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Good Old Days- Sam Wilkinson Imagine

Request: Can I have an imagine with Sammy based on the song when we were young by adele

You sat in your dorm room typing away at your english essay when your floor suddenly became very loud. There was screaming and jumping and when the noise finally became quiet, you opened your door. 

“What’s going on?” You asked, Lane, one of the girls across the hall from you. 

“Kelly found her old Justin Timberlake CD, they’ve been blasting Sexy Back for hours.” She said, before heading to join the others. 

You stood in your doorway, listening to Sexy Back and your mind instantly traveled back to when you were younger. You thought of your best friend Sammy and how whenever this song came on the radio, you two would go wild. It was the song that created the amazing bond you two have and it’ll be the song that creates a lifetime of memories. 

You closed your door and played the song within your room. You looked up at the wall of photos you had, most of them had Sammy in them and you couldn’t help but wish you were back home. You two have never spent this much time apart and to know that you can’t just walk down the street and hangout with him was one of the hardest parts of heading off to school.

You picked up your phone and dialed his number. You waited for him to pick up but it went to voicemail. 

“Hey Sammy, it’s me. I just heard Sexy Back and decided to give you a call. Remember when we would make our very own music video to that song every weekend when we were younger? It would be different every time. I’m surprised we could even think of that many storylines. Now, I’m just sitting on my bed looking at the photo I took of you on my last day in Omaha. We were talking about how growing up was awful and it really made us sad to even think about. And as much as I wanted to cry in that moment, I just couldn’t. The street light was shinning so perfectly on your face and I know it sounds cheesy but, right then and there is when I saw my future. You are the one person that I need in my life. Whether it’s to make stupid music videos with or to have the most serious conversations ever. You’re my best friend, Sammy. I just thought I’d let you know. Bye Nerd.”

You ended the call and took one last look at the photo of Sam on your wall. It was your all-time favourite photo of him and you took it with you wherever you went. Before you knew it, it was time for class, so you grabbed your bag and headed off. 

As you returned back to your dorm, Lane came out of hers. 

“You’ve got a super hot guy in your room right now.” She said, smiling.

You opened your door and sitting on your bed was Sammy. 

“Sam…” You said, with wide eyes. “What? How? When? Why?” 

“I got your message.” He said, getting up and walking over to you. “I thought we could go be little kids again…at least for the day.”

You wrapped your arms around him and everything in your life was what it was supposed to be. You felt like you guys were 10 again and nothing made you happier.

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