my favourites change about once a month


@se7eneleven tagged me to post my 9 favourite albums. it was pretty easy since i said “fuck it” to variety and just posted my most listened albums lol

  1. She Is - Jonghyun. this album is a masterpiece honestly i can’t even pick a fave song they’re all the best
  2. Glory Days - Little Mix.
  3. Divide - Ed Sheeran. but who isn’t obsessed with this album right now??
  4. FOUR - One Direction. it took me two years to decide but this is my favourite 1d album i mean fireproof and ready to run and act my age and wdbhg and fool’s gold and no control and 18 and once in a lifetime and illusion and night changes and spaces and clouds and girl almighty and stockholm syndrome and change your ticket are on it how could it not be
  5. Badlands - Halsey. tbh i forget about this albums for months but then i’ll listen to one song and i’ll be obsessed with all of them again
  6. MADE - Big Bang. again, a masterpiece. i can’t imagine ever getting tired of it ???? it’s ???? so good ?????
  7. Memory - Mamamoo. technically a  mini album but how could i not include it
  8. You Never Walk Alone - BTS. i was going to put wings but then i remembered they blessed us with spring day and
  9. Coup D’Etat - G-Dragon. from the day i listened to this album for the first time i’ve been a new person tbh

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