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Sorry for the half-assed sketch, but I would take forever to make a proper drawing. And I wanted to wish Jumin happy birthday~~


Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game. - Last Window

I actually love both games, Hotel Dusk and Last Window, but the second one had, IMHO, a much better story and character development. They are a delight to the eyes, with that beautiful pencil drawing design and the soft jazz music of the soundtrack. So yeah, a pleasure for me to play.

And well… that Kyle Hyde… I know I’m not the only one to have a crush on him, am I? (that’s the guilty part XD)

You can watch how this drawing was made by clicking HERE (speedpaint)

When my eyes first came across the cover art of 999 in a list of recommended NDS games, it instantly got my attention: a game that combined visual novel parts with escape-the-room puzzles, that had such an interesting story and a gorgeous art style – it was something I was bound to like.

When I found myself weeping at an upside-down sudoku at three in the morning just a few weeks after, I knew that picking up 999 was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

The days after that, 999 was all I could think about. The moment when we found a dead body in the shower room, when Junpei got stabbed in the back, when Seven told the story about the first Nonary Game, when Snake (who since then became my favourite videogame character ever) went berserk and withstood Ace’s gunshots, when we found the Q door and everything just made sense… It just kept resonating within my brain.

I recommended the game to so many friends, and every single one of them ended up liking it as much as I did. Whenever we talked while they were playing the game, they were always so surprised by all the plot twists and yet they were so amazed about it. And even after years have passed since that, we still get so excited talking about Zero Escape when we meet.

Whenever I replay it or talk about the best moments from the games with fellow fans, I feel as excited as I did when I played them for the first time. And no matter the amount of times you go through the different scenes, you always catch something you hadn’t noticed before, you begin tying loose threads, you start theorizing on so many things… They’re the kind of games that you can play as many times as you like – you’ll never get tired of them. Not only because of that, but because they have some of the most well-thought writing and plot, as well as the most lovable characters I have ever come across.

The day in which Zero Escape 3 was confirmed to be under development was just incredible. Many of us thought the day would never come, but 4infinity gave us hope for a third and final game. I wish I had been in that room when it happened, but unfortunately I was on the other side of the ocean, staring at thousands of other fans’ tweets, flashing repeatedly in front of me. In that moment, I felt so fulfilled. I felt so happy that my favourite videogames were going to get the final game they deserved. That the fans’ love and support pushed the game this far.

Zero Escape changed me so much as a person and as an artist. It made me realize that videogames are so much more than just “kid’s games”, that they can also tell life-changing stories and make you feel things you’d never expect to feel by playing on two tiny little screens. That one day, I will be able to write stories as good as that one, I’ll be able to breathe life into my own characters, create scenarios that will someday inspire somebody as much as Zero Escape inspired me.

Thank you, to every single person who was part of ZE – to Uchikoshi for creating such a masterpiece thanks to his brilliant writing, to the artists, Kinu Nishimura and Rui Tomono, who brought the characters to life, to Shinji Hosoe for the tracks that made us tear up, to everyone at Aksys that worked on the translation and localization, and to every single person that put their work on the games that will forever be my favourite -


Art and message by @daftlynx

For the Thank you Zero Escape project

My love for videogames has been previously mentioned in the blog - and when it comes to them, Nintendo is my favourite. I have shown videogame inspired accessories, beauty products and decoration pieces, but now I am introducing… The Legend of Tarot. I have recently started collecting tarot decks, and this one was extremely exciting to discover since I can not only appreciate all the wonderful art, but also relate to it on a personal (and kinda nostalgic) level.

There are so many things to say about it. First of all, the girls at Deosil Designs and Ganbatte Cosplay are amazing. They are sweet and attentive, and it is reflected in everything they do. They sent some shiny rupees with the deck, which improve the Zelda experience. Because, if you hadn’t noticed yet, this is a Legend of Zelda inspired tarot deck. Each of the 78 pieces of art is a collaborative work between Alex and Noa. Everything works together to make a single piece of art which reflects the Legend of Zelda spirit, as well as the classic tarot symbolism. They did not only pay attention to the artwork (which is oh so pretty), but also worked hard to make it meaningful.

