my favourite photoshoot ;_; i love you guys so much


30 Day Linkin Park Challenge | 03

Day 03 – Favourite LP picture photoshoot

Supposedly I needed to share with you my favourite LP picture, well,  that’s kinda impossible so I’ve decided to share my favourite photoshoot. Although my fav was the BW promotional shoot done in Brooklyn in 2010, I’ve grown fond of the last promotional shoots for OML.

What I love from these pictures is the carefree attitude of the guys.

I love that in most of the shots they’re smiling or seemed very relaxed. It became obvious how much they really enjoyed their time together and you can sense their confidence. It’s like they’re not concerned with proving anything to anyone anymore because they simply didn’t need to.

And well, of course, the obvious reason, these were the last photographs with Chester 🖤

OML release day picture at WB 

alex_cameron : A garden of my own.

NEW GIANT PHOTO! Featuring the incredible @zoella 👈🏼 sometimes I can’t believe the things I get to type in these description boxes, working with my@conzomg using the amazing props he builds is dream enough but then when wonderful inspirational people like Zoe say they’ll model for the series, makes me feel like I’m flying. This little project I started feels real now, it feels like the most rewarding and special work I have ever created and working with Zoe on this was a high point for me. That and chasing Pokemon with her…I caught a Doduo people!
Will has created my favourite prop to date and is still the master of my universe and the incredible lovely people at Kipling Gardens brought the photo to a reality.

Thank you @wonderful_u for coming along to play and generally being awesome, thank you Will and Zoe so so much :) hope you enjoy it guys!#theGIANTseries