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Does anyone know...

What the hell is this thing on twitter at the moment where girls are sending vile tweets to people and then saying don’t block me, favourite a certain tweet and I’ll delete my account.

What is that? Why are they doing that?

I get that it’s attention seeking but what’s with the tweet favouriting. It makes no sense.

one of my favourite things about jason rothenberg is that whenever he gets called out on his shit he’ll always reply with “how can you hate the people who created something you love???” 

but then the moment people show any genuine enthusiasm toward bellarke, he’s the first to tell them that it isn’t real, to go read the books or imply that they shouldn’t be watching the show if they enjoy romance. or the moment people tweet him fan art that someone has spent hours making he debunks it by saying it didn’t happen in the canon text so he’s going to assume it’s another couple. 

to recap; on one hand he created it so we should be thankful but then on the other hand it’s not real bellamy and clarke dont even know each other also you can’t draw anything about them that hasnt happened in the canon text 

but apparently we should still be thankful to him for creating something that doesn’t exist lmao 

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I am not sure when you officially entered the Phandom but what were your first thoughts on Dil? Do you have a previous post of your thoughts?

i’ve been watching D+P since 09 but didn’t really get properly involved until mid 2014 (i posted art before but didn’t really talk to a lot of people) but ahh anyway

When it comes to Dil, I’m just in love with D+P’s interactions with him and the Sims 4 series overall <3 It’s a blessing srsly it has provided us with so many domestic parent!phan moments and Dil alone is a perfect mash of D+P tbh. 
My favourite thing about Dil is he started off as “a genetic splice” but then naturally became like a son to D+P :’) They talk about how he has their traits, they act like to protective/demanding yet affectionate parents <3
Phil’s fathers day tweet about Dil and Dan retweeting still makes me very emotional:

they are actually dads <3 it’s wonderful~

So, one of my favourite running jokes “Check, Please!” is Chowder’s talent for ruining photo op moments with NHL stars. Notice that not only are his eyes closed, but he’s completely blocked Kent Parson’s face in what is probably his only chance to meet him.

There is also of course this gem of a story from when he took over Bitty’s Twitter:

Hello! Hi!!! Wow, hey everyone!!
My name is Chris, I’m the goalie here for Samwell’s hockey team. But you might have already known that??? (Oh but everyone calls me Chowde
oops sorry
You might have already known that too (that the boys call me Chowder
Anyway one time I was in New York and me and my sister went to a Ranger’s game!!! IT WAS GREAT!!!! Man!! I wish I had a picture of it.
But this is Bitty’s phone (That’s Eric) (we call him Bitty)
Anyway, so we were at Madison Square Garden and they have these life sized pictures of the players
So I wanted to get a picture with Henrik Lundqvist because he’s a ‘swawesome goalie! (that’s means cool)
And then this guy walked by and offered to take the picture for me but my sister was already taking the picture??? So that was weird
So I was like “no, thanks you!”
So I was like “no, thank you!” (that’s what i meant to type i didn’t say it twice)
AND THEN HE WALKED AWAY and my sister didn’t know what was happening SO I DIDN’T GET A PICTURE! Man just thinking about it
Anyway that’s how i met Henrik Lundqvist (kind of)
He was really nice though.

I love that little sunshine goalie, sweet baby Chowder so much.
Go read the comic here:

So yesterday, I posted a blog to BuzzFeed’s Community page, entitled “22 Reasons We Absolutely Need A Full Season Of "The Mindy Project” Next Season"

Tumblr’s TMP fandom picked it up quickly, and it was promoted to the front page of BuzzFeed Community. Then Twitter got onto it and it was promoted to BuzzFeed’s homepage. Currently the post is sitting on 132k views.

As a blogger (I blog about pop culture and celebrities at PopCulturePerversion, come check it out!), this was an incredible moment for me, and I couldn’t have done it without the sweetest, nicest fandom I have ever encountered online.

And then the greatest thing that could’ve happened to me happened.

Mindy Kaling tweeted a link to my BuzzFeed post. As my number one role model and inspiration, to think that my very favourite writer, actress, celebrity, everything had read my post means the actual entire world to me, and again, I couldn’t have done it without the help of the fandom tweeting, retweeting, and reblogging. I know you were doing it because we all love Mindy and want a #FullSeasonForMindy, but you’ve inadvertently given me one of the greatest days of my life, and I cannot thank you enough. 

So here, this friendship cake’s on me.



PS Special shout out to my boo alisonarch for tagging a heap of Mindy Project blogs when she reblogged the link last night and really got the ball rolling.


You didn’t call yourself a singer. You preferred to call yourself a youtuber who just happened to like singing. You had an account dedicated to covering songs before you and Harry got together, and you had a little over six million subscribers now (and the majority of them were because you were Harry Styles’ girlfriend and your comment section was just blown up with various hate comments.) 

“So, what’s your favourite song at the moment?” The interviewer asked while scrolling through the tweets that were sent to the boys. 

“It’s not a song, but Y/N just covered Steal My Girl on her account, and I quite like it.” Harry stated proudly. “I crank that right up. It embarrasses her, but I just want to let her know she has a beautiful voice.” Harry blushed. 

“I’ve never actually watched her videos before! I’ll search it up now.” The interviewer smiled. 

“Woop, woop!” Niall cheered as your video began playing on the screen. 



credits to the owners of the gif!

17 day countdown till i see the bOYS HOLY SHIT 17 DAYS

caitlin x 

Privacy Notice (Part 2)

I have deleted the previous post, because the original tweet was deleted, and therefore he probably doesn’t want it spread around.

But I’ll still post my commentary here. I hope that some people will take it to heart and have more respect for Luke.

Please try and have some respect. Celebrities do open themselves up to public scrutiny but that does not mean that they are not entitled to privacy when they ask for it.

I know that Luke is a) busy and b) constantly tagged and mentioned on social media, but based on my personal experience (tweets of mine that he’s favourited, for example), I do believe that he actually does read/see almost everything in which he is tagged. So don’t make social media a negative experience for him (or any other public figure for that matter), or you’ll ruin it for everybody.

Celebrate his career and the personal moments that he CHOOSES to share with us.

You are not entitled to share the moments that he wishes to keep private.

I don’t want to pull the “true fan” card, but a true fan sticks by their idol by respecting their wishes. Not by digging into every aspect of his life and spreading it around the Internet.

If you want to discuss Luke’s private life, fine. But keep it private. Discuss with your friends. Do NOT tag him, do not tag his name on tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere, because I guarantee you, he WILL see it. Too much of this and he will withdraw from social media the way other celebrities have.

Don’t let that happen.

Yes, he is a celebrity and a public figure, but above all he is a human being and entitled to the same respect that all humans deserve.