The deck features so many details. The custom tuck box, for example, lets us know that the suits have been adapted: swords, sticks, bottles and rupees substitute the regular ones. Talking about the suits, there is a nice colour play on the art itself but also on the borders, as you can see on the top right picture - I didn’t notice it at the beginning, but I think subtle details like this add even more cohesion to the deck. And the backs are not only beautiful with their triforces and ocarinas - they are also foil stamped! Most of the elements come from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask - like my absolute favourite card: The Tower, which features Skull Kid. There is an error on the numbering of the Major Arcana (Justice is marked “XIII” instead of “VIII”), but it’s not a big issue (at least for me) when I’m admiring them or meditating since I focus on the art.

The Legend of Tarot is a great deck for gamers and art lovers alike. My boyfriend is not interested in tarot at all, and he has fallen in love with this one deck! And if you like it too, you should be quick - as of this week, less than 50 decks are still available, and they will not be reprinted! So yeah, very limited edition indeed! They also have a digital interpretation guide with over 100 pages; and yet, if you are not into the tarot format, they also have prints of the cards, as well as other goodies like leather cases and cat toys. If you like The Legend of Zelda, you will love Deosil Designs and Ganbatte Cosplay!



Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style. - Prince of Persia, 2008 edition

I know not everybody loves this game and I guess it is for the same reason I don’t like Dragon Age 2 - it is a complete different style compared to the other Prince of Persia games. But I saw it before seeing the original ones (if you don’t count the very first version of the game, the 16 bits one) and fell in love with the art and the beauty of the images. I still look at the screen in awe when I see them. Gorgeous!

And the music!!!

I was tagged by the wonderful kinkyboyking. Thank you so much, hon <3

1. My nickname everywhere on the internet is AryYuna, which is the union of a shortened version of my name (Arianna –> Ary) and the name of my favourite videogame character (Yuna from FFX).

2. Black when I was born, they slowly turned brown growing up.

3. Dark brown. In direct sunlight there is a little auburn and something else not quite clear.

4. I love drawing. It’s the most beautiful feeling ever seeing lines taking a form that wasn’t there before on the paper, and it’s even more beautiful when you’re the one putting those lines there. You’re creating life.

5. Pink. I’m probably the only girl that didn’t outgrow this color during teen-age.

6. My bed. I’m laaazy XD Joking aside, I really would like to visit Scotland again. The Highlands are magical.

7. This is hard. I’m gonna have to go with Leonardo Di Caprio, my first ever celebrity crush. Though right now I’m a wee bit obsessed over J2.

8. I’m allergic to fur, which makes me not so happy with animals in general. But I love bunnies and cats… as long as they keep far away from me.

9. “In the end” by Linkin Park. This songs gives me feelings no other does.

10. “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. I love the whole saga and a lot of other books, but this is the only one that manages to actually make me feel better when I’m really down.

Now, who should I tag? I’ll start with my favourite victims beloved arial86, henrys86, sharewithmeyourpoem and vahly. And everybody who wants to do it, cause it’s fun :)


Day 9 - Saddest game scene. - The ending of Chains of Satinav

For this one I almost have a tie between Mordin’s death in Mass Effect 3 (which had me crying during all the scene) and the devastating ending of this beautiful beyond words game… but then I remembered I spent a complete weekend crying over this ending, and the choice was over. Hell, I still feel my heart sinking when I see this scene! (a game I recommend, BTW, even with the sad ending)


I am a cheater and since the reply to the last two questions is the same , I’m doing them in the same post.

Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

I’ve told it a thousand times, but when we gave this game to my husband as a father’s day gift, he was playing Drakensang and I loved watching him play, so I was pissed off when he switched to DA:O. Besides, at first I found it boring and no sense (my husband is a slow player, anyway, and spends hours customizing and equiping characters), so I thought I’d hate it.

Until his female Dalish romanced Alistair.

Feelings overload everywhere… and I said to myself “Need to try this!”

Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time - DAO

Consequence of the previous.

The rest is history



Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in. - Croft’s manor

I always say I wouldn’t like to live in a Videogame. After all, you die a lot of times there XD. But there’s always an exception… And this is it. I mean. 90 rooms. Gardens. A library Belle would die for. The most awesome swimming pool ever. AND DUNGEONS. HUGE DUNGEONS TO EXPLORE.

I should have added to the saddest moment of a videogame the day this wonderful place was destroyed. I just hope the insurance covered it!