my favourite scene in the whole movie

Favourite “pages” of Doukyuusei

I decided to share with you one of my most memorable pages from the doukyuusei series manga :) I absolutely love the whole manga nonetheless I consider some of pages my favourite because of that memorable situation happening there…

This post will be long I believe…


I love this page the most in first Doukyuusei manga…and I love situation here a little bit more than in a movie (I just didn’t say that righ now xD –> favourite scene in movie also) …I particularly like this one because of the Kusakabe reaction on drunk Sajou :) The whole situation is SO SERIOUS but drunk sajou made it THE CUTEST :D <3

I don’t know but this page is that one that I remebered the most. Maybe because Kusakabe mentioned dumb xD Here we see the different side of Kusakabe when he’s not with Sajou…like he’s thinking of that kind of stuff too..and asking sensei for advice..and mentionig the yaoi books that his sister reads,,all that in one page :P


The whole page is filled with Sajou’s LOVE YOU…To see Sajou so in love is so precious. He never openly show it..but his is mind is exploding…

Just that situation…lying on bed…kusakabe just took shower…relaxed…kusakabe telling sajou the sweetest things :D <3

Don’t ask me..that scene is in my mind everytime when I think about Sajou being home alone xD I liked the smooth development situation…lying..making eye contact…slowly progressing to the kiss…KISS :*

I was Kusakabe here…I wanted to hug Sajou so badly… so glad Kusakabe did :) feeling glad…soo glad

Sajou my precious baby :’(

I had heart attack at this one…Sajou being so sexy and seductive :P <3 

My feeling are set on this one!!! This is the one when I get butterflies everytime I read it …IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL…sajou justt ahhh…and kusakabe tearing up :’( <3 <3

Occupation to Beloved

yes yes i know…the very first page of the manga…BUT C’MON…THE SAJOU’S FACE…MADE MY DAY AND NIGHT XD and sweetest Kusakabe surprising sajou :) 

Are there needed any words? Just cute Sajou sneaking in bed to Kusakabe and making my heart ache..:) <3

This page is just so precious to me…HUGGING each other…kusakabe caressing sajou’s cheak…making eye contact…kiss on eyelid..blushing faces :) <3 making love …I’m melting….

Sexy Sajou…..

I love the playful Kusakabe haha…this always make me laugh :D one of the cutest scenes :D 

This my kind of enjoying life…coffee time..My ideal relationship would be drinking coffee like that :D <3 after taking bath :) 

Kusakabe comforting Sajou…saying he loves him..holding him in his arms…kissing him on the check…:’( :’( <3 <3 where is my kusakabe? xD 

YES KUSAKABE…YOU CAN MAKE HIM HAPPY…AND EVERYONE ELSE..omg..<3 <3  :’( :’( don’t mind me..just crying in the corner…where is my kusakabe? i know i said that already but….


We know that if one of our siblings found our yaoi books…IT WOULDN’T END WELL FOR THEM !!!!! XD :) thanks for reading…sooo longgg post omg 

My feelings on the PLL Finale

This is the post I promised about all of my feelings about the finale and the show, now that it has come to a close. I don’t have many good things to say about it so I am warning you now before you start reading. If you enjoyed the finale and are the kind of person whose mood (and in turn opinions) can be affected by those of others if they don’t match their own, don’t read on. Unfollow me, because a lot of what I post or reblog from now until I stop using this account will not be positive.

I envy any of you who loved the finale, as I mentioned yesterday, because this show has been really close to my heart, and I wouldn’t want to be the person who ruins those memories for you because I know how easy it is to change your mind about how you feel about something if everyone (or at least the majority) around you doesn’t feel the same way as you. If I were you, I would guard my feelings fiercely (if I were content with the finale) and keep away from all accounts that might make me second guess my views. However, if you are interested and can tolerate diverse views, or if you share the same frustrations as me, you’re welcome to read on!

