my favourite rose

Here are my mini succulent magnets! 🌿🌺🌵 I had so much fun making these, each one is hand drawn so I hope people like them 😊 Which ones are your favourites? 🌱💕

i wholeheartedly believe that if kent wasn’t a white and basic white male, he wouldn’t be as revered as he is now. in fact, if he was anything other than white, people would be more willing to call him out on his behaviour.

I got the idea from a post on tumblr that showed different screencaps of Garnet giving head pats to different characters on the show (mostly Steven C: )

So, Naturally, I wondered if she ever patted Rose on the head? And “Goofy Rose” being my favourite Rose Quartz, I theorized that Rose really looks forward to them!

One of my favourite Rumpelstiltskin moments. You can see the hopefulness in his eyes and it’s like he’s also waiting for her to reject him, like everyone else has, but Belle doesn’t. Robert Carlyle is an amazing actor because he can portray so many feelings in one look.


First spell casted in 2017 uwu
@floralwaterwitch posted this lovely wish spell earlier this week and now that my thoughts are clearer I casted it myself.
Added some rose petals and my favourite rose quartz to the snow and sugar to help my wish come true. Put everything onto the tray on my altar ♡