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If You’re Happy, I’m Happy (Reggie x Reader Request)

‘Reggie and a river vixen reader who’s Cheryl’s Co captain and tight with the core four because she grew up with them. Archie and co. know she’s besties with Cheryl but by accident they find out that she’s dating reggie and it gets angsty but they soon realise that reggie makes her really happy? I hope it’s not too much- Anon

Characters/Pairings: Reggie x Reader, Cheryl, Betty x Jughead, Veronica x Archie.

Warnings: Nudity, kissing.

Word Count: 3296

Notes: Thanks for this request, I’ve not wrote much about Reggie or Cheryl so this was fun! So keen to see what they get up to in season 2. I made it a super long, I hope you don’t mind! Y/f/f = your favourite flavour.     


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‘Ready to go? From the second chorus ladies!’ I quickly got into position as we started the routine yet again. I could see the squad was starting to lack energy. As the song finished, everyone practically collapsed on the floor.

‘Cheryl, I think it’s time for practice to finish, if you want the squad to still be living by the time we get to Friday.’ She gave me a quick glare before letting out a long sigh. She nodded at me, I knew that meant I had to let the squad know we were done. As co-captains, Cheryl and I played good cop, bad cop.

‘Alright Vixens, good job today! Time to head home.’ I called out to the girls.

‘Oh thank god.’ Veronica blurted as she and Betty walked over to me.

‘Your best friend must be demonic if she thinks we need to practice this much.’ Betty noted, before grabbing her water bottle and almost draining it.

‘Cheryl’s just… dedicated.’ The girls glanced at each other for a moment and burst out laughing, I couldn’t help but join them. I loved Cheryl but she could be ridiculous at times. We wandered to the locker room, since school was over the squad were pretty quick to grab their things.

‘Do you need a ride home y/n?’ Veronica asked. I bit my lip lightly, trying to come up with a reasonable lie.

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Demon on Detail (Jack Lowden x Reader)

Prompt: “Please God don’t let me think too much.” 

AN: Thought of this in the shower after listening to BBC Radio 4 Marathon Man (in which Jack has an adorable American accent and Palpatine is a Nazi dentist). Also, I just have a thing for when boys get really shy, it’s adorable as fuck. Jack is adorable as fuck. So it works!

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Out of context fanfic quotes (Bloodborne + Dark Souls)

As the title says: out of context quotes from my BB fanfics and Daisy’s. I’ve added the name of the character who’s talking only when I thought it would make the quote even funnier. Enjoy :3

[Translated from Italian]

@bellringerkat ‘s

“Unlike you, I do appreciate the comfort of running water.” [Rom]

“Don’t look!”
“I am blindfolded, remember?”
“Ah. Right.”

“How was the seminary?”
“Boring. We didn’t torture anyone.”

”She and I agree on so many things that it almost scares me.” [Gehrman]

“Listen, I have a plan, okay?” [Laurence]
“Oh yeah, I see. And I remember well how your plans go. Last time a whole city got fucked.” [Gehrman]

“Don’t mind us. We are just a gang of wild-looking guys walking around with blood-drenched clothes on.” [Gehrman]

“My kingdom is nothing but a dead body waiting to be picked apart by worms and you, my dear, are the fattest and most hungry worm of the bunch.”[Annalise]

“Over my dead body will you name my son ‘Valdemar’.”

“I’m sure of it, Laurence.”
“No … no, you don’t get it. Willem will apologize to me on his knees. ON HIS KNEES, you understand? And he’ll say ‘Ah, Laurence I’ve always been so envious of your genius…’

“You look like a kid who just ate his favourite candy. ”
“Do I? But I haven’t kissed you yet…”

"Now, now we’re talking! What would I not do to that stud… and what I would not let him do to me!” [Someone talking about Ludwig and no, it isn’t Laurence]

“I am mortified.” [Patches]
“I would be curious to see to what extent. Bend. The. Knee.” [Annalise]
"I’m afraid you’ll have to untie me first, Your Majesty.” [Patches]

“So, should I wear something elegant?”
“As long as it’s not stained with blood, it’s fine with me.”

“I doubt she would be flattered to know that she’s more famous because of a gun than her debauchery.” [Maria]

“Nonononono. No. Don’t you dare, don’t even start, boss. I know what you’re thinking!” [Gratia]
“Good. Because I’m going to do it.” [Gehrman]

“Never a moment of peace!“ [Izzy]
"But if I just gave you a free afternoon!” [Gehrman]
“After two consecutive days of unpaid overtime work! IN THOSE DAMN CHALICE DUNGEONS!” [Izzy]

“I have evaluated all of my options and after careful calculations, I have come to the conclusion that I can’t wait to take off your clothes again.”

“Are you really the same man who just this morning beheaded a beast like it was nothing?” [Maria]
“I don’t know. Was he wearing exaggeratedly fashionable clothes? If yes, it was I indeed.” [Gehrman]


“I did try to kill you. I think we’re even.” [Aldrich]

“I’m pretty sure they got it all under control.”
“Oh, I’m sure they also did all those times the King almost got stabbed in the back!”

“You’ll ruin the carpet.” [Aldrich]
“I don’t care about the carpet! I wanna ruin THEM!” [Sulyvahn]

“This is "not enough” for you?“
"Old age, what can you do.”
“Condolences to the families of your lovers of youth.”

“You cannot really think to ask me-”
“Oh, I’m not asking.”