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Okay so the whole street scene in Veld with the dancing and the snow falling and landing in Diana’s hair is like one of my favourite scenes because she looks so truly beautiful when she stares up into the sky in delight with soft lighting hitting her face and snow flakes in her hair and anyways my point is that patty jenkins would direct a great wlw romance movie

A More Proper Review of GOTG2

Oh, man. What a movie this was.

First up, the music.
I enjoyed the music in this film, it was very fitting, with awesome songs in fight scenes, and mellow songs in calm scenes. It just fit the mood so well. While I admit it’s not as memorable as the first one, because, come on, you can’t top Hooked on a Feeling, it still does have its moments like Mr. Blue Sky, Brandy, Surrender, etc. Overall, 4.8/5.

Next, the characters. Spoilers follow, you’ve been warned.
Okay, I love, love, love Baby Groot. He’s adorable in every way and should be protected forever. And Teen Groot is even better.
Space Dads and Mom are great too. They each get their own character development, and I love that. Rocket learns he’s a bit like Yondu, Drax is teaching Mantis how to adapt to society, using things he learned from his family, Gamora lets go of her rivalry with Nebula, and Peter…
Oh, Peter. You poor guy. Your mom was killed by your blood father who is evil and your surrogate father was protecting you all along. And you lost 2 dads in not even 10 minutes. Dang. That hurts.
And as for Yondu, whoops, I mean Mary Poppins, what a badass. He stole his scenes in the movie, being a great dose of sorrow and laughter. I enjoyed his performance here, and it’s a shame we won’t see him again.
Nebula’s already cool, so not much to say about her. I’m glad she’s not fighting with her sister and out to kill Space God with a Capital G.
As for Ego, he’s an irredeemable jackass who deserved everything he got to him. End of discussion. I liked the build-up to the reveal, though.
Overall, for the characters, 10/5.

Next, my favourite scenes.
Can I not just say the whole movie? I mean, each scene is great in its own way. Action, drama, laughter, it’s just so perfectly executed. I enjoyed the credits, both opening and ending, they were just so fun. But I really enjoyed the Ravager Funeral scene. It’s just so beautiful, and heartbreaking, and UUUUGGGGHHHHH SO GOOOOOOOOOD.
Overall, 20/5.

The movie as a whole? (Ha, a-hole! :P)
James Gunn, you genius. You absolute sheer fucking genius. You’ve done it again. There are so many comic book and movie references, callbacks, continuity nods, it’s literally a perfect Marvel sequel. Stan Lee’s cameo was great, the 5 end credits scenes were great, Howard the Duck deserves a second chance at a movie, and I can’t wait for Volume 3.
Overall, 9999999999999999/5.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. It’s so good the word good can’t describe it anymore. Go watch it!

PS: Show of hands, who cried at Mary Poppins’ death? Because I know I’m not the only one who did.

(And cue Surrender.)


Here it is, my Princess Mononoke screencap redraw. This is probably one of my favourite scenes in the whole movie, especially when Ashitaka goes all badass and intervenes *goosepumps intensifiy*

Well, now to finish my leftover drawings and start practicing intensely for the next two weeks I guess lmao see ya there

An unnecessarily deep analysis of the string motif in Kimi no Na wa

I really need to write about this.

Written on the spot. Some research might be nice but aint nobody got time for that. Also I’ve only watched it once so my memory might be dodgy.

Please note this is primarily an analysis for my own personal enjoyment, not a review. Also the views in it are purely my thoughts and opinions


Kimi no na wa is a friggin amazing movie. Beautiful artwork and solid characters aside my favourite thing about the movie is its brilliant storytelling. And I am going to deconstruct it through the string motif rn because I feel like it.

The plot for Kimi no Na wa is basically the red string of fate, but reimagined and extrapolated in a very creative way. The red string of fate connects two individuals and brings them together romantically but here it is not only geographical boundaries that are transcended, but time itself. String itself takes on multiple meanings within the context of the film. This is summed up best by Mitsuha’s grandmother’s quote, which I cbf looking for rn. Rather than string, though, the emphasis is on the term “musubi"結び. The term we use for knotting thread also means connecting/linking/binding. You can also use it to refer to tying up your hair or fastening something. It also means the end. This (conveniently) flexible term is the basis for the whole story and you see this in almost every aspect of the movie.

