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Listen,,, I love these three so m u c h.

Asking Nicely (Kenny Omega Smut)

Kenny Omega x OC

Trying my hand at smut for the first time for my fav wrestler ;) Special thanks to @50shadesofadamcolebaybay who’s basically become my tumblr bestie and has helped with getting this thing going. You rock ♥

Warning: plentyyyyy of dirty name calling and some dom/sub type of play.

Here’s the tag train- so many of ya’ll asked to be tagged, i’m flattered! ♥

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Asking Nicely

It was the night after Wrestle Kingdom and the whole Bullet Club had decided to go out and celebrate- even the calmer, sober souls of Kenny and the Bucks had tagged along for once. They all sat around multiple neighboring tables, loud banter and the squeals of excited women filling the karaoke bar. Kenny stepped aside from the group and headed to the bar stools, sitting with a profound sigh. A messy grey curl fell forward as he stared down at the heavy glass before him. It was filled with straight whiskey the Bucks had ordered for him.

“Who even enjoys straight whiskey?” He mumbles to himself as he waves the bartender over “sumimasen, o-mizu kudasai” The bartender nods before stepping away briefly and then returning with a glass filled with water. “Arigatou gozaimashita.”

He pushed aside the whiskey and grabbed a hold of the water, tinkering with the sparkling glass and thumbing the ridge. Kenny was by no means a ‘debbie downer’ per say, but he was never the party type. He’d always preferred smaller groups of company and was more of an arcade guy than the bar type if he was truthful. He never saw the intrigue in wandering about in a drunken stupor.

Kenny decided to pull out his cell phone, figuring that maybe twitter could help kill some time until it’d be socially acceptable for him to excuse himself to leave- or til Tama and Fale were too drunk to protest and physically force him down. Whichever came first.

Suddenly over all the loud voices Kenny heard the karaoke section come alive with music- he didn’t recognize the song but he recognized the language. English. There were other gaijins here it seemed. He turned to watch the show: a too drunk guy stumbling about belting his slurred heart out in a way that he can only imagine is butchering the song. Kenny softly chuckled as his friends dragged him off halfway through the song- clearly he hadn’t been the only one thinking about how bad this guy’s voice was.

“Do you guys need someone to show you guys how it’s done?” Kenny overheard a female’s voice in the back of the crowd. Her voice drew him in like a bee to pollen. Feminine but deep, sweet but sultry. Kenny’s eyes remained focused in the direction from which her voice had arisen, impatiently awaiting her reveal. The crowd of friends looked back at her laughing and egging her on before she finally made her way through them to the front.

Kenny’s grip on his glass tightened. A shorter girl walked to the front- she was 5’2, maybe 5’3, at most. She was such a…tiny little thing with such a commanding little voice. Her long dark brown hair faded into a deep hue of blue at the ends, her large loose styled curls bouncing as she walked up the stage. “You guys are trash at this, you need to get some intrigue going!” Kenny chuckled again. He was definitely intrigued. “You’ve got to draw in the crowd…” she began as she trailed her eyes across the room, before stopping when her eyes locked with Kenny’s. She licked her plump lips as his blue eyes pierced straight through her. “…you need to make them…come a little closer.” She said, a sly smile on her face- her eyes staring into Kenny’s still. He smirked as he took a step off the stool and walked to sit at a table by the front of the stage. “Much better.” she nodded, her arrogant tone sliding out smoothly. “Hey uh, you. Music guy. Imma need you to change the song. Play Paris by Grace Potter.” The guy obediently nodded. Seemed like she had everyone by their collars, how damn intriguing.

A song started up and she marched around confidently before pausing in the center stage. She swayed her hips seductively side to side as she ran a hand through her hair. She slowly bent forward and over, sliding her hand down her leg while her friends all loudly laughed and cheered on her confidence. She snapped herself up in a quick motion, throwing her hair back and over her shoulder as she started to sing, her voice seductive and edgy.

