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Michael Clifford- Demigod AU

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Word Count- 1207

Author- Definitely-nota-fangirl

Pairing- Demigod!Michael x Demigod!Reader

He was an outcast. Everyone knew who he was and everyone stayed away from him. Just the luminous, ever changing hair and black band tees scared people away, when you add the fact that his father was Hades it was just a recipe for disaster. Years of loneliness and hatred built up in him, turning the once energetic boy into the prickly, spiteful man they all thought he was. Everything about him changed, his hair lost its vividness, his eyes darkened and he grew paler as the days cooped in his cabin caught up to him. He had no-one, even his own parents didn’t visit him. He was alone.
This all changed when she arrived. She was a daughter of Hermes, one of the many. Her bubbly, prankster attitude meant she fit in straight away, campers lining up to know her. She was the opposite of him. Whilst people feared and avoided him, they came to her for help and friendship. Soon enough she had the whole camp under her spell, those stunning eyes and that gorgeous figure captivating them all. Except him. He’d only seen her once or twice, both times he was amazed by her beauty, but he did fall quite like the others. He didn’t  think he could love, deprived of it for the majority of his life. How could he, a boy who’s life was filled with sadness and misery let someone fill his whole world, especially someone like her?
He was just trying to eat his lunch as quickly as possible, the need to get out of the busy room over-whelming him. Chiron had physically forced him to eat with the others, saying it was ‘unhealthy’ to eat in his room all the time. The stress eating at him was more unhealthy. She was with her friends, laughing over a joke when she saw him. She’d never seen him before, the bright hair unable to forget. He was alone and that troubled her.
“Who is that?” She asked the girl nearest to her.
“That’s Michael Clifford.” There were obvious traces of disgust laced in her voice.
“Why’s he alone?” She inquired, fascinated by the ghost-like boy.
“No-one likes him, he’s so creepy. He spends nearly all his day locked up in his cabin and only participates in group activities when he has to.” The girl replies before losing interest in the boy that wasn’t worth her time. She wasn’t convinced. She didn’t think he was any different than the rest of them. Getting up and grabbing her tray, she begins to walk over to the pale boy, ignoring her friends’ protests. She places her tray at the seat next to him and he immediately gets up. She grabs his arm and pulls him back down.
“I’m not here to steal your table. You looked lonely.” She says gently. The boy looks up at her, his eyes narrowed as if he thought this was a massive joke.
“You don’t know what loneliness is.” His voice was deep. He didn’t recognise it.
“I’m sure I know what loneliness is, more than you thing anyway.” She tries.
“I doubt it.” He replies spitefully.
“I’m not some pampered princess who gets what ever she wants and can rely on her money and looks to get her through life.” She raises her eyebrow.
“I’m sure you’re not.” He says sarcastically, getting up again. This time she doesn’t grab him.
“My mother died when I was two, just after giving birth to my sister. I have an two sisters and a brother and we all had to rely on my father’s badly-paying job to survive. My older sister and brother got everything. I got hand-me-downs my whole life. My little sister got cooed at by my relatives whilst they put money in her bank so she had a secure future. No one did that to me. I was the middle child, no one noticed me. I was quiet and spent my days sitting in our shared room, playing with some rags that I had transformed into dolls. I know what loneliness is.” She says fiercely. He falters for a moment, stopping to look back at the girl who had much more depth to her than anyone knew before turning around and walking off.
She gave up trying to speak to him. As she stopped trying, he got more annoyed. There was something about her that drew him in, something intoxicating. He wanted to talk to her, to hold her, to laugh with her but as time passed she began to forget about him and his dream dwindled. The feelings, however, didn’t dwindle. They only enlarged, making him more agitated than ever before. He realised that he couldn’t wait for her to come to him anymore, he had to do something for himself.
She was just sitting, reading her book and minding her own business.
“That’s a good book.” A voice said from beside her. She jumped, her eyes widening in surprise at the unexpected noise.
“Th-thanks.” She stutters, turning her head to look at the boy next to her. Her eyes widen for a second time as she realises who it was.
“Have you met Elinor yet?” He queries and she nods.
“She’s my favourite, reminds me of myself.” He muses and she lets out a small chuckle. The light of the sun dims around them as it disappears from their views.
“I like dustfinger. He has depth to his character, obviously he has a whole back story just waiting for me to read.” She says, looking over at him. Her eyes were sparkly and bright.
“I agree, he’s a very interesting character.” He stares back at her.
“That weasel will never bode well for him though, will it?” She says, neither of them breaking the eye contact.
“You’ll have to find out, won’t you.” He says. Subconsciously, both of their faces were moving closer.
“Or you can tell me.” She debates and he smirks.
“That would ruin it, though.” He replies. Their faces were inches away, illuminated by the candle light surrounding them. That was when they both realised the proximity of their closeness. Neither of them backed down. Her eyes fluttered closed  as she jolted her head forward, enveloping his lips in her own. His lips were like chocolate, making her want more and more. His hand goes up to the side of her face, stroking the soft skin and pulling them closer. His chapped lips met with her plump soft ones like they were meant for each other. His nose bumps the side of her face but they don’t notice, to focused on the feeling that was blooming between them. Her hands were perched on the arm of the chair she was sitting on and his were holding her face closer to his. They only broke away when they reached the limit of how long they could go without air, although neither wanted to stop. She realised then that she didn’t need money or relatives to secure her future, she needed him, and only him. At the same time, he realised that he was partly right about not having a heart, because she had taken it for herself and he was totally fine with that.