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Minor Alien Covenant Rant *Spoilers*

Okay, normally I don’t get bent out of shape over this type of thing but I’ve seen this statement repeat itself waaaay too much (mainly on FB): “Daniels is supposed to replace Ripley? Haha, this woman isn’t badass! She cried almost through the entire film!”

First off replacing is a incorrect word to use. Alien (1979) takes places in 2122 and Covenant 2104. Captain Daniels is in no way taking Ripley’s spotlight as she dies either by age (unless this is also Daniels from Alien 2) or whatever crap David 8 has prepared. So cut that shit out. 

Dr. Shaw, Capt. Daniels, and Lieutenant Ripley are all brave and intelligent women who really can’t outdo each other in my opinion. Each brought something to the table and compliments the other. 

Back to the point: Daniels ‘crying’ during most of the movie.

In the beginning Daniels watched her husband and the first captain of Covenant burn alive due to a solar burst in the statis pod that is supposed to protect him. So yeah, any loving person will be a wreck for awhile and actually she reeled in her emotions pretty quick and kept her mind set on the tasking of repairing the ship after a moment of privacy. 

When Shaw’s message was discovered, she was the first to calmly disagree that they cannot go off course. She gets written off as being unstable even though giving Oram perfectly good enough reasons why they should continue forward. 

Another scene where is she ‘crying’ is when her crew and friends are being torn apart by a creature she can barely fight as Neomorphs are incredibly fast. She feels useless. Everyone is dying in front of her again and she cannot stop it. Frustration, sorrow, and pain are all pumping in her system at the sight of crew members literally being torn apart inside and out.

Then here comes David 8 and all hell breaks loose.

The small remainder of her crew is killed by both Neomorph and Xenomorph, except one who is unknowingly infected by the Facehugger. She doesn’t cry. Daniels keeps a clear mind and focuses on guiding Tennessee who is piloting their rescue and giving cover to Sergeant Lope. The Xeno manages to jump on the craft and guess who decides to go out and try to kill it?

Fucking Captain Daniels Branson.

If this where me, I’d be so taxed by now from emotional and physical fatigue, I’d be a potato. But no, this woman gets up and fights the Alien while the craft is moving and hitting buildings. And she kills it.

Once they re-board Covenant, her peace and victory shatters again. She cries again (barely) seeing the mangled corpse of Lope, Ricks, and Upworth. Does she drop the ball? Nope.

Her and T take action. Then when the final blow is delivered to the 2nd Xeno, I think those are tears of joy mixed with ‘Omg I might’ve died right there but hey!’

Point is! This woman is beat to hell, yet manages to outsmart and kill two fully grown Xenomorphs faster than Ripely first did, yet you (mostly men) complain she cried too much.

Every one handles trauma differently and she did not stand/sit there baling until her eyes dried out. She sucked it up for herself and all those around her.

Shouldn’t be we bitching about how Faris lost it and thus killed herself and their medic? No, we should focus on Daniels inappropriate display of emotion. Alright. Fuck you lot.

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I love the mbti stuff, but whenever someone gets into the subtype stuff (dominant Ni, etc) I can't seem to follow :(

Anna does the MBTI Thing

 @gracieminabox‘s (an ISTJ) favorite depiction of Anna (an INTJ)

Okay, Nonie.

I’m gonna do my damnedest to explain this for you.

  • Intovert versus Extrovert
  • Intuition versus Sensing
  • Thinking versus Feeling
  • Judging versus Perceiving 


Seriously, please. MBTI is not about the letters. 

The letters are about the cognitive functions.

Okay, folks. Proper (maybe) explanation below the cut.

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kirochoi  asked:

hey, i was wondering how to balance karate w/the rest of life. this past year has been rough for me, and karate keeps me going thru it all. i'm currently training for my black belt, and i love putting in the extra work and time bc it makes me happy...but it's also extremely draining. i'm so tired when i leave practice, i crash instead of doing homework. i can't help my mom around the house as much as i want to, and i feel like my friends have forgotten me. i still have 7 months--any advice?

Well, this is a hard one, but not impossible. It’s difficult to balance this stuff because of how our work system operates, taking so much time out of our lives, put school on top of that and you got yourself pretty stretched out.