“You’ve got me down on the floor, so what’d you bring me down here for?”

“You’ve got me down on the floor, so what’d you bring me down here for?”

Kenny bit his inner cheek, sizing up the petite temptress before him.

“If I was a man i’d make my move.”

Kenny’s eyes darkened, his usual calm and collected self growing dominant and predatory. She kept singing, kept swaying, kept biting her lip in his direction. The song and the world went on around him, but all he could think of through the pounding of the drums was just how damned she was now. He WOULD make that move. He had to have her. Every teasing fucking bit. He needed to put that damn girl in her place if it was the last thing he did. Tonight, that fine little piece of ass was his.

Once the song ended, Kenny watched her as if she were his prey. His smooth curls fell entirely forward over his hooded eyes in a mess of black and grey as he leaned his shoulders in, his elbows propped sturdily on the table. He observed every inch of her closely as she innocently smiled at him before bending over to fix the dainty sandal on her foot, her short leather skirt riding up in his direction. A devilish grin spread across his bearded face. Red lace. He wondered how quickly he could get her into the bathroom as he readjusted the stiffness in his jeans.

She walked off the stage and back to her friends as if nothing had happened. Not a single glance at Kenny again. She wanted to be chased.

Kenny stood up and brushed himself off before making his way over to the feisty center of his attention. He approached the group of friends, by whom she was surrounded, and then cleared his voice loudly. The majority of the group turned to look up at him, somehow surprised. Had they all not just seen all her gestures? Was he misreading something? His tall muscular figure stiffened, domineering over them. “May I have a word?” he said, extending a muscular calloused hand to her. “I don’t know, may you?” she quipped, once again licking at her lips, amused at Kenny’s clearly growing impatience. “I’m asking nicely aren’t I?” he growled. She smirked at his persistence. “That you are. Sure, you can have a word.”

Kenny firmly enclosed his hand around hers- there was no way she’d get away from him now. Not now, not tonight and not ever. He lead her back to the bar, the loudness of her friends growing in the background as they debated over who would be the next singer. He pulled her to a seat by her hand before sitting in his own next to hers. She looked over at him, her brown eyes slowly taking him in like a syrupy chocolate. She chuckled when she realized he was doing the same, blatantly staring at the way her thighs overlapped crossed. “So are you going to tell me your name or are you gonna just keep praying to god i let you in there? Because at this rate I won’t, you aren’t impressing me.”

Kenny’s eyes snapped back to hers, two deep pools of blue now bore into her.

“My name’s Kenny.” She sat back, tasting his name on her tongue.  “Kenny, huh? I’m Genevieve.”

He smiled sweetly. “Such a lovely name for such a-” She cut him off. “Yawwwwn.” He threw his head back in a hearty laugh as he ran his hand across his beard in thought. She was purposely pulling his strings now.

“So are you always this sassy or do you just like playing with me?” He stared at her again, his face intimidating and stern again. Her breath caught for a second -clearly off guard- before she returned back to her cocky demure “Oh i’m always a sassy bitch, but you’re absolutely getting extra. You can’t stand around dressed like that, with a face that intense and not be a dominant, demanding man to me. I mean come on, ripped jeans, a V neck and a leather jacket?”

Kenny’s fist tightened and he pounded it on the bar quietly. “I’m…trying… to be respectful.” he muttered through gritted teeth now. He’d never had a girl give him such a hard time or get under his skin so quickly. He was always so adamantly against sleeping with strangers, it wasn’t like him to feel this angry ache in his loins. She laughed. His jaw clenched harder.

“So are you just gonna sit there and let your balls match the ends of my hair or are you gonna try something. Because otherwise your friend over there looks quite appealing.” She stated with the cockiest grin as she tipped her chin at Tama. That was fucking it.

