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Favourite Female Character    Nakai Takako

Hei-chan Sensei!  It was only for a short time, but I had fun. Thank you.

Now You See Me 2 [Spoilers]

Soooo, I saw Now You See Me 2 this weekend and oh dear i’ve been dragged back into this fandom. 

Reasons are: 1. Adorable Jack is adorable (with more screen time this time around, yay!) 2. Big brother Merritt is so proud and loves his family, 3. New but surprisingly awesome Lula, 4. Rebellious but wants approval son Danny and of course 5. Protective and worried and proud dad Dylan actually make my life for the moment.

I mean that plane scene at the end, that will forever be my favourite scene in these movies (the best few moments of the movie were defeintatly when Walter (evil muggle Harry Potter) showed them photos he took of/with them when they were unconscious, kind of as creepy as it sound?). I mean when they were all being dragged and tossed out of the plane to their ‘deaths’ they were all so full of fear and love for each other I like to think it was genuine.

Merritt’s line of ‘I may have been brought into this world with the wrong family, but I’m leaving it with the right one.’ just about killed me, like just punch me in the feelings why don’t you? Same with when Dylan and Bradley were in the plane on their way to Macau and Dylan said all he cared about was the ‘health and safety of the Horseman’ and don’t get me started on the moment when Danny said those horrible things to Dylan but he still stuck around to save Danny from Walter AND when Dylan woke up after being saved by Danny to be surrounded by his kids err Horseman (really they are his kids, lets be honest). 

Ps. I like the way they handled Henley not being in this film (I miss their mom aka Alma Dray though), they explained it well enough that you don’t really have questions and you can see that the three boys really bonded (I mean Jack and Merritt live together!) since her departure, I still like to think she was there in London after she saw how wrong the Otca show went for them. 


vinod & aisha (♥‿♥ ✿)
kuttan & meenakshi (⊙︿⊙✿)
nivin pauly & isha talwar  (◠‿◠✿)

Bucky's Vow

Author: @fanficsfortheneedy 

Request: Can you write what Bucky’s wedding vows would be? 

Word count: 784 

Warnings: None. Just pure fluff. 


 The day I first met you, I remember watching you from the couch. You were sitting with Tony and laughing at Sam freaking out about Tony disarming Redwing. I remember noticing that you had dimples and I remember thinking that they enhanced your smile. I knew at that moment, I wanted to see that smile again. 

 The first time I talked to you was when Steve asked you for movie recommendations. I remember noticing that you had a little bit of grey in your eyes. Just around the pupil, fading into green. I remember thinking that it reminded me of the sea. You eyes lit up as soon as you mentioned ‘Bambi’. 

The first time I touched you was when everyone was mad at me for breaking the air conditioning in the middle of July. But you weren’t. You stayed when no one would eat dinner with me. You grabbed my hand to lead me to the theatre so we could watch you favourite feel good movies. I remember your hand being smooth against my calloused one and the buttery lotion you had just smeared on felt soothing on my hands. Or maybe it was just your touch. 

 The first mission I had with you, you saved my life. I remember being careless and forgetting to check my perimeter. I remember you yelling “Bucky!” and pulling me to the ground. You got a bullet to the leg. No one had ever done that to me. It made me feel special. 

 The first time I kissed you was when we were at Tony’s gala. You wore that stunning red dress that draped over you like silk. You looked so desirable with your hair braided to the side and your wine coloured lipstick. I remember you tasting like strawberries and crisp champagne. 

The first time I held you was when you discovered that I was having nightmares and you stayed the night. We talked for hours before started to dose off. You let me hold you like a security blanket. I remember feeling safe and warm. I remember feeling cared for. 

The first time I realized that I love you was when we spent the entire day in bed, tangled in the sheets. I remember hovering over you and tickling you. I remember staring into the grey of your eyes and falling for you completely. 

 The first time I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you was when we were sitting by the window, reading on a dreary Sunday afternoon. I remember staring at you and thinking that I could look at you forever. I remember the corner of your mouth tilting up as you read a funny part in the novel as you chewed on your fingernail. 

 Since then, I’ve dreamed about looking into your eyes and hearing you say “I do.” I’ve dreamed about choosing our dream house and moving day. I’ve dreamed about painting the rooms and doing DIY projects that we never finish so we end up calling Tony. I’ve dreamed of watching you as you dance outside, where the sunlight highlights your brown hair and your smile as you bask in the warm sunlight. 

 When you finally do say “I do,” it’s not 'I’ anymore. It’s we. 

 We’ll get to go to ultrasound appointments together. We’ll get to go to parent-teacher conferences. We’ll get to watch the paint on the walls start to crack over the years. We’ll get to see our children grow up and make a change in the world. We’ll get to hear the creaks in the house grow louder and louder. 

 As all of that is happening, I’ll get to see the wrinkles around your eyes become more lined. But don’t worry, I won’t notice them because I’ll still be mesmerized by the grey in your eyes. Bambi will forever be my favourite movie because that was when I first talked to you. Every year on your birthday, I’ll buy you a bottle of the hand cream you used. The coconut one. On our anniversary, we’ll have strawberries and champagne. The curtains in our bedroom will be made of red silk. Every once in a while I’ll read that book you read on the day I decided that I wanted marry you. 

 When we are old and the world doesn’t need us anymore, my mind will replay all of these memories. When we’re listening to music. When we’re doing crossword puzzles in the Sunday paper. When we watch the evening news. I’ll look over at you and the first thing I see will be your dimples. Your dimples that enhance your smile and your smile is what I always want to see. 


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New video is finally up! :3
Can’t believe I haven’t done this yet when I’m such a typical Disney fangirl?! Here is my personal Top 10 favourite animated Disney movies. :D

10 People I Want to Know Better

Thank you to ezras-baby-nuts for tagging me! 😊💕

Name: Jennifer

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1 (I know I’m tiny, I turn 17 in 2 weeks 😂)

Where I live: North West England

Time/Date: 19:02, Thursday 30th July 2015

Average amount of sleep: 8-10 hour, it depends!

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: inside out, I saw it on Sunday at the cinema. It’s so good, but it made me cry at the end!

My favourite band: hmmmmm, probably Haim. They are so good live, I saw them last year and they were incredible

One thing that ticks me off: people who are close-minded

Favourite drink: I’m kinda addicted to diet coke. But I also love cranberry and raspberry juice and ice tea!

Meaning of my URL: my favourite character in pretty little liars

Most used phrases: haha I have several which I use when I speak to people
1. Oh my god
2. Right so,
3. You’ll never guess what happen
That sounds like a sentence all together haha.

Favourite movie soundtrack: celeste and Jesse forever! It is my all time favourite movie, the soundtrack is so so good. I also like the Amélie soundtrack, I am studying A-level French which I love so much, listening to it when I’m writing French essays gets me in the zone 😂

I tag: lxcyscarlett escapingradley fiverosewoodliars pllandwttc ultimatepll immortalitymydxrlings thefourplliars spannamastings sparia-dilaurentis pretty-little-benzo and anyone else who sees this and want to do it!