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Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, they both blame themselves for not doing enough, and feel the responsibility to do more and better, to protect the people and the world they love and care about
(inspired by @knightinironarmor [x])


Something about David that makes him particularly good, I think, is a complete lack of ego. He doesn’t try and force anything on it, it’s completely natural. And believable. And you want to believe him as well. I think, in the end, there’s just something so open about him, it just really welcomes people in. You find yourself drawn to the screen, and then you sit down and you stay because you want to spend that hour with him.

another meme I will never finish | [1/5] actors ♡ d a v i d  t e n n a n t

I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!


Alfred Hitchcock: The 1930s

What I Read This Week


WOW! There were so many great updates this week!

dear true love by cityboys, Teen, 36k (WIP)
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break. They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan. I adore this fic!!!

From Russia, With Thinly Veiled Hate by diogcnes, Mature, 4.2k (WIP)
“The name’s Nikiforov, Viktor Nikiforov.”
“Jesus, Viktor. Do you have to say that to every mark we meet?” Love it!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 55k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri. THIS FIC IS AMAZING

Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare by exile_wrath, Teen, 34k (WIP)
The tale of a lonely traveler, Victor Nikiforov, and his encounter with an equally lonely immortal man. My favourite immortal AU ever!

The World Opened With You by DiAnna44, Teen, 10k
Despite the smiles famous violinist Victor Nikiforov puts on for the world, he’s been in a slump for almost two years, and no longer views himself as worthy of his fame. When he’s paired up to play a duet with esteemed pianist Yuuri Katsuki, he finds inspiration once again, and maybe even something more. This fic… wow. So beautiful, you must read it!

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by Reiya, Explicit, 17k (WIP)
Viktor doesn’t remember the first time he met Yuuri Katsuki.This however, is what Viktor does remember… Part 2 of “Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches”! SO good already… my heart hurts

The Return of the Little Piggy by SASS_QUEEN, Mature, 10k
Everybody had their regrets in college.For the students, it was making fun of Katsuki Yuuri. For Yuuri, it was letting himself become too stupid. For Viktor, it was not doing anything. Great fashion AU fic!

What you should know about dating a man with children by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Gen, 2.8k
Viktor had a crush.  Actually, it was worse than that,  Viktor had a CrushTM . It was such a remarkably sized crush that Viktor had skated into the wall the day before. So cute!

not gold like in your dreams by ebenroot, Teen, 39k
In which Victor and Yuuri are roommates and Yuuri has a secret. Modern-day fairytale!! SO amazing!

‘Cause I’m a Taker, ‘Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 61k (WIP)
The story of how Yuuri Katsuki slept with, dated, fell in love with, and married Victor Nikiforov. Yes, in that order. One of my favourite fics, I just reread it and the update was VERY spicy!!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

Ch 39/? - The Golden Age That Never Was (RotG/Blackice)

Title: The Golden Age That Never Was (39/?)

Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack Frost/Kozmotis ‘Pitch’ Pitchiner
Characters: Jack Frost, Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black, E. Aster Bunnymund, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Toothiana, Nicholas St. North, Jamie Bennett, Seraphina Pitchiner, The Man in the Moon, Tsar Lunanoff, Tsarina Lunanoff, Cupcake.
Warnings/Tags: Hurt/comfort, Whump, Angst, Book & Movie Combination, Friendship, Minor Character Death, Slow burn, Abuse of Power/Authority, Dysfunctional Relationships, Power Play, Corporal Punishment, Adventure, Space Opera (kiiiind of), Golden Age, D/s, Initiation, Kink, Injury, Grief, AU, apologies to canon enthusiasts and people who love authentic representations of space. (Please see AO3 for more tags).                  

Summary: Soldier in training Jack Overland is approaching the day of his initiation, finally he’ll learn how to fight back against the living darkness and serve the Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff. More importantly, maybe it will get him closer to Royal Admiral Kozmotis Pitchiner, Jack’s hero, champion of the people. If only anything ever worked out the way it should.

TGATNW - Chapter 39 - Professor Sharpwood

In which it’s time to chat with Professor Sharpwood, about a great many things.

mirrorfalls  asked:

What are your opinions on Batman?


OK, so Batman is a silver-spoon multimillionaire who is understandably a tad obsessed with tackling crime.  He has enormous talents and skills and seemingly-limitless resources to work with here.