Kenny stood up and leaned over her ear, his voice a low demanding growl “You better get your ass to the bathroom before i fucking drag you there.” She giggled, attempting to test her luck with defiance. “Awww or what Ken bear?” He immediately hooked his hand onto her upper thigh and clawed into it firmly, leaning closer now. “I’m done with your games, succubus. Go. Now.” She gulped slowly, her cheeks flushing warm and pink as she nodded immediately. Protest was no longer on her to do list. “Such a good girl when you’re nice and obedient.”

She quietly stood up and turned to walk to the bathroom. He smiled and gave a firm squeeze to her ass as she walked by. “I’ll be making this mine.”

Shortly after she entered the bathroom he dropped a couple of bills on the counter and then followed, his strides quick. As he opened the door he found her standing there patiently, looking shyly down at her feet. He turned and locked the door. “So, my tiny little succubus, not feeling as brave anymore?” His tone was gruff. Deep. Dominant. She shook her head quickly “I’m sorry i-” now he cut her off, for once. “You’re sorry? You publicly emasculate me and you think a silly little sorry is suffice? Oh no, baby girl, you’ll be apologizing through much more than words.”

Kenny walked forward, fiercely pressing against her. He grabbed her by the waist and slammed her back into the wall. “I’m making sure you walk out tonight knowing better than to ever disrespect me again.”

He desperately slipped a hand up her skirt, his hands immediately drawn to the warmth radiating from between her thighs. Slowly he traced her inner thigh, a delicious stickiness coating the path to where she needed him most. A rough groan came out from deep in his belly as his fingers pressed at her entrance through the thin lace as she gasped before giving way to a high pitched whimper.

“I’m going to give you instructions and you’re going to comply with absolutely 0 fucking questions, got it?” she moaned, her arousal heightening at the thought of further submission. Kenny crouched down. “Take off the lace and lean back against the wall.” She complied, but was caught off guard when he lifted both her legs over his shoulders.

In a swift motion he quickly stood back up, sliding her up the wall roughly and bringing her core to eye level with him. “God i’ve wanted to eat you alive all fucking night.” He muttered against her entrance before his tongue plowed inside. She yelped out loudly in utter delight as he aggressively intermixed her honey with his seething saliva.

He slowly leaned back, a firm hand on her ass as he lapped up the juice running down his mouth “Looks like we have a loud little bitch on our hands, eh?”

She managed to whimper. “Y- Yes.”

He lightly bit and tugged at her folds “Yes what?”

“Y- Yes master!”

He chuckled sinfully as he continued to ravage every bit of her sweet flower, her mewling growing louder and louder as he tentatively shifted his focus to the darling little bundle of nerves in her center. She buckled and tensed against the wall. Her mewls had turned to wails of absolute bliss. He held her entire weight up confidently as her thighs began to entrap his head like a vice. She placed a hand in his curls as she shook.

“I’m… I need to cum, please.”

He wanted her to suffer.

“No.” he breathed out before placing his lips on her clit, alternating between harsh licks and intense sucking. He shifted her weight to one side before pushing two fingers deep inside, thrusting voraciously.

“But… I… I’m asking nicely…Please Ke- Kenny!”

His pace intensified, her lack of release was torturous.

“That you are.” He whispered evilly, mocking her.

“PLEASE!” She cried out desperately, her breathing labored and hoarse. His assault on her continued relentlessly, her sweetness dripping down a continuous trail through his beard and down his neck and chest. The wetness showing through his shirt.

“Now.” He demanded.

She yelled out at the top of her lungs instantly, her thighs quivering around him endlessly as he leaned back, tilting his head to watch her every expression with immense satisfaction. He gingerly slid her back down and into a cradled position in his arms. She craned her head into his neck sleepily, finally catching scent of his cologne, now mixed with herself and sweat. It was oddly intoxicating.

“Don’t you go getting too comfortable on me now.” He said with a mischievous grin as he walked them out the bathroom and out the back door of the bar, towards his car. “If you think you’re done apologizing you’re going to get a rude awakening.”

She giggled shyly. “I guess you do have some impressing left to do, don’t you?”