The best thing you can do to begin with is prioritize. Put certain days into school, and certain days into training at the dojo. If you have to put one in front of the other sometimes, do so, don’t over stress about it. You can always put 15-30 minutes a day into practicing what you need to on your own. When you feel you need rest, rest. Sounds simple enough, but it can get difficult when we feel responsibilies are creeping up behind us. Haha

You can always adjust your schedule to be up earlier in the morning so you can train or do school stuff. Eat strong and healthy to keep that energy up throughout the day.

I know starting earlier sounds like blasphemy, but it can do wonders to your training time. And to be honest, training in the morning is often better than training at the end of the day when you’re already tired of everything else (but that’s my personal opinion there).

Sensei Funakoshi would be up before dawn, walk to work, work all day, and then later he would walk a couple miles, often at night, to his Sensei’s home to train in secret (because of the ban), after which he’d walk back to his home and repeat. That’s without mentioning his adventures in between and the work he did on his own to promote Karate. I can’t imagine he’d slept as much as we like to sleep now a days. Haha

I say this about him, because I often have to remind myself of it when I myself say things like “oh there’s no time”, “I’m too tired” etc.

But again, when you need rest, take a break, relax, breathe, sleep if you need to, and tackle the rest with a refreshed mind after. Remember, our minds get tired first, so remind yourself to give your mind some breaks. Sometimes we take breaks and sit and try to relax, but keep our minds busy, working, thinking of what’s next, how to approach this, planning on what to do with that, on the phone, TV, stuff like that. Then when we get up from our “break”, we feel equally or worse, because we didn’t actually rest.

So in short, start your days by getting up earlier, tackle a nice workout, eat a good breakfast, take some 10-15 minute breaks every few hours where you just breathe, try to let go of everything during that time, and thus relax your mind, and prioritize your activities. Say, if you have a test coming up, and you know you need to study because you’re lazy like me and put it off until 10 minutes before the test, then take whatever time you feel you need from other things, for studying.

Also, and this one might hurt a little, prioritize training, school and house work, on your free time. I’m referring specifically for whatever time you use for hanging out with friends and stuff like that that we think are relaxing but we always end up just as tired anyway.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own time or time with friends or that they have forgotten you. Most will understand that you’re busy, and those who don’t are just being selfish, but you can make appointments, keep a schedule, make dates with your friends, agree on when to hang out and what to go do that will not get in the way of your training and school.

Sometimes we need to focus on what we love, and what we must do, this is what our lives revolves around. Everything else is optional.

Hit me up if you wanna talk more about it.

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McKirk AU in which they are both huge art nerds and meet at an art museum