“You’ll find yourself with one head less one of these days.” [Maria]

“Come on boss, let him live !” [Gratia]
“I will when his actual life isn’t on the line.” [Gehrman]

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!!!! Can you talk about Fire by Kristen Cashore? You've called it perfection before and i really want to know all the things you loved about it~

oh my god i sat up straight when i read this i’m so happy. anyway this is a lot of incoherent gushing but you asked for it

  • fire herself: so fire’s the main character of the book, and probably my favourite female character in the world. fire’s a human-monster, she’s incredibly beautiful, and her beauty is this huge burden to her. and she spends most her time trying to make herself less and has a really hard time coming to terms with her power and the good she can do with it. also, fire has been dealt a difficult hand of cards in her life and yet, she’s so kind and good and she wants to be better than she is, always. she’s just so loving and caring and when the people around her hurt, she hurts. she just has so much love to give and in a world that hates her or wants to use her, she could have turned out so differently and yet she still prioritises love. 
  • the other characters: i love pretty much every single character in this story! there’s such a great cast of secondary characters, all fleshed out w/ their own motives and beliefs and ideals. i love the character development, like nash’s character arc is so good, oh my god. he stays away from fire until he learns how to control himself because he wants to be better than this, because his brother asks him too, because he himself eventually comes to love fire in a healthy way. it just makes my heart swell. fire and brigan are also one of the few straight couples i ship to the death, they just compliment each other so well. clara! garan! hanna! mila! everyone is wonderful!
  • the worldbuilding: i really really love the dells, i love the geography described within it, and how the colourful the land was. i love king’s city, and how it’s situated on the waterfall’s edge. i love the concept of monsters, esp the human monsters, whenever cansrel was described i was always !!! also, don’t forget that the dells is primarily made up of people of colour, and that the most beautiful person in existence is a dark skinned women of colour.
  • the writing and the pace: my friend sophie @beyoncepatronus pointed out to me after she read it that the pace was really slow and odd, there wasn’t enough drive to the story and it felt like a series of events or a biography rather than a story. after she said this, i realised that this was something i really loved about it. i get quite daunted by fantasy novels and this one felt like it took its time. and no, the plot wasn’t flawless, but it didn’t have to be. also, the writing itself i find so wonderful, there are some beautiful turns of phrase, most of which come from how fire sees the world in relation to how fire sees herself.
  • to follow up on that, there is a quote from fire which had a lot of impact on me from the moment i read it. and i think about it when i think about how hard it is to be alive, and how much i love my friends, and how they make that easier sometimes. and it’s “She had thought she’d already reached her capacity for pain and had no room inside her for more. But she remembered having told Archer once that you could not measure love on a scale of degrees, and now she understood it was the same with pain. Pain might escalate upward and, just when you thought you’d reached your limit, begin to spread sideways, and spill out, and touch other people, and mix with their pain. And grow larger, but somehow less oppressive. She had thought herself trapped in a place outside the ordinary feeling lives of people; she had not noticed how many other people were trapped in that place with her.”
bts reacts; their s/o fangirl/boying

aye ladies and gentlemen!

request; reaction to their s/o fangirl/boying?

hey guys, how are ya all?
so, im back with another react. sorry if it’s god awful, I still have massive writers block but I really am trying my best.
thanks so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy, my love.
note; non of the gifs are mine, credits to the owners.


he’d find it really cute. your favourite band/group just brought out a new album and this is your first time listening to it, you’d literally be screaming {me when love yourself; her came out}. jin would just walk in on you pretty much having a massive fit because of these people. he'd just smile and leave you to continue.

External image


yoongi would find it a bit weird, but secretly love it when your like this; mainly because when you’re fangirl/boying, you’re fangirl/boying about him and something he’s done.

“ah, _____, you’re so weird. it’s only a picture,” he’d say, trying to hide his blushing for you.

“oh, shut up yoongi. im trying to compliment you. take my compliment,” you’d reply, pouting jokingly.

“why do I date you?” he’d ask, leaving the room and feeling his face flush, remembering everything you said.


he’d just sit there, watching you get super excited over this one thing. he couldn’t help but chuckle under his breath at how funny he though it was, casually glancing over at you every once and a while to see you with you mouth hug open; like you have for the past 5 minutes; over a photo your celeb crush {that ain’t him} just did.

External image


he’d obviously tease you about it. and i mean for like weeks after, every time the person you fangirl/boyed over is mentioned he’d start squealing and jumping up and down in fake excitement, just to se your reaction.

“leave it out, namjoon,” you’d say jokingly, sticking your tongue out.

“but it’s {insert artist that isn’t them}, i can’t help it,” he’d reply, quoting you from weeks before.

External image


just like jin, he’d find it so, so cute. he’d just sit there giggling because of how adorable you look, smiling at all your little squeals and shrieks.

“you know you could be squealing and giggling because of me, but know you chose to giggle over {insert famous guy},” he’d laugh,

“jimin, you can’t say that,” you’d say, eyes opening wide,

“what? i didn’t mean it like that, you’re the one who took it like that,” jimin replies, getting up to walk out the room, “but yeah, that too,”

External image


he would tease the fuck out of you, but this is taehyung. what do you expect?
he’d run round the dorm yelling at all the guys about how great {another band/groups}’s new song is and that {your favourite member} is so hot.

“taehyung! stop it,” you’d whine at him, pouting playfully,

“but {the band/group} is so cute! i can’t even- ah! my heart,” he’d say dramatically, trying to act  like you.

External image


“what the hell, _____?” he’d ask, “are you okay?” he adds rushing into your shared room after the loud screaming that came from within. “what happened? why did you scream?” he questions, looking at you seeing your fine.

“{another band/group} just posted a selca all together,” you explained, showing his the picture off your phone. he’d role his eyes, and chuckle.

“im just gonna leave you to whatever you was doing, goodbye,” he’d saying, laughing whilst he did, before exiting the room.

so, there ya go!
thanks to the anon who requested this, and i really hope you liked it.

inbox - requests are open.

love ya all!
- kala
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Over-Protective Parents

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Your parents don’t approve of you dating Stiles for reasons you will never understand, and when he comes to pick you up to take you out on a date your dad forbids it because he knows you can do better than him.

