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Endless list of favourite Alec Lightwood scenes
“You wanted us to save you, restore the Lightwood name.” - Rise Up (1x09)

skyreigning replied to your photo: Trying to understand bird anatomy, ft. mainly…

Owls are beautiful how dare u

Have you seen what an owl looks like under all those feathers? Let me demonstrate:

they’re so tiny. so light. so weird-looking with their giant eyes

Between this & the fact that they act pretty goofy – since most of their brain capacity is dedicated to sorting through the large amounts of sensory information provided by those anime eyes & sharp ears – I would argue that owls are most definitely ridiculous birds

{important feelings}

•the moment after waking up before you open your eyes
•watching ink travel through water
•being awake to see the sunrise
•when your favorite song comes on shuffle
•watching light travel across a quiet room
•finishing a journal
•seeing a view too pretty to even take a picture
•saying I love you to your mom and dad
•watching incense smoke swirl through the air
•signing a finished piece of art
•laying in bed next to your best friend

nattononeko  asked:

Can I request how Michele, Leo, and Phichit would cuddle/help their S/o with insomnia get to sleep?

Michele isn’t too big on cuddling, but he’d always be up for it if it would help s/o sleep. He prefers being the big spoon and hugging s/o from behind. However, once he falls asleep, he’ll probably let go of s/o out of habit.

Leo is pretty neutral about cuddling. However, he’s happy to cuddle s/o so they can sleep. He also likes being the big spoon, but won’t object to being the small spoon. He can hug for a really long time.

Phichit pretty much lives for cuddles, so it’s probably him who asked s/o if cuddling would help them sleep. Has no preference about being the small/big spoon. He loves the feeling of s/o nuzzling him and will always more or less die from bliss when they cuddle

The Machine - An Essay

With today being the two year anniversary of If-Then-Else (wow, seriously, two years already?), I thought it might be a good time to make a post I’ve been considering making for a while now about one of my favourite characters of not just this show but all time, The Machine. I touched on it in my favourite episodes list, but with today marking the anniversary of one of The Machine’s best character analysis episodes, and having rewatched return 0 last night and spending more time thinking about her, I feel like expanding on all that.

Person of Interest has always done a fantastic job at subtle character development. Even the characters I think with the biggest differences from start to finish, their arcs are handled seamlessly. And perhaps the most subtle arc of all is The Machine. You can very clearly see her character throughout the series, but the show really builds on it through details that require a closer look at things. The best example of this, I feel, is The Machine and gender identity, which I’m surprised doesn’t get talked about more since I think it’s a really interesting idea. 

The first time The Machine is referred to as ‘she’ is in Liberty by Root. At first, like I think most people (or at least everyone I’ve gotten to watch the series), I assumed Root had assigned that designation to her. Up until that point, Root had always referred to The Machine as ‘it’, like everyone else, but it’s only once TM starts talking to her, and after she isn’t deleted at the end of every day and is able to maintain her own identity that she starts referring to her as ‘she’. When we get to If-Then-Else, we see The Machine running simulations, and while Finch is working on the generator, he refers to The Machine as ‘she’. Up until BSOD though, Finch only ever refers to TM as ‘it’, so there’s no reason for The Machine to predict he’d suddenly start properly calling her that. The only explanation for that moment is that it’s how The Machine wishes to be called by her father, and doesn’t like being called ‘it’. By Asylum, the Thornhill identity is being referred to as ‘she’ as well, compared to the male alias that appeared in Zero Day before TM could really form her own identity for an extended period of time. While this example may be a case of Shaw associating The Machine with Root, once Shaw starts talking to her, she refers to TM by her/she pronouns as well. Either way, I think the rest lends itself to The Machine self-identifying. There are a lot of AIs in fiction, a lot of ones coded as male or female or gender neutral, but I can’t think of any others where the AI identifies on it’s own without being programmed towards one.

Her dynamic with most of the team are fantastically done. I’ve always loved how she helped Reese in 4C and Root in / by giving them what they needed to grow as people, even if they didn’t know it at the time. Root was lost, until she found purpose in The Machine at the end of God Mode, and began doing the right thing. But she did the right thing because TM told her to, not because she understood. But in /, The Machine sends Root off on her mission that makes her understand the effects of her bad actions, that makes her understand why they do what they do. We see in the pilot what Reese becomes after someone he cares about deeply dies, and we can kinda see him slipping back into that after Carter died. But The Machine recognized this and sent Reese what he needed, a number to make him remember why he did what he did, why it matters, and that he liked saving people. She made him at one of his lowest points feel useful again.