  • Jim likes to sit quietly on one of the comfortable benches that overlooks this giant 20th century painting. His life is so busy as it is, and Jim is so easily distracted; his mind easily moving from one thing to the next. Except in the art museum in DC. He can just sit with his notebook, quietly redrawing the paintings. He’s not necessarily good at it at all, but at least no one bothers him.  That, and the museum is also a great place to pick up people.
  • But Leonard draws his peace to a quick end. He just walks in with a big fake smile, surrounded by tourists. He talks about the origin of the paintings in the room, blissful southern tone to his voice. It instantly catches Jim’s attention. He’s no longer paying attention to his own drawing. Instead, he’s listening to the guy. He follows the group of visitors and tourists, mostly because he’s interested in whatever else this guy - Leonard, according to his name tag - has to say about the numerous paintings around. He answers all of the questions too, even the real stupid ones. 
  • “You’re not a paying customer,” Leonard tells Jim, and Jim grins a little. “I have a museum pass, I don’t need to pay.” “You need to pay for guided tours,” Leonard points out, “I saw you were sitting near the Experience America exhibition before you joined us.” Jim’s lips tug into a grin. “So you paid attention to me?” Leonard huffs. “Maybe,” he replies, and Jim quirks up his eyebrows, lips tugging into a smirk. “Well, then maybe you should let me pay you a drink.”
  • Their first date is in the museum cafe. They drink a coffee; Jim explains he’s just there to draw and relax. During the day he’s in college, and at night he’s working in a bar. Saturdays in the museum is like his hour long sanctuary. Leonard’s working there only part time. He’s only just moved into the city. Total art nerd, with a hobby gone way out of hand, and he’s given up his medical career to focus on art instead.
  • Their second date, Jim takes him to a different museum. Turns out, Leonard wasn’t exaggerating when he said he knew a lot about art and art history, because Leonard ends up lecturing him on Dali. He uses that same, thick southern accent when he talks to Jim. Jim falls in love with that accent before he even realizes he’s falling for that guy, too.
  • They go out to a game, and both enjoy a stadium hot dog while yelling for no team in particular. Despite that, they do end up in that art museum again. Jim sits on his usual bench, overlooking the giant painting, and he’s just sketching while listening to Leonard talk about the new exhibition that’s opening soon. And Jim leans in to kiss him - totally distracted again, as usual, because kissing Leonard is much nicer than that large painting he’s trying to redraw. Kissing Leonard surprises the two of them, but Jim only leans in for more and Leonard doesn’t mind at all. 
  • And Leonard drags him into the museum bathroom, pushing him up against the wall while Jim’s wraps both his arms around Leonard’s shoulders. "In the bathroom, really?“ Jim laughs, breathless against Leonard’s lips, but he’s definitely not stopping Leonard when his hands slide under his shirt. His fingers trail down over Jim’s chest and his stomach, ready to push the Jim’s pants down.
  • Jim certainly visits Leonard in the museum more often. He still hasn’t paid for one of Leonard’s guided tours, but he’s somehow on almost all of them. He counters Leonard with tricky questions, and Leonard counters him with clever answers. 
  • As much of a genius Jim is, he definitely struggles concentrating sometimes. And so Leonard helps him study. As distracting as Leonard is himself, he has this system that means a lot of making out after every successful chapter and test exam. 
  • Jim finds himself not even really being interested in other people. He doesn’t need to; he’s got his fill for attention and affection from just one person, and that’s just such a foreign concept to Jim, but somehow this feels good. Comfortable. That doesn’t mean that he’s not a little intimidated when Leonard asks if he wants to join him to Amsterdam because he wants to visit the Van Gogh- and the Rijksmuseum. Holidays together is serious thing, and Jim’s never been serious. It’s terrifying, and Jim doesn’t even know how to respond. “You can say no,” Leonard says, and Jim frowns a little. “No, I’d love to go, but I’m thinking-” “Too much too fast?” Leonard asks, and Jim hates justh ow well Leonard can read his mind. “It’s okay,” Leonard says, “I know about your emotional constipation.” “Hey,” Jim huffs, but he smiles - even more so when Leonard still kisses him, and doesn’t hold anything against him.
  • But when Leonard is gone, Jim is miserable. Because Jim is alone, and Leonard is traveling to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, to visit the continent’s rich history in arts. Definitely something Jim wants to experience, and definitely together with Leonard. “You are such an idiot,” Uhura points out with a smirk, as Jim sits next to her on the couch and quietly munching on popcorn. “What, since when?” “Since you’re sitting here watching stupid movies,” Uhura replies, “while you’re boyfriend’s off to exciting cities.” “He’s not my boyfriend.” “Jim.” “What? He’s not. Is he? You think he is?” Uhura rolls her eyes and doesn’t reply, letting Jim think this over a little longer. “I can’t just go to Amsterdam,” Jim argues eventually. 
  • An insane number of people on bikes just ride through traffic and that looks both terrifying and thrilling enough for Jim to want to try that out at least once. He’s tracking Leonard’s phone past cozy canals with houseboats; the sweet smell of weed on street corners surprisingly pleasant. And he finds Leonard outside the Van Gogh museum, surprising him by suddenly showing up next to him and kissing his cheek, which mostly ends up with Jim getting punched in the face by a startled Leonard. “Jim,” Leonard says, grabbing Jim’s arms and holding on to him. “What are you doing here?” “I came here to go to these museums with you,” Jim says, rubbing his cheek.
  • And Leonard leans in to kiss him, arms sliding around his waist. “How long are you staying?” Leonard asks, and Jim grins. “At least a week.” “Alright, let’s go,” Leonard says, dragging him away from the museum queue. “What about Van Gogh?” Jim asks, following Leonard. “Van Gogh will be there tomorrow. I missed you more than a few paintings.” Leonard says, and Jim laughs, pulling Leonard in for another kiss. “Let’s Gogh.”
settle on down with me (2.5/3)

~1,500 words / Rated T / from the beginning

Killian has a soft spot for blondes in yellow rain coats and cut-off jean shorts. Emma has a soft spot for punching country boys with dirty mouths. Ruby thinks they’re both idiots.

