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Seeing Blind (Stiles Stilinski soulmate imagine)

Summary: As decreed by the universe, before meeting your soulmate your world is black and white. It’s not until you meet them and begin to share experiences with them that you gain different colours. For you, Stiles Stilinski is the one to light up your world.

Warnings: NSFW! There’s a section of smut (it’s very fluffy). Swearing. Fluff? I feel like I should flag fluff because I was feeling so soft and gentle when I wrote this that the sweetness might actually kill you…

Word count: 11.2k (I’m taking y’all on a journey lmao)

A/N: This has taken me so, so long to write. Please don’t let it flop! I have to say that it’s one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written…

This is for @lovefilledtragedy ‘s writing challenge! I decided to base it (loosely) on the song Seeing Blind by Niall Horan. The song is so, so lovely and I 10/10 recommend listening to it as you read :)

Big thanks to @penelope-clearwaters for helping me w the problematic sections of the plot. I couldn’t have done it without your help, bitch. (Hope the sex lives up to your expectations. There’s so much fluff I almost choked to death when I wrote it)

Pls read! You won’t regret it (I hope lmao)…feedback would be LOVED.

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The world had been painted in shades of black and white for as long as you’d known it.

It wasn’t as depressing as it sounded. The crippling depths of black mixed with heavenly tones of whites to form the soft glow of grey. There were a surprising number of shades you could see with only two colours, and when all you’d known was black and white, there wasn’t much to complain about. You didn’t know any better, so why would you miss something you’d never experienced?

Since the dawn of time, the universe had decided that the only way you’d gather the full spectrum of colours would be to meet your soulmate. Once you met them, you’d begin to gain colours. Orange when you first met them, every other as time passed. Each was tied to a specific emotion. In order for you to see pink, you’d have to share something intimate with them; red, you’d have to fall in love. It was a very simple concept, but one that had caused you much grief over the years.

At age twenty, you’d yet to find your soulmate. By this point, you’d began to give up. There was no way to force the universe to hand over your soulmate, and despite almost all people eventually finding them, you were terrified that you’d turn into one of the horror stories; you’d meet them when you were on your deathbed, or you’d meet them but then be immediately separated from them.

“Y/N, you’re brooding again.” At the words of your best friend you startled, the mug held between your hands dipping in the air.

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Running Wild (Part 1): Slow Hands

Title:  Running Wild (Part 1): Slow Hands

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  The rancher’s daughter and the ranchhand. Forbidden love. Is this the real thing or just a game to be won or lost?

Characters: Steve Rogers x Female Reader (Y/N Ross), Thaddeus Ross, Elizabeth “Betty” Ross, Scott Lange

Word Count:  1724

Warnings:  nsfw, implied smut, angst, bossy father,

Author’s Notes:  This is for Anna’s @missxavenger Favourite Things Challenge. My prompts were Slow Hands by Niall Horan (x) and my bed (I failed a bit on this one, I only mention it a couple of times and just vague references. I tried to add more but it just wouldn’t work). Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for their invaluable help.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Twenty Weeks

Summary: Dean offers to babysit the Reader’s five-month-old son. Unbeknownst to him Dean is babysitting his own son. That is until Sam begins to point out the similarities between the two and the truth comes out.

Pairing: Daddy!Dean Winchester x Female!Reader

Word Count: 2,778

Warnings: Language. Daddy!Dean. Secrets. Betrayal. Mentions of alcoholism. Angst. Unedited.

Gif Credit: [x]

Author’s Note: This is my one-shot entry for @wayward-marvel-sommer1196’s Sommer’s Favourite Things Writing Challenge. The prompt I chose to do was family, so I hope that I’ve been able to incorporate it well in this one-shot as well as mentioning the number 20. I hope you all enjoy reading this.

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If Only - Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, major character death

Word count: 1,779

A/N This is for Kari’s Favourite Things Challenge, @thing-you-do-with-that-thing my prompt was the song “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur. Thank you to @hunterofgayangels-butcallmedean for being a lovely beta for me.

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You sat alone at the bar, with a glass full of whiskey in front of you. You swirled the amber liquid around in the glass contemplating everything that was going on around you. After not too long of thinking, you threw your head back, lifting the heavy glass to your lips, swallowing the drink and enjoying the burn as it went down your throat.

