my feeeeeeelings!!!

Guyyys I’m gonna sleep now I answer the questions tomorrow!! o_o
Do you guys maybe wanna see some spoiler before I go? Mh? MH? Ok I know you wanna but just because I like the sketch

Oh and look, Johns hair is down again woop (because it’s early in the moring)
I already started the Jefferson comic, too, but I guess this ^ will be finished first hehe

Ok good night now!

anonymous asked:

Hoi, how long does it take to turn out a comic / and colored picture? Do you only use drawpile?

HHH That’s a really loaded question for me!! X”D

Firstly, yeah! Almost all of it is entirely on DP. Occasionally I’ll take it into Photoshop to do simple things, like resize it or white out some mistakes that I can’t get as accurately in Drawpile.

I work on comics nearly every day but I only make a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of progress when my friends are around because I get so easily distracted by those babes. That’s the best and worst of Drawpile, younno? XD

But when I’m 🔥IN THE ZONE🔥 I can crank out prolly a page and a half with extensive details, solid backgrounds & such in a day.

…But even then I get so easily distracted or I just slow down and take my time. I feeeeeeel like I can get 💥SO💥 much done in my day, but I end up slowing down or doing other things, or holding up to obligations and then I can’t get as much as I wanna get done, done.

It’s a little depressing, actually! I wake up every day, super inspired to get a very reasonable amount of work done, and I end up getting none of it completed.

Honest to goodness I’ve been craving to have a work-related group of artists I can draw side-by-side with; Everyone’s focused on their respective comics, giving advice and such and keeping each other motivated with that productive atmosphere… ✨Ú;u;Ù✨

It’s been one of my long-time dreams to work in an office with my fellow inker and colorist, churning out a top-20 title.

HA! I ranted. I’m sorry! You got me on a bullet train of thought! 🚂💨 But, speed and production of comics has always been the subject of most my interest.

I wish I could work faster. I wish I could stay focused. I really want to produce more content.

To end on a much lighter note-! ♫


If it’s night for ya, have a great sleep!

If it’s the morning, I hope ya have a satisfying breakfast!

Thanks for asking!