Ruby was a feisty six year old the first time she bit Killian on the playground at Storybrooke Elementary School. He had rudely interrupted a thrilling game of Duck, Duck, Goose between a gaggle of first graders with an ill timed soccer ball to the back of Ruby’s head.

(It was the first of many confrontations between the two that year. Nearly all of them ended with Ruby drawing blood. They’d kind of been attached at the hip ever since.)

Now as she watched the infuriating way he grabbed her drink and took a generous sip, she felt that long dormant desire rise up again.

“My hand’s burnin’ somethin’ fierce right now, Jones,” Ruby countered as she snatched her drink back from Killian’s grasp. “Get your own.”

Killian just laughed as he signaled the bartender.

This was a typical Friday night for the pair, saddled up to the only real bar in town with highball glasses filled with dark, sticky rum.   

Killian clinked his freshly filled tumbler with Ruby’s and smiled, “Keep your hands to yourself, Red.”

Ruby bit her lip to keep from laughing. Bastard. “It’s not nice to keep a lady waiting, you know.”

“What lady?”

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high school au where yugyeom & bambam are best friends and yugyeom can't stop rambling about this girl he has a crush on so bambam eventually gets really jealous and fed up and tells yugyeom that he likes him!!

Warnings: Minor swearing

Word Count: 1.5k

Author: TJ

I was taking a break from working on my 2jae fill (that is getting way too long >.<) when this kinda happened… whoops xD Anyways, hope this satisfies, anon!

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aenramsden  asked:

So I'm just imagining Cat's mom does something Bad; maybe pushes Cat to tears. And Kara - maybe RK!Kara, maybe just normal protective!Kara - decides to get /revenge/ as only Cat Grant's super-assistant can. Cue Katherine getting stuck in the CatCo elevator for half an hour on her way up, being unable to book a restaurant table anywhere, mysteriously missing a rescheduling memo, finding construction work outside her hotel at 2am, etc. And she can't /prove/ it's sunny, smiling Kara. But she knows.


“miss grant?” she appears in front of cat instantly—or, annoyingly enough, not instantly like cat is fairly sure that she could. but very quickly. “what do you need?”

“i just heard a very interesting rumour that my mother is stuck in an elevator.”

“oh yes.” kara twists her face into something like upset. “it’s very unfortunate. all our electricians are out of the building at the moment.”

“and witt?”

“also not here.”

“and the entire IT department?”

“working on it, with security. we updated the system after livewire’s last attack and they’re having a little trouble getting around the system to manually override the doors.”

“and supergirl is right out, i’m sure.”

kara nods solemnly. “i’m afraid your mother is stuck, miss grant. i did make sure that food and water were taken to her and someone opened the hatch to make sure she wouldn’t run out of air.”

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can you please write a second part to the story which Gail tells Holly she can't keeping doing this? Pleaaaaaase! Thank you!

Hey. Sorry this took so long for me to get out. It’s not great, but it’s the best that I could do. I hope you like it! :)

[part 1 can be found here]

It’s only when the cool air hits her face that Holly grasps the magnitude of what she’s done - that she has in-fact kissed her straight friend; on the lips, multiple times.

She’s pretty sure she felt her up too, now that she’s thinking about it.

The thought alone is enough to make her freeze as the panic sears through her body unceremoniously; a myriad of emotions working to disable the remnant of lust spreading throughout her system. But she doesn’t have time to dwell on this matter, not when Gail is exiting the premise and slipping her hand readily into her own.

And just like that she knows that things are different, that they have changed.

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softjacks  asked:

How can I help myself de-stress? At the moment I have exams coming up and I can't help but get anxious the point where it is really consuming and I find myself messing up even the smallest of instances, even with material I already know and topics I have revised over countless times. I think I am just exhausting myself by worrying so much but I don't know how to make it cease. How can I make it stop and what makes me so anxious all the time, as others around me are not? Thank you x

Firstly, one thing I have noticed from students is that they can be good actors sometimes. They don’t want others to know they are nervous, anxious, or whatever. Especially in competitive scholastic environments. So just because it doesn’t seem like others aren’t anxious, it doesn’t mean they aren’t. 

