my favourite part of this story is that she only watched the first period

Black and White - Chapter 2

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 3227 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Mini Masterlist

“Okay, i’ll just say this here. You’re really cute. How about we take this upstairs?” Baekhyun queried.

You felt your heart drop slightly.

This. This was exactly what you wanted to avoid. What you didn’t want to happen.

You were flattered by his words, of course. But you knew they were merely nothing but empty words. Ones that held no meaning whatsoever.

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The Romance Arc (Destiel)

So, I know we always say it, but the other day I was finally fed up enough - or weird enough - to decide I’d make a list. And, guys, this is going to be a long-ass post, so if you haven’t got time, here is the tl;dr version: if we look at the love tropes most commonly used to build an onscreen relationship, Dean and Cas score an eye-watering 61/91 - that’s a 67% total.

Now, to put that in perspective - in order to build a romance arc, you’ve got five obligatory stages (meeting each other, falling in love, becoming a couple, a period of conflict, a resolution) and each of these stages will include at least one common trope, more or less hidden according to the kind of media and the author’s intent and sophistication. tvtropes lists a total of 91 tropes, but no love story will ever use them all. That would be ridiculous - either a parody or complete insanity. Think of a story where our lovers were destined to be together and also promised to each other as children and also the reincarnation of past lovers; where they meet by spilling coffee on each other and then she goes on to lose her handkerchief and he picks it up and runs after her to give it back but - whoa - now she’s been attacked by pirates and the hero wants to save her but his king is ordering him not to and oh no, what will he do? That sounds like overkill, right? And it totally is: a story with too many tropes is a ridiculous, unrealistic, unwatchable mess. To give you a better idea of what I mean, if look at those 91 tropes tvtropes lists as possible steps to build a romance arc, Dirty Dancing, one of the most romantic movies ever made, only scores 19 points; 10 Things I Hate about You, another big favourite of mine and an absolute ALL the love, ALL the feels story, scores 16 points. And Jane the Virgin, an actual soap-opera parody on the CW complete with sudden rain and snow to highlight special kisses, scores even lower: 13 points.

Meanwhile, normal friendships between men like Sam and Frodo’s in the Lord of the Rings trilogy or Ted and Marshall’s in How I Met Your Mother score a grand total of zero points - so, yes, it’s perfectly possible to write a non-romantic male friendship even when that friendship is a dramatic I’ll walk with you to the very edge of the Earth and then carry you up the slopes of a dangerous volcano and finally die with you sort of thing. Because, funnily enough, you can be friends with somebody and be ready to die for them without actually having a sexual interest in them. 

(Johnlock scores 29 points.)

(Wincest, 4.)

Something you could be wondering at this point is, why tropes though? Why are tropes a thing, and why does it matter how many tropes Supernatural chooses to use between Dean and Cas? And, look, I’m sure someone else could say it better, but essentially tropes are the bones of a story. Every single story you see out there, from the Odyssey to Torchwood/Gossip Girl crossovers to coffeshop AUs is built out of the same building blocks. There are, like, seven possible plots and about two dozen kinds of characters and maybe two hundred common tropes - and that’s it. Try tagging any classic novel with AO3 tags and you’ll see what I mean. 

[This story is Jules Verne’s fanfiction of an Edgar Allan Poe novel, and, yeah.]

Now, since it’s only possible to build a story in a limited number of ways, the problem all authors face is to find an original way to make it work. Some will use tropes religiously, either because they can’t think of anything different or because they hope a tried-and-tested formula will appeal to readers (see every romance novel under the sun; also most thrillers). Others will make fun of tradition by throwing the tropes back in your face (one of my favourite takes of this is Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle). And others will manage to bullshit you so thoroughly and completely you won’t notice the tropes are there until it’s too late - those are the stories where you’re truly surprised and shocked by events and you sit up in bed like a fool gasping out loud and you only stop reading because you need to tell someone asap, You won’t believe what just happened. A good example of this is the ending of the first season of Game of Thrones - we were all so convinced Ned Stark was the hero, filming people who hadn’t read the books as they watched him die became something of a hobby; and many became convinced George RR Martin was this all-powerful deity without any rules (not true: he’s a good writer, however, and he managed to convince most of us Ned was the hero when in reality he was the ‘Dumbledore’ figure - and therefore his death makes perfect sense).

And if we’re talking about Destiel - as I explained in the very first meta I wrote for this fandom (though at the time I hadn’t even realized I was part of a fandom, and didn’t know what a meta even was), I didn’t start to ‘ship’ Dean and Cas out of nefarious reasons, or tedium, or a desire to write smutty fanfiction. In fact, I still don’t consider myself a shipper in any way. I am not particularly interested in romance, and I never go out of my way to see who may be suited for whom. And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in doing that - just that it’s something I don’t do. If I started to see Destiel and to write about it, it’s because to me (and, apparently, to a lot of other people), it was clear that there was something there; that that was how the story was built. And if I started to look at it more closely, it was simply because my expectations as a viewer were disappointed, and the relationship of trust between author and reader was - for me - crumbling into nothingness. 

And, look, I won’t lie: I was angry and upset by the implications - that there was something wrong with me - that I was trying to force a sexual relationship on two friends just because. That, as a woman, I couldn’t enjoy a story without making it all about the romance. No, I am a huge book nerd, and I like writing stories, and I mostly analyse stuff for a living and I also sort of have eyes? - so, to me, it was clear I was being lied to, and at that moment, I was left in an uncomfortably ambiguous position which will sound familiar to many of you - I was furious at the show, but at the same time I was still in love with the characters (so very much in love). This was a frustrating feeling which presented me with two equally unappealing options - to keep watching and not expect anything, or to walk away. In the end, I tried a third way, which I suspect many of you have chosen as well: I was too invested in these characters to abandon them, but I also wanted this story to be an honest story, so I started complementing it with ‘viewing supports’. I started to read (and write) fanfiction. I looked for fanvideos, fanart and gifs. And, most of all, I fell into the habit of reading (and writing) metas after every episode to make sure what I was seeing was actually there. Because, well, for me - that’s why I write metas about Supernatural when I don’t write metas of other shows I enjoy much more: because most of the time Supernatural is more focused on not telling a story than it is in telling one, which means what we are left with what is a half story where our characters have their own secret life offscreen and many lines of dialogue could mean anything. Ironically enough, Supernatural has become like its hero and POV character, Dean Winchester: a con and a liar and a charmer who tries to be liked by everyone. 

(And let’s not forget the swings both ways thing).

As for the other question - are we crazy? - I’m hoping this post will help clearing things up: no, we are not crazy. The reason we see a romance unfolding is because the relationship between Dean and Cas is written to fit a romance arc - and does fit a romance arc by 67%.

[Longer analysis under the cut.]

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All the Web Series

Hey everyone!