Side Note: Y/D/N means Your Dad’s Name, just in case some people didn’t know.

Date night was something you and Stiles planned right when he first asked you out, due to all these supernatural distractions he thought it would be best to have one day set aside each week just for yourselves. Since you were Stiles first real relationship he didn’t want to screw it up, so he did whatever he could to make sure that didn’t happen.

However the powers that be, mainly your parents, somehow didn’t approve of Stiles. You didn’t quite understand why considering Stiles was nothing but sweet, caring, protective and a gentlemen towards you. But for some reason your dad was the one who couldn’t see that, your mum however was coming already to the idea that you were no longer a child and could make decisions on your own. Decisions like who to date, who to be friends with, where to go etc. Overprotective parents were too much to deal with at times, and if there were awards for this kind of over- protective behavior your parents would surely win every time.

Applying the finishing touches to your outfit, you stood in front of the mirror and smiled. You always wanted to make sure you looked presentable when going out with Stiles, not because you were hoping for something to happen per say but because getting dressed up once in awhile never hurt anyone. Even though Stiles had told you time and time again that you looked beautiful in whatever you wore, you still wanted to put in that little but of effort just for him. Glancing down at your phone it flashed indicating that you received a message, opening the text it was Stiles:

Coming over now, be there in 5 x - Stiles .

Smiling you grabbed your purse and headed on downstairs, making sure you had everything from your phone to the house keys you walked into the living room were your parents were.

“Okay mum, dad I’m off” you said.

Your dad looked up and he immediately stood from his chair and your mother soon followed, “Where do you think your going young lady?” he asked in his serious tone.

“I told you Stiles and I have a date planned, and he should be here any minute to come pick me up”. Putting on your favourite coat you went to open the door, when your father stopped the door from opening with his hands.

“Your mother and I didn’t agree on this, it’s late and tomorrow’s school you shouldn’t be going out this time of night”.

Rolling your eyes slightly you rather be battling a werewolf or sitting through a boring class, than be standing here listening to your dad rant on and on about things that didn’t even matter. “Dad I told you and mum about it a few days ago and you guys agreed. Plus it’s only 8:30 I’ll be back before midnight”.

Hearing a beep coming from outside you knew Stiles had arrived, unfortunately your dad wasn’t moving so you texted Stiles the current predicament you were in. Just then the doorbell rang and your eyes went wide, you didn’t intend on Stiles actually coming to the front door. You just wanted to inform him that you were going to be running late, bracing yourself for the upcoming conversation you opened the door and you were meet with Stiles handsome face, who had nothing but a smile plastered on it.

“Good evening sir” he turned to your father who had a sour look of his face.

Both you and Stiles looked at one another awkwardly, you motioned for him to come in and closed the door not wanting to let the cold air in. Surprisingly your mum was silent and usually she wasn’t, in fact you were quite taken back by that considering your mum was a women of many opinions and didn’t hesitate to share them with other people.

“Where do you plan on taking my daughter?” you dad asked Stiles.

The plan was to go see a movie and then go back to his place, but you couldn’t very well tell your parents the last part and Stiles obliviously knew considering he looked like he was about to faint. So you spoke for him not wanting to drag this conversation out any longer, “Were going to see a movie dad, can we go now?” you asked.

“Y/D/N just let them go, they’ll be late otherwise” your mum spoke for the first time this evening.

“How about me and your mum go with you two? I mean how else are you going to pay for a ticket” he asked/

“She’s got me, I’m paying” Stiles said.

Your dad looked Stiles up and down and chuckled quietly but still made sure that everyone else heard.

A sinking feeling erupted in the pit of your stomach and you grabbed Stiles hand for comfort. Taking several deep breaths you tried to calm yourself down, but every passing minute it was harder and harder to control.

“Dad enough! Were leaving now and I’ll be back before midnight, okay”. Not wanting to stick around for a response you hurried Stiles out the door and quickly walked over to his jeep. He sensed that you weren’t okay with the events that took place inside the house, and wrapped his arms around you.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a soothing tone.

“No, I can’t believe what just happened in there. I’m so embarrassed that you had to witness that” you said while turning around so now you and Stiles were hugging.

He stroked your hair and kissed you on the forehead, “Hey it’s okay. Your dad was just being overprotective”

“No Stiles he was being controlling. Can we just go, I don’t want to stay here for another minute” you said while detaching yourself from Stiles and opening the jeep door.

He nodded and climbed in the drivers seat, he turned to face you but his facial expression changed. “Umm Y/N why is your dad staring at us through the window?”/

Turning your head your dad was indeed glaring through the window, groaning you said “Oh god Stiles just please drive, now!”

Not wanting to be told twice he stepped on the gas and your house was no longer in view. Stiles kept on driving and you noticed that you guys weren’t heading to the movies.

“Stiles the movie theater is the other way” you pointed behind you.

“I thought we could go someplace else instead” he replied back.

Shortly his jeep pulled up to his driveway, being the gentleman that he is he opened the car door for you taking your hand so you wouldn’t fall out from the jeep. Opening the front door he told you to make yourself comfortable on the coach. He quickly ducked on upstairs while you sat on the coach.

In a matter of seconds he came back and you saw he had blankets, food and of course the Star Wars DVDs. You gave him a smile and the both of you made yourselves comfortable..

“Stiles” you whispered.

“Hmm” he responded his entire attention was on the movie it seemed.

“Thank you for this. Getting me away from my parents and being the best boyfriend ever”.

Stiles paused the movie and turned to you so your eyes meet, “I would do anything for you Y/N. If you ever need me I’m always a phone call away. I love you”/

Leaning up slightly you gave him a kiss and settled back into his arms, “I love you too Stiles”.

The rest of the night was spent with Stiles quoting lines from Star Wars, feeding each other popcorn and cuddling until the both of you fell asleep.

