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Hi! Any highlighter and pens recommendations?

Hi! Here is a little run down of the ones I use: 

  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners - lovely pens, easy to hold/write with, great selection of colours! However the nibs mould a little if you’re heavy handed so it can change how it looks. Definitely something that really annoyed me! I don’t know whether I’d choose them again for in-class note taking due to that however if you’re using them in smaller doses such as for a bullet journal I think they’re great! I’ve seen people recommend the Stabilo fineliners instead, but I’ve never used them so I couldn’t really give an opinion!
  • Staedtler Ballpoint 432 pens - These were my replacements from the fineliners after it got ridiculous to replace every pen I needed because of the nibs. Good range of colours too, super easy to write with, easy to hold. They’ve lasted me a really long time which is great!
  • Pilot G2 0.38 - I love this pen! So smooth, doesn’t smudge and really comfy. It comes in other colours (I only have black) but I’d definitely be tempted to buy a bunch of colours.
  • 0.5 Muji gel pens - These pens are really smooth and nice to write with! I think the majority of the hype about them is warranted but there are just as good pens out there! They’ve got cute colours too! The only problems I’ve had is sometimes the ink seems to stop flowing but then will leave a big blob on the page when it works again.
  • Zebra Mildliners - I love these mildliners! So many nice colours and having two nibs is great for using them to highlight and underline! I have 3 packs (the pastels, the warm and cool). If I were to purchase again, I probably wouldn’t purchase all three packs. The cool pack is probably my favourite colour wise, however the pastels are best for highlighting since some of the others are a little too dark.
  • Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters - great for simple highlighters. Nice selection of the main colours you’d need! They’re thin so they fit nicely in a pencil case. I only had issues with one or two of the nibs breaking off but I think that was my fault! They’re great for not drying out though - they was times I’d leave them open, go back and they’d still work or they’d work again after an hour or so!
  • Kikki K gel pen - Very similar to the Pilot G2. Love it! Comes in many different designs and pack sizes so that’s good!

I also did a detailed swatch test of the Zebra Mildliners and Staedtler Triplus Fineliners which you can see here! I also did a similar rundown of my favourite black pens which you can read on my Instagram here. Hope this helps x

Huntress- Part Two: Family Reunion

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E2, so (duh) warning: SPOILERS

Part One
This is going to be a series I write over the course of Season 12 using the episode plot lines to mix on with my own ideas. This parts particularly long btw I got a tad carried away

Wincing, you turned your head in attempt to look away from the sight but your eyes wouldn’t leave his mangled body. Sam Winchester, your Dad was screaming in pain.
You’d only just met him, but in this situation that didn’t matter. It could of been a complete stranger sat in that chair, in some ways it was, but you still wanted them to be okay. You didn’t want to see anyone else get hurt.

 They dragged a blade down his chest, tracing the rips on his shirt. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, throwing his head back and breathing heavily.
Crimson trickled down him from all the wounds they’d abused onto his body.

Control the pain’ Your Mum’s words ran through your brain as you continued to stare in disgust. You willed him on silently, wanting him to stay as strong as he had so far. What was it Ms Watt had said? “No one can withstand that much pain and not break.”.

You swallowed nervously when Toni paused. It was always more worrying when they’d stopped. The Men Of Letters were unpredictable, if nothing else. She smirked and looked between the pair of you. “Let’s see how much family means to you, shall we?” She declared softly, lifting your Dad’s chin with the tip of the blade before wiping it’s bloody sides on his ripped shirt dyed with blood.

She strode over to you as confident as ever. Your wide eyes watch her.
Her hand hit your face. Just once. One clean hit.
“That’s for getting me into this mess” She hissed as though she wasn’t sure whether she should have sad it. “I don’t like getting my hands dirty.” 

You smile politely “And yet here you are.”

“You’d be dead if it weren’t for my orders.”

“Since when do you follow your orders?!” You argue. It came out more loudly and angrily than you’d expected it to.

She smiled coldly before grabbing your forearm, clearly you’d hit a mark. You grunt in pain as her thumb slowly sank into the stitches she’d given you last week from the bullet wound. Her finger nail dug through the wound as remnants of blood trickled down your arm. Painfully slow, she continued until she reached the bone. You screamed in pain and shut your eyes.


“How about now, Sam?” She called over your gasps, tilting her head in his direction but her eyes never left where she applied the agonising pressure.

Control the pain.

You weren’t looking at him but you knew he still wouldn’t say..and rightfully so. You shook your head just to make sure, to reassure him you were on board with it. 

“I wonder how far we can go. Tell me, would you let her die?”

“Leave her alone.” He growled.

Blood and puss spilled out and along your arm. Toni wiped her hand on a flannel by the sink in the room. “I suggest you prepare yourself. What was it your Mother always said? Control the pain.” She grinned, as if amused by your Mum’s words. As if she knew just how much you wouldn’t be able to

“Believe me I’m trying.” You mumble, catching your breath back and staring down at the broken threads. 

“Hey, are you okay?” You Dad asked form the chair he’d been re-tied to. He’d definitely taken the worst of it today. He had done since he’d arrived. And still he wanted to know if you were okay? Of course you were, anyone would be compared to what pain they were putting him through!

You nodded weakly, staring bleakly at the wound she’d opened up again. Returning his concern, you managed a “You?” 

You didn’t see him smile lightly at this. “Yeah.”

“I’m sorry.” You sigh, leaning against the harsh uneven stones behind you.
“It’s not your fault.” He sounded almost amused by the idea. What could a kid have done to make all this happen? 
If only he knew.
“It kind of is…the only reason they’re interested in you is because of me…” You paused, racking your brain before adding “well, and the whole apocalypse thing.”
He chuckled. Despite everything- he chuckled.
”Not that you’re the only one’s to save the world.” You note.
”Seriously?” He sounded curious. Interested in what you had to say- a first for you. It was strange, to be having something close to a conversation in such a position. Tied up. Chained down. And yet talking.
“Seriously, America isn’t the only place in the world you know. Last known apocalypse threat was in Norway.”
“Right, of course.” He nodded, going along with it.