The start of the movie is a bunch of events told in a pretty confusing layout. In addition to the main characters swapping bodies, some of the events aren’t even in chronological order. This was evidently intentional, not only for dramatic purposes but I believe also for structural reasons.

The film is set out like a bunch of loose threads starting with seemingly unrelated events: There’s a rare comet appearing in the sky; Mitsuha and Yotsuha make kuchikamizake; Mitsuha and Taki swap bodies…But as the film progresses, just like the weaving of individual strands to make a cord, the pieces start to come together. I think the moment this truly becomes evident is right after Taki drinks the kuchikamizake. This is also the moment Taki and Mitsuha’s worlds truly intertwine.

Mitsuha making kuchikamizake binds a part of her soul to the sake. Mitsuha and Taki swapping bodies are a spiritual connection. This act binds their timelines together. The foundations of human relations, most notably love, is also based on the same concept. The film takes the motif of string and layers it through the connections of multiple events through musubi.

But what I feel truly makes this film brilliant from a storytelling perspective is the creativity employed in extrapolating this motif, especially in regards to the comet and the hairstyles. 

The way I see it there are actually only two things that connected Mitsuha and Taki before the body swap. One is the comet. Three years ago Taki witnessed the comet that killed Mitsuha with his own eyes. The other is Mitsuha’s hair cord which is something like a time paradox. Mitsuha went to Tokyo to meet with Taki three years before he knew her. She hands him the cord in her hair and dies the next day but Taki kept her cord wrapped around his wrist for three years.

I’m going to start with the comet which is actually quite a complex symbol. I think everyone will interpret it differently so here’s my personal take.

My initial impression of the comet was something like a shooting star, because it granted Mitsuha’s wish to be reborn as a "handsome Tokyo boy”. Before watching the movie I thought the body swapping would be a miracle only possible while the comet was visible. When Taki and his senpai went to the Nostalgia exhibition at the museum on their date, they saw an aged photo of Itomori. That was my hint that Mitsuha was from the past. I didn’t expect them to be only three years apart though. I thought they would be a literal lifetime apart but then romance would have been near impossible without some bs miracle. Suffice to say, there was no miracle. Instead there was a goddamn tragedy.

The film’s explanation for the body swapping was that it was all to prevent this one disaster. Tbh that sounds a bit too far fetched for me. Instead I like the interpretation of the comet as an extension of the string motif.

When Taki learns the truth he attempts to turn back time by drinking the kuchikamizake. What follows is my favourite scene in the whole movie and it starts with a wall painting of the comet turning into a piece of string. With the visual connection I could then see the metaphorical connection. The comet is another form of binding the two main characters. The comet is closely tied to Mitsuha’s ‘world’ but Taki also witnessed the comet the day she died. Thus their worlds were connected. From a romantic standpoint the comet allowed two individuals to transcend time to be together (red string of fate parallel). But by killing Mitsuha the comet also destroyed the relationship it brought about. I think we can connect this to how the town of Itomori was made from a comet a thousand years ago but another comet ends up destroying the town and killing Mitsuha. Because of this I personally also think the comet represents time. Destroying what is created is basically time itself. Time is musubi. (Additionally, by overcoming the comet i.e. saving the town, the main characters overcome time and can finally be together, because Mitsuha’s lifespan is extended. You can see this as another take on the red string of fate.)

Mitsuha is metaphorically and spiritually saved by a string. I think it is important that in the timeline where she dies she is not wearing the cord in her hair, because she gave it away to Taki who she met in Tokyo the day before and who does not remember her. Her cut hair has multiple meanings. Originally I thought it was a sign of her giving up on Taki because he went on the date with his senpai (Tessie associates haircuts to breakups and I do too, at least in anime). Then I realised she cut it after she went to meet Taki and found out he didnt recognise her. While the “breakup” haircut interpretation still stands, ultimately I think she feels betrayed which is why she gives up the one thing she believes in, her connection to him, represented by the cord. This also becomes linked to her name, which she shouts at him as she leaves the train after throwing him the cord. If I were to continue with the red string anecdote, this is where the string is cut, fate abandons the couple and Mitsuha dies.