Secondly, it’s okay to feel a little nervous. However, it becomes a problem when your anxiety interferes with your ability to function. The focus shouldn’t be on getting rid of your feelings but rather finding a harmony such that you can still perform to your best ability. With that will come confidence. 

Lastly, daily meditation is your friend. Don’t just meditate when times are tough and you are anxious. Meditating daily will help you find a peace and clarity that is independent of when times are good or bad. Anxiety and stress impair your ability to access working memory and impede higher orders of thought. By calming down and refocusing, you will give yourself a better state of mind with which to work. 

A few things to explore:

  1. Be true to the material and the subjects, not your desired outcomes. Everyone wants an A and doesn’t want a low grade. Yet fixation on the outcome of your exams will only create tension and fear inside of you. Instead, focus on taking a more in-depth interest in the material. Get to know it.
  2. Self care is a must. How your body feels is a major player in how confident you feel in your studies. Take time in the mornings and evenings to stretch. This can be very important when you are sitting and studying so often. In the evenings, find some relaxing activities you can do. Trade massages with a friend, take an epsom salt bath if you have a bath or even just soak your feet in a warm bucket of epsom salt water. Make sure you are eating enough and right, as stress can cause us to crave sugars due to the effect on our adrenal system. Again, meditation. A guided meditation may also help you to relax. 
  3. Don’t judge yourself based on outcomes but measure yourself on how thoroughly you prepared. A score is just a score. We are in the habit of using scores as a means to measure a person’s capability but it is by no means an actual reflection of that person. It is but a measure in time. I received a B- in organic chemistry my first semester and an A- the second semester. The grade isn’t a judicial sentence on who you are and what your limits can be. It is merely an indicator of your preparedness meeting the unknown of the exam. Relax into the unknown over which you have no control and keep yourself focused on what you can control: preparing. 
  4. This is battle. Don’t get hung up on feeling comfortable. Care for yourself and be prepared but don’t expect the entire process to feel good. Battle is not comfortable and we must be ready to improvise and adapt. Don’t take feelings of discomfort to be signs of your own weakness. Knowing the discomfort is temporary, meet it head on. 

In the end, a grade may be a grade but how you meet your anxiety and inner limits can be a great opportunity to transform yourself for when you go through this again in the future. 

Namaste my friend. Best of luck :)

The Fall


By LordnLadyJ

Summary: In the wake of Desiree’s betrayal, she lost everything. Except for Thomas. She would always have him. (Based on a prompt sent in by an anon, the piece had to contain the line “You know, it’s okay to cry.” Angst. No Warnings and No Spoilers. 2100+ words.)

Thomas should have seen it coming.

Desiree Stone. Her last name should have been enough to make him at least a little suspicious. She was the only person with the motive, the means, and the intellect needed to pull off such a devastating betrayal against Tory.

Tory lost everything. Her studio, her rights, her reputation, all either gone or tarnished. The press was laughing at her, May Gordon leading the charge and doing whatever she could to make it as messy as possible. Some of the Tory’s friendships had been strained, and from what he heard, she was no longer on speaking terms with at least one of them. Everything fell so fast, and Thomas was still trying to comprehend how it all happened and what he could have done to stop it.

Desiree had given Tory one last “gesture of kindness,” giving her the weekend to clear out her office (now belonging to the Stones once again) before she threw everything out. Tory’s friends all offered to come and help her, but she told them she wanted to do this on her own. Despite this, Thomas found himself going to check on her. He wanted to say that it was because he was her teacher as well as her former collaborator that he decided to go see her, but he knew it was because of their…whatever it was, neither of them really knew, that made him so concerned for her well-being.  

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I need help... I have ADD, and my life is A MESS. In fact, I am a mess myself. My room can't ever STAY organised, and I have papers everywhere all the time... On top of that, it is EXTREMELY hard for me to stay focused because of my ADD, and I end up procrastinate and STILL feeling very stressed because I know I have a lot to do, and I never get enough sleep.

Hey! Don’t feel bad about your messy life! My life is pretty much chaos! Here are some of my personal fav tips:

Tips for studying

1. Build a routine. It’s very important to know where and when you are the most productive. Force yourself to study at different places (like your room, or at the library). Try out to study in the morning or at night, find what is the most comfortable timezone for you. Say “I’m going to study at 9am.” and then get up, make some snacks, build your own little study paradise, light up some candles, bring some coffee or tea. Whatever floats your boat. The only rule is that you have to be consistent.