The room fell silent as you watched the sun rise slowly from the cracks in the barricaded doors. It wasn’t too uncomfortable. Just quiet. Neither of you wanted to say or ask much with the cameras recording it all. You knew he had questions, your Mum always told you how you got your never dying curiosity from your father. Hell, you had questions too but what could you possibly ask? Where to start? 
You hoped he would. for you.

“Look, there’s no easy way to ask this, but…did they…did they…kill your Mom?” He asked, his American accent now more dominant than before.

“…Yeah,” You nod, looking up at him for once “If you step out of line they’re not very forgiving.” You sighed.

“I’m sorry-“ He paused but it still sounded as though he had more to say when the door swung open. Your heads turned to see Toni back, she had that mischievous look to her and you didn’t like it one bit.

“Oh go screw yourself.” Sam spat, making you smirk a little.
“Three Winchesters in one room, it must be my lucky day.” 


She dragged in a tall man, his arms chained much like yours only unattached to the wall. He had a leather jacket, shorter hair and loose jeans complete with combats. A Hunter for sure. Flecks of dirt where speckled across his sweating brow and grass-stains smudged his jeans at the knees where the denim had faded.

“Dean?” Your Dad’s face went ashen. You frowned for a second in thought.
“I’m just as pleased to see him as you are.” She dragged him down the steps and connected his chains to the ceiling.
His face was plastered with anger and regret. No doubt regretting his previous actions.
He’d probably landed on the mark just outside the trapdoors. They teleported trespassers in- which would have been nice to know before you’d planned your escape last week. You were originally on the chair in the room, but after that attempt- which, mind you,would have worked if it weren’t for that teleportation symbol- they chained you up.

You look up at the open door, eyeing a possible escape route before turning your attention back to the man: ‘Dean’.

“I thought you were dead.” Sam looked so relieved you would have thought he’d been released.
“I’m not sure that I’m not” His green eyes fell on you but you were already observing him “Who’s the kid?”

You snort quietly: ‘Kid.’

“That’s uh…my uh…daughter.”

You looked away when Dean stared back at you. You hadn’t noticed Toni getting out a new instrument of torture until now. 

Dean’s face fell to a confused and shocked frown as he looked at you.
“How long was I gone?” Dean joked, busying himself with comedy as he struggled to take it in.
“Not that this isn’t a beautiful family reunion or anything, but I‘d love to get back to the main point here.” Toni smiled, her sinister eyes watching the three of you. “Did you know, Dean. Bodies have certain pressure points of intense pain when prodded. There’s the earlobe, under the belt of course, and my personal favourite: just under the eyelid-”

You gave up listening to her ramble on when you heard the quietest of footsteps. You turn your eyes toward the doorway at the top of the steps and see the shadow of someone. The silhouette was perfectly still and armed with a gun.  You tried to rack through names in your mind to figure out who this was but no one made any sense. It couldn’t be Mick could it? The shadow jolted into motion and swung so they were on their side. This time you could see the body. It was a female, dirty blond hair and angry eyes. She wore a jacket over a t-shirt, jeans, and brown boots. And she was staring directly at you. 

You looked back over to Toni who continuing to talk, prod, and demand answers- oblivious. You looked back at the woman and nodded.

She nodded back before cocking her gun and holding it up to the back of Toni’s head. “Get away from my boys.” She spoke coldly and firmly.
Toni turned to face the woman. “Drop it.” She moved her gun to point at the metal rod and then back to her face.

Toni did.

“…Mom?” Your Dad stared in shock at this rescuer. 
“Yeah, I know.” Dean nodded, smirking at his brother.

Toni continued to stare.
The woman stepped forward and kicked her to the floor. “That’s the ground.”
Never lowering her firearm, she stepped backwards and found the keys to your chains. She glanced over to you, as if considering whether she could in fact trust you or not. Without any more hesitation, she tossed them to you and you caught them despite the chains. You unlocked your left, then your right, the cold metal finally falling away from your wrists.

You jumped to your feet, instantly into fight-mode.
Careful to avoid the radius Toni could reach, you stepped around her and unlocked the chains so Dean was free. As you pressed the key into the lock you heard the shouts of the women. A gunshot. Another shout. Punches. A kick.
You tried to drown out the distractions, there could be a gun aimed directly at the back of your head for all you knew at that moment. A millisecond away from death. But you had to free them before you could worry about yourself.
Finally, the chain’s unlocked and you caught a “..Thanks, Kid…” as he raced to join the fight, his hand patting your shoulder for a second as he rushed past. You avoided them and grabbed a knife from the table in the corner to cut your Father free.

Just as expected, Dean and the lady had the upper hand…but Toni slit the palm of her hand with the metal and suddenly the lady fell to the floor. She clasped her hands round her throat and gasped for air. “Stop the spell.” Dean practically screamed.
“If you kill me, you die with her.” Toni smirked, manipulation was something she enjoyed a little too much.
You shook your head, knowing the truth and strode over to Toni, knife still in hand. She watched you, her face becoming more and more worried as you neared. You ignored Dean’s warnings for you to stay back. A small smile crept on your face and only one thought was on your mind: revenge. 

Raising the blade, you stabbed it straight through her palm and into the wall behind her- preventing her from moving any closer. She screamed in pain and thrashed her free hand out to try and punch you. You blocked with ease, twisting her hand round until a small crack sounded. She screamed once more.
Revenge? Tick.

“Oi! Leave her” A London accent filled the room. You noted the point of authority he used to hold over you and you shook your head in disbelief before turning round and glaring at him. “Alright.” You greet coldly. 
You step back from Toni at your own accord. Hovering between joining your Father and remaining solo.
You didn’t notice your Dad step towards you.

