fast-forward to the time of Undertale, the Royal Guard patrol all the major areas of the Underground, except for one. Nobody has seen Toriel, and yet there is an area without surveillance. Her location must have been fairly obvious to Asgore at this point, perhaps even more so if he considered her having taken Chara’s body as well.

We know that a significant amount of time has likely passed between the last fallen human and Frisk. Considering the Snowdin sentries, Sans included, have not ventured past the entrance, nobody really knows Toriel’s status. For all Asgore knows, she may have fallen down, or perished at the hands of the previous fallen. However, upon sparing Asgore, he offers to take care of Frisk along with Toriel, indicating he’s certain of her well-being. Note that he expresses this, even if Toriel is dead in the current route.

I promise you… 
For as long as you remain here… 
My wife and I will take care of you as best we can.

Did the other fallen mention Toriel? It is possible, though there’s no indication for or against this. Likewise, while Frisk may hold and use the butterscotch-cinnamon pie during the fight with Asgore, that in no way assures Toriel is still alive at that point. So why is he so sure, to the point of making such a generous offer?

The answer would be hope and guilt.

I cannot take this any longer.
I just want to see my wife.
I just want to see my child.

Although he has no concrete evidence of it, Asgore believes Toriel is alive and well, and treats this as basically fact. With Toriel, his declaration of war was the direct reason for her self-imposed exile and regardless of his reasons for doing so, he feels guilty over it. His exclamation to see her again is of both faith and despair.

Suffice to say he, like the rest of his family, has a lot of difficulty letting go. It just so happens that in the True Pacifist and some of the Neutral routes, he is proven correct in his hopes.

My dear lgbt+ kids,

Some of you wanted to learn more about pronouns, so i decided to make a list! I’ll explain some of the most common pronouns. To learn more about pronouns in general, check out my “Pronouns FAQ”! 

She/her. She is my partner. I love her. 

Gendered: Female. Commonly used by people who identify as female, partially female or female-aligned but can be used by anyone who feels comfortable with it. 

He/Him. He is my partner. I love him. 

Gendered: Male. Commonly used by people who identify as male, partially male or male-aligned but can be used by anyone who feels comfortable with it.

They/Them. They are my partner. I love them. 

Gender neutral. 

Xe/Xir.  Xe is my partner. I love xir. 

Gender neutral. 

Xe/Xem. Xe is my partner. I love xem. 

Gender neutral. 

En/Em. En is my partner. I love em. 

Gender neutral. Coined after “Enby”, short for nonbinary. 

Ze/hir.  Ze is my partner. I love hir. 

Gender neutral. 

Ey/Em.  Ey is my partner. I love em. 

Gender neutral. 

Fae/Faer. Fae is my partner. I love faer. 

Gender neutral. Caution: Fae is a female name in some countries. 

It/it. It is my partner. I love it. 

Gender neutral. Caution: Has a history of being used as a slur. 

Please keep in mind that there are many more and this is not a list of all (or all “real”) pronouns, so if you or someone you know uses a set of pronouns not featured in this list, that set is still valid and real!

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom