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I want to know your 5 favorite myungsoo pics pleeeease? (I could never pick, just any 5 at random would be my faves really)

As many of you may know by now, Myungsoo is my handsome and precious son who makes me proud every day and I adore him. Pretty much every picture of Myungsoo is my favourite so this is just 5 that I like today. Let’s go!

1. tell him he looks sexy with his hair pushed back ( © LECIL )

2. myungsoo + guitar = otp ( © L’aile )

3. his dimples are so important omfg help me those sandals gotta go though honey wyd ( 3rd pic © Apricity )

4. even when he’s trying to be ugly he’s still weirdly handsome??? 

5. he is naturally this handsome too like whattt????? he’s never had surgery yet looks like he walked out the pages of a manga actual flowerboy for life wthhhh??? gorgeous boy

wow myungsoo is so nice to look at like i feel at peace god bless


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*sneaks in and whispers* What if Nagito sang meant to be yours from Heathers? What about a Danganronpa Heathers crossover? I VOLUNTEER HAJIME AS VERONICA BC HE SASSY. And as sad as it is I think that Kazuichi would be Martha- HELP ME CREATE THIS

Oh. Fuck. Yes.

You, anon, have just made my motherfucking day.

Meant to be yours is actually my favourite song from heathers and I can do a mean soprano cover. I have to admit I always pictured Sayaka as Veronica and Mukuro as JD (they’re one of my all time otps don’t judge), but Nagito is absolutely amazing as JD.

Kazuichi as Martha is going to break my fucking heart. Btw, since I refuse to change any costumes, shark boy will be wearing a big fluffy sweater throughout the show. Just imagine him smiling and saying: “I’m a sucker for a happy ending!” My heart boi.

I don’t really know who would be Ram and Kurt, since Ram needs to be somebody Kazuichi would plausibly have a crush on and Sonia does not suit Ram whatsoever. I would say Gundham but he’s too much of an outsider. Hmm… maybe Leon? Yeah, Leon would be good. And then Kurt can be Hagakure.

Just imagine Leon and Hagakure being pissed out of their minds trying to drunkenly serenade Hajime. Or Leon shouting “I haTE FRESHMEN! WHERE ARE YOU LITTLE PRICKS?!” Or Hagakure being like “KAZUICHI BLOW-DA! WIDE LOAD!” And fucking bitch slapping Kazuichi’s lunch tray onto the floor.

Ok, now for the Heathers. Obviously, Heather.C aka mythic bitch is going to be Junko. Obviously. Fucking power bitch, intimidating, looks good in everything, can destroy your social life, demon queen of highschool. “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw,”

Heather.D would be Celeste. Like, I know Celeste isn’t known for being pushed around but I feel like she would if it put her in a good position, power-wise. Like she would tolerate Junko controlling her if it meant she could control the rest of the school. Plus, she would swoop in for that monokuma scrunchie with no remorse as soon as Junko hit the bricks. The shine a light reprise fits her so well, just imagine her singing it while leading a group of teenagers in bitchy choreography.

I am torn with Heather.M. Between Sonia and Sayaka. I think I’m leaning more towards Sonia though purely because she’s blonde. And while Sonia is in no means a doormat, or dumb, I feel like she is more willing to be submissive towards her peers. Plus, Sayaka would try to kill somebody else before she tried to kill herself. But Sonia singing lifeboat makes me feel so sad. So sad, you guys.

Ok, now on to minor characters. Miss Fleming would be a human version of Monomi. She has good intentions but kind of fails to see and understand the big picture. Veronica’s parents: Sakura and Asahina. Kurt and Ram’s dads: Ishimaru and Mondo. The two cops are Kirigiri and Chiaki.