Mick looked at you with disappointment. He had the audacity to look down at you as iif they were your orders to ignore or as if it was your mission to fail.  He walked over to Toni, pulling your blade from her hand. She cried out. “You had specific orders, Bevell,”
He wiped the blade and set it back down on the table before turning to face your Father, his brother, and his Mother. “I’m sorry about Bevell, Lads. I really am. She’ll be dealt with back in London, trust me.”
You wondered if he meant that or not. You wondered if you could ever trust him again. 

You wondered if you’d ever get the chance.

“And Sam, Y/N’s your problem now. I don’t particularity give a damn whether you want her or not but she’s not use to us anymore…” You look down at this, you’d thought maybe he meant what he’d told you before. Apparently not. 
You were just another tool to gain America’s trust. 

The rest of what he said was what you’d heard him practice a thousand times. You could have listened, but what was the point? You’d learnt the entire speech at this point. You could recite it for him if he was that desperate. But, something told you he wasn’t.

The one thing you’d failed to notice thus far was a stiff figure stood close to Dean. He had a long tan-coloured trenchcoat, white shirt, and blue tie. He looked strangely formal- it suited him.
You looked at the man, who was watching Mick with a small frown on his face. 
Who was he? And why didn’t he look quite right? There was something slightly odd about him that made him different from the rest of you…but what?

When Mike had finished his proposal and left you felt the room fall to silence. How many eyes were on you?
Sighing, you make your way over to the table and open up the draw. Maybe they’d left it behind for you.

“So she’s your…kid?” Dean asked, clearly not picking up on the fact that you didn’t appreciate the use of the word.
“..Uh, yeah. Her Mum was uh, before I met Jess. I had no idea…” Your Dad said what anyone would have said. About how shocked they were to have found out. But you were to busy rummaging through the draws to find it.
Despite the tense atmosphere, you smiled to yourself when you saw it- your Mum’s pistol. She’d left it to you and it was the one thing the Men Of Letters respected as rightfully yours, no questions asked. You checked the ammo to make sure none had been used before tucking it in your jacket and finally looking up.

As suspected, four pairs of curious eyes were on you. You shifted awkwardly, unable to stare back any longer.
“We should get going.” The man who you still didn’t know declared. His voice was deep and gruff, but sympathetic also. 
You were too tired to question anything.
“Yeah, come on.” Dean nodded, steering past you to the stairs and open doorway. The Lady followed. The man in the trench-coat was next. Then your Father.
But unlike the others, your Dad stopped in the doorway.
“You coming?” He asked, smiling encouragingly.
You were taken back by this. After everything, all the vague pieces of information Mick and Toni offered and their obvious associations with you and yet he still wanted you.

“You mean…you actually want me to come?” You ask quietly, finally understanding the feeling of being wanted. A man who you barely new was willing to accept you into his household. Hell, you were even from different countries.
“Y/N,” He took in a deep breath, this was the first time he’d said your name “You’re my daughter..” He stepped down so he was closer to you “Of course I do.”
He tilted his head back slightly to gesture you out of the room “Come on then, let’s go.” His arm loosely held your back as he gently took you away from the room.  

Huntress- P3: I Have To Go

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You know what’s a tragically under-appreciated movie? Flushed Away. The story kind of wanders off through about three only marginally related versions of the plot, but that’s okay, because this movie has the following:

  • Gratuitous singing slugs. They never do anything of any note, but the movie wouldn’t be half as much fun without them.
  • Fabulous details. Everything in the main body of the story is built out of garbage and it’s wonderful. The background is also full of little jokes and references you have to keep your eyes open to spot. My favourite is Han Solo’s cameo (he’s in the fridge).
  • A number of well-known actors enjoying themselves mightily, including Ian McKellan, who sounds like this is the most fun he has ever had without Patrick Stewart.
  • Brilliant use of Dancing With Myself
  • British, French, and American stereotypes both employed and parodied to great effect.
  • Good old-fashioned Looney Tunes-style cartoon violence.
  • A joke involving a cell phone and a mime that literally reduced me to hysterical tears. It goes on and on and somehow just gets funnier and funnier. The movie is worth watching for this gag alone.
Dad’s Little Shadow - YOI Single Dad AU

Yuri - Age Four
Yuuri - Age Twenty-Two

“Nik, I’ll be doing some shopping later. If you want anything, remember to add it to my list.” Yuuri said while walking passed Nikolai Plisetsky, who sat comfortably in the lounge rooms’ main armchair.

The Russian let out a grunt in response, glancing up briefly to see Yuuri walking passed with a basket of laundry in his arms. Not even three steps behind him was Yuuri’s current little shadow. Yuri followed behind his father as fast as his little fit could carry him, hugging his favourite stuffed tiger close as he did so.

Nikolai chuckled as he set the newspaper he had been reading previously down to watch his grandson following his father around like a lost chick for a couple of minutes.

Yuuri finally came to a stop in the lounge room and sat himself down on the couch, the basket of washing that had been previously in his hands was gone and replaced with a sewing kit and one of Yuri’s stuffed toes.

Yuri was such a small boy for a four-year-old, and always had been. Nikolai worried slightly for his grandson, who paused at the edge of the couch and stared up at the spot beside his father for a moment before attempting to lift himself up with one hand.

The small blonde struggled for a moment before letting out a huff of annoyance at his failure. The blonde set his stuffed tiger on the couch and attempted once again with two hands. The boy almost had it too, but seemed to slip at the last moment.

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when Yuuri caught the boy before he could hit the ground and pulled him up onto the couch.

“I do it, dad.” The blonde huffed, but quickly collected his stuffed toy and settled into his father’s side.

“I know, tiger, I know.” Yuuri hummed as he set to work repairing the stuff toy that had somehow fallen apart the day before.

Nikolai couldn’t help the smile that rose to his lips as he returned to his newspaper. His two Yuri’s were just adorable, especially when they were together.