So my lovely sister suggested that I make a masterpost of all my favourite web series, so I started off by listing all the web series I’ve ever watched………and there are a lot. So many that I think I might have an eensy bit of a problem. But moving swiftly along, here’s my own not so little list of all the webseries I’ve watched all-the-way-through and want to ramble about in alphabetical order. As always, these are my own thoughts and opinions, and you are perfectly entitled to have different ones. Because this list is so long, I’m putting it under a read-more (cause otherwise this would seriously fill your entire dash) but above the read-more I’m gonna put a list of the web series I talk about so you can see if there’s something you want to check out :)

Adult Wednesday Addams

Autobiography of Jane Eyre

Blank Verse


Classic Alice

East and West

Elinor and Marianne Take Barton

Emma Approved

Frankenstein M.D.

From Mansfield With Love

Green Gables Fables

The Goreys


I Didn’t Write This

In Earnest


Jules and Monty

Kissing in the Rain

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Misselthwaite Archives

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Nothing Much to Do

School of Thrones


Submissions Only

A Tell-Tale Vlog

Welcome to Sanditon

Wish It Inc

Writing Majors

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a random assortment of swan queen fic recs because i don’t do this enough

when you love somebody but bite your tongue (all you get is a mouth full of blood) by @insanetwin

Summary: henry knows something has changed between his moms.

Me: There is so much quiet love and pining in this fic. I could have recced anything by Megan and said exactly the same thing, but I love Henry’s point of view so much. I am in awe of her talent and she gets both these characters so much.


Let Stars Be My Asterisks by @absedarian

Summary: Regina and Emma have stopped talking to each other after Emma came back from the past with Marian in tow … but all that means is that they’re thinking about each other while avoiding to talk. Regina refuses to talk to Emma since she can’t bear to see the woman she loves with her pirate boyfriend. Emma on the other hand ignores Hook because all she can think about is Regina. Hook thinks he should be the center of Emma’s attention and decides to woo Emma by writing her a love letter – and he goes to Regina for help, offering her an opportunity she can’t ignore.

Based on Cyrano de Bergerac.

Me: Post-season 3 at its best. Funny and warm but with real emotion and I love reading Regina’s point of view of this period of time.


A Dark Ocean by @chilly-flame

Summary: When Regina is injured in an accident, Emma steps in to assist.

Me: I know this is a fic that everyone has read, that everyone has loved, and so they should. When amnesia is done well, it is one of my favourite tropes and this is just wonderful. I love seeing Regina as the young queen, finding herself in a world that allows her so much freedom, and I love the way the relationship plays out. I return to this constantly.


a hushed sound by @coalitiongirl

Summary: Destiny. That’s what the Dark One tells them, an odd strain on his face whenever he speaks to Regina. That’s what they’re facing here. An inevitable ending. Regina has orchestrated her death once, and she’ll do it again, because that’s the only way this story can end. No one can interfere, not even Marian herself, and only Regina can control whether or not that moment is the one that decides her fate.

Me: Like, I could recommend any fic Mari has ever written 100% wholeheartedly and I know y’all have already read all of them because she is deservedly beloved, but this is one fic of hers that I think everyone should read because Marian! God. Marian. She is so wonderful and she is given so much agency and love and time here. And I love that in the background is the love story I could read a million times over and never get bored of it.


Just another brick in the wall by darkersky

Summary: The problem with the new gym teacher is that no one knows why Gold hired her. Vice Principal Mills, in particular, is neither amused nor impressed.

(Emma + Regina + yolo = Teacher AU.)

Me: A perpetual work in progress, but this is one of the first AUs I read in fandom and it speaks to me a great deal and maybe if people go and read it, it will be finished and I will get to find out how these two teachers finally, finally get it together.


catching on (a little bit of summer) by @deemnfic

Summary: Nobody knows anything. Until they do, of course.

Me: I love seeing relationships from an outsider point of view and this does that so exquisitely. Deemn is careful with every word she writes and this is one story I go back to every time I need to feel that quiet, warm serenity that comes with figuring out that Emma and Regina are totally in love. The whole series of oneshots is really great, and this is the first.


Head Is Not My Home by reagancrewe

Summary: “Besides,” Regina says, looking from her son, 400 miles away, to his other mother sitting beside her on the couch in the study, “I’ve already gotten us a room.”

“You have?”

“Oh, good!” Henry looks relieved. “I mean, the email about graduation stuff said finding rooms can be tricky. So, that’s good, Mom.” He beams at them both.

“Wait. A room? As in, singular?” Emma questions.

“Well,” Regina frowns, “yes. It was really all they had left, and I wanted to stay at the Charles since it’s right there in Cambridge and close to campus.”

“That’s great, mom!” Henry repeats, but Emma is still staring at the woman sitting next to her.

“So, like,” she licks her lips. “We’re going to be … roommates?”

Regina glares at her, but then sighs when Henry laughs from the screen. “Yes, Miss Swan,” she agrees finally. “Roommates. For two nights only. Do you think you can handle that?”

Me: There is grown up Henry going away for college and bed sharing tropes and, God, this fic is another one I turn to when I am sad or tired or need some resolution to pining.


Storybrooke does Star Wars (in four parts! we pretend the other three don’t exist) by @queenssaviour

Summary:  In which Regina is a closeted Star Wars nerd. Written for Swan Queen Week, Day 1: Confessions.

Me: This fic is so sweet and light and I enjoyed it so much. I’m so impressed with how much queenssaviour keeps improving as a writer. Every time she posts something new, I am just, like, WOW!


where you lead, i will follow (unless it’s in 4/4 time, then we’re screwed) by swansaloft

Summary: In which there is a twenty-four hour danceathon, sleepover games make an appearance, and someone gives Zelena a megaphone. (Or, What Happens When Mary Margaret Watches Gilmore Girls)

Me: If only Storybrooke were more like Star’s Hollow. This is so precious and charming.


Deliver Me by @wistfulwatcher

Summary: Bike messenger AU, in which Regina is a CEO that enjoys messing with Emma, and Emma does not back down. For the sake of her job, of course, and not because of the way Regina eyes light up when she’s angry.

Me: This is one of my favourite ever AUs. Wistfulwatcher deals with both characters so carefully, and I am particularly enamoured with the way she grapples with Regina’s complex relationship with Henry.


Changing Seasons by sparowes

Summary: Once, when she couldn’t sleep, when the empty spaces of her apartment suffocated her, she sat on her sofa and watched a documentary. That’s how she learned what a hypnic jerk was, and that’s the closest descriptor to what she felt when the door to 108 Mifflin Street swung open. When Regina scooped Henry into her arms, when the hurt shot across her eyes at Henry’s dismissal, when she turned her eyes towards Emma, dark like pitch.

You’re Henry’s birthmother?

Me: This fic hurt my heart in all the best possible ways. The writing is exquisite and careful and the season one characterisation of Emma, Regina and Henry is beautiful.

Super Moms idea.

This is literally just the 400+ words of my superhero soccer moms idea that I had that a few people have asked me to publish. I’d say it’s more of a prologue than anything else, it’s also not finished I’ve written some more but it doesn’t not quite finished and wouldn’t look write if I included it.

Anneliese Larsen (née Boyle) lived her life following three very important yet simple rules that she would recite to herself every morning while she got ready for the day.  