Hajime as Veronica though. HAJIME AS VERONICA THOUGH. He still wears the fucking skirt and rocks it. Him being a lovestruck dummy singing fight for me. Him in dead girl walking being sassy and sexy as fuck, rip Nagito. Him being 100% done in blue. Drunk Hajime in big fun. Hajime being caring and gentle in seventeen, dancing with Nagito like it’s the end of the world. Him being scared out of his mind during our love is god and yo girl. Him being a FUCKING BADASS in dead girl walking reprise.

And Nagito. Does this mean he’s NK then? Well, anyway, instead of slushies he is addicted to bagels. Fuck you, I’m bringing hope bagels back, shout out to my homeboy NicoB. Nagito singing meant to be yours would be fucking spectacular. Nagito singing I am damaged breaks my heart. Nagito just loving Hajime so much but being so damaged that he doesn’t know how to love somebody.

This au simultaneously makes me want to smile and cry.

~Mod Yoyo

I just wanted to share this with you. It’s another picture of me and my Erik shooting in the Beach suits ~ and it’s my favourite picture of all we did so far ~ 

( Yes, I love my boyfriend dearly! *gay and proud* )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Erik Lehnsherr: Erik

Charles Xavier: Me

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What do you guys think? Do you like it? 

-Spoilers for Princess Fragrance-

Hi all! Rikobi here, and I just finished ML 23, Princess Fragrance, now. My favourite character, Juleka, is most commonly shipped with Rose, and in the recent episode, Rose is found to have a crush on Prince Ali, and they end up together at the end of the episode. Effectively, JuleRose is a dead/void ship, as it is proven that Rose does not see Juleka as a romantic figure. She is her best friend.

Now my all time ML otp is NathLeka, and recently I have discovered evidence that at the very least hints at this ship.

In the first two pictures of ‘The Bubbler’ Nathanaël and Juleka are dancing together, the Bubbler has not put them under any sort of trance, they are together by choice, as you would expect Juleka to be partying with Rose. However. She is with Nathanaël. In the third picture, ‘Timebreaker,’ Juleka comments on how the rest of the group are tired of Kim’s “stupid dares,” and Nathanaël looks at her, smiling. Now this can be viewed as 'he’s just looking at her because she’s talking,’ but, Mylene, Ivan, Alya and Sabrina are all standing around her and would have heard this, but Nathanaël is the only one looking at her.

The fourth piece of evidence is kind of vauge. It comes from “Evillustrator,” Nathanaël’s Akuma Episode. During this episode, Nathanaël is known to have a crush on Marinette, but by the end of this episode, he has crossed out the sketches of her. Implying he no longer has romantic feelings for her. He, like all the other akumatised victims, cannot remember his evil self, and therefore, Marinette’s hurtful trick on him couldn’t have been the cause for his loss of feeling towards her. Additionally, Juleka is sitting beside him in Science, whereas in “Princess Fragrance,” she is sitting with Rose. As she would normally be. And on top of this, when Nathanaël is packing away his books, he looks directly at Juleka (blue arrow) as opposed to his books, (red arrow) as if to apologise to her for abandoning her.

The fifth screenshot is from “Horrificator,” this again relies on perception. When Mylene is scared of Ivan’s mask, Nathanaël is seen looking at the scene. But he isn’t. As shown by the red arrows, if he was interested in the situation, he would either be looking at the shouting Nino, or at Mylene, climbing out from the desk. But he isn’t. He is looking at Juleka doing makeup for Adrien. He is watching her almost as though he is jealous that she is that close to Adrien.

My final piece of evidence is from Juleka’s episode, “Reflekta,” Juleka is seen beside Nathanaël in the older picture, but as well as this, when Chloe tries to push Juleka out of the way, Nathanaël seems more annoyed than most of the others at the way Chloé is treating Juleka.

I know some of those points aren’t huge but I think that Thomas Astruc is showing something. I think Nathanaël has something towards Juleka.

Thank you all for reading! Please reblog, this ship is very underrated!


