my favourite married couple

This was my favourite scene in last nights Supergirl.

•Fighting like a married couple
•Chris and Melissa actually shining through because she looks like she’s trying so hard to stay in character 😂
•Calling each other on their bullshit
•Mon El stopping mid rant
•"Hi Dana"
•The Daxamite part, “say it Kara, he’s a daxamite” 😂😂😂
•Also how no one is finding it strange that Kara and Mon El are having a yelling fit in the middle of the DEO. They’re just like “same old same old”

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I won't feel uncomfortable myself because ABC is promoting CS wedding. Why should I? Forget that 'There are other ships in Once fandom.' crap. We know it very well. We are been blaming, hurting and attacking by the other parts of the fandom every day. So CS fandom. Enjoy the next few weeks. Look. Jennifer and Colin do the same.


I’m not going to let a bunch of strangers dampen my excitement nor my enjoyment of watching my favourite couple of all time getting, the hell, married!

Emma’s the heart of the show and the last six seasons have followed her journey. I’m here for seeing all that development come to fruition when she marries the heck out of her True Love, Killian Jones.

As Long As It’s You *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

(Requested by herokenz) I was wondering if you would be willing to do a Wanda request where the reader wants to propose to Wanda and is trying to hide it from her. I was really hoping it would include Sokovian proposal customs, like maybe the Reader meets with survivors of Sokovia to learn about their marriage/proposal customs. I’d like to see a happy ending please. :)
Warnings: Ultimate fluff overload, probably swearing 
Admins Note: I did a lot of research into this one, considering I wanted to get proposal/ marriage customs right. I went down the route of Russian Marriage customs, since people use Russian language for their language, my cousin married a Russian women so… I kinda know the customs he had to go through. Also I apologise I don’t know Russian words or sentences so if Wanda and Pietro are just talking in English then I apologise. I also changed the whole asking Sokovia survivors to Pietro… I hope this is okay?

When becoming an Avenger you ultimately threw away the concept of ever having a “normal” life. You didn’t want to bring an innocent person into the drama, or ever be heart-broken over your death or you over their’s, so you just threw away the thought and it was difficult to do so. You wanted to get married, to feel love and love back, and watching the other Avengers with their partners made it difficult for you. That all changed when you met her! 

Even when you first saw her you thought she was beautiful, despite the fact she was trying to kill you back then but that just made the affection you felt stronger, she could kick some serious butt and look good at the same time. So when she joined the Avengers you did everything in your own power to make yourself noticed, to be her best friend and possibly…girlfriend. 

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