Part One 
Single Dad AU

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Which Eddsworld character in Saloonatics was the most fun to draw? (I love all of them, personally, but Matt is my favorite out of the main three)

my favourite characters to draw was matt and marco for the shape language

At the time, there were nine of us working out of my house. And my neighbours kept calling the police on me to tell them I was dealing drugs or something. The police officers would come to the house and we’d invite them in to play test the games.

-Artix, AQWorld’s BattleCon 2013 Virtual Panel. Here.

This is quite possibly my favourite Artix Entertainment story ever.

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*whispers* Headcanons for the main three in a Pokemon universe? (Please and thank you :3)


this has been one of my favourite things to write :’)



  • WALLACE 2.0 OK
  • he and his pokemon are absolutely maJESTIC
  • extravagant outfiTS
  • totally best buddies with wallace and robert and dome ace tucker 
  • this man knows how to make his pokemon look stUNNING no matter what
  • young protagonists everywhere look up to him
  • celebrITY STATUS
  • this man was just born to be one ok it transcends fictional universes

Yuuri K

  • aspiring pokemon trainer
  • he doesn’t care how big or strong his pokemon are, he just wants them to be healthy and happy and doing their best for him
  • spends sO MUCh quality time with them; brushes their fur or cleans their claws etc
  • this bby knows his shit ok
  • he knows what berries can be found where, what they can be used for and where to find them
  • he’s v a much a brock
  • probably doesn’t win the league or become a champion but he tries his best every time and he supports his pokemon the entire journey
  • probably tests out contests too and finds that they suit him more
  • tries this for a while as well as does well at it but can’t win top coordinator 
  • might get runner up though
  • decides through his journeys that competitions and fighting just wasn’t for him and that he just wanted to be around pokemon
  • settles down as a breeder
  • all the pokemon adoRE him and his pokemon help him out around the place

Yuri P

  • grumpy ass kid who’s only goal is to win the pokemon league
  • heLLBENT on winning so he can challenge the elite for and champion
  • he just wants to be #1
  • like he’ll be walking one day and he’ll see an absol and he scREAMS internally bc omg i want it to be my friend
  • his pokemon 300% respect him as a trainer bc he takes sucH good care of them alright and he’s v encouraging and spends a lot of time trying to help them improve
  • trains sO hard
  • travels alone but he’s fine bc people are irritation, pokemon are not
  • pokemon > people
  • watching his starter evolve and grow makes him swell with pride
  • he looks back on his pokemon’s progress a lot and he just feels warm and fuzzy inside when he thinks about how far they have come as a team
  • will probably see viktor on tv one day doing a contest and he’ll just become mesmerised bc his performance is so beautiful yet so powerful and intimidating and the battles that he participates in make yuri sit on the edge of his seat
  • sets a new goal that after he wins the pokemon league, he will also participate in contests
  • he thrIVES in contests
  • this child knows how to show off his pokemon and make them look badass
  • battling is his favourite thing and he is vERy good at it
  • v aggressive battler
  • he doesn’t do too much defence or setting up; he’s more about big attacks that will finish off his opponent

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hey! just wondering what your top recommendations for stationery are? like if you had to name the very best you like :P x

Hi! This is a list of everything I currently use or have used and my thoughts on them. Most of the things I use I do really like and would recommend! I’ve listed a few of my thoughts on each so you can weigh up the pros and cons to see what you think!

  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners - lovely pens, easy to hold/write with, great selection of colours! However the nibs mould a little if you’re heavy handed so it can change how it looks. Definitely something that really annoyed me! I don’t know whether I’d choose them again for in-class note taking due to that however if you’re using them in smaller doses such as for a bullet journal I think they’re great! I’ve seen people recommend the Stabilo fineliners instead, but I’ve never used them so I couldn’t really give an opinion!
  • Staedtler Ballpoint 432 pens - These were my replacements from the fineliners after it got ridiculous to replace every pen I needed because of the nibs. Good range of colours too, super easy to write with, easy to hold. They’ve lasted me a really long time which is great!
  • Pilot G2 0.38 - I love this pen! So smooth, doesn’t smudge and really comfy. It comes in other colours (I only have black) but I’d definitely be tempted to buy a bunch of colours.
  • 0.5 Muji gel pens - These pens are really smooth and nice to write with! I think the majority of the hype about them is warranted but there are just as good pens out there! They’ve got cute colours too! The only problems I’ve had is sometimes the ink seems to stop flowing but then will leave a big blob on the page when it works again.
  • Zebra Mildliners - I love these mildliners! So many nice colours and having two nibs is great for using them to highlight and underline! I have 3 packs (the pastels, the warm and cool). If I were to purchase again, I probably wouldn’t purchase all three packs. The cool pack is probably my favourite colour wise, however the pastels are best for highlighting since some of the others are a little too dark.
  • Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters - great for simple highlighters. Nice selection of the main colours you’d need! They’re thin so they fit nicely in a pencil case. I only had issues with one or two of the nibs breaking off but I think that was my fault! They’re great for not drying out though - they was times I’d leave them open, go back and they’d still work or they’d work again after an hour or so!
  • Kikki K gel pen - Very similar to the Pilot G2. Love it! Comes in many different designs and pack sizes so that’s good!

Hope this helps xx

I’ve just finished the most recent novel by my favourite author @cassandraclare (and her lovely friend Holly Black) and I loved it! 
That plot twist at the end man..shocking stuff XD

Anyway, these are my doodle designs of the main three characters along with the fabulous Jasper deWinter. Because I love me a sulky asshole (or I suspect a not so asshole)

I shoulda drawn Drew too.
I like Drew…

I’d definitely check it out!

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What books should I try to understand Victorian literature better?

I’m assuming this is because I posted that screenshot of my English Literature notes, is it not? I’ll do my best since the course has started only two weeks ago!

My personal favourites from the Victorian period are of course “Jane Eyre”, by Charlotte Brontë; “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë; “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell; Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poetry; and I’ve always been meaning to read “Middlemarch” by George Eliot (pseudonym for Mary Ann Evans) and “Villette” by Charlotte Brontë, as well as Anne Brontë’s works.

