my favourite player ever


“If I left Schalke, I wouldn’t be able to stay in the Bundesliga. Schalke is too close to my heart. I’m very grateful to the club for everything they have done for me. If I left, a move abroad would be the only option for me” 

Happy 29th Birthday Benni 

Almost seven years ago this smiley brown haired boy caught my attention and FYH was made and has been going ever since. I try to keep my blogging private with my family and friends as some people consider it odd but when I do tell people or show them FYH, I always get asked the same question “Why him though?” 

To me it’s obvious; he’s a great footballer, full of passion – both for the game and his club, he never gives up, he defies expectations, he proves people wrong with his performances on the pitch – as opposed to declaring it publically. He’s strong, he’s loyal, he’s everything a Captain should be. He’s special; not only because of his talent but because of his attitude, his character, his loyalty, his honestly and his integrity. I originally “picked” him because I thought he was a great defender (and then the smile) but for me, it’s his dedication and love for Schalke that has made it easy for me to do this for the past seven years, the fact that he turned down some of the best clubs in the World to stay at Schalke because of that love, that dedication and that loyalty, which is sadly rare nowadays. 

I was lucky enough to meet him a few years ago and was very nervous for obvious reasons beforehand because of the whole “you should never meet your heroes” thing but he was utterly perfect – signed countless autographs and took so many pictures with fans and laughed and made jokes and made sure everyone who asked, got what they asked for. It was amazing to see that, to see that I was right when I “picked” him because he is special and that is the reason this blog still exists after so long. 

So Happy Birthday to my favourite player and the best Captain we could ever ask for.


Doublelift has been one of my favourite players ever since I got into competitive league. His ambition and passion for the game is inspiring, and his trash talk never fails to make my day - especially because of the stupid grin he always has on his face. He always makes me laugh and I think his personality has developed so well since the days where he was considered a bad teammate. He is an amazing player and I just want the best for him - JUST DO WELL AND BE HAPPY OKAY LIFTLIFT

Dear Aphmau,

I know Minecraft Diaries isn’t making enough income for all the work you use to put into it, but please hear-out some of your fans.
(If this comes of as rude, I sincerely apologize)

MyStreet in my personal opinion and in opinions of others is becoming too repetitive. Yes you brought back the fan-fiction stuff but we’re all craving some type of non-modern type of minecraft roleplay.

Minecraft Diaries was and is my favourite role player of yours– EVER!! I loved it so much and I’m sad to say the absence of it is the reason I slowly stopped watching your videos.

I know money can be hard to make and some things you need to just let go, but can you maybe just make another episode and we’ll see how it goes??


anonymous asked:

Why you love JP so much?

Jesse? He has been my favourite player ever since I moved to Oulu in 2014. I really don’t know why. His smile is lovely. But really, he is amazing player and I wish everyone would love him like I do. 

snorlium  asked:

my partner of 6 years (we're both 20 now) broke up with me and im probably gonna be dead soon, so i just wanna let you know you were my favourite player ever, and i think i played with you back in beta, so its amazing to see what you and the game has become, thanks a lot

hey man I know I won’t be able to understand how you feel because 6 years is a lot especially for someone whose 14 to 20 I don’t think I could ever do anything like that, but trust me when I say there is so much more to do up to your 30’s-40’s. I haven’t gotten there yet but let me find out before you uninstall