A Good Deed

Characters: Gabe x Reader

Summary: When you claim that good deeds all have a catch Gabriel is determined to prove you wrong.

Word Count: 890 words

Prompt: There’s no unselfish good deed.

A/N: This little fic is for the brilliant @impalaimagining and her Taylor’s Friends Quote Challenge. Sadly, this is not the fic I wrote originally.  My original offering was eaten by the gods of screwing me over and the grim reaper of laptops so while I am disappointed (because I really liked the first version) here is something a little different for you, not that you would ever have known if I hadn’t just told you because you didn’t see the original.  Enjoy x

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It is a true and tragic fact of life that no good deed goes unpunished.  You were a firm believer that any good and decent act either went by unacknowledged, underappreciated or taken advantage of but that didn’t stop you trying.  It was this outlook that had you deep in conversation with Castiel one morning over coffee.  “But surely, the point of a good deed is just to carry it out?” The blue eyed angel looked at you confused.

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Prompt 1: Koi no Yokan

Written by: @born-potty

A/N: I had to. Hope you enjoy.

All of his life, Gray had struggled against the notion of Fate. Or Destiny. Or any crap like that. Like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. I still needta watch John Wick 2. Dammit.

Loke had been unable to stop gushing about it. Apparently the sequel had outdone the original. He had his doubts, though. The first one had been really good, but sequels tended to not live up to the originals. Not all the time anyway.

Gray loosened his tie and yawned. It was the wrong time to do so since the train came to a lurching halt. Gulping down the yawn, he immediately reached up and grabbed the overhead handle to stop himself from slamming into other people in the already crowded train.

But it didn’t stop someone else from crashing into him.

The evening rush hour was always worse than the morning. On their way to work, people smelled so nice and fresh. On their way back, they smelled of defeat and sweat and disappointment. Nobody had a single damn to give anymore, so Gray expected people to bump into him.

He honestly never expected a cute redhead to bump into him.

The woman placed both of her palms on his chest to stop herself from hugging him. With one hand holding the handle and the other guarding his wallet, Gray had no means to push her away or even stabilise her. Not that she needed it, of course. No sooner had the train halted that she’d straightened with a muttered apology, brushing away the few stray strands of crimson hair which had come loose from her ponytail and tucking them behind her ear.

Is this the gods’ way of making it up to me after I attended an all-boy’s highschool?

She wore a business suit, the top two buttons of her white dress shirt now open. Her bangs were clipped to the right side of her head, and brown eyes now downcast behind her glasses.

Gray smiled. He knew he was about to say something very weird. The stars had aligned to make him bump into someone who wasn’t a hairy, overweight man with a dandruff problem. No way in hell could his poor social skills not muck this up.

“I see you just fell for me.”

She looked up. The doors of the train closed and it started moving again. Gray gulped. With the doors, his opportunity of hightailing it had also just closed.

I should not be allowed to talk to people.

“I beg your pardon, but I fell on you. There is a difference.”

There was an edge of sarcasm to her voice, but she mostly just sounded tired. Gray was happy that she hadn’t kneed him in the nuts. Anything he got was better than what he’d anticipated.

“Right. Of course. Sorry,” he said quickly and turned towards the window. What was I thinking about again? I lost my train of thought on a train. Ahh, I crack myself up.

He watched the lights flash by outside as evening settled over the city. The voice-lady announced the next stop and he sighed. His stop was still a long way off. About a half hour more of dangling. Just what he needed.

“Thank you, though.”

Wait, what? He blinked down at the redhead, who offered a small smile. “For holding me. Thank you.”

“I, uh, I didn’t-”

“I know. But you were more gracious than the others.”

You say that like you’re a connoisseur of bumping into people or something.

“Yes, well, neither do people greet each other with lame puns.”

“Yet you did.”

“What can I say?” Gray shrugged nonchalantly. “I felt something was missing in my life, so I took a course in weirdness after highschool.”

That made her grin. “It seems to have served you well.”

He couldn’t help his chuckle. “You’re the first one to say that to me, Miss.”

“Aren’t you lucky, then?”

“Very. I would shuffle my feet like a country bumpkin, but as you can see, I’m a bit short on space at the moment.”

Bringing up a hand to cover her mouth, she laughed. Gray liked the sound of that. It was nice. Soft and sonorous. Like church bells ringing on a lazy summer afternoon. Wait, no, too poetic.

The train-voice announced the oncoming station and Gray let go of the handle. “You hold it.”

She looked hesitant. “Are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure. I’m used to it.”

And he was. When the train slowed down, Gray leant forward on the balls of his feet, against the momentum, and lowered himself down on his heels when the train stopped. The woman had taken his hanging handle with a grateful smile.

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.”

As people disembarked, he looked around for empty seats but frowned upon not finding any. The train started again and he leant back against the momentum this time. Like a pro, Fullbuster. Full points.

“I’m Erza, by the way. Erza Scarlet.” She must’ve seen his grin, because she rolled her eyes. “Yes, like my hair.”

Still smiling, he said, “Gray Fullbuster. Gray… like my life, I guess.”

The corners of her lips twitched, but she fought back the smile. “Fullbuster? That’s… odd.”

“I know. Evidently, when I get busted, it’s always in full. No half-assing.” He sighed dramatically. “Such is my lamentable legacy.”

“But hey, if you get busted a lot, you cannot say your life is gray.”

“Ah, but I don’t. I always get away with it. I’m just that good.” He pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and put in his breast pocket. “But I’m thinking I might start a law firm or a private investation agency.”


“Yeah. Scarlet and Gray, Discreet Investigations. I can see it now. It’d be pretty colourful.”

“Heh. Thank you for putting me first.”

“I’m a gentleman at heart, you know.”

“Oh? I see chivalry is not as dead as I thought.”

He smiled at that. “You know the chivalric code started out as a treatise on how to kill people, right?”

