my feelinga

man, you had me wrapped around your finger. the only thoughts I had were of you, the only dreams I dreamt revolved around you. your kisses were so sweet and your arms were beyond home for me. I’d made you my happiness…you see that’s where I went terribly wrong because when you left without a warning, so did my happiness and dammit, now everyday I struggle to find a little piece of happiness that could make me feel even the slightest bit like the way you had once made me feel.
—  you made me happy\

On dark nights in this empty room
the one place I want to be
is in your arms away from gloom
away from doom
where safety is my one true feeling
as you comfort my messed up world

when all feels too much
the one place I want to be
is where I feel at home, in your company as such
the way you make me laugh
to forget about my wrongful path
and for a moment my world doesn’t seem to be in one thousand pieces

Even when I’m happy
the one place I want to be
is in that moment with you
so you can share it too
and experience this joy together
as we wish it could last forever

When all I want is a primary source of comfort
I remember it’s all those miles away
those ever so loving arms
they’re wandering astray
all I want is to be in your gaze
oh how I wish I could return to those days
when home was home
a house with a roof
not the embrace
of my lovers ways

// @thoughts-of-a-troubled-mind