Ahaaaa, now this week was more my speed, since the GBA games are probably my favourite in the series. i been working on these all week and i felt they would work better if i uploaded them all as one photoset, soooooooooo~

also I was thinking of doing more but some characters just absolutely stumped me (Eliwood WHAT WOULD YOU BE), so I decided to just keep it one picture for each game.

It’s been a while since I did any NaruSaku pictures, but these two are still my favourite characters in Naruto and regardless of “canon” because to me they’re still a great couple to see together.

For this one I decided to make it a crossover with Zootopia and having Naruto as Nick Wilde and Sakura as Judy Hopps and I think the roles suit them well lol.

In a way it’s like my old OTP crossing over with my new OTP if that makes any sense.

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Why do you ship markbam? I don't really feel them. They are like father/son to me.

first of all i am allxbambam shipper so i ship bambam with everything that has a pulse (and that does not have a pulse XD. i ship him with his cute flower headban thingy even lol)

father/son? ahahahahaha. i really think it is to each their own haha. i can ship them as anything.. a couple, brothers, father/son (as you call them lol..)

because at the end i don’t expect them to end up together anyway.. i don’t really mind people calling them rare couple or father/son thingy. i like them in any shape or form as long as mark keeps taking good care of bambam lol (my bambam bias is showing) 

and markbam has their moments. it is just not a right in front of your face moments… i mean markbam shippers have ‘only we know’ as their slogan for a reason…

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AU Promps

✿ I accidentally took a sip of your coffe when I came out of the bathroom and sat at the wrong table AU

✿ For a photography project  I have to I have to take pictures of something ‘beautiful’ *wink wink* AU

✿ Sorry about stealing you wallet last year, no, I wasn’t drunk AU

✿ Everytime I borrow a book from the library I see you with exact same book the next day AU

✿ My favourite food is always sold out in the cafeteria and you’ve got the last one… can we share AU

✿ I’m stuck in your computer. How? *whispers* Magic~ AU

✿ I was gonna write a fanfiction about my otp but I didn’t have any ideas so I was dating you for ideas AU


These honestly have to be my favourite drawings in my entire collection of Helsa. 
Well the ones I feel comfortable admitting to😅

I’m considering getting a bit more into this by either writing Fanfic’s or drawing my own pictures or Rping as Elsa. 
Suggestions would be appreciated fellow Helsa Shippers?😘

Good Night

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for language and fluff

A.N.: Hello everyone! I thought I’d give you something to read cause I don’t know when or even “if” I will make a chapter 2 for the other fanfic I most recently posted, titled Beginnings and Ends. So here some fluffy stuff instead. :) You all seem to like that better than my angsty writing anyways.

So I was listening to the radio and I rediscovered one of my favourite songs and my obsessed brain immediately pictured my lovely OTP in it’s story…. So yeah. Go check out the song because I cannot take credit for most of this story. All I did was add some Gajevy and write it…yeah. You all get it. ^ ^’ Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters. This is based on and inspired by the song “(Kissed You) Good Night” by the country band “Gloriana”. Some lines are quotations taken from the song as well.


Why the hell didn’t I kiss her?

I stare at my keys hanging from the ignition in the ‘on’ position but I can’t make myself take my foot off the brake.

The night had gone well. -Fuck that! It went fantastic! I can’t remember the last time I’ve ever felt so good. We’d had fun and I may actually have a memory to hold on to instead of all the ones I try to push away. 

Except for the ending. I should have kissed her.

So why the fuck didn’t I kiss her!?! My hands tightens on the steering wheel of my truck till my knuckles turn white.

I glance up and out my window at her door. The porch light is off and her house looks asleep. My eyes travel around to the other windows but its too dark to see anything in them. One of my hand releases its grip on the worn steering wheel and reaches for my door handle, hovering over it as I hesitate.

An image of the bluenette pops into my head from only a couple minutes ago with the look of disappointment on her face that I hope I hadn’t imagined. As soon as I had started to walk away she’d turned and rushed into her house.