“Do you mean how the chivalry is derived from the Old French chevalerie horse-soldiery and was translated as cavalry in later times?” She tilted her head and smiled brightly. “Why no, Gray, I did not know that.”

Gray nodded, impressed. “Well, ya know what they say. Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right.”

Her eyes sparkled as he said it. “Would that I had twelve clerks so learned in all wisdom and so perfectly trained as is Gray Fullbuster.”

He laughed aloud. “The Maker of heaven and earth has not many like to that man and do you expect to have twelve?”

“Why Gray,” she said with a smirk, “I do believe you just became my new favourite person.”

“What, I can just become your favourite person by quoting some Charlemagne?” He tutted. “You have low standards, Erza.”

They went back and forth like that for a time, their topics ranging from Beowulf (“Talk about plot armour, huh?”), to the Ramayana (“He knew how to uphold what was right, King Rama.”), to the Trojan War (“Pshh. Helen. What a bitch.”), to Troy (“It is unfortunate how Heinrich Schliemann destroyed what he was looking for. Imagine excavating Troy with today’s technology!”), to the German school of fencing (“Liechtenauer’s still pretty easy, though.”) and finally to medieval Italian armour.

“I rather like it,” Erza stated.

“Better than the German version?”

“Gothic armour is beautiful, but there is just something about the asymmetrical pauldrons of Italian armour that just speaks to me.”

“Fair enough.” Gray listened to the train-lady call out the name of his approaching stop. He smiled. “Well, that’s my stop coming up.”

Erza nodded. “I see. It was good talking to you, Gray.”

“Likewise.” He felt the train starting to slow down. “Listen, I know this is random and weird, but could I ask for your number? It’s not every day that I meet someone who speaks my language.”

She smiled mischievously. “Are you lowering your standards, Gray?”

“Hey, I have no dignity.”

“I leave it to Fate. If we are meant to meet again, we shall.” The train stopped. “Go. You’ll miss your stop.”

Gray didn’t believe in Fate. Or Destiny. Or any of that crap. Like Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight. He liked to make his own luck.

He remembered how Ultear had written to him from Japan that very morning saying that she’d met some guy with a tattoo on his face and they’d been going out. Said that she’d felt something hit her in the feels when they’d first met. Said it was what J. K. Rowling felt when she’d first conceptualised Harry Potter on that damn train ride.

It’s this incredibly elated feeling you get when you’ve just met someone with whom you might eventually fall in love with, she’d written. The Japanese have a phrase for that, you know. Koi no Yokan. Not exactly Fate or Destiny. But Inevitability, I suppose. Hitsuzen, if you remember Cardcaptor Sakura.

That damn cousin of his would never let him live down the fact that he’d watched – and enjoyed – what was essentially a girl’s show.

Gray didn’t claim to understand all that Japanese jiggery-pokery, but he thought that it was what he felt as he stared at the smiling redhead before him. As if he’d met someone wonderful and they were about to embark on some wondrous affair. A kind of excitement and light-headedness that he couldn’t quite decipher.

While he didn’t believe in the Fate crap, this Koi no Yokan business didn’t sound all that bad.

So Gray smiled back at Erza as the doors closed and the train lurched forward.

“Y’know what,” he said and brought out his phone. “It’s not my stop after all. Now, how about that number?”

i tried to make notes on the raven king but all i wrote down were some random (and some well loved) quotes that i high key liked before i gave up making notes halfway through the book, but here they are:

  • His father’s mother had built a girls’ school with her own inheritance. - this is such an awesome kickass thing to do, i hope this isnt gansey’s bald and racist grandma, because i would like to meet this lady
  • “Oh, sure,” Gansey said, still cold and annoyed. “God forbid young men display their principles with futile but public protests when they could be skipping school and judging other students from the backseat of a motor vehicle.”  - snarky gansey will always be my favourite gansey
  • Love was a privilege. Adam was privileged; he did not want to give it up. He wanted to remember again and again how it felt. - oh adam parrish, how happy i am that you love love
  • …it was clear that the off-kilter song was working on Gansey’s mood…he lifted his arms above his head and swept them in time with the music like a conductor… - this is the cutest/gansey-est thing ever, its so endearing im in love 
  • Cabeswater gently prodded Adam’s thoughts, calling up a dozen happy memories in the space of the previous year… images of himself flickered through his mind: himself as seen by the others. His private smile, his surprised laugh, his fingers stretched towards the sun. - this whole scene was wonderful especially from adam’s pov
  • Cabeswater didn’t quite understand humans, but it learned. Happiness, it insisted. Happiness. - thank you cabeswater you cinnamon roll
  • CLASSBROS - helen gansey, what even
  • The fact was that digital time was cutting into his diseased tree time. - ???? gansey you super high class nerd, stop
  • Gansey had long maintained that [headmaster] Child was wasted here. To put such a survivor into a light-gray suit and tie was to throw away the opportunity of putting him, instead, on the back of a buckskin horse and on the inside of a ten-gallon hat. - ?????? WHAT EVEN IS THIS?? GNSEY?? this boy has the weirdest sense of humour is2g and a slight obsession with cowboys (see raven boys when he took his shoes off and muttered yee haw)
  • Adam shot Gansey a knowing look. He mouthed yee haw. They smirked and had to look away from each other. - DONT ENCOURAGE HIM ADAM
  • His feelings for Adam were an oil spill; he’d let them overflow and now there wasn’t a damn place in the ocean that wouldn’t catch fire if he dropped a match. *holds Adams hand* The ocean burned. - look at this poetic farmer ronan, i love
  • Gansey had a sudden, terrible thought that it was possible the party might be simply Henry and the two of them in togas in a fancy sitting room - jokes on you gansey cos you guys became bffls 
  • His black spiked hair strove frantically upward, and Gansey had seen a lot of things striving frantically upward - gansey tf do i even need to 
  • "His electric car,” Gansey inserted with subtlety, in case Blue had missed the environmental ramifications. - nerd 
  • Don’t be fooled by his nice hair, Blue interjected, Gansey would hike. And warmth filled the empty caverns in Gansey’s heart. He felt known. - the known was in italics and i wanted to cry
  • “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent.” - cries
  • She put her finger on his cheek where he knew his own smile was dimpling it - gansey haS A DIMPLE???
  • Adam smiled cheerily. Ronan would start wars and burn cities for that true smile, elastic and amiable. - same bruv saaaaammeee
  • "Parrish always was a creepily clever little fuck,” Declan observed - *smirky face emoji*
  • "Please –” Declan began. “Just come with me, OK? You can quit Aglionby and Matthew can transfer to a school in D.C., and I’ll pour gasoline on everything Dad built and we can just leave the Barns behind. Let’s just go.” - aka the time declan lynch made me cry, i knew i liked you for a reason
  • When it came to it, it wasn’t like there was an option. The Lynches would always save one another’s lives, if they had to. - thank da lordddd
  • “Life’s a show,” he replied. He counted one with his middle finger, and then his face melted into exaggerated shock.
  • Blue shouted, “Drop dead, you bastard!”
  • “FINE!” Henry screamed back, with slightly more hysteria than the role required. He attempted to squeal out of the lot, stopped to take off the parking brake, and then limped out more sedately.
  • that was my fave interaction of all time
  • ORBMASTER - all caps 
  • then i gave up 
Twenty funniest and most adorable John Green quotes