But it is the same string that saves her. Because Taki kept it for three years and it is how he remembers her even if he doesnt know her name. Once he learns she dies everything from her diary entries on his phone to her name in his memories disappears. But the cord doesn’t. And he passes this cord to short hair Mitsuha when they finally meet at twilight.

I’m going to digress for a bit to explain why I find this scene so important. The only time Mitsuha does not have the cord in her hair is when she is sleeping, performing the ceremony, the first time she swaps bodies with Taki, and of course right before she dies. The cord is a very obvious symbol of musubi. I also think the fact it changes form throughout the film is important. At the start when Mitsuha wears it she always puts her hair in a complicated bun with the cord in it. When she swaps bodies with Taki who cant make complicated hairstyles he changes the form of the cord by wearing it in a ponytail (though initially he did not wear it at all and made Mitsuha looked “possessed”). The hairstyle was an instant way to tell who was in Mitsuha’s body, and also became a representation of their relationship.

The cord starts to change forms drastically when the pair’s relationship takes a nosedive the day before Mitsuha dies. She takes it out of her hair and the cord changes from a hairtie to a wristband/bracelet. The form of “musubi” changes, from “doing up one’s hair” to a spiritual connection between the two. This is one way Mitsuha manages to live on, because just like the kuchikamizake, the cord is a part of her soul now.

Taki returns Mizuha’s cord when they finally meet. She has cut her hair but wears the cord as a hair decoration anyway. The red string is restored and its changed form represents a new step in their relationship. Throughout the film Taki and Mitsuha have had to compromise on each others’ lifestyles. Mitsuha’s new appearance seems to be a culmination of this: the boyish haircut coupled with the hair cord. She also gains Taki’s courage, seen when she confronts her father in a very similar way Taki did in her body previously. (Taki also experiences a similar change but it is not as pronounced. As far as I know he just got “kinder”.) This is musubi because their two souls have actually intertwined. From a romance perspective, I guess this is how couples change each other for the better.

And what happens after is classic red string of fate. Interestingly Mitsuha’s final hairstyle is a half ponytail. Analysing any farther would actually be overkill though so I’m just going to leave it as a design choice.

I don’t think I’ve conveyed even one tenth of what I actually wanted to say about the film. It’s so rich in symbolism just analysing it in my head was a ton of fun. Best film I’ve ever watched in my life. Definitely want to watch it again.

my favourite thing to remember about cockles is that when they were reenacting the kiss scene between hitch and albert they really went for it

even though they didn’t have to??? like ????? it wasn’t in the script to make out

if you’ve seen the movie you know what i’m talking about but if you haven’t..

exhibit a)

merely a peck right???? and then hitch does his whole spiel about going 90 and 10 not the full 100

exhibit b)

yeah ok you’ve got eyes. that isn’t the mime of a peck. 

either they didn’t read the script properly or ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ????????????????

Willow’s song

I was inspired by one of my favourite scenes of the movie The Wicker Man (1973). I’ll leave the link if you want to watch the scene and understand better what’s going on in this fic, it’s only 4 minutes long. Well you don’t have to watch this scene or the whole movie to get the story but it gives more emphasis.

English is not my first language.

The scene

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, explicit sexual content, dirty talk

“Aw Sam Jesus Christ not again!” you ranted

“What’s wrong this time” Sam shouted from the bathroom with an annoyed tone.

“Come and see numbskull” you invited him to join you in the basement.

Sam appeared on the doorstep, half of his face was covered in shaving foam and the other half looked as smooth as a baby’s bottom. In a different situation you would have found that irresistible but this time you were really angry at him.