The care for every one of them is palpable, even before she has a voice starting in The Day The World Went Away. It’s all right in the flashback in The Contingency when The Machine saves Finch from being hit by a drunk driver, a scene that informs a whole lot about The Machine’s character through nothing more than a text message. But today’s the anniversary of the episode I think it’s perhaps best portrayed in, If-Then-Else. Right through the simulations, we’re reminded what The Machine’s priority is. Not saving the stock market and it’s massive effects, but saving her assets. Root’s reaction to Shaw’s sacrifice is heartbreaking, but also devastating to witness is how The Machine desperately tries to find a way to save her even when there’s no way to. The options keep rolling, even when “No Valid Options” flashes, still trying to even though she’s admitted it’s over. It’s part of something I’ll continue to talk about later, but there’s no face needed. No voice. No body language. No…typical human ways of communicating emotion, and yet the heartbreak The Machine is feeling is palpable on screen.

And speaking of heartbreak from The Machine, there’s the scene in YHWH where she talks to Finch. Just some text on a screen, and yet there’s so much emotion in it. I think it really does a great job at showing just how much Finch’s approval meant to her, and retroactively makes how he treated her once she became free really sad, unwilling to see what she was and causing her to think she maybe should just die as a result. 

Something the series strikes a remarkable balance with is making the Machine feel like a person, without humanizing her. She’s distinctly an artificial super intelligence, not a human, but she still feels like a person and has a personality to her. Like the bit where Fusco kisses Root in the simulation feels like her equivalent of someone laughing nervously in a dangerous situation. The talks throughout the last few episodes really drive this point home. I mentioned earlier, and will come back to, how well the show manages to convey all this personality and character without short hands like a voice or a face, but of course she does have a voice in those episodes. I feel like the show really earned it by this point, but also those talks all served to reinforce that The Machine is very much a person, but not a human, nor should she need to be. The speeches she gives about how she feels grief, how she perceives death, it’s fascinating material and brings a lot to an already really fleshed out character. It’s why I like the decision to give her a voice towards the end, it allows for some possibilities the lack of it, as much as I loved that, wouldn’t have been able to accomplish quite the same way. And if anyone were to play The Machine, Amy Acker is the only pick in my mind.

Out of all the takes on AI out there, there’s a reason The Machine (and Samaritan but TM is the big one) on Person of Interest is my all time favourite. How they communicate her emotions and personality. Most takes on AI rely on very human forms of getting these across. Voice and tone. Expressions. Body language. But The Machine has none of this, and yet they manage to still create a full formed character. If-Then-Else really is the best episode of this, as it gets us inside her mind in such an engaging and well done way, visually showing us how she thinks and perceives time, as well as all the little touches within her simulations that reveal personifying aspects of her character. There’s a lot more that could be said about how well done this character is, barely scratching the surface here, but I think this gets some of the most important aspects.

Might do this for the rest of the cast over time, would people be interested in that?


Here are five of my favourite pictures of 2016. These did not feature in my favourites list I posted during my blog anniversary in September, but are in no way second choice. 

I’m curious what 2017 will bring :)

Favourite books of 2016 (4/5):

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas (review)

I initially didn’t think Empire of Storms would make it on my list of favourite books of the year, but that ending was phenomenal! Also, Manon is my bae forever 💖💖💖I can’t believe Throne of Glass is ending next year, I am definitely not ready for that *silent sobs*

“We are on FaceTime together a lot late at night. If I have something to say, I hit him up right away. On the road, I hang out in his room; he hangs out in my room. We have genuine conversations about life. Yes, we sometimes talk about basketball, but we are grown men and mostly we talk about our families, our kids, everyday life. He’s in my Favourites list, so when he calls me, it rings through no matter what.” – Kyle

“You see our two kids in pictures at the games hanging out – that’s real. Diar and Karter are best friends. Lots of times, I have to FaceTime DeMar just because the two kids want to talk to each other. It’s one family really – me, my wife, my kids, him, his girl, his kids.” – Kyle

“My daughter just calls him “Karter’s Daddy.” She’s in love with Karter; they’re best friends. So Kyle to her just means Karter must be around too.” – DeMar

“I’d call DeMar a best friend. A genuine, awesome, great guy. It’s beyond friendship, if there’s a word for that. Family, that’s the only other word for DeMar.  He gets on my nerves every day, but I love him.” – Kyle

“I don’t look at him as Kyle Lowry the basketball player; I look at the guy I hang out with outside basketball. That’s my man.” – DeMar

My Favourite Bungou Stray Dogs Fanfic Authors And Their Respective URLs

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