Rule One: Dress as if it will be the last thing you will wear while alive. During the week, no matter what she had scheduled whether it was creating new designs for her latest clothing line or simply picking up that week’s shopping Anneliese would be dressed to impressed, decked out in jewellery and designer outfits that could rival anything appearing on the runway. Since the beginning of her career Anneliese had managed to keep both herself and her family out of the spotlight, wearing a disguise whenever she would appear in interviews and press talks so that she could keep her privacy. However, she still held the fear of her identity being discovered and walking out the door one morning to find an army of paparazzi waiting for her. And if that day ever came she would be prepared, for the first photo that would be taken of her would be the most memorable and she planned to look amazing in.

Rule Two: Chocolate fixes everything. Her period coming early, a box of chocolate covered strawberries from the café she liked on Kingswood Boulevard along with her favourite film soon had her forgetting about the blood-stained sheets that had been ruined. Her son’s grades slipping, promising him a whole batch of her chocolate brownies that she only made a few times a year always did the trick. Her husband’s impulses needed relieving, a cup of hot chocolate and sitting with him in silence while watching the small fire that he had lit using some of her thrown away designs brought relief. No matter the problem chocolate always helped, which was why they had an entire cupboard full of the stuff in their kitchen.

Rule Three: Family comes before everything else, this includes her business, the PTA and her role as a Superhero; although she would bend the rule a little on that last part. For example, if she was dealing with a thief and no one was in danger than she would happily leave that to the police and go pick up her son from practice. However, in cases where she was going up against a Class A supervillain or the world was in danger than she would have to run a little late, you couldn’t put your family above everything else if they were gone now could you. Although whenever she told anyone about her three rules she would simply leave out the part about her being a superhero.

The Appeal of Sherlock Holmes

So a couple of days ago @materialofonebeing messaged me, saying that we shared the same 6 months anniversary in the Holmes fandom and asked the excellent question as to what might have been so appealing about it that we’d both fallen so quickly in love with it all.

I don’t have an answer, but I thought it was an awesome question to extend to all of you as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 45

The manga and I kind of hate each other. This is unfortunate, but still, I’m determined to come out of this with something. Rather than spend energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I won’t pull my punches. There’s going to be criticism and snark about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

It’s not that I’m disappointed by how surprised I’m not by anything that happened here. It’s more like the resigned haze of going through a vaguely unpleasant experience. Like going to the dentist. You’ll never be happy to go, but you take a deep breath every six months and sit in the chair and get on with it.

Only this is weekly. And I can’t put it off for three years. ALSO I DON’T GET A LITTLE PLASTIC TOY AT THE END WHERE IS MY LITTLE PLASTIC TOY GOD DAMMIT

Anyway, I hate myself, SO IT’S MANGA TIME.

A brand new volume brings the same old shit, as we open with the Inners incapacitated and helpless. Remember how furious I was back in Crystal that I spent several hours combing through the fucking thing to calculate how much collective time the Inner Senshi spent knocked out or otherwise unable to fight? LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT WOULD BE THE MOST ACCURATE FUCKING PART OF THE WHOLE SERIES.

So the Outers burst in, all eyeless and mysterious. But not so mysterious that Haruka can’t be a fucking asshole to Michiru, who is also there. They transform in full view of the Quartet, which in no way seems contradictory to their vows to keep everyone safe. They free the Inners, who spend the next twenty pages or so simply saying the Outers’ names and otherwise doing nothing. Or so you’d think. Off-panel, the girls stand at their portable mini-bar and talk about their job search while CPR dummies in cheap store-bought Senshi costumes seamlessly replace them. After about fifteen minutes, Michiru has joined them. She didn’t bother with a stand-in. Nobody on-panel notices.

Artemis is a cat again. Minako picks up the vodka, pours a shot, and then drinks directly from the bottle.

At Usagi’s house, she’s suffering from Black Rose Syndrome. They still manage to work in Mamoru.

Back in the fight with the Quartet, Pluto lays down the most absurd fucking shit that I actually yelled when I read it.


“We can’t avoid our destiny, which is protecting Usagi (and Mamoru too for no fucking good reason I guess), so we’ll do all we can to do the thing we are destined to do to overcome that destiny in order to make a new one which will be identical in all respects to the old one for the next thousand years, minimum.”


This entire part makes me so fucking angry. If the manga has reinforced anything, it’s the idea of its characters having exactly no will or control over anything that happens do them. Their personalities are paper thin and their devotion never justified, so literally all that’s left is “because reasons”. And if you want that as a central point of your story, by all means. But you don’t ALSO then get to wave your hand and try to claim this dramatic push toward freedom and choices. IT’S NOT AN “IT’S COMPLICATED” RELATIONSHIP STATUS HERE YOU’VE NOT PUT IN THE WORK TO EARN THAT AND I RESENT YOU TRYING

Or put another way:

Anyway, through all of this, the Inners have been trying to reach Usagi, but she caught mono from Mamoru and it’s not working. So the Outers try, and THAT Usagi picks up. Off panel, Rei drains the last of her whiskey, throws the bottle into the wall, and storms out.

Usagi’s wide awake now and reduced to tears that the Outers showed back up again. I know I always feel the same level of emotion when thinking of a reunion with a small group of people I had five conversations with, only one of which was not directly threatening in some way. IT IS THE STUFF FEELINGS ARE MADE OF

Michiru’s mirror reappears, acknowledging her existence and thereby proving itself unique in all the Sailor Moon mangaverse.

Usagi runs outside, only to see Mamoru running to her. He heard her voice calling out to him. I can’t help but think that things would be a lot more bearable if earbuds had been invented.

You know, something I’ve had to deal with hearing a lot since starting this rewatch project is how the characters are so much smarter in the manga.

The time period between all the Inner Senshi entering that tend and the Outers arriving was, at absolute best, about ten minutes. The Inners were going to the exact same circus show every single day for like two weeks, and the bad guys were laying their global conquest plan WITH THEM RIGHT THERE, so effectively that they could spring it in less time than it takes to watch the average Steven Universe episode, and they still didn’t know what the fuck was going on until someone else told them. I’m not saying the anime had everyone operating at peak observational performance here, I’m just saying I don’t want to hear shit about comparative intelligence again. THE NARRATIVE MAKES CONVENIENT FOOLS OF ALL

Chibs runs through town, noticing how dark it’s getting and how generally shitty Juuban is. Usagi and Mamoru catch up to her, just in time to unite with the other Senshi for ~drama~. Zirconia and Nehellenia appear with my new favourite phrase.


Immediately, Usagi coughs up blood and collapses. HARUKA IS ALARMED

Michiru finishes her wine and moves to the brandy.

Lots of things GLOW and Pegasus answers the call of “could this possibly be less interesting”. He appears out of nowhere and utilizes what is without question the creepiest fucking “good guy” power I have ever seen.




Then Pegasus fades, and so do Usagi and Mamoru, and the Senshi freak out as they realize that means they have to carry the story on their own. But the issue realizes what a terrible idea that is too, and it shifts to Chibs and Hotaru, who have run off alone to pursue Nehellenia. Why just them? FUCK YOU THAT’S WHY

They encounter the Quartet, and Hotaru spends a not inconsiderable amount of time trying to convince them that they’re really good. I would like to point out how this is the first time literally anyone in this story hasn’t killed a mini-boss on sight, and how nonsensical and contrived it feels because of that. ONCE AGAIN THIS WAS SO FUCKING EASY TO AVOID

Then shit kind of happens I guess, it’s hard to tell. There are orbs and mirrors and people sucked into both. Then I think they go to Nehellenia, or maybe she’s at a rummage sale and delighted by all the savings.

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anonymous asked:

Hello. I have read that all geiko/maiko movements (when they dance) have a meaning and that makes the whole perfomance have a meaning, like a story or some kind of beautiful opera (the one you can enjoy in occidental theatres). Is this true? Can you please share with us your knowledge about dances? I hope you can understand my question, english is not m y first language. Thank you so much for this blog!

I sadly know very little about Japanese dance, I don’t really have many resources to learn about it. I will tell you all that I know though!

All Maiko and Geiko of Kyoto perform a style called “Kyo Mai”. It’s heavily influenced by the graceful and sophisticated mannerisms and movements by members of the Imperial Court, which used to be in Kyoto, and came into existence in the 17th century.

Each of the five hanamachi of Kyoto has it’s own, unqiue style of dancing though, because every district follows different dance schools. While I’m far from being an expert, I’d say that you can tell them apart after a while of watching Maiko and Geiko dance.

Gion Kobu’s dance school is the Inoue School, and it’s the most famous out of the five dance schools taught in Kyoto and belongs to the most well-known dance schools across Japan. It derives its style from Noh theater which was founded in the 14th century and used to be watched mainly by nobles. Its dance style is very static and minimalistic, especially when you compare it to Kabuki, and only few props are used (mainly masks), and so is the Inoue style. The Inoue Style breaks down complex emotions and stories into small, seemingly simple and strong and decisive, yet graceful movements.

The Inoue School was founded around 1800 by Sato Inoue who was a lady-in-waiting at the Imperial Court and also taught the dances used in ceremonies at the court. The Inoue School is only taught in Gion Kobu, unlike all of the other dance schools taught in Kyoto’s hanamachi, which are taught nation-wide.

The head of the Inoue School is called Iemoto, and is basically the dance master. She has pretty much absolute power in Gion Kobu and she is the “model” all of the Maiko and Geiko aspire to become. Her power and influence also expand far out of Gion Kobu, and she is one of the most important figures in Kyoto’s hanamachi and Japan’s traditional dance. They are also the only person allowed to compose new pieces in the Inoue Style of Dance. All Iemoto have been trained from a very young age, usually from ages 3 to 6. They study to become dance teachers and take the position of Iemoto when the last Iemoto chooses to resign or dies and choreograph and manage the Miyako Odori.

The young girls chosen to become the next Iemoto one day are either already part of the family or adopted into it. Every Iemoto takes the title “Yachiyo Inoue”. The current Yachiyo Inoue V was born as Michiko Inoue in 1956 and took up the position in 2001.

All other four hanamachi of Kyoto follow dance schools that are mainly inspired by Kabuki Theater, which came into existence in the early 17th century and used to be mainy enjoyed by common people, because of it’s dynamic, broad and dramatic display of emotions and lavish costumes and secenery.

Pontocho follows the Onoue School of Dance, Kamishichiken follows the Hanayagi School of Dance, Miyagawacho follows the Wakayagi School of Dance and Gion Higashi follows the Fujima School of Dance. These dance schools use a much wider set of moves and are visibly more dynamic than the Inoue School of Dance. Kamishichiken’s and Pontocho’s dance schools are especially close to Kabuki. All of these dance schools are highly technically demanding and require a good deal of strength, especially in leg-muscles, and general physical health. In Kyomai and in a lot of traditional Japanese dance, deep emotions are coveyed via subtle, graceful movements. While the movements are much less dramatic, dynamic and “athletic” than what we are used to from many traditional western dances, they are performed with absolute precision, elegance and the constant strive for perfection.

Out of the five, I’d personally say that Miyagawachos dance school is the most upbeat and dynamic and the easiest to enjoy for the untrained eye.

Other hanamachi in different parts of Japan follow different dance schools - pretty much every hanamachi has “their own" (although they are usually taught nationwide). The differences are often remarkable and easy to see, even for the untrained eye, especially since no other hanamachi in Japan dances Kyomai, and therefore their movements are often more dramatic.

Most of traditional Japanese songs talk about old folklore, heroes and heroines, the beauty of nature and the four seasons and love, be it unhappy, unrequited or happy and most songs performed by Maiko and Geiko are about love and nature.

The movements of the Maiko and Geiko accompany the lyrics of the song and often tell a story. There sadly are only three traditional Japanese songs to which I know the full English translation, the Gion Kouta, Harusame and the Kamishichiken Yakyoku. The Gion Kouta (”Ballad of Gion”) is about the beauty of the Gion district and Harusame (”Spring Rain”) is about a courtesan leaving her district after paying off her debts, to live a new life with her lover and the Kamishichiken Yakyoku is basically an ode to Kamishichiken and its beauty.

However, I do know the general plot of some other ones as well, for example: “Himesanja” (my favourite), “Three Princesses” is about three princesses, sisters, who all fall in love with the same prince. The song is about their fighting and wrangling, which eventually leads to the suicide of the youngest princess. The song “Natsu Wa Hotaru” is about catching fireflies in the summer.

Once you know about the lyrics or even just the general plot of the song, the dance immediately makes much more sense. I think the Gion Kouta is a great example for this, listen to it once ot twice while reading the lyrics and then watch Maiko or Geiko perform it and the movements will make sense.

Hands and fans can be used for a very broad variety of movements and the mai tenugui is usually used to smybolize some sort of headwear from the Edo Period. When you see a Geiko biting down on it, it’s a sign that the character she is portraying is in great emotional turmoil; this is a classic gesture taken from Kabuki of women in despair.

Sometimes other props like hanagasa, floral hats, or cherry blossoms or wisteria blossoms are used, but I can’t really tell you about individual movements with those.

If you are interested in learning more about the Inoue School, here is a link to a fantastic documentary about the current Yachiyo Inoue V succeeding her grandmother, Yachiyo Inoue IV, who passed away in 2004:

And here are some videos of dances that I’d recommend to get an idea of the different styles of dancing used in Kyoto’s hanamachi:

Suzume Odori - danced by Gion Kobu’s Maiko (a special dance only performed during the Gion Matsuri)

Kabuki Odori - danced by Pontocho’s Maiko and Geiko (a special dance only performed during the Gion Matsuri)

Konchiki Odori - danced by Miyagawacho’s Maiko (a special dance only performed during the Gion Matsuri)

Komachi Odori - danced by Gion Higashi’s Maiko (a special dance only performed durig the Gion Matsuri)

Kamishichiken Yakyoku - danced by Kamishichiken’s Maiko and Geiko (the final dance of the Kitano Odori, sometimes also performed outside of the odori for special occassions)

Ayame Yukata - performed by Geiko from Gion Higashi during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Kishi No Yanagi - performed by Geiko from Kamishichiken during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Seigaiha Part 1 and 2- performed by Geiko from Miyagawacho during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Genroku Hanami Odori - performed by Geiko from Gion Kobu during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Yoshiwara Suzme Part 1 and 2 - performed by Geiko from Pontocho during the Miyako No Nigiwai

Finer Things

This is…something special.

@aardvarkia​ has been something of an inspiration of mine - there was a period back in mid-2015 when I first discovered his initial Bear Cap story on CYOC and spent the next week and a half or so obsessively re-reading it. It’s still one of my absolute favourite TF stories today. I always felt like I couldn’t quite match up, however - before, I’ve struggled with making stories go past 8 pages.

So, imagine my surprise when he contacts me saying he liked one of my earlier stories and is willing to commission me for something. To be honest, it got me a little panicked, and I found it hard to even start. But as with most things I’m afraid of doing, once I did get started, I found it easier than I thought…and ended up writing my longest story so far.

This is a bit different from my usual thing, more archetype than character TF, but really I’m game to do more of this kind of thing - I think not having to make the subject align with a rigid set of character traits leaves a lot more room for creativity.

So with that out of the way, please enjoy this story of a life-changing trip to the West End of London! (Side-note: that watch costs nearly £7,000. kid’s lucky he didn’t actually pay for it.) (Extra side-note: this one’s also pretty NSFW so if that isn’t your thing then maybe skip a bit towards the end)



Being a parent can be tough in a lot of ways. Parents want to pass on something of what they’ve learned and raise their kids the right way, but kids can be difficult - some kids especially so. No matter what they try, how they phrase it, no matter what values they try to instill, some kids just never take on the lessons their parents want to impart. They wonder where they might have gone wrong, but sometimes, it really isn’t the parents fault. Sometimes the kid is just a little shit.

Garrett Parsons could, if you were feeling unfair, perhaps be described as one of those kinds of kids. It wasn’t like he’d lacked any opportunities. He grew up in a upper-middle class family - parents who were happy to work hard to achieve the finer things in life. His older siblings had gone on to do respectable things with their lives, getting their own houses, paying their own way. His parents had spent just as much time on him as a little kid as they had on his sister, Katherine and his brother, Barry, although maybe Garrett didn’t see it that way.

Maybe it was the friends he’d ended up with throughout school, maybe it was perceived pressure from the relative success of his siblings, maybe it was just something about being the youngest of three. Maybe it was all of those things, or none of them. Finding the reason for this kind of thing is always hard, but the ultimate fact of it was, whatever upper-middle class values his family had tried to instill in him, it was like absolutely none of it took.

Where his siblings and extended family had all gone to college to further their education, Garrett got out of school as early as possible and never went back, much to his parents consternation. Where his family appreciated fine restaurant dining, Garrett went to bars and pubs as early as he could - the more of a dive the place was, the better, it seemed. Where his family enjoyed high-quality HBO drama, he spent his time watching the soap opera of pro-wrestling. His family tried to broaden their music tastes - Garrett had only time for hard metal, sneering at anything that wasn’t played at 120+ decibels and practically shook the house. Perhaps the lens of pop culture is a limiting view, but the simple fact was, now at 18, Garrett rejected almost everything his family appreciated.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t tried to bridge the gap. After all, that was what this whole vacation was about.

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Nirvana in Fire Episode 2 Reaction

(Hello, yes, it’s me again, the person who said she’d write a reaction post for every episode she watched and then went and watched SEVEN EPISODES IN THREE DAYS. I have regrets. I actually didn’t even want to stop watching long enough to write this, but I have to before I get too much deeper in. Everything below is written from my episode notes I made while watching episode 2 for the first time, so none of my later knowledge applies, here. I actually know names much better now, obviously. Also I continue to do really badly at not getting attached to anyone. Comically badly, really. I’m setting myself up for a lot of grief, I can tell.)

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Heartbreak Hotel; Dowoon

Take an aspiring song writer, a rebellious high schooler, a sassy English teacher, a passionate painter and an adventurous tour guide. What’s the same in all of them? They’ve all just had their heart broken.

Heartbreak Hotel is a DAY6 angst one-shot collection with 5 members & 5 songs & 5 stories.

Sungjin | Dowoon | Young K | Wonpil | Jae

II. Dowoon + I Smile

A bittersweet love story in 1487 words for our birthday boy, the one and only Yoon Dowoon. He has feelings for his best friend (OC) but does she feel the same? No triggers, no warnings, just the usual angst. ^^

Originally posted by httpsung

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My thoughts on... Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday, I decided, on a whim, to watch Aladdin, one of my favourite Disney movies thanks in no small part to the catchy songs and Robin Williams’ Genie. Since I had started on Disney, I figured why not watch some more? Thus I moved on to the 1991 animated film Beauty and the Beast before concluding with the 2017 live-action adaptation. Which did I like best, the animated film or the live-action one? Overall, and perhaps quite predictably, I’d say I personally favour the animated version. This isn’t to say the live-action adaptation doesn’t do a few things good or better even, depending on your point of view.

For instance, I much preferred Kevin Kline’s more subdued interpretation of Belle’s father. He’s an artist (that one’s new) and inventor, yes, but he’s not played as over-the-top as his animated counterpart (well, one could argue said crazy interpretation wouldn’t work in the adaptation). He also has, to my mind, the stronger bond with Belle. Of course, precisely because he isn’t played as extravagantly crazy as in the 1991 film this presents an issue later on, which I’ll mention in due course.

For better or worse, the 2017 film decided to set a date and place for this tale as old as time as opposed to the original: 18th century France. Okay, maybe you could’ve guessed as much from the original (I personally couldn’t, not 18th century at least), but the live-action adaptation does a more thorough job trying to faithfully reproduce the fashion, decor, dancing, and probably even construction (I’m not as learned, though I’d venture a guess they took some liberties with the castle) from that time period. Perhaps the most prominent example takes place right at the beginning, when we’re introduced to The Prince as he’s hosting a party only minutes before encountering The Enchantress (no, not that one).

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No, It’s Bucky: Part 4

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/Reader

Word count: 1,268

Reader and Bucky reunite after the reader returns home to work after 6 years of no contact.


 | Part 3     | Part 5 

Originally posted by kittyseb

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11 Questions tag

I got tagged by the sweet @lthyl​ (THANK YOUUUUU!) for this, that’s a very funny one! 

Rules: answer the questions given to you by the tagger, and write 11 questions of your own. then tag 11 people!

  • what superpower would you like to have?

I have like this deep wish since I’m a kid: to be able to summon a dead person and talk with them about theories or to borrow them their intelligence. Like, I would die to talk with Einstein, Beethoven, Nietzsche, or anyone not famous ! To be able to use their intelligence to understand the world in another way, you know? That’s a weird thing, no? 

  • chose a super hero (or heroine) you relate the most to.

I don’t relate to a lot of super, more to vilains… tend to be stuck in a moral world with the good and the bad things. I feel closer to the Joker. I rarely take things seriously and spend most of my time thinking society moral is a burden. Vilains seems more free, even if they tend to be locked into patterns because of dark pasts… There’s something more pure about vilains in my opinion (like the Joker!). But now that I’m thinking about it, maybe a anti hero like the Bourbon Kid would do. 