Charles Dickens is, in my opinion, quite fundamental as far as understanding the Victorian Age goes, and although it was published too early (1818), “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelley “sets the scene a bit dramatically”, to borrow my friend’s @percybysshes‘ words.

On the philosophical side of things, I’d mention John Stuart Mill, and let me give a shout out to my favourite art kids: THE PRE-RAPHAELITE BROTHERHOOD.

Across the pond we had during this time, just to mention a few: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hermann Melville, and (my babe) Walt Whitman.

If you’re interested in what was happening in Italian Literature doing that time, I give you: my main man, my fave, my bae, Alessandro Manzoni (think Victor Hugo, but with a cooler mom*), who wrote “I Promessi Sposi” (“The Betrothed”); Giacomo Leopardi, a poet who wrote a great many beautifully depressing poems; Giovanni Verga, “verismo” (realist literary current) novelist; just to cite three greats. 

*Giulia Beccaria, daughter of the great Cesare Beccaria, and cool as fuck. I’m in love.

Finally, our reading list for my university course (which also stretches beyond the Victorian age) is:

  • Norton Anthology of English Literature, volumes E and F
  • Oscar Wilde, “The Happy Prince” and “The Fisherman and his Soul”, “The Importance of Being Earnest”, “The Preface to Dorian Gray”, “Dorian Gray”
  • James Joyce, “Dubliners”
  • Kathrine Mansfield, “The Garden Party”
  • Joseph Conrad, “’Twixt Land and Sea”
  • Rudyard Kipling, “Kim”
  • Virginia Woolf, “The Mark on the Wall”
  • George Orwell, “1984″
  • Alan Sillitoe, “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner”, “Saturday Afternoon”
  • Thomas Hardy, “During Wind and Rain”, “Neutral Tones”, “The Convergence of the Twain”, “Ah, Are You Digging on my Grave”
  • W.B. Yeats “Innisfree”, “Sailing to Byzanthium”, “The Tower”, “An Irish Airman Foresees His Doom”
  • T.S. Eliot, “The Waste Land”
  • Dylan Thomas “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”, “A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London”
  • Derek Walcott “The Schooner Flight”
  • Samuel Beckett, “Endgame”

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you read any of these and like them :)


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Do you have any Calum Hood fic recs?

Do I have any Calum Hood fic recs? Look who you’re talking to!

  1. Afraid by sugarplumluke on Wattpad.
    “Calum, why is everyone in this town so afraid of you?” [this isn’t scary i promise]
    Basically this is my all-time favourite fic. I’ve read it three times and counting. I don’t want to spoil anything, so please just go read it. I am so in love.
  2. Bridesmaid by cnrwalsh on Wattpad.
    “Always the maid, but never the bride.”
    This is my second fav Calum fic because it’s so well-written. Goddamn, the talent of these people. Um basically the main girl went to school with Cal and he was mean to her and she was in love with him, the usual, but then a few years after they both participate in the same wedding and it turns out Calum isn’t an ass anymore. That’s all I’m gonna give you lmao.
  3. Prince by michael on Wattpad.
    “But maybe you’re hoping for a fairy tale, too.”
    I’m not sure how to explain this one. It’s not exactly your standard fic and it’s quite short. It’s written in letter form from what I can remember (I haven’t read it in a while) but, honestly, it’s just beautiful.
    WARNING: If you don’t want to cry, don’t fucking read this. Please.
  4. Pervert by band-nudes on Wattpad.
    ❝He’s a hormonal teenager, he flaunts it.❞ ❝She’s just too uptight for him.❞
    This one’s pretty dirty and there’s a lot of foul language. The author’s first language is not English so it’s not perfect but, considering everything, she’s done a pretty damn bang-up job.

I haven’t read anything on Tumblr just yet, but maybe I will soon. Haha

Why the finale ruined my favourite character Barney Stinson and the premise of character development

Okay so after 24 hours, and reading some really spot-on bad reviews about HIMYM’s finale, I think I can finally wrap my head around why I was so ridiculously angry (and tbh I’m still seething quite a bit) yesterday upon reading spoilers of the finale. I did not even watch the whole thing. I just scanned through the episode, merely to make myself believe that all the spoilers I read were actually true. I cringed, actually cringed, upon seeing the kids say that Ted “still has the hots for Aunt Robin”. I shut my computer screen at that very moment, in fact. I couldn’t bear to watch it.

My two favourite characters in the entire series are Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky. Robin is very dear to my heart because I consider myself the “Robin” in my circle of friends. One of my friends even joked that I was a lot like her, having studied journalism, and acting more ‘masculine’ than ‘feminine’ in some ways. Robin is such a strong female character, and her development as an individual is crucial, so good for her, particularly in seasons 6-8. A very excellent meta has already been posted about women and how the finale completely and utterly destroyed the characters of Robin, Lily and Tracy, so I encourage you to go read that.

On a side note, the more and more I think about it, even what Robin uttered to Ted about wanting to run away with him was a foreshadowing that the writers were going full circle with the ending (because honestly no matter which way you look at it, what Robin said to Ted about “let’s run away together/everything Barney does are lies” in 9x22 is completely OUT OF CHARACTER considering what she has come to accept is Barney). But I didn’t want to believe it, because that would have been the most idiotic writing decision on the planet. Stupidly, however, the writers actually are idiotic enough to make that decision. So many reviewers and metas have pointed out that going full circle is the most irrational decision to make simply because it no longer makes sense. It is ILLOGICAL, and it completely DESTROYS everything they built the characters out to be for the last nine years.

But above all, if I had to choose, Barney is my favourite, and this is the reason why I’m writing this post. Barney has been a truly phenomenal three-dimensional character, especially if you project his growth since season 1. Neil Patrick Harris won my heart the moment I saw him being a womanising goofball in a sharp suit, and even more so when he was able to, time and time again, portray such complex emotions through this one character. Simply put, he is my favourite because he is the one who has, truly, undergone the most drastic and significant character development out of all five main characters on the show. He has gone from womaniser to committed and thoughtful man. He has discovered who he really is, why he was who he was, kicked his bad habits, and changed; not just because he loves Robin, but because his friends (Lily is one big advisor) have pushed him to see that he can be who he is, deep down, but also be a better person at the same time. And he has done exactly that.

