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ok so obv these are lockscreens (optimized for iPhone 6 but they should work for most phones)
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Never For Ever! This was actually the first one I did, as I figured this cover (originally by Nick Price) would’ve been a good test for whether or not the whole ZX look was a feasible idea for an entire series. It’s one of my favourite looking ones, but there are minor errors here and there since I was doing this in photoshop and had to check for attribute clash manually

Army Dreamers is one of my favourite tracks off this album, but I just end up enjoying any song with a waltz-y rhythm. The Infant Kiss is good too.


boy problems • carly rae jepsen

boy problems, who’s got ‘em?
i’ve got them too
boy trouble, you’ve got trouble
don’t know what to do
i think i broke up with my boyfriend today
and i don’t really care
i’ve got worse problems

in an interview

harry: [tells a bad joke]

louis: [stares into his eyes and fonds]

louis: so yeah my favourite song off the album would have to be—

liam: louis everyone went home you were looking at harry for 5 hours


Recently transgender artist @ryancassata released his newest album Shine. He has done interviews with fans about this album. Here the interview i did.

1) What is the inspiration behind Shine?

Shine is really a compilation album of all of my recent work. I wanted to make an album that has a little bit for almost everyone.

2) What was your favourite part of making Shine?

My favorite part was being in the studio and getting to hear my songs come to life. I usually play acoustic so to have my drummer come in and play really brings the songs out! It’s a beautiful process and it’s very exciting!

3) Do you have a favourite song off this album?

My favorite song right now is Alcatraz. It’s the most fun to play. It could change tho.

4) What effect, if any, has you being transgender had on this album?

A lot. We’re the Cool Kids is a song to call everyone to come together and rise up against the hatred. It’s a song for all the kids who don’t fit in. I wrote it about the gender binary really. If you don’t fit into the gender binary that’s totally cool. I don’t really fit in either.

5) Do you think your transgender status affected the publicity for Shine?

Definitely. I definitely received more publicity for my Trans status but I probably missed a lot too just because I’m Trans.

6) Do you plan to tour with Shine? If so, where?

Yes! I’ve got dates coming up that are all on my website and I just played SXSW!

7) Any plans for your next album?

Not yet. It’s still being written!! But I definitely want to do more hip hop. :)


Favourite song off this album. It’s been in my head for the last 6 months.
The Sun
The Sun

1D Liam to front up for Attitude                                    

Singer  goes solo as cover star of gay magazine   

ONE Direction’s Liam Payne is going solo already — with a photoshoot for  Attitude.

The  hunk, 22, is to grace the cover of the gay men’s magazine as his band promote their new album.

The Sun revealed last month that in March next year the lads will disband to pursue solo projects.

The cover shoot comes only weeks after Liam was forced to defend himself against claims of homophobia when  comments he made during one of their concerts were misconstrued.

Introducing a track, called Girl Almighty, he’d said: “This is my favourite song off the last album, and it is about trying to find that number one woman of your life, which none of you can relate to, because most of you are girls. Except for the boys in here, you know what I’m talking about.”

After receiving abuse online he later tweeted: “I am in no way shape or form homophobic. That’s a ridiculous thing to say and I’m not here to offend people so take it as you will.

“So annoying, trying your hardest to make people happy in a show and you think about all the notes you tried to hit higher or a little sweeter…”

However, Liam had signed up to do Attitude’s cover even before the incident.

A spokesman for Attitude predicted   it will be its highest-selling issue to date.

He added: “It’s the first solo shoot and interview any of the members of One Direction have done, their first gay press shoot and I think the only magazine promo for their new album.

“The news that the band are taking a hiatus or splitting up, whichever version you believe, means that this story should be global news and I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t become our biggest-selling issue ever.”

This year Liam came third  in Attitude’s Hot 100, so no doubt he’ll be keen to prove why.

Dear John in Toronto night #2

taylorswift if you’ve been able to read the letter I hope you got, or any of my posts I’ve written you on here, or have even lurked my blog just a little, then you’d know that I’m Speak Now af. And you’d also know that Dear John is my favourite song off of the album, if not my favourite song of all time. It’s so close to my heart, and it’s gotten me through so many sleepless nights. It got me through a year and a half of an emotionally abusive relationship, and it got me through the aftermath of that relationship.

I’ll never understand how a 19 year old Taylor Swift wrote such an incredible song. I’ll never understand how you can take such a personal situation, and write a song that is so relatable for so many people. Emotional and psychological abuse in a relationship is a sensitive topic, I know. But maybe this song has helped other people like me, that didn’t even know they were in one.

I know this is a long shot, but I’m in the bstage pit during the second Toronto show on October 3rd. If you sang Dear John, I would forever remember it and all that you’ve done for me.

Love you xoxo taylorswift