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mental health day 17

I woke up this morning feeling good, and i actually went down stairs and sat with mum and dad for a few hours.
I felt in a good place in a happy place, best I have felt in a while…well…since i was with Ally and Midnight.
I was able to smile and laugh when mum talked to me or if I played with the dog I wondered if I had over reacted and it had just been a moment of sadness and was I wasting the doctors and councillors time.

Afterwards though…I went down again I just went upstairs meaning to do my room, but i just lay on my bed and didn’t move for three or four hours, just lay there not wanting to move or watch tv or listen to music or play on my ps3 or read a book…nothing I just felt dead inside and like I was on the inside looking in like the world was a TV show.
I put one of my Favourite shows on ‘once upon a time’ but I wasn’t really watching if that makes sense it was just…on…

I did watch one of my favourite youtubers, @therealjacksepticeye, and he give me a light blub moment.
He has been playing a game called a night in the woods and he was talking about one on the characters in the game and he talked about how he thought they had  depersonalization disorder and the way he talked about it and described it, it was like how I feel at the moment and what is going on in my head right now and like the asexuality and autism the penny dropped, i’m not saying this is what I have or that i’m self diagnosing but at least I have a clue or something to take to the doctor/Councillor and that has given me something to work with, so not that Jack with ever see this but thank you, you have given me hope and something to work with

I found this moment quite symbolic as I stumbled across these two girls intertwined with each other, hiding underneath a Pride rainbow flag as they shared a private moment together. In a way it shows how they feel protected underneath the rainbow, free from prejudice and labelling. In another light it could show them hiding from the world underneath what they find safe, but either way I think this is my favourite photo from London Pride, 2015.

You are the first day of sunshine after weeks full of rain, heart touching poetry, nail-biting crime thrillers, the newest episode of my favourite show, that first chords after the band enters the stage, watching strangers passing by, spending hours and hours in an antique book shop, museums of art, that rush of adrenaline when you did something you’d always been afraid of, sleeping in after exam period, getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing a whole new level of life, poetry slams, citrus tea, the first snow of the year, finally seeing the floor again after tidying up, high quality fanfiction, hot midsummer nights by the river and foreign cities.
—  // you are everything good in this world
seventeen โœ— the office quotes

✎ so i just randomly thought of this and bc it’s my favourite show i though eh why not.

seungcheol: “i feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. it’s every parents dream.”

jeonghan: “occasionally i’ll hit somebody with my car. so sue me.”

joshua: “i signed up for second life [ a computer game ] about a year ago. back then my life was so great that i literally wanted a second one. absolutely everything was the same… except i could fly.”

jun: “wikipedia is the best thing ever. anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. so you know you are getting the best information possible.”

hoshi: “sometimes i start a sentence and i don’t even know where it’s going. i just hope i find it along the way.”

wonwoo: “i love catching people in the act. that’s why i always whip open doors.”

woozi: “i don’t hate it. i just don’t like it at all, and it’s terrible.”

seokmin: “would i rather be feared or loved? easy. both. i want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

mingyu: “when i discovered youtube, i didn’t work for five days.”

minghao: “people say, oh it’s dangerous to keep weapons in the home, or the work place. well i say, it’s better to be hurt by someone you know, accidentally, than by a stranger on purpose.”

vernon: “society teaches us that having feelings and crying is bad and wrong. well, that’s baloney, there’s such a thing as good grief. just ask charlie brown.”

seungkwan:  “it’s a real shame because studies have shown more information gets passed through water cooler gossip than through official memos. which puts me at a disadvantage because i bring my own bottle to work.”

chan: “nothing stresses me out. except having to seek the approval of my inferiors.”

every girl who could have the power, will have the power. can stand up, will stand up. slayers, every one of us. make your choice. are you ready to be strong? 

happy 20th anniversary to my favourite show of all time, to my heroine. one girl in all the world.

the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. be brave. live. 

okay fuck off disney channel


This really sweet lucky person won a meet and greet in Australia. Here’s her story:

“I remember you” those were the first words Brendon said to me when he walked into the room. I was at work when I found out I had won meet and greet with my favourite band in the entire world. A band I have been supporting for 12 years of my life and when he walked into the room I have never felt more happiness. I spent almost 20 minutes with him, showing him the 2 Panic! tattoos I have, talking about the album, the tour, his dogs, my dogs, the drunk history of fall out boy, the spongebob musical, literally everything. He was so kind and so grateful and I’ve never felt more honoured to support a musician that cares so much about his fans, I will never be able to thank him enough.