You shut your eyes tight, letting it slide it’s way down. The stool next to you creaked as someone sat down next to you. “You alright?” A deep, but kind voice came from beside you. Opening your eyes up slowly, you turned to see him there beside you, his one arm putting his weight on the bar while the other came up to your shoulder to offer you consolation. But his eyes, damn his eyes. They were so green, you instantly found yourself unable to think while looking into them. It was like an unimaginably deep, wooded forest, the leaves from above your head cast down, leaving a beautiful emerald hue on everything around you.

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and thus begins the ‘how long is it going to take for nick to persuade charlie to get out of bed’ routine ~ 30 day otp challenge

To Love A Winchester

Okey dokey so this is my first ever piece of fanfiction done for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing favourite things challenge!! My prompt was friends to lovers so guess how this story ends!!

Word count: 2,838 (not including all of this and the rates at the bottom - all spelling mistakes etc are all my own handiwork)

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, un-named demon, mentions of Castiel, Jody Mills, various monsters

Warnings: like one swear word?, brief mentions of torture/injury

This particular day found the Winchester’s returning to the bunker from yet another small nondescript craphole which a nest of vampires had decided to turn into their meal ticket; at least they had until one of the newer members had gotten sloppy and put the nest onto the Winchester’s radar… They were a few miles out when they drove past what had when they’d left been a construction site but now sat a small diner. “Well that’s new” “Sure is Sammy” replied Dean as he pulled his Baby into a parking space. “But this is good. Store’s closed and I’m starving”. It was by this point gone 10 at night, the hunt not being particularly violent but they had been unfortunate enough to have to wait several hours for all of the vamps to be in one place.

Pushing open the door the boys were greeted by the decor of a classic 50’s style diner – 4 small booths took up one side while the other was a chrome bar with a number of stools lined against it. “Take a seat, I’ll be right with you” came a woman’s voice from behind the bar. Opting for two of the stools, the Winchesters sat and waited. A minute passed and then up popped the girl who’d spoken, hair thrown back in a messy bun and an apron round her waist. “Welcome to The Hideaway” smiled the girl.

“The Hideaway?” queried the taller of the two men sat in front of you. “Yeah ever since I was younger I’ve always loved classic movies and the inevitable diner scene you’d get in them. They were my very own hideaway from the real world. So when this opportunity came up I already had the perfect name in place…and I’m rambling sorry! I’m Y/N by the way” “Sam and this is Dean” replied the first man. “Well here’s a couple of menus and give us a yell when you’re ready to order”.

Waiting until the girl had walked away Dean turned to his brother “Really Sam?” Our real names?” “Come on Dean I hardly think she’s a threat.” “Yeah well” murmured Dean, turning back round in his seat to have another look at the girl “can’t be too careful in this line of work.” If Y/N knew she was the subject of their conversation she didn’t show it. Indeed she showed nothing, even when Dean subtly found a way to test her against holy water (knocking over his glass as she leaned to pick up their plates), silver (Sam having noticed the locket hanging round her neck) and salt. That last test had seen Sam head towards the bathroom, muttering under his breath as he went. “Sorry for the mess” Y/N heard as she bent down with a dustpan and brush “I’m not usually so clumsy.” “I think a few spillages are to be expected in this line of work” chuckled the girl. A moment of silence passed between the two and then “So, do you fancy dessert?”.

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This is my now late entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing favourite things challenge. My prompt was emerald. Tags are below the cut. I have used the SPN Fanfic pond tag list. If I have incorrectly tagged you then please let me know and I will remove the tag asap. P.S. this took me two hours to post, Tumblr hates me. P.s.s I ended up having to do this from my phone so I apologise for any mistakes

Summary: snippets of your life with an emerald-eyed hunter.

Pairing: Dean Winchester X Reader.

Warnings: Fluff, smidgen of angst, swearing, child birth.

Word count: 977.

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Emerald, that was the first thought you remember popping into your head as you stared into the eyes of the boy looking down at you on the floor. His eyes sparkled in the moonlight, concern filling them at the sight of your battered and bruised body. He was speaking to you, though you could barely hear him through the ringing in your head. Your vision swam around you, but slowly your hearing came back to you, allowing you to hear this mysterious man’s voice.

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100 Days of Productivity

DAY 85 - leafing through my older notes because I’m too lazy to make new ones

Day 8 of my December /Christmas challenge

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Hmm, we don’t usually celebrate Christmas with a bang at my place but visiting different malls to meet with Santa is my favourite thing to do! And there’s shopping!!