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i love old people that weirdly space out words and add an ellipses to the end of every sentence they write. it makes me read everything in a really ominous tone.
like i just read this one comment on my friends post on FB and his grandma is like, “have another Great day…. fall won’t last Forever…”, and im like damn what does she know?

brooklyn nine nine has been renewed for season five which means we’ll live to see its 100th episode which also means we’ll probably see a proposal because dan goor said “not yet” when asked if they’d filmed one and suddenly i’m at peace with a season four finale because i have the comfort of knowing this show is definitely coming back in like 4-5 months and that’s the best news to start the weekend with tbh

Dear Genji mains...

As a Mercy main I believe many of you don’t spam healing. There are many (toxic/trolls) players that don’t specifically use genji to spam healing even if they don’t need it. I realized that most of you Genji mains have a reputation ruined because of memes :’) but I will heal you when I see your hp low or when you tell me to do so once. Also after healing just say “Thank you” (it’s not hard to be thankful) that’s all what healers ask for. ♡

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The “why” probably isn’t for us to know and may always be beyond our understanding. But can we reaffirm every promise we’ve ever made to look out for each other and let someone know when we’re in trouble? Can we do that for ourselves, for the people we get to call friends and family, hell, for Chris? Please. Life’s hard. It can be amazing and wild and painful and long and short. Either way, we can’t do this alone, yeah?


consider this: jumin taking care of saeran as the two love birds are away… ended up dating and zen suffering

  • me: *plays video games constantly*
  • person: oh you game? what do you play?
  • me: *suddenly cannot remember a single game i have ever played aside from cooking mama*

international zen


Old OC doodles from last year ♥
Received some asks about my ocs ((it’s so flattering to see ppl interested in my characters even though they’re not really developed yet eeee)) ;;; so I thought I’d upload them here :D I made most of them when I was 13 years old so they’re really special to meeee (especially the orange-haired boy AAAA my babyyy) ♥

somehow this happened