If you wanna follow her this are her social media: emilyxgrace on insta    and itsemilytxylor on twitter

A video posted by Emily Taylor (@emilyxgrace) on Jan 31, 2017 at 2:26pm PST

Some BuckyNat Feels

So I’m rereading the brilliant, fantastic, amazing comic that is Edmonson/Noto’s 2014 Black Widow (one of my favourite comics series ever) and I just wanted to gush about how in issue #14, at one of her most frustrated and lowest points, my beautiful BAMF Natasha notes that she is exceptional and alone in the world, that she’s an outsider who can’t belong in it, and then in the very next issue Bucky shows up to serve a giant slice of dramatic irony because if there’s anyone who feels exactly the same about life, the universe and everything, it’s that beautiful BAMF of a man. 

It just makes me FEEL things. So many things. Both of these characters prefer to be alone, but at the same time they’re also desperately, terribly, heart-wrenchingly lonely. And the only time they’ve ever been able to successfully balance being who they truly are (lone wolves driven by their guilt and need for atonement) with their desire to feel understood, connected and loved was when they were together. WHEN THEY WERE TOGETHER. 

I just don’t understand how people don’t love these two as a couple, especially in the comics. They never allowed their relationship to inhibit who they were. All they did was love and support each other. 


“When I was 5-8 years old, I’d go to Disney World EVERY summer, and I LOVED the Hunchback Of Notre Dame play. My all-time favourite Disney character was Clopin. I had a favourite Clopin in that show, and the last year I got to go, I wanted his autograph on a picture my mom had gotten blown up for me.However, he wasn’t in the show that day, and I got really upset, but my mom found one of the Cast Members and asked about him. He smiled and said he was at the park, and called him over to where we were. The guy went through the trouble of dressing up in the full costume to sign his autograph for me.To this day, Disney World is one of my favourite places to BE, and Clopin is STILL my all-time favourite Disney character.”

Random Podcasts to Check Out:

>Welcome to Nightvale
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[All brilliant and surreal; there is no description for WTNV, it just IS.]

>King Falls AM
[Big city radio host ends up in small town full of supernatural hijinks and nonsense, local population frustratingly chill about it]

>WOLF 359
[Personal log of Commander Doug Eiffel, stationed in space with some crazy crew members & the sassy AI Hera; searching for alien transmissions.]

>Our Fair City
[Hard to describe. Basically, the world has altered and people live in underground cities sponsored by HeartLife Corporation. There are things in the tunnels that scare even the mole-people, and you experience the narrative from multiple perspectives.]

>The Thrilling Adventure Hour
[Podcast set in the style of an old-timey radio show. It’s HILARIOUS. They have different series they run continuously, but my two favourites are:
1) Beyond Belief - featuring the married millionaire mediums Frank and Sadie Doyle (never sober, fear of bees) who basically started a feud with a demonic clown + are best friends with an obscene amount of supernaturally-inclined friends, also there were singing animals at one point.
and 2) Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. It is just… imagine cowboys, with robot fists and alien sidekicks, and at one point a talking horse. Never be over that.
But there heaps of others as well; all brilliant and kooky.]

>The Bright Sessions
[Dr Bright is a clinician who provides for clients/patients of the strange, unusual and sometimes paranormal variety. Sessions are recorded for research purposes, of course. The cast of characters are certainly fascinating.]

>Archive 81
[Daniel Powell has gone missing; but before he does, his friend suddenly receives hours upon hours of confusing tapes, all filled with the various audio recordings Daniel had collected. What does it mean?]

