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Guyyys I’m gonna sleep now I answer the questions tomorrow!! o_o
Do you guys maybe wanna see some spoiler before I go? Mh? MH? Ok I know you wanna but just because I like the sketch

Oh and look, Johns hair is down again woop (because it’s early in the moring)
I already started the Jefferson comic, too, but I guess this ^ will be finished first hehe

Ok good night now!

FanFic Friday #5 || Weekly Reading List (August 11th, 2017 - August 17th, 2017)

Hello!! :D

Aaaand we’re back with week #5!! Reading through this list you may notice that the categories are not in the order that they were for the past weeks. This is because I just added the categories as I found fics for it. So this week McKirk leads the charge :)

: Each of these fics are ones that I have read over the course of the week as I perused Tumblr (marked by ♦) and Archive of Our Own (Ao3) (marked by ☼). If I found that a fic was posted on both platforms, links to both posts can be found. You’ll also find that they are sorted by character and ship and most have some detail about what the story contains - mostly if it’s a reader insert, nsfw, or if it features a trope. It’s also very likely that I forgot to give one of those warnings, but the fic itself should have them listed so make sure to check those. But, please, if you read a fic you love just go ahead and share it so others have a chance at reading it :)

Now I guess it’s time to list the stories ;)


i cast no shadow || chapter(s): one || saintsurvivor || Mirror Verse || nsfw

To the Bone || chapter(s): ten, eleven, twelve || randomlittleimp || nsfw

Freckles || nerdqueenenterprise (theowletqueen) 

you’re my kind, classic mind || brahe 

of kindergartners, concussions, and caffeine || neroh || nsfw || Teacher!AU 

Space Princesses and Coffee Dates || Part Two, Part Three, || @captainsbabysitter-blog 

the savage glitter || Eddaic, @star-vault || nsfw, theme of self-harm

The Twisted Ways We Fit || @imoutofmyvulcanmind || Mirror Verse || nsfw

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jimhcpper  asked:

Hey babe here’s some Tumblr love because I can’t wait for our date night and I just wanted you to know that I love every single little thing about you. Your favourite holiday sweater, the way your forehead scrunches a lil at the top whenever you smile, your love for your friends and family and I can’t be more grateful to be friends with someone as smart and beautiful as you. You are one of the nicest people I know. HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY? ❤️

M a r u!!! How did I get so lucky? HOW?? I honestly don’t know how to respond to this message I have so many feelings and emotions….like wow I wasn’t ready for this! I can’t believe you noticed my forehead scrunch! It makes me so insecure but knowing you like it makes me feel much better like you always do! You are always there to bring me up when I’m down and I can’t physically express how much that means to me except with squealing so expect a lot of that over facetime! I love every little thing about YOU! The way you get so genuinely and purely excited about sunsets, the way you say boi, the way you look like a magical Hogwarts student in your school uniform. You are so kind, sweet, funny, supportive, genius, brave, mature, talented, strong, beautiful, badass girl and I’m so so so so glad to have you in my life!