my favourite photo of george ever


The Beatles playing in a rainstorm in St Louis, 21st August 1966. 

After performing a previously postponed show in Cincinnati, the Beatles flew to St Louis, Missouri to perform one show at Busch stadium. Although a hastily erected cover to the stage provided some shelter, water still dripped on the amplifiers and stage, making electrocution a real possibility! This was the gig that finally convinced Paul they should quit touring. 


(Top to bottom)

1. John playing in the rain (possibly one of my favourite Beatles photos ever!) 
2 - 4. The Beatles backstage at St Louis Busch Stadium. 
5 - 9. The Beatles playing in a rainstorm, 21st August 1966. 
10. Also the gig where Ringo wore that hat. 

(I got these images from various sources and I don’t know who the photographers are for any of them. If you do, let me know! Ta!)