my favourite pictures of justin bieber

He was my childhood

Y/n and Justin grew up together. But what happens when he has to move away to L.A?

“Hey Y/n stop!” I turned around to see the small brown eyed boy chasing me in my backyard. “Never! You have to catch me!” I giggled as a sped up running toward the treehouse my father had built for us. It was a normal summer day in Toronto, and my best friend Justin and I were playing our favourite game hide and seek mixed with tag. “GOTCHA!”

Justin screamed as he grabbed my leg and we both tumbled down the slide in a fit of laughter. “You totally cheated Jay” “nope I play fair and square”. As both 6 year olds we went through everything all 6 year olds go through growing up, except we were inseparable. First day of kindergarten, hours of playing, going over to each others house constantly. All the girls would always tease me that I was only friends with guys but even 6 year old me didn’t care.

Even as we became teenager we always had each others back. “Y/n? Did you hear that Sam Trescott finally asked out Claire Reid?” “Pfft Jay I call bullshit. He so did not.” “Why not Y/n, he’s not as shy as before”

“Hey Jay come over tomorrow I need to show you my apples that my apple tree finally grew” “yeah sure. If I come over can you help me with our science homework?” “ only if you actually listen this time and not break my chairs” Justin stuck his tongue out at me. “I thought you promised we would never talk about that”. I laughed and shrugged then walked off to first period.

As normal as our relationship was. I always had a thing for Justin. Yes sounds so cheesy the girl falls in love with her best friend and they get married and live happily ever after. Thats far from the case. Growing up Justin was a girl magnetic he could choose any girl he wanted. “There’s a rumour going around school that Tammy Clark has a thing for me is it true?” “Jayyy I hate Tammy so I don’t know and don’t care” “Y/n why don’t you give her a chance? She’s super nic-” “she’s only nice to you Jay because at school your THE Justin Bieber, the guy who has a killer voice and who all the girls want”

One Saturday morning I was woken up by my phone" hello?!“ I cleared my throat it was only 7:30am who had the audacity to call me? “Y/N,Y/N guess whatt?!?” “Jay this better be damn important yes what?” “Justin Timberlake and Usher are fighting for me!” “Jay they are so not! Nice try though.” This was so typical of Jay call me up try and prank me it was almost a daily thing. “No,No Y/n I swear this isn’t a prank. Remember that video I posted on youtube so my relatives could see me in the singing competition.

Well some guy names Scooter Braun or something saw it and then Bam! I’m moving out to L.A in a week! Isn’t that great Y/n?!” There was a slight pause, I felt my heart sink at the fact that my best friend my whole life was now moving away. But I ignored it and told myself to stop being selfish. “Thats really great Jay! I’m so excited this is what you’ve been wanting your whole life it’s fate telling you now’s the time!” “I’m crazy excited and the first person i thought I needed to tell was you” even though he couldn’t see it that comment alone made me tear up as I glanced up to the ceiling trying to get the tears to go away.“haha well I’m so glad you did Jay, umm mum’s calling me down for breakfast but I’ll come over later on today and help you pack.” “Thank you so much Y/n. Ill see you later”.

Before I knew it that short amount of time had flown by. But it was filled with our crazy antics. But that all came to an end that day. I was standing there waving goodbye to my best friend as he drove off to the airport we had had our goodbyes but there was one thing that I said that I clearly remember I said “don’t you dare forget me and when your famous don’t forget to visit”. That day hands down was the hardest day I had known as a teen. And I had no idea if I was going to see my best friend again.