1. The best way to know when your asparagus is done is when you’re bored and don’t want to wait to eat it.

2. Breast cancer is a made of suck disease that attacks one of my very favourite organs of ladies. 

3. Albert Einstien was a Physicist. Not a quotation generation machine.

4. Dora, you’re weird. You’re a toddler, you should be inside. 

5. Doctor pepper ten. It’s not for women. It’s for apparently, misogynists.

6. Hank, if you could be an athlete, who would you be? This would challenge Hank’s ability to name an athlete.

7. The venn diagram of boys who don’t like smart girls and boys you don’t wanna date is a circle.

8. There are going to be some people in your life who do not wanna kiss you.

9. When I was a kid, I believed that the definition of “Rich” was that you had stairs in your house. 

10. Oh my god, I am a banana.

11. Whenever I would bring a girlfriend home, mom would show her my baby pictures and say, “Look at that tiny penis! When he came out of my body, I was like are you sure that’s a boy?” and I would call up Mad Eye Moody and be like, “I’m gonna need a disillusionment charm. ASAP.”

12. I don’t wanna film the yeti because I think her cute will break the camera.

13. I am very bad at video games, but I’m very passionate about them. 

14. If you’re not the person giving birth, it’s time for you to say “You’re doing awesome!” and then faint.

15. Hank, I’ve been thinking about this. What is keeping you from being the next Justin Beiber.

16. Whenever you’re furious with your parents, just remember that you vomited on them, and they kept you.

17. Next you’ll tell me that six to the fifth power is not four.

18. Fishing boat proceeds are the unicorn of my tax returns!

19. I’m very lazy, not that I don’t work hard, but I don’t move much.

20. Even though my baby is gonna have a doofus for a dad, he’s gonna have an awesome mom. And an awesome Uncle Hank and Aunt Katherine. 

iveofficiallygonemad  asked:

I would love to read ur list of why u think Jason is gryfindor! I haven't really placed him in a house in my mind (though I am leaning in favor of slytherin or hufflepuff) I could see whys you'd place him in gryfindor tho. Like everyone in the pjo/hoo series has huge amounts of courage and dedication

oh gosh bless your soul and i am so sorry in advance. i’ve thought about this entirely too hard so hERE GOES: drilla’s pointlessly long list of why she thinks jason grace would be a gryffindor. 

now. going back to what you said about everyone having huge amounts of courage/dedication–you’re absolutely right!! all of the demigods possess an incredible amount of strength and willpower!! but it stems from a load of different sources/motivations for all of them and JASON’S comes from things i think are specifically gryffindor.
“Bravery; Nerve; Chivalry; Courage; Daring; Strength of Will; Just; Honour; Courteous” is how their traits are put down for the most part, and jason ticks off each box. so lemme just go thru that list (for starters).

edit: puts it under a cut so i don’t clog the dash!

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Undisclosed Desires

A/N: Hey, so I found this old fic I wrote in 2012-2013 sitting on my e-mail and I decided to change it a bit and post it, you guys wanted a Luke fic so here ya go, kinky Luke. I wrote most of this while listening to Muse, hence the title and the chapters names. The female character used to have a name but I changed it to y/n, that’s why she has certain aspects of her life or job so detailed I guess, hope you don’t mind that. If you want to know a little more about this AU world please read this X, in case there’s any doubts. Also, this is will have smut, this will be about a bdsm kind of relationship. If you’re not comfortable reading that sort of thing, move along. I know I need Jesus. This chapter is just the introduction, so there will be no smut, but don’t panic. It starts in the second one. Depending on how this does, I’ll see if I post the second one tonight too. Feedback is always appreciated. MASTERLIST: X // REQUESTS: X

Word count: 4,000+

Pairing: Y/N-Luke

Warnings: Alcohol use, swearing.

Song: Showbiz - Muse.

- Jule.

Chapter one: “Showbiz”

“Well, it looks like another late Friday night of work” I thought to myself as I reclined on my big leather chair, gazing at the clock that was hanging tall on the white wall of my office. The sharp black numbers already timing 10:20.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy” my job but being the head journalist of a fashion magazine is not as easy and fun as it sounds. And to be completely honest, it wasn’t the job I was aspiring when I graduated University, but as much as I hate being surrounded by tall —gigantic— beautiful people, writing about the latest trend and dressing up every day. I can’t complain, because I have a very good pay and hopefully one day this job will open the door I have been waiting since I was 18. Which is not standing next to models sipping expensive liquor, waiting for an interview with a upcoming designer.