“I’ve already told you never wash white and coloured clothing together.” you were pulling out the washing machine all the ruined clothes and piling them up in the laundry basket. It wasn’t the first time that happened but you were really pissed off. Sam moved closer to inspect the mess he had made.

“What can I say? Light blue is pretty close to white. And light green, and light grey.” he said with such nonchalance that made you even angrier.

“Well then fuck it, this was my favourite shirt and it’s ruined.” you got up and looked at him with a threatening gaze, your hands resting on your waist.

Sam knew he wouldn’t be able to get away easily; he only saw you being that angry two other times and he wished there wouldn’t be a third. The only thing he could do was hold your own.

“Where’s the issue? Besides, you look better when you’re not wearing any clothes.”

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Acting Tip #2

This one is very important to know: how to act with emotion!

Some people I know and have worked with have difficulty acting with the correct emotions in certain scenes. I have a few ways to act with the right feelings in a scene.

  • Analyse what is being said in the scene: This will let you think of what emotion your character is feeling in the scene. This may take several re-reads. 
  • Think about how you feel with any emotion: We all have emotions unless you’re some kind of robot, and we all know how we feel when we’re happy, angry, excited, sad, etc. Think about how you act when you’re feeling happy or angry or whatever and this will allow you to transfer those feelings to your character.
  • GET WORKED UP!! My favourite example of getting worked up comes from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. While the movie overall was terrible, I’d like to point out the fantastic acting of Ewan McGregor at the end of the movie. In the scene, Obi-Wan watches Qui-Gon Jinn get stabbed by Darth Maul. Obi-Wan lets out a horrified and angry scream as his master is killed. That, to me, was the highlight of the whole movie. Then it went back to emotionless choreography, but I digress. To shout such an angry noise, Ewan said that he started breathing heavily and getting very worked up, then when it was his time to shout, he did and it was brilliant. So, to be angry, maniacal, or distraught, get pumped. Feel what you would when you normally get angry and then get super worked up.

So emotions! Those are good things! Keep in tune for more acting tips from yours truly! 

Mama Bear: Liam Dunbar

Here you go anon! Hope its what you wanted and that you like it! Enjoy!

“Lydia, for the last time we are not watching The Notebook again!” Stiles huffed as he quickly grabbed the DVD and held it as far away from the red head as he could.

“Well fine!” Lydia pouted, “You guys don’t know what you’re missing!”

“Lydia, sweetheart, we’ve seen this movie so many times we can literally quote it.” I tell her and everyone laughs.

We were having one of our monthly pack movie marathons, with everyone piled into Scott’s none too spacious living room.

“What about you babe?” Scott asked me leaning over too grab a handful of popcorn. Looking at Lydia’s pouty face I cave, grabbing the movie from Stiles’ hand I sigh, “Fine!”

Lydia smirks, leaning back into her cave of blankets, winking at Stiles.

“Kill me.” Stiles pleaded to Liam who grinned, squashing his way beside Kira and Stiles. “Don’t tempt me.” He laughs which was responded by an affection ruffle of the hair from Stiles.

Half way through the movie and everyone was asleep. Even Lydia, despite the fact her favourite scene hadn’t even came up yet.

I sat up yawning, fumbling for the remote to switch off the TV. The whole room was instantly dark and suddenly a wave of panic, that wasn’t mine washed over me.

I looked around, less sleepy now as the panic was mixed with fear. It was coming from Liam.

“Liam?” I whispered towards the younger boy, who I could see literally shaking with fear.

“Liam what’s wrong?” I asked, feeling my way towards him, as it was very dark.

“I can’t sleep.” He replied, his voice shaking. “Why?” I ask again, my hand grasping his arm and my whole body shuddered from the amount of terror rolling off of him.

“I have nightmares.” He told me, his voice cracking and I thought my heart was breaking.

“Come here.” I whispered, tugging gently on his arm.

Carefully he clambered over Stiles and wedged himself between the two of us.

“I’m just so scared. All the time.” He whimpered and I thought my heart my burst.