He groaned deeply. “If you’re in my apartment tonight there’s room for more than just one good impression.” He placed her down to open the car door for her.

“I hope you like bruises, because the next impression is gonna leave one.”

Whenever I play Princess Maker I always have my daughter’s birthday on the same day as mine, since otherwise I would forget it and that would make both my daughter and Cube sad. Or at least disappointed in me, haha.

Anyway, happy birthday to me and my virtual daughter Olive 🎂

  • Me: *looks at my fav character*
  • Me: OK seriously this fucking asshole just fucking my life up God help me
  • Random person: ur fav ain't that great
  • Me: *glares*
  • Me: *brings out powerpoint*
  • Me: *hands out spreadsheets and graphs*
  • Me: *makes person sit down*
  • Me: look here you fucking rotten potato

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I know people like to imagine Auguste and Damen being besties (it's one of my fav things too) but please, for a moment, imagine overprotective Auguste distrusting and disliking Damen when Laurent first brings him home (bc of Damen's reputation, Auguste is just worried about Laurent getting hurt/being used) but then slowly letting himself relax and open up to Damen and the two becoming friends by bonding over their mutual love of Laurent.

I LOVE THIS i know its canon that damen and auguste would be tight but honestly??? auguste would be SO overprotective of laurent, especially being that laurent has likely shown no romantic interest in anyone before damen.

asdfghk just imagine laurent trying to convince auguste to just give him a chance oh my GOD 

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Charlie Hesketh??? <3

Nonnie… you know the way to my heart.

*do I like them:
-absolutely. he’s my problematic fav

*5 good qualities:
-he’s got beautiful eyes
-cheekbones sharp enough to cut me
-lips so plump that Kylie would be jealous
-he honestly had the potential to be a great leader??
-his voice makes butter melt

*3 bad qualities:
-he’s a real prick and a bully…
-he’s also kind of a coward? (…though I’m totally calling bullshit on Vaughn Bc to me that seems so OOC… hmu to know more)
-he’s v vain and cares about money/social status/etc.

favourite episode/etc: I’m doing scene because it’s a movie(s).
-I loved every second he was on screen in both films. But I loved the scene where Eggsy and him fight in the TGC the most.

-Charlie/Eggsy. And dare I say… Charlie/Merlin…?

-oh man… this ones a toughie. He doesn’t have many friends really but I can totally see him being besties with my other fav amputee Gazelle. So Charlie/Gazelle

-Charlie/Eggsy/Roxy. definitely.

-this one is so out there but Charlie/Harry.

best quote:
-from TGC.
Charlie: “‘Crocodile Rock’, please.”
Elton: “Fuck you!”

head canon:
-I HAVE SO MANY. Here’s one though.
I’m positive Charlie had an absent father in his life. He seemed like the type to always want to do stuff to get his dad’s attention. He was probably neglected a lot and therefore loved to show off and be snooty.
Imagine a little boy who’s always bragging about his dad being amazing to his classmates, but when he goes home, papa either isn’t home or always ignores him and brushes him aside :D

Kingu drew my Demoman OC in class today! (Uploaded with permission), and so I can finally introduce you to Mr. Hobbs! He’s an old French Scottish fisherman and look how handsome he is :’) 


my 2 fav pairs of besties!!!

ok but like rilaya was better

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Could really use some fluffy headcannons right now... What are your favs?

I just shared a couple tonight, actually, and my bestie shared some good ones, too! :)

I bet that Mickey had a crush on Ian before the show started and that’s why he terrorized the Kash and Grab—to assert a dominance like Terry taught him to and to see that Gallagher

I bet Season 2 Ian, Mickey, and Mandy used to get drunk/high and would start spontaneous karaoke just like Love is a Battlefield in S5

I think Ian started casually telling Mickey he loved him after he started getting better between season 4 and 5, but Mickey wasn’t ready to say it yet even though he wanted to. 

Reblog with your favorite Shameless/Gallavich headcanons! The fluffier the better! :D <3