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Scan - A page from one of Liverpool Beatles fan Susan Houghton’s scrapbooks, as pictured in Yeah!, 19 November 1995.

Susan is also the fan who received that letter from George with “instructions” on washing his car: x. ;)

Below is an excerpt of the article, typed up and previously posted at thateventuality here.

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Theon in ADWD re-read. Part 1.

(tw for everything Bolton related in Theon’s storyline - allusion of sexual abuse, torture, etc, etc.)

It all opens with a rat. The rat is in a better shape than the prisoner biting at it. 

Theon’s referred as “he” for a long time. Ramsay is named before himself - in a thought that terror triggered. 

“If they catch me with it, they will take it away, and they’ll tell, and Lord Ramsay will hurt me.”

But this isn’t his first thought. No, his very first thought, the words that hit him are these: “No, he thought, no, please gods, not now, not now.”

It ties his storyline with the gods. Theon’s - in the Reek-state of mind - does not want to be found, ever. Theon (”the other man”) is dead, his story ended, curtain calls. He is not worth a thought. And Reek has no story to tell but the lies, the praise, the sobbing pleas Ramsay Bolton asks of him. 
Here’s the trick, though. Theon never died, and the gods - any gods - have a plan for him.

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anonymous asked:

Who are your favourite real-life historical couples? I remember you mentioning Victoria and Albert quite a while ago, and wondered if there's any more that you love.

  • I fluctuate between them all the time but both cartimandua/venutius and carti/vellocatus are the GREATEST like one is this hecked up political maneuvering mess of a marriage where she’s the queen and HE’S THE CONSORT and he objects to her style of rule and she is just completely ruthless to him and exiles him and theyre more enemies than anything BUT THEY’RE STILL MARRIEDS so great AND THEN THERE’S VELLOCATUS who was Venutius’ BEST FRIEND but also in love with his wife AND SHE LOVED HIM BACK AND THEY ACTUALLY HOOKED UP and shE MADE HIM /KING/ and even the romans were like ‘woah shit man this chick has cajones’ (actual quote from Tacitus: 'Cartimandua’s husband was favoured by the sentiments of all the citizens; the adulterer was supported by the queen’s passion for him and by her own savage spirit’ FUCK SHIT FUCCCCKK SHEEEIIIT) so yeah i couldn’t choose lmao
  • TEMUJIN AND BORTE THE OTP OH MY GOD okay so like BORTE IS ACTUALLY TOTALLY THE REASON TEMUJIN EVEN BECAME GENGHIS KHAN IN THE FIRST PLACE because like they got married at like 16 but then borte was abducted by this other tribe and temujin loved her hella much so he like banded all these previously bickering tribes together TO GO AND SAVE HER she’s the reason he started uniting the mongols in the first place!!! and she fell pregnant while in captivity and temujin CLAIMED THE SON AS HIS OWN and he had like heaps of wives and stuff BUT BORTE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS ALLOWED TO BE CALLED /QUEEN/ and when he was off leading the horde SHE RULED IN MONGOLIA!! AND SHE WAS ONE OF HIS MOST TRUSTED ADVISORS AND ONLY BORTE’S SONS WERE ALLOWED TO INHERIT THE THRONE WHEN TEMUJIN DIED IT’S A LOT THEY’RE A LOT I LOVE THEM
  • BESS AND HERNY MY HEART IS SET ON A LUSTY PIN OH MY GOD believe no pgregory lies THEY LOVED EACH OTHER SO MUCH SO MUCHHH they’re pretty much the epitome of the ~reluctant marrieds gradually falling in love trope (though i like to think henry kinda had a thing from day 1 YOU KNOW HE DID) and i love how they were a true partnership who loved and supported one another and like THEY ARE THE LITERAL EMBODIMENT OF THE RED AND WHITE ROSES COMING TOGETHER THEIR MARRIAGE ENDED A WAR AND SAVED A KINGDOM THAT THEY REBUILT /TOGETHER/ BYE
  • idk if we’re counting them as historical but FRANK SINATRA/AVA GARDNER THE PAIN IS FUCKING REAL man they loved each other a LOT like frank had a statue of ava IN HIS BACKYARD. AND HIS THIRD WIFE TOLD HIM TO TEAR IT DOWN BUT HE DIDN’T WANT TO AND AVA WAS LIKE 'BABE U GOTTA TEAR IT DOWN’ SO HE DID BUT MANNN and like his BEST most fucked up heartbreaking album is about her its so fucking tragic like THEY WERE THE LOVES OF EACH OTHER’S LIVES GOD DAMMIT
  • JUSTINIAN AND THEODORA byzantine babies she was just a commoner but they were TRUE EQUALS AND THEY LOVED EACH OTHER SO MUCH and ok let’s be real he loved her more i love dudes who are like stupidly into their ladies lmao and ok like THE AGIA SOPHIA IS STILL AROUND /TODAY/ and i know its not like a taj mahal~ kind of testament to their love but still THEY WERE EPIC OKAY

Theres heaps of others lmao like who doesnt love some naopleon/josephine or a lil jodhaa/akbar am i right 

Interview: LOU TEASDALE on 'The Craft' and girl-power

“It’s about how you make yourself be taken seriously and hold yourself the best that you can, and behave in a certain way so you get treated with respect,” says hair and make-up artist LOU TEASDALE as we sit in a hotel restaurant casually discussing the ins and outs of feminism at 11am. Empowering mantra coupled with ripped jeans and flatform boots with a killer red lip? It’s clear I’m definitely amidst the presence of a serious Girlboss.