“Come here.” I whispered, pulling him into my arms. Instinctively he buried his head into my neck and I felt his tear stained face on my throat.

“Shhh,” I soothe, running my hand through his hair. “I’m here, its okay, I’ve got you.”

He nods, sighing contently as he wraps me into a tight hug. “Go to sleep.” I shush and his panic levels go right down, replaced with a new feeling. Comfort.

I smile to myself as I drift off as well.

I woke up to laughing. My eyes flutter open slowly, not enjoying the bright light just streaming through the crack in the curtain.

“I think he’s stole your girl.” Stiles teases, stretching from his mountain of pillows.

Scott rolls his eyes, throwing a cushion straight at Stiles smug face. He didn’t miss.

“Hey!” I scold, quietly though as Liam was still sleeping, his hair tickling my neck. “Leave him alone.” Scott smiles fondly at me. “Leave my baby alone.” I pat obviously on Liam’s shoulder and everyone but Scott cracks up. Scott chose to take the more mature road and stick his tongue out at me.

“Mama Bear’s getting protective.” Lydia giggles running her hand through her flawless hair. Of course she never gets bed head. Malia sniggers next to her, whose hair looks like it was combed with a fire work.

“Heck yeah I am.” I pout, pulling the fallen blanket back up over Liam. “If I don’t look after him, who will!”

Joshifer - Press Tour 2015 (1/?)

I am dreading the fact that the last press tour for the THG Franchise has come to an end. Joshifer (okay, and Liam) interviews apart from the movie, are something I look forward to every year for the past couple of years and I’m still having a hard time accepting the fact that it is now over.

I’ve decided to compile my favourite Joshifer moments from the press tour (and pre-press tour) this year because… why not.

((This is going to be long af so I’m trimming it down into parts))

1. “WE.” [gif]

2. “We have trouble making eye contact.” [gif | video]

3. Her face when he said they would make no movies in the future. [gifs]

4. She loves having scenes on their own. [gifs]

5. Times when they know what each other is thinking. [gif 1 | gif 2]

6. How they looked at each other during the whole interview…. [gifs]

7. Or maybe just how Josh looked at Jen. [gif]

8. This.

9. When he’d gladly wreck the glass to get the backpack Jen wanted. [gifs]

10. When they acted like actual kids. [gifs]

11. He asks for what she wants. [gifs]

12. When she makes him laugh. [gifs]

13. The way they watch their scenes together. [gifs]

My Stupid Fan Fiction Writing Technique (Be warned this is really stupid) PART 1

So a friend asked me how I write certain scenes in fan fiction like sad, tense and romantic moments. So I told her how and she said it was both stupid and brilliant at the same time, so now I’m going to share it with you all…

I watch videos to make me feel the emotions I want to write about, literally I have go-to videos to make me feel happy, sad, angry and scared, I know it’s silly but it really works. Here’s a selection…

Happy/Funny scenes

The Sideshow Bob Rake gag just makes me laugh like an idiot, I remember watching this when I was 7 and thinking it was the funniest thing ever and it still makes me laugh FUN FACT: Rich Moore one of Zootopia’s directors was the director for this scene 

The ‘Nobody’s a Nobody’ song from The Amazing World of Gumball makes me feel all toasty inside, it’s a cheesy as hell but I love it. Damn it I want cheese on toast now…

‘Sol and Vince rob the bookies’ scene from the film Snatch is my favourite scene from the whole film, these two are the worst armed robbers ever and the great dialogue always makes me erupt with laughter

Action scenes

The Raid is woefully unknown to mainstream audiences but it’s one of my all time favourite action movies and the Machete fight stands out as my favourite fight scene that always gets my imagination alight…

The first intro for Attack On Titan is the perfect mix of striking imagery and epic music that gets me psyched up to write an action scene