So does he consult with leading criminologists to examine, identify, and eliminate the leading causes of crime?  

No he doesn’t.

Does he make massive donations to mental health programs to ensure that anyone with mental health issues receives the help & treatment they need before the problem leads to criminality?  


Does he try to address wealth inequality in Gotham by championing living wages and tax reforms, knowing that a more equal distribution of wealth will likely lead to less crime? 


Does he in fact stop to consider that his oblivious flaunting of his enormous inherited wealth at nearly every opportunity might actually be contributing to Gotham’s relentless crime wave?

Oh hell no! 

Does he fund access to abortion services for women, knowing that access to abortion creates a significant drop in crime rates about two decades later? 

Not even.

Instead, he spends countless dollars and untold hours of his time making fancy gadgets and training so he can run around the streets in a costume, hurting “bad guys.”  Unsurprisingly, this never seems to make Gotham’s crime rate go down or make Gotham much of a safer place - there’s always a new super-villain taking the place of the super-villain Batman just locked up.  Or a super-villain getting out of prison and going back to their old ways.  This is because Batman is not addressing the root causes of crime; he’s only addressing the effects and probably only ensuring more crime later, as criminals get out of prison and are prevented from accessing the legit job market by their criminal records.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.  The Batman in this film is absolutely on the side of the tiny elite of super-wealthy, uniformly-white individuals that run Gotham City.  Which only makes sense, since he is one of them.  

The villain in the film is a sort of one-man, well-armed Occupy! movement whose stated goal with his “crime spree” is to take Gotham “…from the corrupt and the oppressors of generations who’ve kept you down with myths of opportunity and we give it back to you, the people.”  In fact, Bane’s first heist is to attack the stock exchange.  When a responding high-ranking cop says “It’s not their money, it’s everybody’s” that Bane’s actions threaten, a black uniform cop responds with “really?  My money is in my mattress.”   In Gotham, like in America, stocks are for wealthy elites; the unwashed rabble in the city who actually do the work that gives those stocks value don’t have money to spare to buy stocks.

Again and again in the movie, Bane proclaims that he’s taking back control of Gotham from the uber-rich and giving it back to the people.  He challenges the corrupt power structure of Gotham and threatens to deliver actual democracy to the hands of the people themselves.  It’s basically the French Revolution but with cooler masks and gadgets.

To accomplish this, Bane has to take care of the armed guards of the wealthy elite - Gotham’s cops.  Luckily for him, they are as hapless as the Keystone Cops and are easily outsmarted by pretty much anyone in the movie.  I mean, they actually send all of the cops into a tunnel, allowing Bane to trap pretty much the entire police force?  Really, Commissioner Gordon?  

After that, we see Bane live up to his promise that “the powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure.  Courts will be convened.  Spoils will be enjoyed.  Blood will be shed.  The police will survive as they learn to serve true justice.  This great city, it will endure.  Gotham will survive.“

And so we see the horrified wealthy elite of Gotham stripped of their baubles by the unwashed masses & put before a court probably as legitimate as the previous one for crimes such as “living off the blood and sweat of people less powerful” than they.  Of course, we only see events from the perspective of the super-rich; never from the perspective of blue-collar and poor people.  Sort of the opposite of, say, The Hunger Games.

So how does Batman respond to all of this?  

Instead of throwing his lot in with the revolution taking place, he sides with the po-po (who are most unwilling to “learn to serve true justice” as Bane puts it) and helps them in their scheme to overthrow this new order and to restore the wealthy elites back into power!  This culminates in a huge battle of Batman + cops vs. Bane + Bane’s followers - who are by now mostly ordinarily citizens of Gotham.   Batman tells Bane, “I came back to stop you.”  But really he’s come back to restore the system of wealth inequality and kleptocracy that has kept Gotham in a never-ending series of crime waves and despair.

Batman’s contempt for regular, non-rich people is underscored when he’s beating Bane near the end of the movie and demanding the location of the bomb’s trigger.  “I know you’d never give it to an ordinary citizen!“ he declares. Batman’s incapable of imagining that “ordinary citizens” can or should hold any power or control over their lives.

So yeah.  Batman = a super-hero for the 1%.  I’ll take a working-class striver like Spiderman or an illegal alien & refugee like Superman over that spoiled asshat any day.