He is, even to the end of the show, in 9x22, the Barney we remember, but a completely different and changed person as a whole. He does crazy things like writing a whole thesis of vows and breathing into a brown bag upside down because he is hyperventilating. But then he has already become a better person, so instead of doing something dumb like running away, he stays, and he admits that he wants to be honest to Robin. The vow he made to Robin came out of the heart of a man whose life has changed, whose character has changed, PERMANENTLY. That kind of change is not thrown out the window, and more importantly, the kind of love that he has for Robin does not die just because distance or time stands in the way. The amount of affection he demonstrated towards Robin over the course of season 5-9 has been astounding to the point that we as fans are made to truly believe with every ounce of emotion we’ve got, that these two are destined, forever. Not just for a period of time, that they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Why else would he say that “The Robin” is the last play he would ever run? Why else would he pass on his “Playbook” legacy to two other men to ‘carry it on’? Why else would he admit that he has been broken for a very long time, until Robin came along? Why else would he propose to Robin, if he did not want to be with her for the rest of his life? Why else would he say that he does not need a story to believe in true love anymore, because now he has Robin? Why else would he fight for her and actually even look out for her, to make sure she could stay in New York, and be there for her when she needed someone? All that time, all those moments, everything he did for Robin, was because he really loves her. And don’t you dare tell me that their love is not strong enough to withstand distance and time. I understand that in reality, the divorce rate is very high and more people are getting divorced. And yes, distance can cause difficulty in relationships. So can time. But if you look, just look at what TIME has spanned from the start to the stupid-i-don’t-accept-this-finale ending they gave Barney and Robin, and how across time, their feelings have not changed, their chemistry has not faded, and they have kept loving each other, though they were separated, though they were apart from each other, despite the DISTANCE put between them, and the high stakes, the challenges, the obstacles in their faces. So if we look at ALL THAT, which is a giant and huge pile, mind you, and see with clear eyes that they have withstood all those tests put in front of them, then how can the writers expect us, as fans, to buy the story that they oh, just divorced, and it was no freaking big deal at all. SERIOUSLY? As a HUGE, and I mean, HUGE, fan of those two being together, it was not just a giant slap in the face, it was an evil laugh, a bloody stab in the back, an atrocious ignorance of everything they have put Barney and Robin through, both individually and collectively.

And it’s not just what they put Barney and Robin through as a couple; it’s what they did to Barney Stinson in the finale. It is so insulting of them to make Neil act through his last few scenes as a man who threw his whole life away and went back to his womanising ways, effectively shattering his entire character development across nine years, and make him look like a misogynist and have an illegitimate child, on top of trying to RE-redeem him in the space of less than 60 minutes. From what I’ve seen, Neil has not yet said anything in response to the finale, and I’m really not surprised if he is not completely happy with the ending they have decided to give Barney Stinson, who honestly is the award-winning character of the show.

Character development is the most important thing in any show, to me. If any show lacks a consistency in character development, I immediately feel like leaving the show. HIMYM, to me, demonstrated this very well through Barney, and that, really, above all, is the reason why I stuck by the show from seasons 6 to 9. I only started watching the pilot when season 5 was airing. So think of it this way; the fact that they invalidated all of Barney’s character development to satisfy some personal fantasy and premature plan of theirs is proof that they do not value character development, and that they do not valuethe characters themselves which they have built and created over nine years. So many people have said that the journey is always more important than the ending, because the journey precedes the ending. If the journey is the most important thing to the writers, they would have realised that the ending cannot be what they planned nearly a DECADE ago. Because the journey took them down a different path. A GOOD DIFFERENT PATH, may I add. So if they KNEW THAT, they would not have executed this ending despite having filmed it, despite having the vision for it, 8 years ago.

Storytelling is a fluid process. The best writers write stories as they go along. They make sketches, outlines, rough plans, but the plan is still flexible. It’s there, but it can change. There must be allowance for transformation in time. Because Bays and Thomas, themselves, as writers, would also have changed. Therefore the stories SHOULD rightfully change as THEY themselves change. And IT DID, but AT THE VERY END, they unbelievably, foolishly, astoundingly decided to forget the entire journey they had gone through, as writers and with the characters. And honestly, this is the part that makes me so incredibly outraged.

From what I’ve read online, even Ted/Robin fans are upset with how they’ve ended the show. Now doesn’t that SAY SOMETHING? I can’t imagine how horrible and devastating and ludicrous this finale must be to result in such a response from even the fans of Ted/Robin. It’s clear that even fans of Ted/Robin can see that how they ended the show made absolutely no sense. It’s the stupidest thing in the entire world right now, and I can say that forever, from this day forward, if anyone wants to reference WORST WRITERS OF TV or WORST FINALE OF A TV SHOW, they will first mention How I Met Your Mother. And how stupid it is, to have such a loved and supported show, end on a note that destroys not only their characters, but the reputation and the quality of all its nine seasons? To have just 60 minutes erase all the credibility of their previous episodes, to have 60 minutes cause all the fans and everyone who has ever heard of HIMYM to now think of the show in the worst possible way?  And for me, a person who considers shows like TVD and GG to have the worst TV writers on the face of planet earth, to say that HIMYM trumps all the bad shows as having the worst writers ever, is an abomination. It is an absolute disgrace.

