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The 1D Harmony Project

One Direction has some pretty fantastic harmonies in their music, so let’s get excited about them, and tell the boys how much we love them! Let’s share our favourites!

Some examples of awesome harmonies I was submitted include the following:

Strong A Capella (Credit 1 2), The end of Act My Age starting at 2:30 (Credit), Moments (credit), Moments, My personal Fav FIREPROOF (can we please have this on tour???), and so many more!

What are your favourite One Direction harmonies?

Tweet them with the hashtag #fav1Dharmonies (you can include links or not - doesn’t matter!), send them to me here , or make a post on your blog and tag it “1D Harmony Project” and I’ll reblog them. Let’s fill tumblr (and twitter) with One Direction’s music during this break! Check out 1DHarmonyProject once things get up and running :)

I’ve been following the #myshipisnotcanon saga on twitter and have to say I think the whole thing is a bit of a misunderstanding and although swan queen is treated terribly by the writing - in my view because they seem to deliberately shy away from moments that make sense to the characters from a platonic standpoint (like hugs or kindly exchanges) for fear of giving people ‘the wrong idea’, which is crazy - I don’t think Yvette Nicole Brown deliberately fuelled her tweets with a similarly negative and/or homophobic message but unfortunately the historical context surrounding Swan Queen gave her tweets those connotations. 

She seemed to like my Swan Queen question though and favourited it so hopefully that means she will ask it at the SDCC panel. I hope she does because I think it would be a huge disservice to Emma and Regina if their relationship becomes marginalised due to controversy. 

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tae with the goggles on his head somewhat remind me of ffx's rikku idk if thats me or my inner final fantasy love is showing :>

O M FG dajfnasFADSHKF my friends and i kept thinking of tai from digimon and young naruto LMAO BUT!!!!!!

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why are you angry they havent tweeted anything, by favouriting it, dan has shown his support

Yeah I just think they could do a little more? Like Phil hasn’t even acknowledged it. I understand they prefer to stay neutral during social issues but this is a pretty huge moment in history. Obviously they are free to do what they want and it is good that Dan favourited that tweet but I think that (especially with their influence) both of them should have had a celebratory tweet at least.


So yesterday when I was at my grandparents, I had some of my Cosplay makeup lying around, which included some white Snazaroo face and body paint, so as a spur of the moment thingy, I decided to turn myself into Nux from Mad Max: Fury Road. Once I had done that, I posted one of the selfies I took onto Twitter, and I thought to myself, “hey I’m following Nicholas Hoult, let’s tag him in my tweet!”, so I did. About half hour ago after doing something on my iPad (I think I was on here actually!), I noticed I had a notification on my Twitter app. So I go and click on notifications and see that Nicholas has FAVOURITED MY TWEET! But due to my sister being in bed as she has school today, I internally ran around flailing my arms up in the air and made squeaking noises!

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im probably too late BUT one of my favourite moments is the "he's my boy haha !" tweet bc he didnt need to reply to that fan asking if louis doesnt love liam but he did bc he felt the need to tell us that he does love him. like havevdbdb he's so sweet, he thought we didnt know that him being a bit rude to liam is just banter GOD theyre terrible

there is no such thing as “too late” when it comes to talking about lilo. y’all can message me 24/7, i’ll gladly read everything!!

tell me what your favorite lilo moments are!


That moment when you realise how many times you have been noticed by youtubers.. when I used to like Pointlessblog(Alfie) he followed me on twitter. ewwwwwwwww. tweeted back by Dan x3, Mimei, Evan, Gabby x3. Tweet favourited by Doddie, Doddie’s dad, Mimei x2, Duncan x2(Pdr), Jim Chapman x5, Louise (Sprinkle of glitter) x1, Gabby x2. Caspar Lee read out my tweet on younow and answered it. Phil read out my younow and answered. One of Evan’s liveshows he noticed me like 6 time i s2g. Mimei and Duncan opened 3 of my snapchats. Shane Dawson opened 1. Evan, Duncan x4, Pj replied to a youtube comment from me and thats about it I think aha. How about you guys?

  1. Name: Helena
  2. Age: 28
  3. One of your favorite pictures of your muse’s fc: I shall cheat a bit and add this, a gif of one of my fave Helena moments:

Questions -

  1. What would be their twitter name? What sorts of tweets would they tweet?
    OH MAN. Probably @helena and it’d just be little updates of what she’s doing. ‘Today I make soap with sestra’ ‘going to store, i hope i find sugar’ ‘now i have to disembowel man who threaten my sestras’
  2. What’s their favorite genre of movies? Of music?
    I think Helena loves really physical comedy movies, like Dumb & Dumber or something. I can see her laughing like a hyena at those. Her favourite genre of music has been pretty firmly established as cheesy, old-fashioned pop.
  3. What’s on their top queue on Netflix?  
    Probably loads of disney movies to watch with Kira, and for baby.
  4. What’s their favorite scent?
    Helena loves the smell of baking. Not only is it comforting and something she rarely encounters in her life, but it also means imminent food!
  5. Apple or Android?
    Neither. Helena finds Apple devices quite intuitive, but mostly she likes to use really old, durable cellphones. They cope better with her lifestyle.
  6. Favorite Season? Least favorite season?
    She likes winter more than summer- being hot is wayyy more uncomfortable to her than being cold, and she likes to wear heavy coats and stompy boots and lots of layers.
  7. Virginity or no virginity?
    Helena’s a virgin
  8. Are they a bottom or top or versatile?
    Top. I mean, she hasn’t really had the opportunity to find out, but in any romantic situation she’s been in we’ve seen Helena take the initiative a lot.
  9. Describe their morning routine. Do they wake up early or sleep in? Do they press the snooze button a bunch of times or do they immediately get up?
    Helena gets up immediately and hardly ever sleeps late. She doesn’t really like sleeping- it’s more of a necessity to her than a luxury, plus her dreams tend to be very vivid and strange.
  10. If they were to be compared to a canon character, who would that be? (Spirit animal) : HMMM that’s a tough one, because I’m not sure she’s much like any character we’ve seen before. That combination of monstrousness and innocence is kind of unique. I think she would get along well with Bucky Barnes, though (hence the url!).
  11. Finish this sentence, muse: What would ___ do?
    What would popok do?

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