  • if you could have the name of a flower, what would it be?

Narcisseae! From the flower itself, the name, to the myth, I just love it! 

  • describe the last dream you had (this is gonna be fun eheh)

Ehhhhhhhh… I can’t remember the last one clearly (last one was was with Yoongi.I’m pretty sure I was cheating on my ex with him… And that’s really exciting!). 

But I often have one, where I’m at my mother place, in the garden and there is a fence in the back of the garden that no one shall cross because there’s a beast (black panther, or something like this) living here and attacking everyone. Of course, I’m at the fence too scared to cross, and I see my sister, on the other side of the fence, running happily, I scream for her to come back because the beast is lurking (i can’t see it but I know it) and she just don’t hear me because she’s too far, so I end up going on the other side to pick her up and that’s when the beast appears, running to me, ignoting my sister, coming out for me! I love this nightmare, even if it always makes me afraid, I don’t know why but I love it. 

  • which are your top 5 movies right now?

THAT’S TOO HARD, I LOVE SO MANY MOVIES (I watch at least one each day, if not more!)

- Elle by Paul Verhoeven, that’s a strange one honestly psychologic thriller French and Dutch.

- Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, honestly because of Matthew McConaughey (and goddammit this voice of his!)

- In the Mood For Love & 2046 by Wong Kar Wai (Those are two, but it’s a combo, the first one is my favourite, those are the only love story in movie I like deeply…)

- Time of Kim Ki Duk, GREAT ONE! 

- O’Brother by Ethan & Joel Cohen, don’t ask just watch it! 

  • do you read manga/watch anime? Any rec?

I read a lot of mangas, but don’t watch animes! My rec: 

- Homunculus by Hideo Yamamoto ;  I find it very deep…  “ Trepanation is the procedure of drilling a hole in the skull. It is said to increase the blood circulation and improve pressure inside the skull. It is also said to bring out a person’s sixth sense, the ability to use ESP, see ghosts, move objects with one’s mind.”

- Basilisk by Masaki Segawa ;  The story takes place in the year 1614. Two ninja clans, Tsubagakure of the Iga and Manjidani of Kouga, battle each other to determine which grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu will become the next shogun. The deadly competition between 10 elite ninja from each clan unleashes a centuries-old hatred that threatens to destroy all hope for peace between them.

- Lesson Of The Evil by Eiji Karasuyama & Yûsuke Kishi ; made after the movie of the same name (must watch because Hideaki Itô is sexy as HELL) it tells the story of a teacher who’s a sociopath and… Well he does what sociopath are good at. 

- A Girl On The Shore by Inio Asano; erotic one and very touching! It is about the two junior high school students who enter into a casual sex relationship.

  • what’s your favorite thing about/in your room?

I love my room. Every single part of it. From the colorful tinsels, to the old world map, to the books sitting everywhere, the old silky couch, the erotic pictures, the old posters, the mosquito net over the bed (very princess like, I know!) and the constellations I made with phosphorescent stars. It’s dark and comfy.

  • if you could have only a single kind of drink for the rest of your life, what would that be?

I don’t think I’ll survive this honestly… I want to be able to drink everything. I don’t like restrictions… But mint tea or coffee. Or plain water. Or coke, I can’t deciiiiiide! But if I had to take one last drink before I’ll die: Jack Daniels. 

  • do you play any instrument?

No, I’m to lazy to learn. And I find it quite boring. I love listening not playing. 

  • favorite weather?

A light rain and south wind on a not too hot day. 

  • (and the most important of them all) team Ironman or team Captain America?

TCH! IRONMAN! (I kinda hate Captain America so that’s an easy one!)

My questions to @lonely-kitten-named-bambi @jnghobi @oppamansae @rapmonluv @bebitojoonie 

1. You’re on a island with an idol: who ist it? And what is the first thing you tell him/her?

2. You have three last word to say to someone, then you die, what will they be (don’t tell us who it’s adress to unless you really want to)? 

3. You accidently drink a strange cocktail in an underground bar and become a man, what is the first thing you do? (hehe)

4. You’re locked in a basement with a vampire, a werewolf, an ancient god and a demon, they all offer to turn you into one of their kind, what do you pick? 

5. You are given the chance to change one thing in your life, what is it? 

6. A strange man or woman comes to you and offer you one thing amongst : 5000$ cash, an invite to a party where all your bias and bias wrecker will be, a job in any country you want, an immortal pet (like a leopard or lion or wolf, you decide!) to which you’ll be mentally connected to or a very old book with strange writting in it. What do you pick, why? 

7. What is your favourite thing in your life? 

8. You find a Death Note, and L calls you (or, is it Light? you can’t be too sure!) asking you to give it to him, what will you do?

9. You come back to your place and find out that there’s been a robbery, what is the first thing you’re looking for?

10. Oops, there’s a breach in the fourth dimension (time) you are attracted in it. It will have terrible consequences so God let you decide where (when) you’ll end up. What period would you like to go to? 

11. You have the worst day of your life. You can’t sleep, you’re too anxious to do anything, your guardian angel appears and offer to give you ONE thing that will make you forget about this day, what is this thing?

Welcome to Storybrooke #2

a/n: For cs au week day three — beloved tropes. Emma moves from New York to Storybrooke and straight into a prank war between her new neighbours.

I never really got to know my neighbours in this house and now we’re moving so there’s not much point. But by far my favourite story about them is the time I called the city to report the f***ing rooster in my neighbour’s backyard.

           Noise had been a constant thing in the city, the hum and buzz, voices raised in anger and joy all clearly audible through the thin walls of her New York City apartment. Emma had thought that moving from the big city to the definition of small town America — a sleepy, seaside town in Maine — would bring with it a blanket of silence. Cicadas, maybe. The occasional clunk from an ancient car making its way down Main Street.

           She did not expect a rooster.

           Grabbing her phone from the floor to check the time, Emma pushes up from the air mattress with a groan. Henry’s still asleep, of course. Her son could probably sleep through the apocalypse. Emma on the other hand… as if it’s not enough that her kid was kicking her for half the night, now she gets woken up by a goddamn rooster.

           Their house isn’t in the country for fuck’s sake. The grey Victorian that Henry chose for them is right in the middle of town. Is it so unreasonable for her to not expect a rooster crowing to wake her up at five in the morning their very first day in town?

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Eagle and Cobra: Part I

Hey guys! This is my new fic about Altair x reader, which will tell you about the lives of two assassins who will survive through many events to find find love and peace. A fair warning to you readers though: Update will be SLOW, so don’t expect new chapters pop up so quickly, but enough of me rambling, enjoy the fic! 