This was my first date with her and probably my last. My dog tags weigh heavy around my neck suddenly. I’m being shipped out in the morning.

I should have asked her sooner. I’d been watching her all summer trying to find an opportunity but I probably wouldn’t have found one if my friend hadn’t forced me to. Calling me a coward if I didn’t. I ain’t a coward….So why didn't I kiss her!?

Gritting my teeth I put my hand back on the wheel and put the truck in gear. I start to roll forward away from her driveway, pulling back out onto the road from the curb.

“Goodnight Gajeel” Her soft voice whispers to me from my memory. 

I slam my foot onto the brake and the truck halts. I take a deep breath and strengthen the courage that I’d mustered up.

If I ain’t gonna see her again, I’m gonna make sure she won’t ever forget me. I throw the shifter back into park and open my door. Not stopping to think about what the hell I’m doing, I jump out of the driver’s seat and run through the yard and up the steps to her porch.


I stare through the window at the black truck parked out front. I can’t see inside the cab but I know he started the engine.

“Don’t go.” I whisper the words to the window glass. It fogs slightly at my breath then clears again.

Why hadn’t he kissed me?

Was I not clear enough that I wanted him to? Did he not want to? We’d had so much fun together all night. I felt so happy. I was so sure he was happy too. Was he not?

The grandfather clock chimes to me from its spot in the hall. 12:15. A little after midnight. My hand clutches the white lace curtains at my side when the brake lights go out.

Why didn’t he kiss me?

I try to ignore the feeling of hurt that pushes it’s way up when his truck pulls away from the curb. Would this be the last time I’d see him? I’d been crushing on him all summer and the idiot finally asked me out the day before he leaves.

Should I wait? Does he care? Would he die? Questions swirl in my head in and overwhelming feeling of sadness encompasses them all but I refuse to let myself cry.

My breath catches in my throat when I see the truck stop suddenly. His door flies open and he gets out. Without closing it, he’s running back up the walk towards my door. Before I can register what I’m doing, I’m rushing back to the front door too.

I flip the lock and swing the door open. He’s standing there with his hand raised to knock but it falls back to his side. We’re both breathing a little bit harder than normal and staring at each other.

Then suddenly he moves forward with his intent clear in his eyes. I step up on my tiptoes and tilt my head up. He leans down and brings his face to mine. My eyes close as our lips touch and I see fireworks. It’s light at first then gains strength and he pushes me up against the wall behind me, deepening the kiss. One of his hand comes up and holds my head at the base of my skull, his fingers mingling with my blue hair. The other wraps around me, resting against the small of my back. The passion is hot and my face must be flushed but I don’t care. Butterflies flutter in my stomach. My hands find the front of his shirt and I fist my hands in it, pulling him closer. I don’t know how long it last. All I know is I don’t want it to end.

When he pulls away we’re both breathless. He doesn’t release his hold on me and I don’t let go of him either. His amazing red eyes search deep into mine and his normally scowling mouth is pulled into a breathless smile.

“Goodnight Shorty.” He grins.

And it really is a good night.

Now that he’s kissed me.


A.N.: Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it! I know it was short but that’s unfortunately all the time I had/have right now. Let me know what you think. :) Everything is appreciated! If you wanna know something about this fanfic, another one that I wrote, or just something about me in general, feel free to ask. :)

If you haven’t already you should go check out that song. I’m a country music girl (not exclusively) I can’t help it. ^ ^' Anyways, thank you all for everything! The support means so much! Hope to see you all in the next fanfic :)

  • Freed Justine: LAXUS DREYAR??? I love him he's so— [reaches into pockets] [pulls out thousands of photos of laxus dreyar] look how pretty he is i love him listen [drops some photos] oh no help me gather them i need them all [Thousands of pictures of laxus dreyar scatter across the floor]
  • Shit fuck im holding them for me because i love him i need to gather them all up number 5096 was my favourite just listen