I want Carter and Craig to acknowledge everything the fans and TV reviewers have said about the show that point out every single little detail they have done in this finale that is DOWNRIGHT WRONG. I want them to SEE IT, READ IT, and REALISE THEIR MISTAKES. Because I don’t really care if they career ends right now, or if HIMYD fails, or whatever. I really don’t care about them. But I care to see justice served for the fans, and for the beautiful fictional characters of this show, that is Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney and Tracy. For them to make even Ted go back on his word that he does not love Robin anymore in 9x22 is the most contradictory thing I have seen on television. And the reason I want to see justice for the characters is because stories live forever. They live on in our minds, in our hearts, in the fictional universe we create for them. And by gorge, even if we as fans remember these six characters in the best way possible as we had hoped for them, I won’t be satisfied until the writers of How I Met Your Mother apologise for the selfish, thoughtless ending they have given their millions of fans.


Requested to do a part 2 to the original //ugly face but good music taste. and my face before I get spammed again about it lol - SO like last time 30 songs off shuffle !!


1. Immortals - Fall Out Boy 

2. How - The Neighborhood 

3. Angels and Demons - Front Porch Step 

4. If I’m Lucky - State Champs

5. Guts - All Time Low 

6. BLISS - The Maine 

7. Attack - 30 seconds to mars 

8. Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon 

9. Feels like Forever - Of Mice of Men 

10. Stay - Mayday Parade 

11. The only reason - 5 seconds of summer 

12. Pretty Little Girl - Blink-182

13. gone forever - Three Days Grace 

14. Go to hell for heaven’s sake - Bring me the Horizon 

15. Drama Queen - Green Day 

16. All signs point to Lauderdale - All Day to Remember 

17. Grow up and Be Kids - The Cab 

18. Poppin Champagne - All time Low

19. Disconnected (Live) - Livesos - 5 seconds of summer 

20.  Jaws on the floor - You me at six 

21. Go Go Go - Sleeping with the Sirens 

22. Fences - Paramore 

23. Always Summer - Yellowcard 

24. Pressure - The 1975 

25. Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate

26. Pretender - Foo Fighters 

27. The part that hurts the most - Thousand foot Krunch 

28. Sunset - The xx 

29. my favourite thing - Tonight alive 

30. Elevated - State Champs 


 be sure to tell me what you think xx 

16 Days of Outlander - Day 8 - 1x08 - Both Sides Now

What? This isn’t the episode’s title card, you say? Rubbish. It’s clearly Frank in the bar, consoling himself after the Reverend’s outlandish theories of Claire’s disappearance.

(Intentional reference? Probably not, but it tickles me so here it is.)

Episode 8 fav’s:

Favourite costume: Hugh’s. He looks like a scarecrow crossed with a teddy bear crossed with a war vet, and it’s great.

(Apparently there’s an old sports medal in amongst the gaberlunzies. Can you spot it?)

(Personally I think it’s hiding behind that red ribbon.)

Favourite lines: I have two happy ones and one terrifying one. Let’s do happy first.

1) “It’s often something like this…but no, this isn’t usual. It’s different.” 

I love Jamie for asking, cause I’m sure he knows the answer for himself, so what he’s really asking is whether this intensity of feeling has ever happened before for her specifically. In doing so, he forces her to confront something she’s been trying to ignore, namely that what she has with Jamie isn’t just infatuation, it’s a whole lot deeper. This marks a step in their relationship, and it’s the second step towards admitting they love each other (The first being Jamie giving her the pearls on their wedding night and telling her she’s as special to him as all that remains to him of his mother, and then her reciprocating by initiating the love-making. The third is the “I am your master and you’re mine” from 1x09. The fourth is them trying so hard to secure their future (in the form of a pardon for Jamie) from 1x10. The fifth is Jamie giving her up at the Stones and her choosing to remain with him. The sixth and most obvious is their exchange of “I love you”s in Lallybroch. The seventh and final (of the season) is Jamie sacrificing himself to BJR to save Claire, and then Claire rescuing and fighting for his life and soul in the aftermath. The progression of their relationship is really amazing, and I’m 100% here for a couple that starts off as an arranged marriage and ends up going to hell and back for each other.)

(The second step is admitting you have a problem.)

2) “I feel like God himself when I’m inside ye.” 

Jamie’s religiousness is something that’s downplayed a bit in the show, but it’s quite an important part of him. This scene is so lovely and sweet, yet also so profound, given that he basically just told her that making love with her amounts to nothing short of a religious experience for him.

3) “But of course, the Duke has never been married.” Claire had such a good plan, and she carried it out so well, with her confident tying of BJR’s stock and gathering her cloak to stroll out. Sadly BJR is also smart, and he recovered from the shock of her Sandrigham name-drop fast enough to realise it might be a lie and call her bluff. We’re waiting for the other shoe to drop as soon as he mentions the Duchess, and when he opens that drawer and takes out the drop, before finally confirming our fears, I finally let out my breath only to yell NO! NONONONONONO at my computer screen.  

(She did almost everything right, starting with immediately taking his seat, commanding the situation. Minus accepting his wine. Claire. Did we not learn this lesson in 1x02?)

(Then casually tossing in Sandrigham and his protection of BJR)

(Then cockily tying a story around his neck, elaborating that she knows of his connection cause she too is under Sandringham’s wing and inhibiting her actions would bring down Sandringham’s wrath. Initially it looks like he does believe her, but then she keeps going and he looks quite nervous.)

(Walking right out like she owns the place.)

(Wait. A new card is in play.)

(Claire falls for it hook, line, and Sassesunk.)

(The sheer terror in her eyes when she realizes she’s trapped with him and his rope. I wanted to jump through the screen and punch him out. Thank goodness Jamie saved me the trouble in 1x09.)

Favourite scene: Well I talk about my favourite scenes in every other category herein, so to recap/preview, my main three are Jamie and Claire’s picnic, Claire and Frank running up the hill, and Claire and BJR’s verbal poker game. I do like all of the cuts between Frank and Jamie & Claire too. The first being the “My wife is not with another man”, cut to Claire with Jamie. And the second occuring after the meeting with Hugh, when Claire looks at her rings while hugging Jamie, cut to Frank wearing his ring.

(Nice touch, cutting to Frank after focusing on Jamie’s ring.)