>The Cleansed: A Post-Apocalyptic Story
[It’s… one hell of a ride. A sibling pair who grew up in a rural american town have to travel to the City, and deal with the dangerous trials and people that await them on their journey.]

[300 people disappeared without a trace from Limetown. An investigative series.]

>The Penumbra Podcast
[Enter the Penumbra Hotel, set in a place that does not exist and slightly outside what you can conceptualise as time with your limited human narrative. The stories vary, but are perpetually engaging/entertaining, and it’s definitely a wild ride.]

>We’re Alive: A ‘Zombie’ Story of Survival [M15+]
[The main character is an Army Reserve Soldier/College Student called Michael Cross, follow him as he and others attempt to escape/survive the apocalyptic hellpit of Los Angeles. From the 'We’re Alive’ universe, which apparently encompasses a series of other, well, series.]

- - - -

List compiled for various reasons.


I have to make a post about this ♥

When 24K were on Sound K a few days ago my friend Maddie sent in a msg asking if Jeonguk could name my new kitten for me and when he read my name he started talking about how he knows who I am, he even remembered which country I’m from I was so surprised and I’m still so shocked about it
“Ah Jodie! I know Jodie”
He pronounces my name like Joodie haha I think it’s really cute though 

Anyway after a bit he chose the name Catuk lol he’s so precious he literally combined the word cat with his own name 

So I tweeted him to show him a pic of the kitten he named and he actually faved it ♥

Jeonguk is seriously my favourite person in the entire world, I love him soso much 

The Irish mythology in Berserk is to die for.

One of the most underappreciated things in the world is most certainly Irish mythology and folklore and to see it showing up in one of my favourite manga of all time is a dream come true. lemme break it down.

1. skellig island

heres a picture of skellig island, right well guess what? Skellig is most certainly named after the skellig Islands of ireland. The Skellig Islands are a pair of rocky islands of whick Skellig Michael is most famous. It was settled by christian monks and to this day is dotted with the remains of cells and stone buildings

Also you’ll notice the spiral covered rocks well those spiral patterns were synonymous with celtic tradition. Its called the triskele and it was a major part of celtic paganism and celtic christianity where it could represent the trinity.

This is a picture of the triskele in Newgrange tomb in Ireland, fun fact Newgrange predates the pyramids of Giza by several centuries. (3200 bce).

2. fairies and Danann

One of the major parts of Irish folk-history are the five invasions. These invasions describe the major settlements of people onto Ireland and were passed on orally before being transcribed by christian monks. In mythology the fourth invasion was led by the Tuatha dé Danann, who became the Gaelic Irish pantheon. Instantly you can see the connection, the namesake of all the gods of Ireland is a character in berserk.

Ireland also has an extensive Fairy culture, now when you hear fairy you might imagine the likes of Tinkerbell from peter pan but in Irish folklore almost all of the supernatural spirits were called fairies. There were exstensive amounts of warding techniques and some families continued using them as late as the 50s and 60s. creatures such as the Dullahan, leprechauns, changelings and Banshee all count as Irish fairies, The Tuatha Dé Danann are also counted as faries and its believed that when the monks of ireland wrote of Fairy kings or queens they’d actually be writing about God of Irish mythology and simply refused to call them gods.

3.The Otherworld

Berserk features a lot of extra-planar shenanigans and the witch’s village on Skellig is comparable to the gaelic concept of otherworld. The people who lived in Otherworld included the Aos Sí (meaning people of the mounds), they were said to live in bountiful kingdoms under the hills of Ireland. In these kingdoms time always worked differently, in tales such as Oisín i dTír na nÓg, a couple of years in the land of youth would be a couple of centuries in Ireland, but I’m familiar with a tale where a man is taken prisoner into the underground until he is busted out. when he returns he has a basket of harvest fruits because he had been in otherworld for half a year, but he returns to his Halloween party with none the wiser as to why he was gone for a while.