Baba - father 

Shukran - thank you 

Äafwan - you’re welcome 

When Malik and I were born, our mama and baba felt joy they haven’t experienced for many long years of assassinating various targets for the good of the Creed, which very often becomes the main reason why assassins don’t start raising families, and looking for love, but my parents are a different story altogether…

Our father was born to a high ranking assassin, and a simple woman, who loved him and raised him to be fair and kind to his friends, and ruthless but not unmerciful to his enemies. When he came of right age, his father started training him in different kinds of martial arts known to him. No mercy was shown during the sparring sessions, for the life of an assassin was hard and full of twists, which were often very unforeseen, and expected cunningness and agility from an individual. The only solace for my father at that period was spending time reading through various dusty scrolls and ancient parchments from Egypt and Mesopotamia. He often joked that while there were no pictures, the texts proved to be quite interesting, and at times pretty hilarious, since the translation was often rough, and the meanings very confusing and bewildering. From what his friends and acquaintances have told us, he was loyal to them, his family, and the Brotherhood. He always gave something to the beggars and homeless mothers, who were thrown out on the streets from their former homes, not ready to face the world naked and without any aid. For that, they gave him free information on different things in the city, which always proved to be useful, even if it seemed to be insignificant at first. 

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The Last Stroke of Midnight

Hey guys, this is my first shot at a Miraculous Ladybug fanfic! Well I guess it’s my first crack at a fanfic in general. This is probably one of my favourite shows/fandoms of all time, and I really wanted to participate in the best way I can… And since I can’t draw I thought, ‘why not give it a shot?’ 
(P.S. I’m a total cliche/cheese lover, please forgive me)

Please tell me what you think! I hope you guys like it!


Chapter 1: If the Shoe Fits…

Adrien was a prince, or at least, that’s what the majority of his classmates believed. And honestly, who wouldn’t? What with his gentlemanly behaviour, excellent manners, dashing good looks, and exquisite charm, anyone could mistaken him for the princely-type, especially his classmates. So, naturally, when Mme. Bustier wrote his name down on the board next to ‘Prince Charming’, he wasn’t all that surprised. Adrien sighed, staring down the board ahead of him with distaste. He knew this was coming, for a whole week he knew, ever since Mme. Bustier made the announcement on Monday.


“This year, your final literature project will be a group effort.” Mme. Bustier spoke with more enthusiasm than usual, which was saying something since she was overall an engaging teacher to begin with. She smiled brightly as she turned to the board and began to write, leaving Adrien to lean forward in his seat, if only out of curiosity for what she’d meant by ‘a group effort’, “And by that I mean the entire class will have to work together to complete it.” She turned from the board then, revealing the underlined words ‘Fairy Tales’ in chalky cursive. 

Adrien assumed the whole class was just as perplexed as he was, but Mme. Bustier didn’t give them much time to dwell, “For our final project, the class will choose a fairy tale, write a script, and perform it as a play for the entire school!” not a second later, a muddled chorus of groans and cheers could be heard from several students in the room, Adrien being one of the few who stayed quiet. But even though he was silent, he could feel a bubbling sensation of giddy excitement at the idea. He’d only ever seen plays, he’d never been part of one, and the idea was suddenly very appealing to him. Though he’d never entertained it before. It took an immense amount of self-control for Adrien to keep himself from jumping in his seat as Mme Bustier continued, 

“There will be plenty of roles other than acting of course. You’ll have to appoint a director and stage manager as well as the writers, cast, and crew, so don’t worry, you don’t have to be onstage. Everything will be up for vote. Today we’ll start with what story you’ll be performing and move on from there. Who has a suggestion?” 

Almost everyone’s hand shot up.

                                                       * * * *

By the end of the period, the class had decided on Cinderella. Or more appropriately, Chloe decided on Cinderella and basically threw a tantrum before everyone eventually agreed, much to Alya’s dismay,

Cinderella?” Adrien watched as Alya gaped, not so speechless, “But it’s so… Vanilla! Bland! Seriously, why not anything else?” Chloe huffed, throwing her ponytail behind her shoulder, 

“Because I would look absolutely fabulous in glass slippers, obviously!” she spoke as though it were common knowledge. Alya was seething after the decision was made, and still was as they began packing up to head home after class, 

“Cinderella… I can’t believe it, I won’t believe it.”

“It’s okay Alya, we’ll make it work.” Marinette offered with a soothing tone. Adrien turned in his seat to join the conversation, trying his best to sound comforting,

“Marinette’s right, we can figure something out, don’t worry about it.” he said with a reassuring smile. He shot the same look at Marinette, but she shied away and turned back to Alya, leaving him a little puzzled. Soon however, his attention returned to the depressed teen hunched over her desk,

“I doubt it, the story is blah and the characters are mediocre at best. I mean come on, perfect girl with no faults whatsoever meets the perfect, boring, prince, they get married and live happily ever after. The End. The cast pretty much decides itself.” 

“How so?” Adrien asked, bag in hand as he stood from his seat. Alya scoffed,

“I thought you of all people could figure that out.” 

“What do y-”

“Oh Prince Charmiiiing!” Adrien spun on his heel toward the voice and was nearly knocked of his feet when Chloe jumped him. She squeezed his neck so hard he thought he might pass out, but after a couple seconds he was released from her cage-like grasp as Chloe pulled away and looked up at him with fluttering eyelashes. Adrien smiled politely despite his need for personal space, “Oh isn’t this perfect Adrikins! I mean really, the gorgeous princess and the dashing prince who falls for her? It’s basically real life!” behind him, Adrien could hear Nino and Alya making audible gagging noises. Slowly it began to dawn on him, Alya’s insinuation becoming clear as Chloe kissed his cheek and ran off, saying something about designer glass shoes.

But by then it was all too late.


Despite knowing that all this time, he still felt the heavy weight of disappointment on his shoulders when he saw his name next to the role. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t the fact that Chloe was pretty much guaranteed to be his love interest that bothered Adrien (well it was part of it). What really bothered him was the role itself. Prince Charming, it made him laugh, what better character for him to play than the one he did every day? It was so typical, so utterly predictable that he should have seen it from the start. It’s not that he wouldn’t do it, but he wanted to be someone different. He spent every day being Prince Charming, a person everyone adored, but no one really knew. A simple character, with no real complications, no faults, no personality. He wanted to be more than Prince Charming, Adrien wanted to be a character who mattered, who made a difference, who was compelling and real. The only time he ever felt like that was when he was soaring pass buildings, saving Paris, and standing next to a certain spotted companion. But he wanted others to see that side of him, and know it was him. The fact that he couldn’t even do that on a stage, made him want to curl in on himself. 

Up until that moment, Marinette had been extremely happy. She was proud that Alya had been voted lead writer for the script, giving her friend a high five the second it was written down, and she was so happy for Nino when he was named the play’s director that she whispered congratulations to him over the desk. When the time came for the cast, Mme. Bustier began with the role of Prince Charming, and Marinette knew immediately who was going to get the role. Of course it was Adrien, it only made sense. Marinette didn’t know anyone in the whole class who could fit it better. Adrien was kind, caring, gentle, selfless, the very picture of princely qualities. 