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but I'm one of those people who don't seem to enjoy the movie Tarzan as much :/ Can you please explain why you think it's a masterpiece? I'm interested in knowing why you believe that, because I always agree with your insight on everything☺️

hey no need to apologise, everyone’s entitled to their opinions and sometimes we just don’t gel with movies or books, it’s no big deal!! thank you for being so polite and for asking this, though, i really appreciate your kind words!!!

reasons why i am trash for disney’s tarzan:

  • the SOUNDTRACK. phil collins, certified pop legend, just bringing the perfect mix of rhythmic little tunes and emotional ballads and uplifting lyrics that simultaneously move the story along and get stuck in your head
  • also mark mancina is a genius honestly the score for tarzan is so beautiful, the motif for jane is one of my favourite things in the world. the score has such a unique sound and it sets the scene so perfectly and hits every emotional beat!!
  • the animation!!!! did you know that they created a brand new animation system called deep canvas for this movie?? a whole brand new system!! from scratch!!! it allows 2d characters to move through a 3d world, which is how they got the awesome effects of tarzan sliding along tree branches and swinging on vines to work so well. pay special attention to the backgrounds and you can see how many layers there are in every scene, it really does look like a proper jungle with different levels of foliage and shadow and god it’s a work of art

Originally posted by 2dtraditionalanimation

  • the character of tarzan was animated by the legendary, mind blowingly talented glen keane (also responsible for ariel, the beast, aladdin, pocahontas, rapunzel and many more). BUT here’s the best part - he oversaw his animation from france, where he was meant to be on a sort of year long sabbatical from the disney company but loved the story and character so much he decided to do it anyway
  • MEANWHILE all the other supervising animators (including the incredible ken duncan, animator for jane porter [also meg from hercules]) were back in california. they had to collaborate across timezones and continents to create scenes where their characters interacted, and look at what an amazing job they did!!! 

Originally posted by tynusia2000

  • the story. i think everyone can relate to the feeling of not fitting in, of being different from everyone around you. and the emphasis on family being those who love you - the message that so long as you are surrounded by people who love you, you are home. god. it makes me emotional
  • tarzan’s parents are two of the best looking characters ever animated by disney and they’re only in the movie for like five minutes what a waste

Originally posted by timelessdisneydreams

  • tarzan is a character that works best in animation. he does stuff no actual man could ever do and what would look ridiculous if a real human did it, no matter how good the cgi is (legend of tarzan 2016 i am looking at you) works within the animated world. he moves along the tree branches like someone on a skateboard or rollerblades, he swings from vines like a gymnast, wrestles wild animals like a… wrestler? and it all works because of the medium
  • also he’s pretty hot ngl

Originally posted by theseacallsushome

  • alSO tarzan as a character. he is a genuine sweetheart. he just wants to fit in - first with his family and then with jane and her family. he tries his best at everything, and wants to learn everything, and his curiosity is so endearing
  • OMG WAIT HOW COULD I FORGET BABY TARZAN omg his little noises when kala finds him i can’t, he’s too cute for words honestly. and he blows little bubbles in the shape of a hidden mickey??? t o o  m u c h

Originally posted by a-night-in-wonderland

  • tantor’s line of “are you sure this water’s sanitary? it looks questionable to me!” is one of my favourite lines in any film ever and it was delivered by a four year old voice actor who had to have his lines read to him because he was too little to read the script omg my heart

Originally posted by anno-m

  • terkina and the fact that she is totally bossy and unapologetic and everyone irl confuses her for a boy???

Originally posted by neverland-789

  • the professor who brings like his entire fucking science lab and the contents of his whole house on this research trip to africa. like in one scene they have a goddamn chandelier hanging over an actual dining table. in the middle of the african jungle. I LOVE IT

Originally posted by nebulosa-mente

  • random cameo by the mrs potts and chip tea kettle and cup, which inspired the fan theory of belle and the beast being jane’s (great?) grandparents which i love love love
  • the fact that the movie very obviously shows kids to respect animals and nature, but never does it get preachy or condescending to do so. it’s worked so well into the narrative, rather than hitting you over the head with a sign saying LOOK THIS MOVIE WANTS YOU TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. it’s inspiring and showcases the beauty of nature and the animals in it but doesn’t attempt to guilt trip you into caring
  • quick side note: mountain gorillas are critically endangered and we need to save them, i am not afraid to guilt trip you into caring please think of the gorillas