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Fantastic Foursome - Preference #2 - Dentist
  • Dan: You and Dan hop in the car, driving to the dentist to get your wisdom teeth out. On your way there, Dan turned his head, staring at you for a moment until he spoke up. "You're awfully calm over getting your wisdom teeth pulled out." He states, his eyes glancing back on the road. You shrug casually. "Yeah, dentists don't really scare me that much. I had to go there a few times as a child." You explain. "I find it quite easy." You add. Dan looked at you like you were crazy. "Really? Your not even one bit nervous or scared of getting your teeth yanked out?" "Nope." You reply, popping the 'p'. "Geez Y/N, wish I was as brave as you." he said. Once you arrive at the dentist, you both sit down in a seat, waiting for your name to be called out. You then suddenly feel a few butterflies, but you shrugged them off, wanting to show Dan that you weren't scared at all. Then came the dreaded moment. "Y/N?" one of the nurses called out, spotting you and giving you a smile. "Come right this way." Dan got up, reaching out to take your hand but you sat completely still, your hands frozen onto the sides of the chair. "No." you say sternly. Dan and the nurse exchange looks, then glancing back at you. "Y/N? You okay? I thought you said you were alright with it." "Not with getting my teeth yanked out." You hiss at him, quoting at what he said in the car. Your eyes still fixed on the space that you were staring at, your knuckles turned white from gripping the chair to hard. Dan gulped, now feeling bad at what he said. "Come on love, once it's over we can watch Doctor Who and eat some ice-cream." "Vanilla ice-cream?" You pout, now peering over to look at Dan, giving him puppy dog eyes. "Whatever flavour you'd like." He grinned. You shakily stand up, grab onto Dan's hand tightly and follow the nurse into the room.
  • Phil: "Don't make me go! Please!" You beg on your knees, clinging onto Phil's plaid shirt. "Y/N, your Mum said I have to take you! She said I'm the best at reassuring you!" You let out a loud whine, collapsing to the floor dramatically. Phil bent down to pull you up but you growled at him, making him jump back. "Don't touch me." You hiss, laying on your stomach. "Y/N, please, it will be over in no time." He grinned, crouching down next to you. "Bull." You reply back, your voice muffled from facing the ground. "Come on!" He says, literally dragging you out the door with your hands. You made your body limp, making yourself heavier for him. Phil groaned, picking you up and flinging you over his shoulder, carrying you to the car. You sat there in your seat, not even moving to put your seat belt on. "You are so dramatic!" Phil laughed, reaching over to buckle you in. You were still limp, your head resting against the window. Which was quite a bad mistake, since Phil drove over a bump, causing you to hit your head on the window. "YOW!" You yelp, jerking up and clutching the side of your head. Phil couldn't help but snicker. "That'll teach you." But the caring person he his, he reached his hand over to your head, giving it a quick, gentle rub. You both pull into the car park, Phil unbuckling his seat belt and hopping out of the car. You quickly made yourself limp again, meaning that he would have to take you in himself by carrying you again. Phil opened the car door, a dull look on his face. "Seriously." He sighed. "I'm not carrying you again." "Carry me." "No." "Yes." Phil chuckled silently, knowing he was defeated. He picked you up, carrying you bridal style to the entrance of the dentist. A few people gave you strange looks, but you just smirked at them.
  • Chris: Your leg jumps up and down anxiously as you bite your nails, staring into space. Chris looks up at you from the magazine that he found upon the coffee table in the waiting room. "What's up?" he asks innocently. "What's up? What's up!" You stare at him like he was crazy. "I'll tell you what's up. I'm at the bloody dentist about to get my bloody teeth yanked out!" You hiss loudly at him, making a lady look up from her newspaper and give you a stern look. When she wasn't looking anymore, you stuck your tongue out at her. Chris smirked and snickered, shaking his head. "Yes, obviously. But why do you look so nervous?" You turn your head to him. "Did you not hear me?" "Yes, I heard you quite fine." He pelted back sassily, his eyes on the magazine again. You huffed and crossed your arms, waiting for that dreadful moment where your name is called by that awfully cheery lady with the bad nose job. You felt Chris place a comforting hand on your leg, making it immediately stop shaking. You sighed. You've been petrified of dentists since you could remember. Right now, you were a nervous wreck! You lean into Chris's chest, starting to calm down a bit. He smiled and booped your nose, chuckling silently. You both then continued to read the magazine until you heard the nurse call you up. "Oh dear God help me." You mumble, praying up towards the roof. Chris laughs and takes your hand, telling you it's going to be okay as well as cracking a few jokes while leading you in there.
  • PJ: You seat next to PJ on the uncomfortable seats, waiting patiently for your turn to get your wisdom teeth out. "Will it hurt Peej?" You ask, looking up at him, the colour draining from your face. "It'll be fine Y/N." He whispers, pulling you into a hug. You lay your head on his chest, twiddling your thumbs. You suddenly felt sick, but you knew it was just from the butterflies in your tummy. You clutch your stomach lightly, a small frown on your face. PJ pressed a light kiss on your temple, grabbing one of your hands and holding it tightly. You smile a little, he always made you feel better. You start humming your favourite song, hoping that it would take your mind off the dentist. Pj smiled to himself, tapping his feet along with your humming. You hummed a few more songs until the dentist walked in and gave you a grin. "Y/N, is it? It's your turn." You gulp. "Oh God PJ, I don't think I can do this!" You squeak, your heart pounding. "Yes you can." he smiled reassuringly, giving you a quick thumbs up. You took a few deep breaths. "You're right, I can!" You say, beaming proudly. "That's the spirit! Lets go!" PJ grinned as you strolled confidently to the room, PJ chuckling behind you.
  • A/N: Woo c: Feel free to leave Fantastic Foursome preference ideas in my askbox~. See ya munchkins :D x