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anyway you know what. what’s truly and 100% important to me is that craig, mat, damien and hugo are safe and sound 24/7 that’s all i care about because i’m tired and they are Good


robin hood meme → 1/3 locations → Sherwood Forest

     I’d forgotten how beautiful sunsets here can be. Sherwood… it’s home.

me, inserting my favourite videogames disc into my console: yeah…..ur a hungry one arent u…go up…feed..

“Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment?”

I always loved the drakengard series and nier (still my favourite videogame, Kainè still a favourite character) and Nier Automata didn’t disappoint as well.
And 2b is just too beautiful to pass up the occasion to draw her.


the op of some post with this video has me blocked for god knows why so im just gonna repost it because this is definitely my all time favourite videogame video


Ohhh, it’s breastica-boobical chestica-mammical
Pendular-globular fun!

If we’re ending OCtober, we’re going out in a bang. With my most Mary Sue of all my OCs. 

Yes, she’s a Treasure Planet OC. Yes, she’s married to Jim Hawkins. 

Pell’s the treasure planet equivalent to a Siren - Jim’s father is from the exact same species. The Sirens are libertarian fish people, and value personal freedom more than the human laws, interpersonal relationships, and the law of gravity.

And let’s just say Jim’s attracted to her for *ahem* two very big reasons. 

You can watch how this drawing was made by clicking HERE (speedpaint)

When my eyes first came across the cover art of 999 in a list of recommended NDS games, it instantly got my attention: a game that combined visual novel parts with escape-the-room puzzles, that had such an interesting story and a gorgeous art style – it was something I was bound to like.

When I found myself weeping at an upside-down sudoku at three in the morning just a few weeks after, I knew that picking up 999 was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

The days after that, 999 was all I could think about. The moment when we found a dead body in the shower room, when Junpei got stabbed in the back, when Seven told the story about the first Nonary Game, when Snake (who since then became my favourite videogame character ever) went berserk and withstood Ace’s gunshots, when we found the Q door and everything just made sense… It just kept resonating within my brain.

I recommended the game to so many friends, and every single one of them ended up liking it as much as I did. Whenever we talked while they were playing the game, they were always so surprised by all the plot twists and yet they were so amazed about it. And even after years have passed since that, we still get so excited talking about Zero Escape when we meet.

Whenever I replay it or talk about the best moments from the games with fellow fans, I feel as excited as I did when I played them for the first time. And no matter the amount of times you go through the different scenes, you always catch something you hadn’t noticed before, you begin tying loose threads, you start theorizing on so many things… They’re the kind of games that you can play as many times as you like – you’ll never get tired of them. Not only because of that, but because they have some of the most well-thought writing and plot, as well as the most lovable characters I have ever come across.

The day in which Zero Escape 3 was confirmed to be under development was just incredible. Many of us thought the day would never come, but 4infinity gave us hope for a third and final game. I wish I had been in that room when it happened, but unfortunately I was on the other side of the ocean, staring at thousands of other fans’ tweets, flashing repeatedly in front of me. In that moment, I felt so fulfilled. I felt so happy that my favourite videogames were going to get the final game they deserved. That the fans’ love and support pushed the game this far.

Zero Escape changed me so much as a person and as an artist. It made me realize that videogames are so much more than just “kid’s games”, that they can also tell life-changing stories and make you feel things you’d never expect to feel by playing on two tiny little screens. That one day, I will be able to write stories as good as that one, I’ll be able to breathe life into my own characters, create scenarios that will someday inspire somebody as much as Zero Escape inspired me.

Thank you, to every single person who was part of ZE – to Uchikoshi for creating such a masterpiece thanks to his brilliant writing, to the artists, Kinu Nishimura and Rui Tomono, who brought the characters to life, to Shinji Hosoe for the tracks that made us tear up, to everyone at Aksys that worked on the translation and localization, and to every single person that put their work on the games that will forever be my favourite -


Art and message by @daftlynx

For the Thank you Zero Escape project

Oh yes, Dragon Age Origins is my favourite videogame. Except for the Tower part. And Orzammar. And the Brecillian Forest. The Korkari Wilds and the Tower of Ishal were boring too. And the damn missions in Denerim. And fucking Lothering. And Redcliffe! So yeah I basically play it because I’m in love with Zevran

(English below)

Dia 3: Poison/Veneno. Poco he tardado en poner a nuestra brujilla preciosa de mi juego favorito. ¿Vale como excusa su poder de convertirse en araña venenosa?

Hasta ahora creo que es del que estoy más orgullosa. Tiene poco mérito… han sido muchos años dibujándola de compañera de las aventuras de mi Yllwenn, aunque fuera en tiras de humor.


Day 3: Poison. It didn’t take me long to draw my precious Witch of the Wilds from my favourite videogame ever. Is it ok to use the excuse that she can shapeshift into a poisonous spider?

So far this is the drawing I like best. But no merit here…. it’s been many years drawing her as the companion of my beloved Yllwenn’s adventures, even if it was in comic strip humor style.