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  • JANE PORTER. jane. porter. janey jane. my girl
  • jane wears a stylish big yellow dress complete with bustle to the jungle because she is a lady and that is what ladies wear. she hikes through the african jungle in boots and gloves and a big fucking dress because she will not let the norms of her time stop her from seeing the world. she is travelling!!!! to study science!!!! do you know how rare that was back in the victorian era???? VERY RARE!!! 

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  • but jane doesn’t care. she goes on this trip with her dad, and she knows all about his research and his study because she is a clever cookie and she cares
  • she isn’t embarrassed by her embarrassing dad, she loves him a lot
  • she talks to herself a lot and she uses her hands when she speaks and is an amazing artist and i just love everything about her okay

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  • jane is a freaking excellent teacher. watch that montage of her teaching tarzan all about the humans (set to the wonderful tune of strangers like me which has the most beautiful bridge) and be amazed by her mad skills

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  • tarzan is obviously smitten by her and she’s pretty impressed by his abs eyes BUT they spend at least a few months together, learning from each other and getting to know each other, before they admit that they’re in love or ask each other for any sort of commitment. they actually get to know each other!!!!!

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  • and they are EQUALS. jane teaches tarzan about the human world and he teaches her about the jungle, swinging from vines and speaking gorilla, their partnership has give and take and neither of them force the other into staying in the jungle or leaving the jungle, they just ask and then give the other person time to think about it and RESPECT THEIR CHOICES

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  • jane is the one who kisses tarzan first and i don’t know why this is important to me but it is

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  • over all the movie just makes me very happy
  • i think that everything it teaches children is v important and it is visually stunning and pretty to listen to and it has a smart heroine who is an artist and a scientist (because the two are not mutually exclusive!!) and funny supporting characters and scary villain because he’s super realistic
  • did i mention how impressed i am by the animation??? 

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  • i am very impressed by the animation!!!!

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anonymous asked:

Wow, so POTO PRAGUE has Christine sitting on the Phantom's lap during PONR? Just when I thought that her spreading her legs open wasn't bad enough....wonder if it gets racier.

“Point of No Return” is admittedly one of my favourite scenes in the replica stage version, so maybe I’m extremely judgemental. But I’ve honestly never seen a non-replica version I’ve thought worked well. In fact, I find most of them quite bad. I mean…

CZECH REPUBLIC: Excuse me, WHAT am I watching? Lap dancing? X rated home video?!? Whyyyy would you even…??

POLAND: That red couch looks like a giant red mouth. The whole scene looks like an obscure bordello scene from a 1980s Wild West movie. The Phantom looks like Zorro or some carnival pirate. Can we just…. NOT?

FINLAND: …that time Christine and the Phantom ended up in a bondage club and it got really awkward…

ESTONIA: I’m still not sure if this is a deleted Queen of Spades scene from “Alice in Wonderland”, or actually “Point of No Return”…

RESTAGED TOUR: …so if it’s ain’t lapdancing, it’s table dancing….

HUNGARY: I’m semi positive to the Budapest version, despite both table dancing and an interesting unmasking. But the SHOES, oh Lord THE SHOES!

2004 MOVIE: I didn’t forget about Zorro and Esmeralda in the movie version, don’t you worry. But frankly, it’s one of the duller and forced versions of PONR out there, I’d rather forget about it.

And no, I didn’t forget about the Romanian one either, it just basically felt like a 2004 movie rip off where the actress pulled the same face for 5 minutes. 

Apparently PONR is a really hard scene to get right? At least according to my taste. I find that the scene is more heated and sensual where there’s lots of restraint and unspoken words than in versions forcing the sexuality. I can see how it’s easy to end up there, but it often feels unnecessary? So, yeah.