Another scene I loved was Claire learning defend herself, and everyone joining in the lesson, whether as teacher,

provider of classroom materials,


or peanut gallery/cheerleading team.

(As with the wedding night, we see the community coming together to support Jamie and Claire, or really in this case just Claire. The gist of it is that community’s important.)

With special mention of the class clown.

(So now we know how old that one is!)

Favourite performance: Tough, but I’m gonna go with Tobias, because of the anger he displays as Frank in the alley. He manages to portray this in a way that’s brutal, but quite different than BJR, which you can tell from the mechanicalness of his motions. He’s snapped briefly, but he’s not a crazy psychopath. He doesn’t enjoy it; he’s horrified that he’s capable of such violence. Other reasons for choosing Tobias: the sorrow and despair he shows so nicely when Mrs. Graham is telling Frank about the Stones and he realizes that this is it, Claire’s never coming back. 

Him dejectedly leaving, closing the door on his life with Claire.

The final burst of grief, and then letting go at the Stones.

Compare that with BJR also being quite unsettled by Claire this episode.

(They’re mirror images; two very different sides of the same coin.)

It’s a nice touch that Frank is looking for Claire in this episode, but it’s BJR who finds her, or at least his underlings do, and he ends up with her.

(Sadly when Claire tossed the coin it came up Black Jack.)

(I mean, I’m not sad she didn’t reunite with Frank, but I can’t be happy she’s still here given that that resulted in her assault and near-rape. Again.)

(Okay so part of this is his performance, and part of it is the writing & directing of the scenes with him. Ya done did good everybody.)

Runner up, Caitriona. Going abruptly from joy to fear,

and then confidence/cockiness to terror

has gotta be a challenge, and she nails the hell out of it.

Favourite book-to-screen adaptation: “I’ll thank ye te take yer hands off my wife.”

Normally I’m not a fan of the classic hero rescuing the damsel in distress, but given that we already know Claire’s made of sterner stuff, and she’s already made a pretty damn good show of trying to get herself out of this, I’ll accept it. I’ll happily accept it, because I can’t handle Claire in danger.

Favourite “this wasn’t in the book” part: Frank and Claire running towards each other at Craigh na Dun

I think it’s pretty clear that this has less to do with Frank and more to do with Claire’s recent trauma. This is the tail-end of Claire’s shock response. She’s been through absolute insanity since coming through the Stones, and now she’s been assaulted and forced to kill a man. It’s the finally straw, and when she sees the Stones, the possibility of her old life, she snaps. She runs towards Frank and the comfort of what she knows. And – to be fair – towards a safer time. In her mind, she may be thinking she’s only thinking of Frank, but that’s the guilt and trauma talking. You can bet your butt that all the factors I’ve just talked about that are underlying that simple cry of “Frank!”

Fav’s/recap continued in part 2, due to length. To be posted later today.

Favourite Author Sunday

So today is 14th August, and that makes it Favourite Author Sunday! 

I managed to shorten my list of favourites to three authors. It was very difficult. This took over an hour of thought and consideration. All the fics I have linked are AUs, and all have destiel as the main pairing.

Author: Violue @violue

Favourite fics: The Unwavering Heart of a Winchester, The Complete Works of Emmanuel Allen, Carnival Oasis series

What I like about them: The stories are rich and emotive, and they feel very real. Characterisations are close to canon, which I like, but adapted to AUs in organic ways. No one feels out of place. Generally, the stories are about everyday drama instead of the life-or-death kind. Most have a very domestic feel, focusing on the relationships between people rather than big world-shaking events.

Author: Ltleflrt @ltleflrt

Favourite fics: Cursed or Not, Kiss the Baker, Satin and Sawdust

What I like about them: The stories tend to be long, novel length on average, with a novels-worth of character development and drama. The angst is well-written, sympathetic and believable, and the characters react in realistic ways to miscommunication, vandalism and jealousy. The smutty parts are also well-written, and they vary enough to stay interesting. By the time the reader makes it to the ending, they are fully invested in the fates of the main characters.

Author: Dangerousnotbroken @shennanigoats

Favourite fics: Unsolicited, I Can Make You Scared, Red Flags and Long Nights

What I like about them: The stories are offbeat, taking some of the more bizarre tropes and clichés and transforming them into something new. The writing is quirky, mixing angst and fluff liberally. The drama is created by human mistakes or ruminations, and the settings feel real. The sex scenes are explicit and enthusiastic, and the relationships are very loving.

So that is a little about my favourite Supernatural authors! I hope you all check them out!

Everything I love about Agent Carter so far, aka everything:

  • Peggy kicking everyone’s asses
  • Peggy defending other girls
  • Peggy totally embracing her femininity and using said femininity as, essentially, a weapon
  • Peggy running circles around p much all her male co workers
  • Actual puppy Edwin Jarvis
  • Jarvis’s domesticity
  • Disabled war veteran as a main character (Agent Sousa) who is also grossed out by his misogynistic fellow male agents
  • The accurate representation of post WWII America and how grossly misogynistic it was
  • Specifically the accurate representation of misogynistic post WWII America from the eyes of the actual women experiencing just how shitty it was 

But perhaps my favourite, and the most important, thing is the fact that we have this female lead who can kick ass and look good doing it, but who is ultimately still very vulnerable and flawed.

She’s a three dimensional character! She’s allowed to be sad, to cry, to mourn the loss of the people she loves. She’s allowed to still be grieving over Steve. She’s allowed to have this utterly human and real response to seeing her (best?) friend killed. She’s allowed to hurt, she’s allowed to feel. She’s allowed to be vulnerable. She’s allowed to have flaws. Peggy Carter is flawed. She needs to learn to let people help her when she needs help. She needs to learn, like Jarvis said, that no one can carry the entire weight of the world on her own shoulders. Peggy Carter is flawed!!! And I am so extremely happy about it.

tl;dr Agent Carter is one of the most important shows on television, and I urge everyone to watch it