2. Buy a planner and write everything on it. It doesn’t matter if it is a paper planner or a digital one, every student needs some kind of central system to write what they have to do when. Put everything in your planner, including your classes and study sessions, even breaks and time with friends and family. EVERYTHING. Color coding also helps a lot. So, for instance, if you know that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you’re studying at the library for 2 hours, eventually your study sessions become as automatic as brushing your teeth! Extra tip: Schedule in a lot of extra time, because taks tend to take longer. And sometimes, procrastination happens…

3. Plan ahead. Cramming the night before is not fun. You’re going to give yourself a bad headache, a lot of anxiety and you’re not going to absorb or retain any information. Start early and study for blocks of 15-30 minutes, so you won’t get bored.

4. Use whatever tools work best for you. Use flach cards, write beautiful notes, create mind maps, talk with others about the material. Pretend that you are in a classroom and you have to teach the material, write in a whiteboard, be creative about it and find what suits you.

5. Set a system where you earn rewards for completing tasks. That can also be helpful if you want to organize your room or the spring cleaning. It hopefully will motivate you to do stuff and not procrastinate.

General tips

1. Have realistic expectations. Don’t be to harsh on yourself, don’t lose your motivation if you don’t succeed at first. When you’re having trouble, accept it and don’t try to punish yourself for not being able to do something. Try again and again and again. And again. 

2. Take breaks. I have said this and I will say it again. People with ADD have difficulty keeping their attention for long periods of time, so taking mini-breaks is very important. When you realise that you’re losing focus, take a 5 minute break. You deserve it!

3. Exercise. Any physical activity is beneficial for boosting brain function and when it comes befor a study session, it could be helpful for ADHD. Even better, combine your daily exercise with your mini-breaks.

4. Love and take care of yourself. People with ADHD are at greater risk for anxiety and depression. Stress can trigger these symptoms, so it’s important to get these treated.

5. Ask for help. Try talking to your parents, getting a tutor or seeing a coach who specializes in ADD. They can and will help you deal with all the stuff that comes with ADD and the will definitely support you.

In addition, here are some resources you can use. I thought it will be more helpful than my general tips!

I hope that helps you :) If you want more organization tips or how to get your study area clean, don’t hesitate to ask!

P.S. If any of you guys have something to add, feel free to message me or reblog this with your comment.

soemily  asked:

OKAY SO I basically feel I will love every fic you ever choose to write, so I feel I can't choose just one! but I CAN ask your AU headcanon ideas of what amis in space would study at space school?

You are MUCH TOO LOVELY TO ME. <3 And what a great thing to ask!

Okay, so. I am assuming this is generic space school for reasons.

Joly, surprising no one, ends up a doctor. Joly studies space doctoring (and is full of cool-gross facts about what happens to injuries and illnesses IN SPACE.) It’s a very fine line between Joly being a space doctor and a space mad scientist.

Feuilly, while forever absorbed in studying territorial conflicts and politics of space colonies, is actually studying how to repair finicky, delicate spaceship instruments, which is always vital in a space-faring mission.

Jehan is definitely a botanist and is mostly learning how to sustain plant life in space, but he’s also learning about xenobotany and cultivation efforts on extraterrestrial colonies.

Enjolras, though everyone agrees he would be excellent as captain of a small vessel (and therefore is taking some options in pursuit of it), is very invested in his studies about conflict management and maintaining equitable sociopolitical systems on ships/in colonies. It is an incredibly important job.

Bossuet started studying piloting, but bad luck necessitated a switch to communications. And though Bossuet is very good with both faster-than-light communications devices and radio, Bossuet proooobably ends up doing something entirely unrelated (like teaching children).

Courfeyrac was initially disappointed not to get a chance to train as a pilot, but unexpectedly ended up loving (and switched to studying) what is essentially space HR. Courfeyrac is good at people and figuring out what they need and what they’re good at doing, and has close attention to detail. Even better to do it in space.

No one knows how long Bahorel has been at space school. No one knows what Bahorel technically studies, because Bahorel is in all classes and no classes. (Bahorel is supposed to be studying space law but keeps taking minor specializations to avoid it and now has a good grasp of most of the things that go into running a thriving community in space.)