She wasn’t surprised when he got the part, what surprised her was seeing him visibly hunch over in his chair at the news. Marinette gave him a sympathetic look, clearly he was distressed. And while she didn’t know exactly why, she had a feeling that it had to be more than just Chloe. Looking to her desk with a furrowed brow, Marinette wished to do something, anything to help, but her train of thought was cut off quite suddenly by a high pitched shriek. Her head whipped around at the sound,

“THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!” Chloe practically screeched, standing from her seat, “Absolutely ludicrous!! I DEMAND a recount of the votes!” Marinette, looked between Chloe and her ‘offender’, Mme. Bustier, with confusion. What could’ve turned her so quickly? Mme. Bustier gave Chloe a stern look, her tone was firm, 

“There isn’t anything wrong with the votes Mlle. Bourgeois, I assure you. Now please take a seat.”

“But it’s supposed to be me!”

“Take a seat Chloe.” Mme. Bustier said turning back to the board. And with a frustrated grunt and stomp of her foot, Chloe did just that.

She then sent a seething glare in Marinette’s direction, leaving her quite taken aback. What did she do? She turned away from Chloe feeling perplexed, when Alya suddenly elbowed her side, 

“Way to go girl! Your gonna rock the part!” She said shooting her two thumbs up and doing very little to help Marinette’s confusion, 

“What?” She said earning a ‘you’re joking right?’ expression from her friend, before she pointed toward the blackboard. Marinette turned her gaze to the rows of names on the board, raking her eyes once over the cast list before coming to a dead stop over the row just beneath Adrien’s name.

Cinderella: Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Seiyuu Bible 2017 - CYaRon! Cast Interview

CYaRon! : Takami Chika (Voiced by Inami Anju), Watanabe You (Voiced by Saitou Shuka), Kurosawa Ruby (Voiced by Furihata Ai)

CyaRon! is a group where the individuals within took center stage of LLSS by surpassing their seniors who had debuted two years earlier. It is formed by Takami Chika, Watanabe You and Kurosawa Ruby who is voiced by Inami Anju, and voice actress debutants Saitou Shuka and Furihata Ai respectively.

With the Shuka being the youngest voice-actress in Aqours, what exactly is the charm point of this group of ‘energetic’  young voice-actresses that make up CYaRon! ?

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Author Spotlight: sponsormusings

This feature is a collaboration with panempropaganda and everlarkedalways as part of Panem Propaganda’s 100 Days of Mockingjay: Shipping and Fanfiction.

This interview is a companion piece to an article written for Panem Propaganda, available at X.

With many thanks to panempropaganda, everlarkedalways, and sponsormusings

Graphic by everlarkedalways​. Interview by papofglencoe.

[Ed. note: I have retained the British English spelling in sponsormusings’ answers.]


“She is everything. She has given the fandom not only some of the sweetest AU’s, but she is also a great friend. Social Standing… was so in character, probably more than any [other] AU I’ve read. And… the ending, which I love! It’s the best work of any kind that I’ve read set during that time.” -chele20035

What is so unique or special about Everlark to you?

I think it’s because- both together and individually- they represent overcoming all the odds, overcoming adversity. They represent how the world around us can affect our lives in ways we can never imagine, represent how even one person can make a difference. They represent hope.

Basically, I love them to pieces, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to completely explain why they mean so much to me. I guess over three books, they just crept up on me.

What inspired you to write Everlark fanfiction in the first place?

I think, like so many others, I got to the end of Mockingjay, and I was absolutely desperate for more. I couldn’t remember the last time something had stayed with me so strongly, and while I didn’t actively go looking for fanfiction, when I stumbled upon it, it was like everything inside me said “Yes, this is good.”

Prior to that, it had been over ten years since I’d written something creatively, and while I enjoyed reading other people’s stories, the urge to write reared its head. After such a long dormant period of creativity, I didn’t want to ignore it - I really wanted to follow through with that desire to write. So I did.

What’s your personal favorite of your own fics and why? What inspired it?

This is actually a pretty hard question, because I’m not the most objective when it comes to my own fics! I’ve got a soft spot for a few different ones, for a variety of reasons. But if I had to choose, I would have to say Drifting Between Grey and Blue- mostly because it’s a story I always love writing, and those versions of Katniss and Peeta have come to mean a lot to me. Plus, it allows me to explore and develop the supporting characters, which I enjoy.

I originally started it for Fandom4LLS in 2013 - at the time, I was on holiday in Europe, and I was struggling to come up with an idea for my submission. I had about three different false starts, and then dashed out the opening scene with no idea of what it really was, or where the story would go.

Two days later, I was standing on a sidewalk in Barcelona, staring up at Casa Battló, a house designed by the amazing Antonio Gaudi. Now, my husband is a big art gallery buff- me, I can last about two hours, tops. But standing in front of that building, I just remember thinking, “This is art. Architecture is art. This is my art gallery.” And the idea of Peeta as an architect was like a big lightbulb suddenly turning on. As odd as it may sound, within five minutes, the story had virtually unfolded in my head. It’s grown and expanded since then, but for the most part, a brightly coloured house on Passeig de Gràcia was my primary inspiration in its inception.

What’s the greatest challenge for you to writing Everlark?

I think it’s always a struggle to make sure I keep Everlark in character in a modern AU.  Characterisation is something I really try to focus on a lot, because I cherish these characters as SC wrote them. I’ve agonised at times over my interpretations of Katniss and Peeta, wondering would they really say that/do that/think that/act that way? There is absolutely a sense of flexibility in AUs, of course, because Katniss and Peeta aren’t bound by the rules of Panem and the Games. But to always retain that essence of them can sometimes be a challenge for me.

Plus, you know. Smut. That’s one hell of a struggle, lol.

When you’re pushing the limits of character or situation, what ineffable traits of Katniss and Peeta/Everlark do you keep intact to preserve their characters?

Katniss’ strength, her fierce loyalty, her stubbornness, her need to protect, whether it be herself or those she loves. For Peeta, his innate sense of good, his desire to help others, his charm, his way with words - or sometimes struggling with the loss of them.

What’s your favorite Everlark trope and why?

That would undoubtedly be the ‘Haters to Lovers’ trope! There is nothing my Pride and Prejudice-loving heart craves more than watching Everlark bitch and fight and be snarky with each other, only to be madly in love by the end of the story.

What is an Everlark fanfic that has stayed with you? Why?

I’m going with a sentimental favourite here, simply because it was what led me to finally take that plunge and write. Salanderjade’s The Green and the Gold was the first WiP I ever read back in 2012, and she pulled me in with her beautiful, descriptive words set in a pre-epilogue canon world. She was also the first author I ever reached out to, and as a result, we’re still good friends to this day. So that fic is one that will always stay with me.

Another would be Five Loaves of Bread: Dark Toast, by aimmyarrowshigh. The world building was terrific, the story intriguing, the development between Everlark realistic and when I finished it, it stayed with me for days. But please, I can’t talk about the ending to The Good Wife [from silvercistern’s The Ashes of District Twelve]. Now that has always stayed with me. (Oh no, now I want to cry).

What is your favorite Everlark headcanon or fanon?

Just picking one is an absolute killer! But…I like to think that in Mockingjay, after Katniss had cried herself to sleep when Buttercup returns, that the reason she finds herself in her bed the next morning is because Peeta carried her there. And I like to think that Haymitch was 100% a substitute grandfather, and that the knowledge that the toastbabies would never have the worry of being reaped helped him to heal from a lot of his demons.

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