Combeferre is studying some type of engineering (because Combeferre gets very enthusiastic about making things work in new environments), but is also taking enough courses for a medic/nurse’s certification, since that’s always good to have on hand.

Grantaire is studying to be a navigator/astrocartographer, and secretly is very good at it, though incredibly grumpy and always avoiding the subject (“Of course I’m familiar with the stars, when you all keep hooking them to the ceiling in front of my poor eyes, uuuuugh.”)

Bonus round!

Éponine doesn’t care what strings are attached to her scholarship as long as she can keep her siblings (and herself) safe, but she does, very quietly, like the work she does with computers.

Marius originally started studying space law as well, but after falling out with Gillenormand, switched to studying communications and language, picking them up quickly and learning that work can actually be enjoyable.

Cosette’s major focus is on botany, because she’s good at it and it’s a productive skill if her father decides to run across the universe, but she makes time to pick up other useful skills too.

There’s a certain woman with a quick laugh who studies astrophysics and smiles at the stars and planets spinning endlessly.

Musichetta is studying xenobotany, with a specific focus on marine life, but she’s stayed general enough that she has options about what to do with it, and she is completely happy with her subject, which she loves so much.

Their five year mission: to spread freedom, love, and equality across the galaxy.

astralika  asked:

I saw a bit in your homebrew reblogs about trying to avoid "power gamery" stuff, and I do have to wonder if there's a way beyond just avoiding homebrew that can help prevent it. Like, I sometimes find I have the opposite problem when I create characters, where, because I choose things that feel more like they fit the character, rather than because they're good, I end up being worse than average, so I can't just suggest that in particular.

Oh, man, I will try to limit my excited raving and ranting here.

So, I am all for choosing things because they’re flavorful, not because they’re gonna be the best option for the class. Absolutely in favor of it. But I also totally have been where you are - you’re playing a class that’s a little more lackluster, or it feels like the level-ups aren’t scaling you on par with other players, or in general you wish you could tweak your build a bit now that you better understand the rules. It sucks. So much.

Here’s the problem: it is, 99% of the time, easier to get the other players to help you build something that’s a little more streamlined, a little more “optimized”, than it is to get them to invest more in the roleplay and choose options that aren’t as mechanically great for themselves.

The question to ask yourself is “Can I live with being a little bit subpar, or am I willing to sacrifice a few neat little character things?” For me, the answer usually becomes sacrificing a few of those character things. In 5e, it’s less of an issue than Pathfinder or 3.5, because I can still play a dang good barbarian, even if I do something silly like give him the charlatan background. There are definitely backgrounds that would be better for him, but I can still get good numbers in the abilities I need and the class itself gives me the skills and such that are flavorfully appropriate.

But in a system where there’s a lot more moving parts, if you don’t know it mechanically inside and out, it’s hard to be as effective as someone who does, especially if they’re trying to milk the system.

That’s why I am gonna go back to my tried and true mantra for gaming issues: Talk to the GM and/or other players about it. Sometimes the GM can make suggestions, check and see if you’ve got ways to improve your arsenal that may be as simple as swapping out a spell or two, making sure you didn’t forget anything while levelling, and giving suggestions on how to boost the class. Other times, they may want to sit down with the “power gamery” players and discuss options. But they should always, always be willing to work with you.

In my own experience with this problem, it has 90% of the time been my own lack of knowledge in not fully understanding the mechanics, overlooking something, or just flat out having made a silly choice for flavor that in the end turned out to have no mechanical value whatsoever (like, what’s the point of making sure I have the survival skill bc it’s flavorfully important to me that the character knows how to cook wild berries if I never ever get to use it??). In these instances, my GMs have helped me fix things and suggested fixes that they were aware of because of a better mechanical knowledge, while still preserving the spirit of the character I wanted to play.

Wow, I’m rambling! 

To sum up: If you are feeling subpar, talk to your GM. Work on getting to know your own class mechanics better to be sure you’re using them to their fullest potential. Understand that it’s okay to keep flavor unrelated to mechanical value in order to keep pace with other players. Likewise, understand that you may just have to make peace with being a bit underpaced if you’ve put a lot of stock in flavorful mechanical aspects.

How homebrew can factor into all this under the cut.

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